He Hooks a Good One! Ch. 03


J smiled as Rob sat up on the bed beside her. She looked at his new arm and reached out and took hold of the hooks. She pulled it towards her and started looking it over closely. She was amazed at the quality of the work Sara had done on it and so fast. J asked Rob to stand up for a minute. His hard cock was standing straight up and the arm was hanging down at a slight angle. She lifted her upper torso up and leaned back on her elbows looking at him. She told him the only sight that would be sexier was when he got his other hook prosthesis. Right now he was the sexiest thing she could think of. Rob’s cock twitched and he moved back onto the bed with J.

She took him into her hand and stroked him up and down. Her other hand pulled on his smooth, hairless balls. Pre cum was running out of the end and J moved her hand thru it and used it for lub as her hand moved on his cock. After a few minutes Rob tensed and ejaculated a good load of cum on J’s breasts. When he was done she rubbed it in and licked her fingers clean.

They rested for a while and then J said for him to come to one of the weight rooms, that it was time to start his routine. She transferred back to her chair, fastened her chest belt so she would not fall out and Rob followed. Neither one bothered to put anything on.

In the weight room she said the first thing she wanted him to work on was getting strength in his left shoulder and also good control of it. She explained that was one of the most important movements he would do and he would do it a lot. He also needed good control of it because that was what would open and close the hooks on the end of the arm. Sometimes fine control was needed epically to close them around something. She added that he would be doing the same thing with the right arm to work the left hooks so if he wanted he could start using weights on that side also in preparation of having that arm on.

She had him sit in a chair anchored to the floor, angled and facing away from the wall and removed his arm. She put a harness just like what was on the arm around his shoulder. It was on a cable that went to the wall and various sized weights could be put on it. She showed him the proper way to arch his shoulder forward and to slowly let it back again. It did not take a lot of these repetitions for Rob to get tired and sore. They moved it to the left side and he repeated the same movements. By moving back and forth from shoulder to shoulder he could rest a little and get the count up a little higher each time. There was a counter that could be reset on the devise. J did not push for a high count to get started. She told him to slowly work his way up.

The other exercise she showed him was how to work muscles moving the arm up and down or flexing the lower arm at the elbow to raise things up like in feeding. That was done with the arm on and just using the proper muscle to cause that to happen. The weight and resistance of the arm was enough to get started. J said enough after 45 minutes of work as she did not want to overdo it. Rob said good because the sight of her sitting there in her chair with her 32D breasts and hard nipples were getting to him. J noticed that he was hard again also. He said that he thought that the exercise table out by the pool needed another work out. J laughed and agreed. She said she needed a bathroom stop first. Rob agreed that was a good idea if he could get soft long enough to pee. J said for him to stay behind for a while and let her get out of sight and she would meet him on the patio. Rob asked her to put his arm back on before she left and she did.

J was up on the table and had her legs strapped when Rob got there. He said he worked with him arm to hold on to his penis and direct it as he peed. That was what took so long for him to get out there. He also thought he might be able to masturbate that way and did she want to watch sometime. J said for sure but right not she had better uses for his cock. He got to the end of the table and said he liked how she had her legs arranged and tied down. It gave him a great view of her shaved pussy and long, full lips. With J’s legs being paralyzed from her waist down, they were very flaccid and she could move them almost anywhere as there was not any muscle resistance. From her hips down all of the muscles were very atrophied and her legs were very thin.

He used his arm to grasp his cock and by moving his torso up and down was able to move it up and down J’s slit stimulating her and getting some wetness coming from her pussy on it. She said please do it and he pushed into her. He very slowly inched his cock into J teasing her and causing her to rock her upper torso back and forth as if to hurry it along. About half way in he moved his arm up to her chest and used the hook to rub her breasts. Even with her on her back they did not go flat or sag to the side. He pushed the arm up and used the hooks to rub her nipples. As he suddenly pushed his cock all the way to the hilt he grabbed a nipple with the hooks. He felt Gaziantep Yabancı Escort J’s vagina grab his cock and he almost shot his wad but managed to hold it. He slowly thrust in and out of her and having cum earlier was helping him not to cum too soon. He wanted to do J as long as possible.

