Have Mercy!

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Jefferson Sloan sat in his rocker and watched the girls walk down the street. School had just let out and they would be walking by for a while. The powerful telescopic lens brought them up close. They were as cute as they could be. They could not see him nor could anyone else. He loved to watch the little teens walk by. “Where were all the beautiful girls when I grew up.” he wondered. Oh! He guessed he had had more than his share in his time. Two gorgeous wives. Both gone now. He had been very lucky, now he hadn’t tried to find anyone new, “I’m just too damned old.” he thought. He jumped guiltily when he heard the knock on the door.

He walked to the door and opened it. Two very pretty young girls stood on his porch. They smiled and the cute blond said, “Mister Sloan, can we talk to you for a little bit. We are curious about something.”

“Sure, girls come on in. Can I get you something to drink, I have Grape soda, milk, or low-cal lemonade, what would you like?” They both opted for the lemonade. He fixed two glasses and sat with them at the breakfast table. “How can I help you guys, what can I do for you?”

“Well, this is embarrassing, but we want you to teach us about sex and how we can become attractive to men. Let me explain, my grandfather and I were very close, he died last year. He always told me that you were one of the best men he ever knew, he told me you could teach me to be a lady and a woman.”

“Who was your grandfather?”

“Jack Berry.”

“He was a fine man. I miss him too!”

“Will you help us?”

“How old are the two of you?”

“We are both just eighteen, a few weeks ago.”

“I will need to think this over for a day or two, This is Tuesday, stop back at the same time Thursday. OK?”

“OK Mr. Sloan, we will be here.”

Thursday afternoon the girls were back and he let them in. They were accompanied by four other girls. He let them in and smiled, “what is this , a lynch mob?” Maryanne Berry laughed and said, “No Sir, Mr. Sloan, we have several of our friends who would like to join your class too, if you decide to do it for us.”

“Well, I don’t know. I was inclined to do it but I hadn’t thought about this large a class. If I go with this thing it will consist of a basic three hour class divided into three equal parts. The first part would be Personal appearance and decorum of a Lady. The second part would be physical training, the last part would be sex education. All of this would have one general theme, you will learn how to walk talk, sit and stand properly to attract men. You will learn to be strong and refine your natural assets. You will learn about the parts of your body and how they are used to pleasure men and at the same time make men pleasure you. I don’t have enough money to finance this by myself, you each would have to be committed to paying a sum each week. This money would primarily go for the proper clothing which you will keep and care for. You can’t be a lady and look like a slut or a slob. Conversely you won’t attract men unless you look sexy as hell. I envision one new outfit a week, say $100.00. Is that too much?”

“I think that is reasonable, Mr. Sloan, that is only a little over my allowance and I can make lots more Baby-sitting. How about every one else. Raise your hands if you want in. Looks like all of us want to do it.”

“OK, first you each must swear that you will never reveal what goes on in any of our classes to anyone, no exceptions. Any breach of this will mean the classes are over for everyone. I don’t want you to lie. You can be inventive or leave something out if you are pressed too hard, by your parents for instance. You can show your new clothes, hair do or what ever, Show off your new manners and posture. Your parents will probably be pleased. The classes will be here every Saturday after noon from one to four, is that a conflict for anyone?”

“Does that mean you will do it?”

“Yes, I’ll give it a try, each of you write down your name, address and phone number, the names of your mother and father. And last but not least, your sizes, Dress, bra, panty, shoe. Remember, anyone can ruin it for everyone by telling just one best friend what we do. Tell no one at all. Be here Saturday. Bring a gym bag with sweats and wear your best dress and shoes and your make up. We will be taking pictures first thing. You will not be expected to have your $100.00 this time, next time, yes. Any questions?”

Saturday arrived and the class was in place in chairs arranged on the long enclosed porch at the rear of the house The chairs faced a low platform at the end of the room. At the opposite end several make up tables and mirrors were in place. When they were all settled and had handed in their papers Jeff stepped on to the platform. “Good afternoon, Ladies, You all look lovely, we are going to improve on that in the next few weeks, we are shooting for gorgeous, or beautiful, nothing less.” The doorbell rang and he excused himself. He returned with two very attractive women. “Ladies, let me introduce you to Miss Sally Perkins and Miss Evelyn Baker. They are from Maxim’s Salon in town. Miz Sally is a makeup specialist and Miz Evelyn is a hair stylist. You will come into the living room and be photo graphed by a professional photographer, Allen. He will shoot several shots and the whole session with him will be videotaped. Then you will izmir escort proceed to the tables at the back of this room and you will meet with Miss Sally and Miss Evelyn. They will give you a preliminary assessment and schedule you for appointments after school next week. Then return to your seats and fill out a questionnaire you will find in your seat. Any questions?”

