He Shares His Pet

American Dad

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Master looks at His watch as the doorbell rings. Why can’t she ever be on time…especially tonight? He opens the door to his sub, a frown on His face. “You’re late.” He states, looking at her. She stands still, eyes down, knowing no explanation will ease His annoyance. Looking her over, He is pleased with her appearance. As He ordered, her hair is up, and she has done a very light makeup. His annoyance fading, He slips a finger under her chin, lifts her face so she looks at Him and smiles. “Its ok pet..come in.”

He stands aside, and allows her to enter His home. There is a small table near the entrance, on it rests her red leather collar. “Disrobe pet, and bring your collar to Me.” He turns and walks away, disappearing into His den. She takes off her coat, and hangs it in the closet, then removes her clothing, folding each piece neatly on the table. She picks up her collar, and walks to the closed den door, settling onto her knees, and places the collar between her teeth. She knocks on the door, and waits until He calls for her. “Come in pet!” She opens the door and crawls across the floor, stopping in front of Him, seated in His leather chair. “Nadu position, pet.” She settles into His favoured position, kneeling, knees together, sitting on her heels, her toes pointed and even, her hands high on her thighs, palms up and open to Him, her head bowed, eyes downcast. He looks her over, and happy with her presentation, he takes the collar from her mouth and buckles it on her neck. She breathes deeply, feeling her submission flow over her as he trails His fingers over her neck, and cheek.

He smiles at her, as He sees her relax. “Look at Me pet.” She looks up as He continues talking. “I have a special surprise for you tonight, but before we get to that, show Me how much you love My cock!” As she crawls between His legs and bends over His lap, he pulls the clip from her hair, letting it tumble over her shoulders, threading His fingers into her soft curls. She unbuttons and unzips His pants, releasing His half hard cock and balls. She starts to lick and suck His balls into her mouth, stroking His cock firmly with one hand, as her other hand steals to her tits, pinching and twisting them gently, as He likes her to do.

He pulls on her hair, directing her to His cock. She licks all over the head, flicking and teasing Him with her tongue. He presses His hips upwards pushing His cock deep into her mouth. His thick 6 inch cock hardens even more as she sucks Him hard, travelling up and down His shaft, licking and sucking the entire time. He groans at the feeling of her hot mouth sliding over His centre. Growling, He pulls her head down again, forcing himself deep into her throat. She swallows hard against Him, inflaming His senses. He grabs two handfuls of her hair, and guides her up and down to His rhythm, fucking her mouth for His own pleasure. She keeps up as best she can, sucking and stroking him while she pulls and rolls her nipples with her fingertips. His thrusts start to go even deeper. He cuts off her air on each stroke, pulling out fully, then plunging back into her throat. She feels Him thicken in her mouth, and with one final groan He unloads His cum into her mouth, filling it. She continues to lick him, cleaning up every trace of his essence, then sits back with her mouth opened, showing Him her cum filled mouth. He looks at her, smiles and nods. “You may swallow my cum, pet.” She does as He tucks Himself back into His pants.

He stands, and helps her to her feet, leading her over to a deep leather couch. They sit down together, facing each other. “Now pet, I told you I have a surprise for you! My old friend is in town, and I have asked him to come visit us tonight. I have invited him to partake of the pleasure you provide me pet! You will respect him as you do Me. “

Surprised at Masters announcement, she nods and says “Yes Master.” She is secretly excited at the thought, but very nervous. What if she cannot please His friend? She can’t bear to disappoint Him.

He continues speaking to her. “There are some rules I expect you to follow tonight pet. You will refer to my friend as Sir. He will call you pet, or slut or whore, whatever his fancy. You will do whatever he tells you, as if it were Me telling you. I will never be far away, you are My property, I wish no harm to come to you. You can expect to be fucked in every hole you have pet, but no one but Me may cum inside you. Our regular safe word and safe signal will apply. Do you understand pet?”

Again, she nods and says “Yes Master, i understand.” Just then the doorbell sounds.

He stands, and turns to go and answer the door. turning back for a second, He leans down, giving her a quick kiss. “Nadu position, pet, in the centre of the room. We will be in shortly.” He walks out of the room, and she hurries to position herself, making sure she is perfect, her back straight, toes perfectly kuşadası escort aligned, palms exactly placed on her thighs. With bowed head, she closes her eyes and breathes deeply. She can hear low voices speaking in the hall, and then she senses Them in the room with her. They walk around her, He explains the Nadu position to his friend, showing how perfectly she is placed for Him. He explains her collar, telling His friend that it signifies His ownership of her, and her submission to Him.