J had worked with lots of amputees’ but for some reason Rob aroused her more than anyone ever had. Watching his arm as he made love to her kept pushing her over the top. She wondered what would happen when he got both arms or when his arm stump had healed and he could use that on her. She almost wished she could move her pelvis in time with his thrusts but that said, no how, she was provided much more enjoyment as a paraplegic overall. She loved being a paraplegic but she was also glad she had feeling in her pussy and no bowel and bladder issues.

Ron looked down and could not believe what had happened to him these past months. When he finally came to and realized that he had no arms he though his life was over. What woman would want someone crippled like he was? Going through the torture of getting his burns to heal and having someone to even help him pee was almost more than he could stand. It was only when he was brought to J’s rehab place did he become aware of how much there was to live for. How beautiful she was, confined in her chair with her body braced so she could sit up. He fell for her at once and he thought she had for him at the same time.

He kept thrusting into her tight pussy seeing no movement from her hips and tethered legs, but her upper torso was thrashing in orgasm and her vaginal muscles trying to squeeze his cum out. Finally he changed position just a little for some reason and the head of his cock rubbed against her cervix. This caused him to cum deep inside J’s pussy and as she felt his powerful squirt came with him. After the final squirt he leaned forward between her wide open legs and their lips met. He kissed her hard and told her thanks for giving him reason to live. After all the talks they had had, she understood his meaning and said what he gave her was more than payback. They stayed that way for several more minutes then he stood up and pulled out of her. She told him to come up to her mouth and cleaned him of both of their cums.

He helped as much as he could get her legs unhooked and J back in her chair. They both headed to the shower and cooled off. J said that she was going to fix dinner there tonight so he could start learning how to feed himself. He said great, he was looking forward to doing that now that he had used his hooks to get her off. She grabbed his short stump and said he sure did a good job of that. They dried off and J put Rob’s arm back on and said he should dress himself. He said that was easy and pulled on a pair of shorts. J pulled on her usual sleeveless t-shirt and asked if she should put her braces on. Rob said no if that was ok with her. He said it was very sexy to watch her do things that way and the chest belt that went over her shoulder and between her breasts made for a very sexy package to watch. J said anything he wanted is fine with her.

They went to the kitchen and got something whipped up in short order. J then worked with him helping him find the best way to feed himself. She said it worked different for every person and she would help him find what was best for him. She had fixed things that required only a fork to eat with that night. His drink was in a coffee cup so he had a handle to hold on to. She had a stash of old silverware that could be bent any way to help. Without a lot of trouble they found a way that worked pretty good and Rob was able to feed himself. The biggest problem was raising the hooks up to his mouth. He was still mastering that even without the extra chore of feeding himself. He made great progress and J told him so. She said she knew he did so because he was so motivated to want to learn how to do so.

J told him that just as he liked to watch her struggle with no braces, she liked to watch him use his arm. Just as he could probably not be able to explain what there was about watching her without her braces, she could not explain why she got so aroused watching him work his arm. She could also see that he had become quite hard learning to feed himself. J was glad she had left a towel in her seat from the shower as her pussy was soaking wet. She told Rob about it and he said good, he would clean her for bedtime desert.

After dinner Rob asked J to take his arm off as the stump was a little tinder from all that had happened that day. She removed it and used the cream on both stumps. The left one was looking much better and she felt that within a week it would be ready to have a mold made so a prosthetic arm could be made for that side. She was also looking forward to having Rob use the stump on her pussy but still wondered if they would be able to get it in. It would be fun trying anyway.

That night Rob had his desert with J giving him a couple of extra spoon full’s. After he cuddled up behind J and pushed his hard between the gap in her thighs and J feeling this reached down and guided it into her pussy. The fell asleep hooked together this way.