“Cathy, isn’t it?”

“Yes, Sir, will we be expected to pay at the time of the appointments?”

“No, there will be no charge. This time. In the future, the cost will come from your dues, OK?”

When all the tasks were completed and the girls were back in their seats, Jeff took the stage again. “Well, that part is over. The beauticians and the photographer are gone, nobody here but us chickens, as the fox said to the farmer.” Now we have one more task to complete before we are through. You will all remove all your clothes and place them carefully in the shopping bags beside your seats. You will then come into the living room for more photos, this time I will do the honors. These are like the other shots, they give us a record of your improvements and a clue as to what each individual girl needs to work on. Unlike the other shots these will only be seen by me and a trainer who will tell us what exercises you need to do to become more beautiful, these may be exercises you will do for the rest of your life. Every copy will be given to you at the end of the class. I don’t want sexy poses, Full front, Right, Back, and Left. Stand straight with your arms at your sides, slightly bent. OK, Maryanne is first. Get those panties off too! To your right a hair, Good. Right, Rear, Left You are done. Next. Connie are you ready? Oh, here she comes.”

When they were back in their seats he uncovered a large screen TV. He placed a CD in a player. A huge picture of a male penis appeared on the screen. “Do I need to tell any of you what this is. Janice, what is it?”‘ “Sir, it is a dick.”

“Wrong. It is a penis. Not a prick, or a cock. Or a prick. It is a penis, That is what it will be called in this class. When you are with your boyfriend, call it what ever you want. You will not call it a dong ever. OK, Shirley, dear, what is this part called.”

“The head? Sir”

“Correct, the head or the glans. Either will do here.”

“Trish what is this part?”

“The shaft.”

“Right. This part, Maryanne?”

“Those are the testicles.”

“Yes, but what I was looking for was the Scrotum, the bag where the testis rest. Look at this shot, Maryanne, what has happened here?”

“It looks like it shrunk.”

“Right, anyone know why or what it signifies?”

“I know, Sir.”

“OK, Connie, what is with it?”

“He is about to shoot his load.”

“Right we will use ejaculate, or climax. I haven’t had time to go over your questionnaires, so just raise your hands, are any of you virgins?”

No hands went up.”

“Is there anyone who was disappointed in or failed to really enjoy sex?”

Three hands went up and stayed, one went half way up then went down.

“Well, who had an orgasm, a really mind blowing sensation?”

One hand went up.

“Cathy, you either have an exceptional boyfriend or a extra high libido level. Many women go through their entire lives without having an orgasm. It can be from medical reasons, but most likely is due to ignorance, either her lover’s or hers. Some girls just don’t know they are supposed to orgasm in proper sex or they don’t know enough to make their partner satisfy them before he satisfies himself. I am sure you all know that a male who ejaculates has a period afterwards when he can not get an erection. This time can vary from person to person and from time to time depending on how aroused he is and other factors, age being one.”

He pushed a button on his remote and the action went on, a hand appeared on the screen and began to stroke the penis. The face of a beautiful young woman appeared and she licked the head of the penis several times. She increased the speed of her strokes and held her mouth close to the head. Suddenly sperm spurted from the penis and hit the girl on the face. She put her mouth closer and got four or five spurts in her mouth. She smiled and rubbed the penis over her face then used her fingers to get the sperm off her face and put it in her mouth. She grinned and swallowed it, licking her smiling lips. The scene ended.

“Well, now, Maryanne, what did we see?”

“The man ca-er, ejaculated in her mouth. It looked as if she really liked it.”

“How many of you have tasted a male’s sperm? And did you enjoy the taste?”

Four hands went up.

“Cathy, did you really like the taste?”

“Not really, I enjoyed seeing him get satisfied and I didn’t mind the taste’ the first time. Later I kind of liked it.”

“That is an honest answer. Most girls are not too fond of the taste at first, many just don’t like the idea of the whole thing. We hope before this class is over all of you will relish the taste and enjoy having your partner satisfied. However, letting a man, any man get that far is another thing. You have to be discriminating about who you have sex with, we will go over that also, then you have to have been satisfied yourself before you let him do that. Does any one know how to run an aerobics alsancak escort class?”

“Yes, Janie, Then you take charge and get in an hour of aerobics class and I will watch and learn what I can from how you each move.”