“Rise pet, meet My friend!” He orders.

“Yes Master.” She rises to her feet, and looks at her Master, and His friend. In a soft voice she greets him. “Hello Sir, i’m pleased to meet you.”

“Go ahead and take a closer look, I am going to get prepared for the next part of our evening.” He says to His friend. He walks over to His desk, and starts to remove everything from its surface. Sir walks around her, commenting on her body to Master. “She has lovely tits, I like the piercings, the barbells are quite fetching!” Master replies, “Yes, My pet and I enjoy them too. Pet has quite sensitive nipples, she loves them being sucked and chewed on!” Sir takes one nipple between his fingers, pinching lightly while looking in her eyes. Seeing if she can take more, he pinches the other nipple in his fingers, and begins to twist and pull them out from her body. He lets them go, then pulls her heavy breasts out from her body again, this time only her barbells in his fingers. Their full weight is being suspended from her piercings alone. She breathes in sharply, and he smiles at her discomfort.

Dropping her tits, he continues his inspection. Running a finger down her body he drags a finger over her mound, commenting on her silky smoothness. “My pet knows she is to be perfectly shaved for Me at all times,” Master explains, “it is one of her rules.” Sir kicks her feet apart gently, then circles around behind her. “Bend forward slut!” Sir says. She obeys, and feels his hand sliding across her ass cheeks. Without warning, she feels a sharp slap to her ass, then another, one on each cheek. She makes no sound, as she wants Him to be proud of her. She feels a finger sliding along her ass crack, and hears Sir and Master talking. “Does she take it up the ass?” Sir asks.

“Of course! My pet loves to be fucked up her ass! It is so tight, you will love it! It is another of her rules, all of her body belongs to Me, and for tonight, her body belongs to you as well. She must always have all of her holes available for My use.” Master states, proudly.

As Sir finishes his inspection of her body, he tells her she may stand up. Master announces that He is ready for her, and tells her to come to Him. She crosses the room, and sees that the desk is clear, and that her ankle and wrist cuffs are in Masters hands. “On the desk slut, on your stomach!” He orders. She lays on the edge of the desk, then slides over until she is in its centre. He helps her to get comfortable, then hands the ankle cuffs to his friend. Together they buckle her cuffs on, and then attach the cuffs to the straps attached to the desk legs. Master walks around the desk, checking each point of restraint, making sure she is tightly and safely restrained. He asks if she is ok, and she nods. Spreadeagled over her Masters desk, her body is on display for the two men.

Master and Sir move over to a table set up close to the desk. All of His favourite toys, tools and implements are laid out on the table. She listens to Master explaining each of His toys to his friend, and then offers to show some of them in action. Master starts with His rope flogger. He spins the ropes together, and with a flick of His wrist she feels the heavy thud of the flogger on her back. He continues to flog her back, walking around her spread out on the desk, heavy thuds interspersed with lighter strikes with the ropes splayed, striping her back with lovely red welts. When He feels she has had enough of the flogger, He picks up His riding crop. He drags the leather end from the bottom of her foot, up her thigh, to her dripping wet pussy. He shows His friend how wet she gets from the physical punishment, bringing the leather end through her wet pussy lips. Coating the slapper in her juices, He walks to where her head lies, and offers her the wet end of the crop. Both men smile as she licks her juices from His implement. He begins to slap her inner thighs with the crop. The quick stinging pain causes her to jump, and cry out. He strikes quickly, and with perfect accuracy. Red marks begin to appear on her sensitive flesh. When His pet continues to cry out, Master stops, and leans close to her ear. “Are you ok pet? Shall I stop? I didn’t hear you say your safe word!”