Time flew by the next week with J working each day for several hours with Rob teaching him how to use his hook prosthetic. She had not accepted any new patients so she could work with Rob full time. He was a rapid learner but several times she saw him trying to use his left arm stump to help. She threatened to tie it so he couldn’t if he kept it up. The left longer stump was finally healed and she called Sara to come over and make the stump mold.

Sara arrived in the late afternoon. She was in her wheelchair and had short shorts on exposing both stumps for Rob to see. She had a tube top on that showed off her natural breasts. The silicone impression was made of his left arm stump. She said it looked so much better than the last time she saw it. J noticed that Sara kept hold of it a little longer than normal knowing what was going through her mind…the same thing that was going through J’s mind.

Sara took the dry mold out to her van and brought in the new two arm harness and it already had the right arm built on to it. She said she was as anxious as they were to see him with both arms and since all she had to do was make a duplicate of what was already made it was easy. Just how they both would be worn was different. She wanted to be sure it fit right so the girls put it on Rob. He said the right seemed to be fine and Sara checked everything out. The cables had been run a little different so they did not interfere with each other.

Sara and J talked about some of the things that would be needed for the left arm and they both agreed on the final design. The new arm was removed and his single arm was put back on. Sara checked it and asked Rob how it had been doing. He indicated one spot on the stump socked and asked Sara to check that. She felt it with her fingers and said yes a little needed to be taken off. She went to her van again and got her tools and in short order Rob said it was perfect. Sara reminded him his stump sizes and shapes stood a very good chance of changing and he should keep an eye on the fit. He also needed to keep the stump socks clean and dry. Let her know at once if there was any change or he needed new or more stump socks.

J asked Sara to stay for dinner and she said she would enjoy that very much. Besides, she wanted to see how Rob did feeding himself. They all went to the kitchen and Rob watched the girls fix dinner. He became the show when it was time to eat and Sara remarked what a great job he was doing. She was really surprised at the progress.

After dinner they cleaned the kitchen and went out by the pool. They talked about the new trend in prosthetics, not covering the metal up and bio mechanical movement. Both Rob and Sara said they were not into the bio part and all the fancy stuff. The old fashioned limbs worked fine for them. Right now the new ones were also very heavy to wear Sara said.

Sara asked if anyone was going in the pool and J and Rob said yes, time to cool off. It did not take Sara much time to get naked and Rob and J were soon that way also and in the pool. They swam and splashed and several times Sara was all over both Rob and J. She and J were of the same mind and that was to finally use Rob’s left stump. They all got out of the pool and J transferred from her chair to a lounge. J asked Rob to join her and he sat by her left side facing her head.

J used her hands to spread her legs and let the right one drop over the side of the lounge to make her even more open. She reached out and took hold of Rob’s left arm stump. She pulled him forward and directed it towards her pussy. Rob looked at J wondering if it was ok to do this in front of Sara. J nodded and said it was ok as Sara would be next. Rob grinned at both of them and proceeded to scoot up to a better position and moved his arm to between J’s legs. Sara moved her chair to the right side of J saying she could see better this way.

Rob started stroking J’s legs working his way up to her sex. He started rubbing the area and sliding the tip through her slit. J became quite aroused and wetness could be seen on her lips. J reached down and lifted his arm for a minute and rubbed some lubricant on it to be sure it would go in. They both noticed Sara licking her lips and her hand was between her stumps rubbing her pussy. Rob put his stump tip back down to the entrance of J’s pussy and gently pushed. He moved it back and forth so the lub would spread and help it get inside. As it first entered, J tensed and gave a wide eyed look to Rob. He paused until she got used to the size. After a few seconds she nodded her head for him to continue.

