Harry, Kate , Jan Ch. 06

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Thursday dawned and Harry and Kate forced themselves to get out of bed and not indulge in any sex. However, they couldn’t resist showering together. They peed their early morning piss over each other and then kissed deeply. Harry’s cock came up to full stretch and Kate palmed it and then closed her fingers around him. He took her face between his hands and looked at her.

“Please Kate darling, don’t toss me off this morning. It feels fantastic and you are so good at tossing me I can come easily. It’s just that I’ve got plans for my tool today and want to be on top form!”

Kate stared at Harry with an incredulous look on her face then she laughed and released his prick.

“So I’m on rations now, am I?” she grinned. “OK, I get the message but you’ll have to bring me off while you tell who you’re going to fuck today!”

Harry slid his fingers down into Kate’s slit and pushed three fingers into her hole while commencing to rub her clit with his thumb. He pushed his other hand into her bum crack and inserted his middle finger.

“Well darling,” he said as he worked, “Samara wants to come round here again at lunchtime and this time she says that she wants to take your advice and let me fuck her. Tonight I’ve got a date with Jan at the Black Bull and then we’re coming round here. I won’t be late though. I’ll put her in a taxi well before midnight.”

“You’re a horny bastard but I love you for it,” panted Kate as she jerked herself to orgasm on Harry’s multiple fingers. “Ohhh yes Harry, that’s it! I’m coming now. Ohhh fucking Hell, yesssss!”

Harry managed to put Kate on a bus in time for her to get to work and he arrived in quite good time to start his working day. Despite this Samara was already at her desk. She called him over.

“Are we still all right for lunchtime today Harry?” she asked a little breathily.

Harry nodded with a smile and she gave him a huge smile.

“Great,” she said. “I couldn’t sleep last night just thinking about you and er, you know,” now she whispered, “your cock.”

“We’ll both be there,” replied Harry. “You come by yourself at about twelve forty five. I’ll go a few minutes earlier to allay suspicions.”

So that’s why Harry was opening his front door to Samara’s loud knock at just before the agreed time. She swept past him and went straight into the lounge, throwing her jacket on to a chair. Harry retrieved it and hung it on a hook in his hallway. When he returned to the lounge Sammy was already topless, squeezing her own breasts and pulling on her hard nipples.

“I’m sorry Harry, I know I’m not doing this very well but I’m so excited and nervous.”

Harry gave her a big smile and walked over to her. He pulled down his zip and leant forward to kiss her.

“That’s perfectly all right, Sammy darling,” he said. “In fact, it’s perfect. Now take my cock out and play with it and get me as hard as you can.”

Sammy delved into Harry’s crotch and pulled out his cock. Harry unfastened his trousers and let them fall. As Sammy opened her mouth and swallowed his knob end she pulled his pants down to his ankles. Harry pulled Sammy’s head deep into his groin, making her swallow almost the whole of his cock.

“Oh God that’s fantastic Sammy darling. Suck me hard now. Yes that’s it! Wow, fuckin’ wow!”

Harry reached down and crushed Sammy’s gorgeous breasts in his hands. She sucked rhythmically on his rod, making it grow all the more.

“Sammy darling, slow down now or I’ll come down your throat,” Harry gasped. “I’ll not be able to hold it.”

Sammy heard him at last and sucked more gently, looking up into Harry’s eyes. She slowed down so that the tip of Harry’s cock was just resting inside her mouth, her hands cupping his ramrod. She released him from her mouth.

“I’m sorry Harry, I wanted you so much but I don’t want you to come in my mouth. I want all your cum right up my vagina. Shall we go to your bed and make love properly?”

Harry pulled Sammy to her feet and guided her up the stairs to his bedroom. He gently smacked her beautiful brown bottom cheeks as she swayed up the stairs. She giggled and increased her speed up the steps. When she entered his bedroom she stopped in surprise.

“Gosh,” she exclaimed, “what big mirrors you have. I shall be able to see your lovely cock pushing in and out of my vagina.”

“Cunt Sammy, call it your cunt. You have to get more basic so that you can let yourself go. Now, strip naked and show me your cunt!”

Sammy quickly shed the rest of her clothes and Harry whipped off his shirt. He had taken off his shoes and socks while waiting for Sammy. Now they were both naked.

Harry had already decided that he would not lie on top of Sammy and thrust his cock into her that way. That would remind her too much of her inadequate husband. No, he would start by fucking her pussy from the rear. He instructed her to get on his bed and get on her hands and knees.

She obeyed with alacrity and he pushed up behind her, thrusting his cock between her parted zeytin ağacı izle thighs.