Pet shudders, opens her eyes to focus on His, takes a deep breath and whispers, “No Master, please don’t stop, i need this!” Not wanting her cries to distract Him, He grabs her ball gag and buckles it on for her. He smiles kuşadası escort bayan at His friend, and continues to cover every inch of her inner thighs again with the stinging slap of the leather crop. When He is satisfied with her marks, He puts His crop aside, and the two men run their hands over her sensitive thighs, soothing the heat. As she relaxes a little, she senses Him crossing to where His tools are laid out again. She hears Master quietly talking to Sir again, then she feels the bite of Masters quirt over her shoulders. The two rawhide tails bite into her arm flesh, feeling like red hot slashes on her body. The men watch the thin red welts pop up on her skin, as Master stripes her arms, back, thighs and calves. The quirt tails whistle through the air. Over and over He strikes, not stopping. With each strike her body jumps, her skin on fire. Watching her body language intently, He brings her closer and closer to her breaking point. Just as she feels she cannot take any more and readies herself to make her safe signal, Master stops, and again she feels the two men’s hands caressing her tender flesh. She breathes in deeply, thankful she endured, that she didn’t have to stop the exquisite pleasure pain. She drifts into her subspace, the euphoric place in her mind that translates the pain to blissful pleasure, as Master and Sir discuss her progress. Suddenly, she is ripped out of her head space and brought back to the present as she feels the searing pain of Masters paddle on her ass. Blow after blow rain down on her rear, one cheek then the other, over and over. She can feel her ass flesh welting and swelling, the pain turning into a searing heat, she knows she will mark beautifully. Moaning against her gag, she enjoys the pain, letting it feed her soul. After what seems like hours, Master stops, and runs a hand over her hair, His signal that He is done, and that she can relax. Again, she drifts into her subspace.

She hears Master offering His implements to Sir, and is secretly pleased when he accepts. Her body goes through the sensations again, as Sir tries each implement under His watchful eye. She feels the difference in their strikes. Even though Sirs strikes are not as precise, or as powerful as her Masters, she writhes in painful pleasure under his touch. Sir admires pets ability to take and enjoy the pain. Master smiles, and says “Just wait, there’s more!”. He checks on her, making sure she is fine, then unstraps her ankles and wrists and tells her turn over onto her back. She quickly does as she’s told and turns over. The men reconnect her restraints, making sure her breasts and pussy are on perfect display for them.

Again, the two men take turns hitting her with His toys, sometimes one at a time, sometimes together. The quirts tails biting her nipples, while the crop slaps her pussy lips. The paddle punishing her thighs and mound, while her nipples are twisted. Again Master shows Sir how wet His pets pussy is, obvious proof that she loves every strike! She writhes under their delicious torture, her delicate breasts reddening under their hands. As they continue their tandem punishments, she drifts into her zone again, finding her blissful subspace, coming out only when Master calls her name. She smiles at the men, her eyes glazed over, again Sir comments on her tolerance. Master smiles at her, pride showing through His eyes. Again the two men run their hands over her, soothing her skin, making sure she is comfortable, and ready to move on. Master unbuckles her gag for her, and puts it away. Sir unstraps her wrists for a minute, and gives pet a cool glass of water to drink, then re-straps her down. Smiling at her, he runs his hands over her hair, copying her Masters loving gesture.

Her Master turns away from her, and when He returns He has her favourite blindfold in his hands, and ties it over her eyes. He runs His hands over her hair, then bends down and whispers in her ear. “Don’t worry pet, enjoy this! You have done very well, I am pleased!” She breathes in deeply again, ready for whatever comes next. “Another rule my whore has is that she must ask for permission to cum. If she comes without permission, she is punished, right slut?” She nods, remembering some of the past punishments she has endured for that transgression.

She jumps when she feels a soft breath against her pussy lips, at the same time one of her nipples is caught in a set of teeth. She concentrates on the sensations running through her. Her recently beaten breasts are still swollen and painful, she whimpers quietly, but there is no relenting on her nipples. One after the other they are bitten, pulled, twisted, her piercings used as leverage. She recognizes it as her Masters touch on her breasts. At the same time she feels a tongue tracing her pussy lips, dipping in to her pussy to taste her juices, swirling around her clit. She tenses for a second, realizing it is Sir who is lodged between her thighs, escort kuşadası but then hears her Master whisper in her ear. “Relax pet.” She reacts to His voice, relaxes her body, and surrenders to the pleasures.

Sir unstraps her ankle cuffs, and places her feet on the edge of the desk, her knees bent, opening her pussy up to him, putting her fully on display. He slides two fingers into her, pumping in and out of her wet cunt, and starts sucking her clit hard. She pushes her pussy up to his mouth, meeting every thrust of his fingers. She is teetering on the edge of orgasm when she calls out “Please Sir, may I cum?”

