Harry Plays Truth or Dare Part 2

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“To start off this round the book says that whoever is reading the book must go first. So I guess I’ll go first. I choose dare. The book says that I must choose someone to rim and or finger for 5 minutes. If you choose someone who has not gone for this round then this will count as there turn too. If I refuse to do this dare then I must complete the last two tasks. I definitely choose the first one and I choose……. Harry.
‘Why is it always me?’ Harry wondered but out loud he said, “OK.”
Harry got onto his hands and knees and waited for Draco. Harry didn’t know but everyone kept choosing him because he had never done any of this stuff before and everyone wanted to have the chance to introduce him to everything erotic that comes his way. Silently everyone decided to do dare just to have the chance to do something to Harry.
Draco knelt behind Harry and lifted his hands to Harry’s smooth and pale ass to pull his cheeks apart. Licking his lips Draco lent forward and swiped his tongue across Harry’s twitching hole. The moan Harry released was full of lust and pleasure that everyone heard and felt it all the way down to their cocks.
Draco brought his tongue to Harry’s hole again and started to suck and stab his hole with his tongue. After about two minutes of that Draco pulled back, much to Harry’s dismay, and slicked up his pointer finger. Once his finger was wet enough Draco slowly rubbed his finger against the hole in front of him.
“Put it in. Please put it in. I need something. Pleeeeeease,” Harry begged.
“Mmmm, I think I like it when you beg.”
“You’ve got two minutes.” One of the twins said.
Draco slowly slid his finger in and out of Harry’s hole much to Harry’s pleasure. Harry had never felt such pleasure. What Harry didn’t know was that Draco was searching for the one spot inside him that he knew Harry had never felt pleasure from before.
“Times up,” someone said.
“Noooooooo,” Harry moaned as he felt Draco pull his finger from him.
“Sorry, maybe next time.” Draco said before sitting back in his seat and pulling the book onto his lap. Harry plopped back down in his seat clearly flustered and unhappy with not getting to feel more.
“All right I choose……. Neville to go,” Draco said.
“Umm I choose truth cause I still have the pie on.”
“Oh, yeah! Do I get to eat it now?” Harry asked excited once again.
“Sure.” Someone said.
Smiling Harry crawled over to Neville and started to take small bits of the pie off of Neville’s cock. Harry şişli bayan escort could taste the cum that Neville released and moaned. Who knew Harry was such a cum whore?
“Who in the room would you kill, fuck and marry?” Draco read from the book.
“Um I would fuck marry Harry, f-fuck the twins and k-kill Draco. R-Ron I-I don’t really know. I-I guess I would choose fuck c-cause I don’t, ah, want to kill you but, ah, I wouldn’t want to marry you.” Neville tried to get out as best he could but Harry had eaten all of the pie and was now licking him clean. Neville was pretty sure that he was clean but Harry just kept licking him.
“Ah. Harry… I’m about to cum!” Neville moaned. Harry quickly put his mouth around Neville’s cock just as he was going to cum and cleaned sucked down everything Neville had. Every last drop. When Harry had licked everything from Neville’s cock he sat up and smiled at Neville. Something came over Harry and he leaned forward and started to kiss him. Neville was so shocked that for a second he could do nothing but sit there until Harry licked his lips and he started to kiss Harry back. Harry was about to throw his arms around Neville’s shoulders but coughing brought them back and they pulled away. Harry smiled at Neville then turned and crawled back to his seat, giving Neville a perfect view of Harry’s ass.
“Nev. It’s your turn to choose someone.” Harry said once he was sitting in his seat again.
“Ah, uh. Um…Fred.” Neville said before he collapsed onto his back.
“I choose dare my good man.” One of the twins said. Everyone but the twins just assumed it was Fred.
“If not already naked, strip naked and go around to everyone and have them finger you for two minutes. They may use as many fingers as they want as long as it does not injure you.” Draco read out loud.
Fred stood and removed all of his clothes and cast a lubing and stretching charm on himself before walking to Ron who still had the plug in his ass but was not moving because he didn’t want to cum again yet. Turning around Fred got in his hands and knees and waited for something to happen.
“Who’s keeping track of the time?” Ron asked.
“I will,” offered George.
Ron nodded and slowly slid one finger into Fred and slowly fucked his ass for a full minute before adding another finger and fucking his ass a little harder.
“Times up.”
Fred stood and walked over to Draco who just leaned back and said, “I am not going to do that.”
“Fine.” Fred knelt in front of him and started to finger himself with three fingers hard and fast until şişli escort George call time. Instead of standing up again Fred crawled over to Neville who had recovered and was sitting up again.