“Now Sammy, if you put your head down on the pillow and look back into the big mirror you will be able to see yourself take a hold on my prick and feed it into your lovely cunny. Go on, do it now, I’ve got some spunk to deliver!”

Sammy obeyed and Harry both saw and felt as she carried out his instructions. His long hard tool forced its way into her already juicy cunt, his girth easily accommodated around her prominent cunt lips.

“How’s that Sammy,” Harry gasped.

“Oh Harry, it is so beautiful, isn’t it. Your…your cock is so big and thick. It feels like I’ve never been fucked before. Go on now, fuck me hard! Make me feel like it’s my first time ever. I want you to do me so hard that I’m sore afterwards. Smack my bottom again, hard this time!”

Harry pulled back and then rammed his cock hard into Sammy’s cunt, smacking her arse cheek as he did so. Sammy squealed and then pushed back hard up the length of his tool. Harry grasped her hips and pulled her on to him.

“Come on Sammy, act like a woman cheating on her husband for the first time. Act like you’ve never been fucked like this before. Make fuck juice and make me fill your cunt with my cum. Come on girl, fuck me harder!”

“Ohhhh yes, ohhhh yes, ohhhh yes Harry, fuck me hard, make me come! Make me drown your cock in my juice. Shoot your cum into me. I want to feel your hot spunk shooting into my cunt!”

Harry and Sammy fucked like there was no tomorrow. Juices flowed all over their thighs and buttocks. They were both on a terrific high and heading for a giant explosion.

Then Harry stopped. Sammy moaned at him.

Harry carefully turned Sammy’s body until she was below him with his cock still deeply embedded in her body. He then folded her legs and thighs until the latter were squashing her breasts flat against her chest. He looked down with a first class view of her hairy cunt, his thick cock buried inside her and also her bumhole palpitating beneath his rod.

“Now feel this, Sammy my darling. I’m going to shag you within an inch of your life! I want to fuck you and spunk you and make you come like never before. How about that?”

“Ohhh yes please Harry. Do it to me now. Make me come and shoot your sperms into me.”

Harry again pulled out and rammed back into her. Hot sticky juices splashed everywhere. Sammy was really wet now and ready to come. Harry kept ramming her, speeding his thrusts as she panted and gasped into an orgasm such as she never dreamed of. Harry didn’t stop, he just kept ramming home and in another thirty seconds or so Sammy climaxed again, squirting juice out of her crack all over her breasts and belly.

Harry began to feel his ejaculation building. He slowed slightly, making sure that he was making the longest strokes into her that was possible. So, even though he could hardly feel the walls of her cunny due to the liquids he knew he was about to fire.

“Now Sammy now, here it comes. Here comes my spunk. Here it comes, all for you. Arghhhhhhh. Arghhhhhhh. Arghhhhhhh!”

His cum hit the back walls of her tunnel and mixed with her emissions. As he filled her there was only one way for it to go. Their combined juice flowed back, covering his cock and leaking from her hole. Harry watched as it leaked down to her bum hole and also joined her previous leaking on to her belly. Harry stopped his thrusts, his cock still deep inside Sammy’s belly. He allowed her legs to fall back down and smiled down into her face.

“My oh my Sammy, that was some fuck. Are you all right?”

“My oh my indeed Harry, that was definitely some fuck. I feel absolutely shattered but that was the most wonderful experience of my life. Thank you so very much; I loved it. Your lovely thick cock is still inside me too! I’m going to suck on it with my body. There, can you feel that?”

“Bloody wonderful Sammy. I sometimes get hard again if a girl does that but not today. I’m shattered too.”

“Does Kate do this to you afterwards? Are you going to tell her that you fucked me? I will tell her if she asks me because she told me to get you to fuck me and I have succeeded. Am I ever going to meet Kate? I think I would like to meet her and I am sure that I would like her.”

“Kate and I don’t have secrets like that Sammy. We tell each other everything. If you are free I will introduce you on Saturday afternoon if you come around here. I must tell her that you can squirt cum juice almost as much as she can. One thing though, we will almost certainly be naked and we will stay naked during your visit.”

“Gosh,” giggled Sammy, sending lovely feelings up Harry’s shaft, “that is an invitation almost impossible to refuse. I will think seriously about that. Now my darling Harry, I think we have to get cleaned up and get back to work, don’t you?”

Harry slowly withdrew his long but soft thick prick from Sammy’s body, causing more fluid to leak the terminal list izle on to her smooth brown belly. She held it for him and gently squeezed a few last drops of sperm from his tiny hole.

