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(non-erotic no sex till next chapter ^,^)


I sat in my room watching the news: another animal attack, killing a homeless bum, I sighed. I turned the channel and watched South Park softly chuckling to myself.

I felt my phone vibrate beside me and read the text from my friend Bruce. “Hey Jagger wanna come over?”

I replied quickly saying I’d be there in a minute, got up, and changed into my blue skinny jeans and tight black Metallica shirt. I looked at myself in the mirror, ran my hands through my light reddish-blonde hair –fixing it so it covered my forehead and half my left eye– then rubbed my hand over my hairless face. I was hairless basically everywhere: none on my chest or stomach. The only hair I had, you could barely see, it was around my cock and balls and was a soft red.

I walked out of my room and down the stairs grabbing my Slipknot hood then out the front door, locking it behind me.

I got down the street when I felt like I was being watched. I shivered a little, pulling my hood over my head jogging over to Bruce’s house and knocked on the door, quickly letting myself in. It was basically my second home so I could go in even without knocking. I bounced into my friend’s room and dropped onto the bed next to him poking his waist.

I said in my soft but noticeable country accent , I got it from living in Texas for a few years and never really thought it was a big deal till I came here when I was 12.

I heard him chuckle and sit up yawning. “Shit I didn’t mean to fall asleep! How long have you been here….you didn’t molest me did you?” I burst out laughing and shook my head jumping up and sat in his spinning chair spinning around.

Bruce was like his older brother; friends since the 6th grade. He was now 18, I was still 17 but I’d be 18 tomorrow.

“So what do you wanna do? Go shopping? How bout go to the mall and boy watch?”

Both me and Bruce where gay but neither had intimate feelings for each other. “Hmm I’d love to boy watch but how bout we just go to the mall and shop? I need new skinny jeans.”He replied.

I just chuckled and nodded laughing. “Okay let’s go.”


I watched as my sweet pup got into the car with his weird and hyper friend growling softly to himself. I shook out my fur and ran into the woods following the car as it drove down the road to it’s destination. I stayed out of their sight; my raven-black fur with lavender and blue stripes down my shoulders, back, and waist. I smiled to myself and jumped over a fallen tree, stopping to turn into into my human form and walked to my car driving to the mall following my pup.

“I will have you soon my pup.”

I had been watching him for a few days now, ever since I saw him when I was driving to my new house here in Indiana. He had been walking down the street and I knew I had to have him, he was perfect with light red hair, long skinny legs, perfect hour glass figure and a perfect round ass .

I pulled in behind his friend’s car and inhaled deeply; smelling his scent and following it inside smiling softly. I followed Jagger’s scent into Hot Topic where I “accidentally” bumped into him smiling softly down at the small boy. I was a good head or 2 taller than him, standing at 5’9″.

“Sorry didn’t mean to walk into you there.” The boy blushed making me smile wider and step aside.

“H-hey…I’m Jagger.” He held out his hand and smiled shyly; I shook his hand.

“Why hello, I’m Alex.” He blushed harder and smiled looking down hearing the English accent.

I walked to the back of the store and picked out a few jeans and a jacket watching Jagger from the corner of my eyes, seeing him look over at me a few times .

I walked out of the mall after following Jagger around the mall Şişli Escort and to my car seeing him in the passenger side of his friend’s car and winked at him as I got into mine throwing my bag into the back seat and backed out, heading onto the highway. As I got to my house I smelled the air smelling a familiar scent– Tyler.

I stormed into the house and saw Tyler walking down the stairs grinning. ”What are you doing here Tyler?”

Tyler grinned as he passed by me and chuckled ”Well I just asked the alpha if I could be the new leader of your Hunter and Preston Group.”

I growled and ran up behind him. ”He would’ve never accepted that! We both know I’m stronger then you Tyler so back down before I beat the shit out of you!”

Tyler grinned again and walked away. ”We’ll see how that goes.”