“No slut, not yet!” Sir says with a steely voice, as he continues to assault her pussy with his fingers and tongue. She tries to concentrate on not cumming, but when he shoves his tongue deep into her hole, she nearly comes off the desk.

“Please Sir, please let me cum!” she cries, knowing she couldn’t stop if she wanted to! Sir can tell she is desperate for release.

“Cum slut, cum for me!”

She moans and yells, thrashing and pulling against her wrist restraints as he rubs her gspot through her orgasm, her release crashes through her, wave after wave, as she screams out in ecstasy. Sir exclaims over the fact that she has squirted all over his hand and wrist, obviously pleased with her. She is still shaking from her orgasm when she feels Masters hand on her head, tilting it over the edge of the desk. At the same time she feels His familiar cock slide into her mouth, she feels the unfamiliar thickness of Sirs’ 8 inch cock sliding into her, stretching her tight pussy. When both cocks are fully embedded in her, they start to fuck her together, one pulls out, as the other pounds in. She squeezes her pelvic muscles around Sirs cock, and sucks on her Masters cock. Both start to fuck faster, wildly driving into her body.

All of a sudden, Sir pulls his cock from her dripping cunt, leaving her feeling empty. Her legs are pushed back towards her shoulders, and she feels fingers at her asshole. Master holds her shoulders down as He continues to slide into and out of her mouth. The fingers slide back into her pussy, scooping up the natural lube, then anointing her rosebud with it. She feels the unfamiliar cockhead pressing against her asshole, and she tries to relax for him. Desperate to be sheathed in her ass, Sir presses forward, burying his cock in her tunnel. As she moans in pain, her cries are muffled by her Masters cock, still fucking her mouth. Sir waits for her ring to relax, when he feels her body accept him, he starts to fuck her back hole with long strokes. She tries to adjust to this new cock in her ass, before only ever touched by her Master. Master unclips her left wrist cuff, and whispers in her ear. “Play with your clit for us slut…show us how a whore touches herself!”

She starts to rub and tug on her slippery clit as she feels Sir getting closer to his release, his cock swelling in her ass, his breathing growing ragged. Master pulls His cock out of her mouth as Sir groans and pulls his out of her ass. She feels ropes of hot cum cover her stomach and tits as Sir jacks his cock over her. “Yeah you whore, you like my cum over you, don’t you?” Sir croons.

“Yes Sir, I love your hot cum covering my body!” Sir scoops some of his cum up in his hand, and holding it over her face, watches his juices drip into her open mouth. Rubbing his fingers over her lips he watches her lick and suck them clean. She marvels at how different Sir tastes from her Master. When she has licked all of his cum from his fingers, he pulls her free hand back, and re-clips the restraint to the strap, making sure it is tightened down.

She raises her head, and sees her Master between her thighs, holding his cock, rubbing it over her slit, up and down, side to side. “Beg for it whore…if you want my cock in your pussy, beg for it!” he orders her.

Wanting his cock in her more than anything she begins to beg. “Please Master, fill my cunt with Your hard cock, make me scream as I cum for You! Use my body for Your pleasure Master!” Master obliges her, and thrusts in balls deep, in one hard thrust. She cries out as he pushes against her cervix. Holding himself deep in her pussy for a minute, he pulls out and starts to fuck her deeper and harder. Then she feels a new sensation, the kiss of the crop on her tits as Sir rains strike after strike down on her breasts as Master fucks her hard. Varying his strikes, some hard, some soft, Sir covers every inch of her breasts, not even her swollen nipples are spared. Never has she understood pleasure and pain better. She screams out, “Please Master, please Sir, please may I cum? Please let this slut cum for You!”

She hears both men’s voices in unison.

“Cum for me slut!”

“Cum for me whore, cum now!”

She screams, louder than she thought she could ever be. “I’m cumming Master, I’m cumming Sir! Please don’t stop! Oh, fuck me, beat me, use me!” And with that she starts to orgasm, over and over she convulses. Master continues fucking her cunt. Sir quickly switches to the flogger, lying the ropes out over both of her tits at the same time as she yells “Oh please Sir, i’m cumming again, please may i cum again Master?”