“Shower time,” suggested Harry as he eased himself off the bed. He helped Sammy up and they almost staggered into his en suite and into the shower cabinet. Soon they were washing each other and as their strength returned and their bodies gleamed they turned off the water and towelled each other down. Sammy had managed to keep her hair almost dry and with the aid of Harry’s hair dryer she soon looked like the smart young bank official that she was.

Soon afterwards they returned to work separately and spent the afternoon trying to make out that they were extremely productive.

Harry, in fact, was wondering if he hadn’t taken on more than he could chew by making a date with Jan tonight but he didn’t want to upset her and besides he did fancy her a lot. He let his mind drift back to the night of her birthday party and was reassured by a slight twitch in the groin area.

He left work as soon as he was able and called in at a little bar restaurant that he knew and had himself a small steak. Suitably fortified he walked briskly home. As soon as he arrived he stripped his bed and changed the sheets, putting the soiled ones into the washing machine. He would have to buy more spare sheets at this rate. He tidied the rest of the house as best he could and at eight entered the bar of the Black Bull.

Jan was already there waiting for him.

“Oh Harry darling, I’m so glad you’ve come. I got here early ‘cos I was so nervous. I got John to drop me off but he wouldn’t stay ‘cos he’s meeting Nadine before she goes on night shift.”

“Calm down Jan, I’m here now and we’ll have a nice time together,” said Harry. “Fucking time,” he growled into her ear. “What are you drinking?”

“Smirnoff Ice, please Harry. I want to get slightly squiffy before we go back to your place. I can still feel your huge cock up me since last Friday. It makes me a bit sore just to think about it.”

Harry ordered the drinks, Ice for Jan and a pint for him. They retreated to the corner table where Kate had played with him last weekend. Harry studied Jan for the first time since he had arrived.

She was wearing a very smart light blue suede jacket over a white cotton top, which covered her upper chest to the neck. Below that she wore a tight black skirt that finished about mid thigh. Her navel was naked, showing her jewel. Harry leaned into Jan and kissed her, wiping his tongue along her lips before inserting it into her open and willing mouth.

“Ohhh Harry,” gasped Jan as they broke free. “What a sexy kiss! You’ve made my pussy go all wet and juicy, feel!” She took Harry’s hand and pushed it up her skirt.

“Oh Jan, fucking Hell,” Harry gulped, as his hand found a panty less pussy. Jan was right; she was very wet and juicy. She dropped her hand into his lap and squeezed his hard cock.

“I’m ready now Harry, can we go? I want you to fuck me tonight. I want to feel your hard cock inside me so that I can come and come all over it. I’ve been leaking all day just thinking about it!”

Harry stood and pulled Jan to her feet. He picked up his beer and sank it in one swallow. He hustled her out of the pub and into the street. In no time at all they were standing outside his house while he searched for his key. Jan pulled down his zip fastener as he fumbled through his pockets. By the time he had finally found his key and inserted it in the lock Jan had inserted his cock into her mouth.

Harry opened his door but couldn’t move. Jan’s mouth was like a molten furnace and his cock was ramrod stiff. He grabbed her blonde head and forced it on to his hard tool, beginning to fuck her mouth.

Jan paused first. She ejected his cock from her lips and looked up at him with a cheeky grin on her face.

“Can we go inside now Harry?” she enquired. “I’d hoped that with you, a man with a house, I was through with sucking boys off in doorways!”

They laughed and went inside. Harry hung up his jacket and turned to take Jan’s from her. He stopped astounded as she shrugged her jacket off and revealed an almost totally naked back. One tiny string at the waist and one behind her neck fastened her thin white cotton top. He recovered and hung her jacket up.

“I’m glad it’s warm in here,” giggled Jan. “I’m a bit underdressed, aren’t I?”

“Jan darling, I’m going into the kitchen to get you another Ice. I want you to be naked when I come back and I want you to suck my cock some more. As soon as I’m hard enough I want to split your beautiful pussy lips with my cock, no teasing like last time. OK?”

“Oh Harry darling, I wasn’t teasing, honest! You were the one who stopped. All right, I told you I was under age but if you’d pressed me I would have let you. I was feeling so horny to be naked with a guy I’d fancied for over two years. Anyway, the traitors izle it’s all right now after my eighteenth birthday last week. Get me my drink and then we’ll get down to it.”

Harry shot into the kitchen and returned to the lounge with two drinks. Jan was naked; her gorgeous firm breasts jutted out in front of her and her pussy crack was clearly visible through her soft blonde hairs. Harry thrust the drink into her hands and dived down on to her soft muff.