I shook my head and went back to my car to watch over Jagger. When I was close to Jagger I parked my car near the forest and took off my cloths where no cars where driving by and shifted into my wolf form and ran after him.


Bruce and I walked into his house and sat on his bed. “So what do you think of Alex?” Bruce asked.

“He seems nice why?”

Bruce grinned at me and nudged my shoulder with his. “Do you like him?”

I blushed and nodded giggling softly. “I guess he seems nice he-he well I need to get home now so i’m gonna walk. I’ll see at school tomorrow Bruce”

I walked out of the house holding my bags and started walking down the street. I decided to take a path through the woods and looked around smiling. I always loved being there; it always relaxed me, especially at night. I heard a rustling in the bushes behind me and turned around squinting a bit.

“Is anyone there?…Hello?” I got no answer and frowned turning away and kept walking.

I was half-way home when I felt like I was being watched. I turned around again and gasped, dropping my bags and covering my mouth. I saw a huge tall black wolf: a good foot or 2 taller than a great Dane with blue and purple streaks through its long black fur and down its back, sides, and belly.

“Dear god you are fucking huge.” I stared into its shiny silver eyes and stepped back falling over as it came over and lowered its head, brushing its large nose over my tummy.


I inhaled Jagger’s scent and laid my head on his lap. I smiled as I felt his fingers run through my fur and closed my eyes.

“You’re a sweet big thing aren’t ya boy?” I heard him say and licked his arm as a yes .

I got up and yipped, pushing him up with my nose, smiling to myself hearing him laugh.

“Okay okay I’m up boy…..would you like to come home with me? I think I have a nice big steak for ya at home.”

I yipped and stood next to him walking to his house gently nipping his sides playfully enjoying his squeals and laughs.

When we got to his house I heard his mother yell down at him and hid behind him not wanting him to get into more trouble. “Jagger Alexander Roads where have you been? It’s past your curfew.”

I saw him look over to the clock, I already knew it wasn’t even past 10pm yet”Mom it isn’t even 10, I went clothes shopping with Bruce.” I heard him say then heard his mom stalk closer to him smacking him hard, making him drop his bags and cup his cheek and eye.

I jumped from behind him and snarled growling loudly satisfied when his mom cowered backwards, her eyes going wide. “W-what the hell is that thing and why is he in o-our house Jagger?!”

I sat in front of Jagger glaring at his mom and licked his hand that wasn’t holding his cheek and eye then he rubbed my ears.

“I found him while walking home, I was just gonna feed him leftovers that were about to go bad and let him go Şişli Escort Bayan out back”

His mother opened her mouth but closed it again and walked away upstairs. I whimpered a bit to get his attention and pulled at his jeans to make him come upstairs. He grabbed his bags and walked to his room I looked around noticing his bed was HUGE. I jumped on it and wagged my tail yipping happily and licked Jagger’s cheek as he came over and hugged my neck. I was very tempted to shift into my human form but decided against it because I didn’t wanna freak out my poor pup.

I whined softly and laid my head on Jagger’s shoulder. “It seems like you feel sad too Wolfy……well I guess I should name you– I don’t think you’d like me calling you Wolfy….how bout axis?” I shook my head sniffing sharply and smiled to myself hearing him chuckle then smile widely. “I know….how about Axle?” I yipped and jumped a bit on the bed and smiled as I watched Jagger take out his clothes from the mall and grinned to myself as I saw a few super hero themed briefs.

Later that night Jagger crawled under the covers and wrapped one of his arms around me and buried his face into my fur as he fell asleep. I listened to him sleep for a bit then slipped away slowly to not wake him then shifted into my human form to open his window and jumped out the window, I ran to my car in my wolf form, put my clothes on, and drove home.


I woke up in the morning to see my wolf gone and the window open. I tilted my head confused and thought to myself “How in the hell did he open my window?” I shrugged and got dressed,put make up to cover my black eye and bruised cheek. I called Bruce to come pick me up and then went to school.