About this time Sara reached out and filled her other hand with one of J’s breasts. She massaged and pulled her nipples as Rob slowly pushed farther up into her vagina. She kept her eyes on Rob’s stump as it disappeared into J. By this time J had her head back and her eyes closed as she moaned in pleasure at what was happening. When Rob felt like he was all the way in he stopped again for J to get used to what was in her. J finally opened her eyes and looked at Rob and said do it. He slowly moved it back down and asked if she wanted more lub. J said she was fine and to go ahead and do her. Rob started moving in and out and pulled the angle up just a bit trying to hit her clit and G spot with his arm. It only took a few minutes for J to cum big time over and over. She finally had to put her hand down to stop him.

J described how wonderful it felt to be screwed by Rob’s stump. At the end of it there was only bone and skin for several inches as the muscle had been destroyed. She laughed and said it made a perfect cock and that would never go soft. They both looked at Sara and it was obvious she had cum while J was, but they were too busy to notice. J asked if Sara was ready and she wanted to be sure that J did not mind Rob having sex with her. J said no, everyone knew how things were with each other. J had Sara move over on to the lounge with her. Sara sat in front of J and leaned back against her. J said she would either hold her stumps apart or play with Sara’s breasts.

After Cumming, Sara was very wet but J put some lub on Rob’s stump anyway. J pulled Sara’s stumps aside so she was wide open to him. Rob placed his stump by her pussy and started to move it around stimulating her. He rubbed her clit and then worked it down to the entrance of her vagina. J had moved her hands up and both of them were rubbing Sara’s breasts and nipples. Rob worked his way into Sara and she did not seem to be as tight as J so he got it in without any discomfort. When he was all the way in he started moving it in and out. Sara was going wild urging him to go faster and harder. She rocked her hips to match each stroke. Since she had cum watching Rob and J it took her a little longer to cum again but when she did she let out a yell and clamped down on his stump. Her own stumps had been flopping around a little and Rob had been watching them do so along with watching his arm disappear into her pussy. She finally relaxed and fell back limp against J. Rob got up and washed his arm off at the pool shower.

When he got back, J and Sara were kissing each other. Sara noticed that Rob was rock hard and whispered something in J’s ear. She replied back for her to go for it. Sara reached out and got hold of Rob’s cock and pulled him over to her. She told him to sit down and she started sucking on him. After a few minutes J moved into a position where she could eat Sara and Rob moved his eyes back and forth from Sara sucking his cock to J eating Sara. He managed to get his hook attached to one of Sara’s nipples and pulled. He could not believe what had happened that day. Sara took him deep in her throat and he came long and hard and she took it all down. She let him slip into her mouth and cleaned him off and as she was doing that she came again with J cleaning her up.

After everyone caught their breath, Sara got dressed and left. Rob and J took their night time shower and got into bed. J cuddled up to Rob from behind and put her arm around him and fondled his cock. He did not get hard as so much had gone on that evening. J told him that she cared about him very much, did not want to have secrets from him and that she wanted to be very open and honest with him and hoped he would not be angry with her.

She told him that she and Sue and Sara were all lovers. They cared a lot about each other but they were not in “love”. It was a devotee/crippled thing and they all loved sex and all were bisexual. Rob said he sort of figured that out tonight the way she and Sara were getting along so good. He turned to face J and said this was one time he wished he had arms. If he did he said, he would put them around her and give her a big hug. No he was not upset with her and understood what was happening and that he had been caught up in it also. He was very happy he had.

He asked her if she knew a doctor that would do a vasectomy on him. He did not want to get anyone pregnant. J said her female OB-GYN would be glad to fix him; she was the same one that had done her tubal ligation. She agreed that would be a good idea for him to do that. She would arrange it tomorrow.

J said she had one more thing. She told him that she intended to stop wearing her braces so much. She had gone for lots of years without them and after she got them she just got into the habit of wearing them. She had found out since he had come around that she really enjoyed not having them on and how much she was aroused without them. She also knew that Rob liked it better when she did not use them. She said that like Sara, she would only wear them when it meant better patient care. Rob told her how much he appreciated her caring about his feelings (and arousal) and that she never had to worry or ask him if she did wear them. He told her how sexy she was and how much he loved looking at her atrophied, crippled legs and the extra work she had to do without the braces.