Sloan gathered up the questionnaires and pulled a chair around to watch. It didn’t take long to decide that watching these little girls do aerobics beat the hell out of watching them walk down the street a half mile away. When the class was over they were all covered with sweat. He said, “I am sorry Sweethearts, I just don’t have the facilities for you to all take showers here, however, there are clean towels you can dry off with over on that chair. When you are through you can put them in that hamper. Next week we will get lots more done, I hope you got an idea of what the classes will be like, I will tell you that as we go along they will get more intense. You will be nude much of the time, will have sexual contact with both men and women. If this sort of thing is not what you expected or want to take part in, this is the time to quit. There will be no hard feelings, but I do expect that even if you drop out now you will honor your pledge of silence. How many want out? No one? Great! I love it. See you all next Saturday.”

It was Wednesday evening when Sloan was startled by a knock at his door, Shirley Jones stood on his porch. “Come on in Shirley, you are crying, how can I help you?”

“It’s my Mom, she is so unhappy, she cries all night, She is so unhappy, I thought maybe you could help her. She has been so sad since daddy died. She works as a writer and makes tons of money, but she is so unhappy. I thought perhaps you could talk to her. She won’t go to a shrink or anything like that. She is afraid someone would find out and ruin her career.”

“I really don’t know what I could do for her, I guess if you can talk her into it I could talk to her. Can’t hurt.”

“Oh! I feel better already. I can’t wait to tell her. Would tomorrow , about noon be OK?”

“Sure, Shirley, no problem, Noon it is.”

“The next day he was watching as a woman approached his house , stopped and stood for several minutes, then turned and started back up the long walk. Jeff quickly opened the door and said, “Mrs. Jones, won’t you please come in.

The woman turned and came toward him. “please forgive me , my daughter should never imposed on you this way.”

“Please, Mrs. Jones come in. It is no imposition. I would love to have someone to talk to for a little while. I do get lonely.”

“I don’t know what my daughter told you.” Said Mrs. Jones after she was seated in Jeff’s living room. “I don’t really know why I am here. She said you were very nice and easy to talk to. I do need to talk to some one, I guess, I just don’t know. Since Brad, died I have been all mixed up.” “How do you mean, mixed up. About what?”

“Well I know I am supposed to grieve for him, but I just can’t. I do miss him sometimes, but I am really glad he is gone. Oh! There, I said it, I am glad. He was not a good husband or even a good man. I really hated him I guess. He is Shirl’s father but that is the only good thing he ever did. He was a liar and a cheat and he made life hell for me. He wouldn’t work after I started making good money. He would beat me and try to make me have sex with his friends. I am glad he drove his truck into that lake and drowned.” She started crying and Jeff got up and lifted her from her chair and put his arms around her, and held her close to his chest, putting her head on his shoulder. “Go ahead and cry, girl, you need to let it all out. Get it out of your system. You did nothing wrong. You deserved far, far better than you got. Cry girl, cry. I am here for you. I will try to help all I can.” He gently rubbed her back and whispered that she was a wonderful mother, and a very good person, and that she had every right to feel happy. She deserved it. She pulled back and looked for her purse. He handed her a clean handkerchief, she took it and wiped her eyes, she smiled a little smile, “You really are good, I feel much better all ready. Oh! My I must be a sight. Please forgive me.”

“Nothing to forgive, we all get down now and then. I was feeling sorry for myself a week ago and thought it was about time to pack it all in. My kids are all dead, my wives are all dead and I was bout ready to join them. Then your daughter and several other came to me and wanted me to teach them about life and men and sex. I woke up and thought to my self, what a noble undertaking. So I am doing it.”

“You know all that stuff?”

“What I don’t know I will find out.”

“Tell me what you are going to teach them.”

“Well, you know, the things a young woman needs to know, about how to make them selves more attractive to men. How to catch not just any man , but the right man. How to make him want them, and want to marry them. How to make him please them sexually and how to keep him happy sexually so he won’t stray.”

“You are kidding me, aren’t you. How can you do that. I mean are you going to show them how to please a man sexually?”

“Why yes I plan to. I intend to have them perform sexual acts so they know how to properly do them and so they know how to teach a man to please them. Don’t you think it is better for them to learn from an expert than to learn buca escort nothing from some handsome young hunk who just wants to shove his penis in her and get his rocks off. Do you think your daughter is a virgin? She isn’t. And she doesn’t know shit about what she is doing and is going to get knocked up by some asshole who doesn’t know anymore than she does and end up as happy as you were.”