When Fred was ready Neville slid two fingers in but realized that Fred was already pretty spread out so he slid another finger in and slowly searched for that spot that would make Fred feel really good. When he thought he had found it he jammed his fingers in and hit that spot hard.
“Ah yesssss! That feels good. Do it again.” Fred moaned.
Neville rubbed that spot for the rest of the two minutes and Fred could feel his orgasm rising but just as he was getting into it George called times up.
“Nooo.” Fred cried out.
“Don’t worry. You still have two more people to get through.” Harry said trying to make Fred feel better.
Fred smiled and crawled over quickly to George and presented him his ass. Since George knew what Fred liked he quickly slid three fingers into Fred’s ass to see how loose he was. George decided that he was loose enough and added a fourth finger before playing with Fred’s prostate. Fred slowly felt his orgasm rise again but just like last time was up before he could cum. As quick as Fred could he crawled to Harry.
“Please just put four fingers in as fast and as hard as you can. I really really want to cum.” Fred begged.
Nodding Harry slid four finger’s in but Fred was once again too loose to thinking quickly Harry slid his whole fist into Fred and punched Fred’s prostate over and over again for about a minute and a half before Fred came with a loud shout. Harry continued to play with Fred’s ass as he rode out his orgasm and the last thirty seconds of his two minutes.
“Thank you Harry.” Fred moaned as he slowly crawled back over to his twins lap and sat down.
“I choose Ron.” Fred said before he fell asleep.
First thing Ron did when it was his turn was slowly pull out the plug from his ass.
“Dare, I guess.” Ron said a little unsure.
“Your dare for this round is to either fuck someone who hasn’t gone for have them fuck you until you cum. If you refuse this dare then you must let the other players create a dare for you.” Draco read with glee.
“But the only person that hasn’t gone is George.” Ron said.
“So? You can choose to let us come up with something else if you want.” Draco said with a gleeful smile.
“Um, George do you mind?” Ron asked his brother.
“No I don’t. It’s not like you’re the first of my brothers that I’ve had sex with.” George said as he slowly moved a sleeping Fred to the couch mecidiyeköy escort behind him before striping and casting a stretching and lubing charm to himself. He walked over to Ron and straddled his little brother’s lap.
“You know, I’ve fantasized about this sometimes. I love taboo sex and what’s more taboo then your younger brother that is underage technically?” George said as he slowly slid down on Ron’s larger than average cock.
“Uh George, you’re so tight.” Ron moaned as he started to thrust up into his older brother.
“That’s because your dick is huge. I love it.” George punctuated that statement with a hard downward thrust. They slowly started to build up their speed. George could feel his brother hitting his prostate with every thrust.
“God Ron. Yes fuck me. Your cock feels so good inside of me. Harder. More. Yes. Yes. YESSSSSSS!” George was full out fucking Ron with all of his strength.
“Mmmm. George your ass is so tight. You like my cock? You want more? Why haven’t we done this before? I’m going to fuck your ass so good. You’re my little bitch aren’t you? You want to be my little whore?” Ron loved talking dirty to his older brother.
“Yes, Yes. Make me your whore. Fuck my boy pussy hard. Stretch me with your big cock. Yes! I’m gonna cum. Harder. YES!!!!!!!!!!!” George dropped down onto Ron’s cock and came all over their stomachs. George fell forwards into Ron but Ron wasn’t down.
“Bitch I’m not done with you. Get on your hands and knees.” Ron slapped his ass and George let out a squeak as he climbed off of Ron’s hard cock. He dropped to position and waited for his brother to fuck him again.
Ron knelt behind George and slammed his cock back into his older brother.
“Ahhh.” George moaned.
Fred had woken up and was watching his brothers with a happy smile on his face.
“He likes it when you slap him. He’s a real dirty guy sometimes. Make him call you Master. He loves that too.” Fred said with glee.
Ron smiled and slapped George on the ass as he fucked him with all he had.
“You little bitch, call me Master.” Ron punctuated that command with a few slaps to his older brother’s ass.
“Master, that feels so good. I love being dirty. Fuck me. I want to feel you cum inside me.” George begged.
“You’d like that wouldn’t you? You want me to cum in your boy pussy?”
“Yes Master! I want you to cum in my little whore boy pussy!”
Ron slapped George’s ass a few more times before he let out a roar and came deep in his brother’s ass. George collapsed on the ground panting. Ron laid down onto his brother panting as well.
“Uh. I just came and I didn’t even touch myself.” Neville murmured.
“I think we should take a break before we do the next round.” Harry suggested.

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