Jan had a lovely aroma, slightly musky and damp. Harry pushed his nose into her crack and breathed deeply. Bliss! Then he extended his tongue and inserted it deep into Jan’s cunny. He started to sip on her juice and Jan reacted by placing her hand on the top of his head and pulling him in tighter. Harry sucked at her clitoris and Jan squealed in ecstasy.

“Ohhhh Hell yes Harry darling. That’s fantastic! I’m gonna come in a minute, all over your face. Don’t stop, oh please don’t stop! Make me come!”

Harry didn’t stop; he sucked harder and thrust two fingers into Jan’s cunt. He finger fucked her hard and she burst all over his face and fingers, making his face wet all over. He kept on drinking.

“Ohhhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhhh yes, oh yes, oh yes!” she sobbed with passion. “Ohhhhh my God, I don’t believe it, owwwwww. Arghhhhh.”

Harry lifted his wet face and Jan immediately kissed him. Then she licked her cum off him, swallowing it all as she sobbed with happiness.

Harry spread her thighs wide and thrust his gigantic cock into her.

“Ohhhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhhh my God.” Jan was off again, an immediate orgasm wracking her body as Harry’s tool split her wide open. “Oh yes Harry, that’s it, don’t stop, oh please don’t stop.”

Jan finally wound down from her orgasm and Harry slowed down with his thrusting. He didn’t stop however and made sure that he made the longest possible strokes. His session with Sammy at lunchtime had given him just the edge to give Jan maximum satisfaction.

“Oh Harry darling that feels soooo good. Can you keep it up ’til I come again? Your cock is really filling me up. It’s the best I’ve had by far.”

Harry stopped fucking.

“The best by far? I thought I was your first last Friday. What’s going on?”

“Oh yes Harry, you were my first. You took my cherry. I’ve had two since then though. They are just guys at school. They looked all right but they have no idea what a girl needs. Yes Harry, that’s it, fuck me some more. No, their cocks just shot spunk as soon as they got in me. I wasn’t even squeezing them like I am you. Do you like that?”

“I fuckin’ do like it,” panted Harry. “You’re building me up to a big shot very soon now. I’ve got some hot spunk for you any second now.”

“Great, I’m going to squeeze your cock some more now Harry. Give me all your spunk. Right up my cunny; go on, fill me up and I’ll come over your cock again!”

Harry pumped into Jan’s cunt and groaned as his spunk shot out of his tight piss hole, making it smart momentarily. As each spurt left him he grunted with the effort. Jan loved every second.

“Ohhhhh yes Harry, that’s beautiful,” she cried. “That’s how I’ve always dreamed it. Lovely hot cream shooting into me from a lovers cock! So much of it and so warm and filling. I want more and more of it!”

The lovers separated and took a long pull at their drinks.

Jan then looked down at Harry’s sticky tool, still long and fat but much softer now. She took him in hand and then in her mouth, sucking their combined cum off his prick. She finished by kissing him with soft lips and an open mouth, making a cocktail of cum juices. Harry lay back on the floor and Jan straddled him.

Harry finished his beer and reached along Jan’s body to her cunt. He parted the lips with his thumbs and then squeezed gently. A mixture of semen and Jan’s cum juice trickled out on to his belly. Jan gazed down at this erotic sight.

“Gosh Harry, we did make a lot didn’t we? It’s rather gooey isn’t it? I loved it though. Can we do it again before I have to go? I don’t suppose I can stay, can I?”

“Jan darling, you really are a one off!” chuckled Harry. “Yes we did make a lot and it is a bit sticky. I loved it too and I hope we can do it again tonight. I’m not having anyone sleep over here at the moment except Kate. OK?”

“OK,” said Jan, making patterns with her fingers in the liquid on Harry’s tummy. “Come on, let me wipe you down in the bathroom and you can watch me pee if you like.”

In the bathroom Jan carefully cleaned them off and then made to sit on the toilet. Harry stopped her and sat on the pan himself. He then sat Jan on his open thighs facing him.

“There you are Jan,” he said. “Now you can piss between my thighs all over my cock and balls. It will turn me on and then we can think about fucking again. How about that?”

Jan looked down at their joining. Then she reached down and parted her pussy lips. Almost immediately her hot yellow stream shot out of her hole, anointing Harry’s cock and balls with her pee. Harry’s cock began to grow as she watched.

As she finished they stood and Harry faced the pan. Jan took hold of his prick and felt his jet of piss pass through his penis in a concentrated stream.

“Oooo, I can feel your pee shooting up your cock,” she giggled. “I like that; it feels great. I should have done that to John.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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