He glared at her. “Don’t do it to her. She deserves better, You do too!”

She looked up at him in wonder, “You really mean it don’t you? How do I know you are not just an old lecher. How do I know you can do what you say?”

“Test me, give me a few hours, just do as I say and don’t resist me. If you feel I have gone too far, all you have to say is ‘stop’. That will be the magic word.”

She looked at him. “What do I have to loose. I’ll test you.”

“Alright , come with me.” She followed him down a hall. He entered a bedroom. He picked up several shopping bags and read the names on them. He handed her one with “Shirley Jones” on it.

“Here put on what you find in here, all of it, nothing more. Take your hair out of that bun, comb it out and put it in a ponytail. OK?”

“Alright, I will.”

A few minutes later he heard her call, “Mr. Sloan!”


“I can’t find panties.”

“Do as you were told, put on what you find in the bag and nothing else.”


Moments later he heard heels clicking on the floor. He turned as she entered the room. He took a long look at her.

“Have you seen yourself in a mirror?”

“No not yet.”

“Please step to your right and go out in the Florida room and turn to the right again and tell me what you see.” He followed her and heard her gasp. “Well what do you think?”

“I can’t believe it is me, I look so different.”

“Stand straight as you can, shoulders back, chest out, be proud you are a beautiful woman.”

“Look at me, I am beautiful, how, I mean what, I don’t believe it. WOW!” She turned and rushed to him and put her arms around his neck. She pulled his head down and gave him a big kiss on his lips.

He smiled at her, “Do you miss your panties?”

“I had forgotten them.”

“Do you feel sexy without them?”

“Yes, I do, sexy and a little naughty.”

” Will you do as I say?”

“Yes, I will.”

“Lift your skirt.”

“Oh! I don’t think I can.”

“Sure you can, look at your self that way.”

“OH! I look like a girl in one of my husbands magazines.”

“Yes, but probably sexier. Come and sit and we will talk some more.”

They sat on the couch and she kept trying to pull her skirt down. He smiled, “Just cross your legs and don’t worry about showing your beautiful knees. Or put your knees together and slide your feet to one side. Then if you have a man you want to see drool, part your legs a little when he is looking your way. Stops them dead in their tracks every time. Make him work for the next peek though.”

“You are a foxy old man. You are pretty good at this stuff.”

“Now I am going to ask you an embarrassing question, how often during your marriage did you have an orgasm while making love with your husband?”

“I don’t think I ever did, if I did I didn’t know it.”

“Then you never had one. You missed the whole joy of sex for a woman. You never had the most joy a woman can have. I feel sorry for you. I really do. However it is not too late for you, you are young yet. I hope you have many years of wonderful climaxes that will shake you down to your toes, mind shaking, gut wrenching , screaming for sheer joy orgasms.”

“I certainly never felt anything like that.” She looked at him for a long time silently. “Could you teach me?”

He looked at her, “I could, are you sure you want to, it will change your whole life for ever.”

“Except for Shirley, I have nothing I wouldn’t change.”

He smiled at her and stood. he walked over and held his hands out to her. She stood and he put his arms around her. He put his lips softly to hers, she felt his tongue brush her lips. She opened her lips a little and felt his tongue slip in her mouth to find hers. He held her for several minutes, then bent and picked her up and carried her to his room. He placed her on his big bed. He kissed her again, this time a little harder but not hard enough to cause the slightest discomfort. She shivered as he ran his hands over her body, never stopping at one place. He ran his hand up from her knee pushing the skirt ahead until she knew her pussy was exposed. He moved his hands to her breasts and softly caressed them through the thin dress. He pulled the dress down over her breasts and lifted his lips from hers and kissed around her breast, his other hand rubbed and gently kneaded the other one. She felt her pussy leaking her fluids and didn’t know what to do. She was in over her head, she totally surrendered to his attentions. She was in heaven. He broke away and helped her take the dress off. His clothes were off in a flash, she saw his member for the first time, she thought it was huge, she had only her late husband to compare it to. Jeff was very much larger. He gently pressed her back on the bed and she thought he would enter her then, he did not, he kissed her lips for a moment then moved to her breasts, he kissed them both and she was mewing in her pleasure. He trailed wet kisses down her belly. He ran his tongue around and into her belly button. His hand caressed the fur on her mound and then his fingers parted her nether lips and slipped inside. She writhed on the bed moaning and crying. He stopped and looked at her, “Am I hurting you Dearest girl, should I stop?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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