As I walked out over to Bruce and smiled. “Oh god what happened to your eye?” He blurted.

I frowned and looked down. “Is it really that noticeable?”

He nodded and sighed. “Your mom hit you again?”

I nodded and was about to speak when Bruce looked up and grinned then I turned around and saw Alex walk to me and Bruce. He had a medium build, wide shoulders, long legs, and a tight ass .

His smile soon faded and he cupped my cheek. “How did this happen?”

I turned a deep red and looked down. “I fell…I’m okay.”

He tilted my head up and frowned but let my chin go. “I need help finding my classes; do you know where room 307 History is?”

I smiled and nodded. “Yea that’s my first class; I’ll walk you there.” I waved to Bruce and smiled walking to the class room with Alex.

When we got to the class I saw there were only 2 seats left on a single table and smiled at Alex nervously as I sat at the table and he sat next to me.

“So what other classes do you have with me?” He asked as he handed me his school schedule.

I looked it over; he had all but one of my senior classes. “I’m in all your classes except Algebra.”

I blushed and looked away when the teacher came in and went onto roll call. He went through the list and called Alex last.

“Oh Alex you’re new here right?” He looked around and spotted Alex.

“Um yea I’m new sir.” He stood up and smiled down at me then looked at the teacher.

“Please introduce yourself to the class.” I look up at Alex and smiled softly as he blushed a little and looked around.

“Well I’m Alex; I moved down here from England with my brother and family, I’m 19, 6 feet tall, um I like to read and I’m hoping to make a lot of friends and get along with you all. I’m into football…..oh and I’m gay.”

My eyes went wide as I looked up at him and felt all the blood rush to my dick and looked away covering my crotch. I looked over watching Alex sit back down and wink at me.

I got up, got all my books and waited for Alex. Escort Şişli “Ready for Art?”

He smiled and got all his stuff and followed me. “Yea I hope I’m okay at it.”

I smiled at him and nudged him with my shoulder. “So you’re really gay? I’m surprised, you look like a total lady’s man!”

He laughed and looked at me. “Yea I’m gay I like to be open about it because I don’t really like when girls flirt with me.”

I giggled and sat next to him again and listened to him. He had 2 brothers: Cody and Lucas , and lived with his parents. His uncle lived here and a few of his old friends Hunter and Preston. He loved to read, loved dyeing his hair weird colors and enjoyed hanging around.


As I was sketching Jagger a second time facing him so he couldn’t see what I was doing I asked. ”So what about you are you gay?”

Jagger blushed and nodded.

“Oh…well that’s good at least I’m not the only one.”

Later on I handed in my work; the teacher stared at it and looked over at Jagger then the sketch. It looked like a photograph of Jagger. She nodded and set it down, giving it an ‘A’ then gave it back as I walked back I saw Jagger looking at the first picture blushing a deep red. I sat down and took the pad blushing.

“Sorry you looked like a good subject to sketch while you where blushing.”

As class ended I learned that Jagger was an only child and his father passed away when he was 16. I got up and got our stuff; I put the drawing he hadn’t seen in his back pack when he wasn’t paying attention. He showed me to my Algebra classroom and told me to wait here till he came and got him to take him to English Literature.

After class ended I got up and waited outside the door and waited patiently for Jagger after class till the bell ended then decided to go to the bathroom. I noticed Jagger’s scent was strong then heard a whimper in the biggest stall and walked over and peaked through the gap. I saw Jagger was being strangled by a football jock. I became enraged and kicked the door open hard, and started punching the jock hard over and over even after knocking him out and picked up Jagger checking his pulse. He was alive; I held him tightly and promised I’d never let anyone hurt him again. I couldn’t stay in school so I carried him into my car and laid him in the back and drove home. I drove into the huge mansions driveway and parked the car then picked up Jagger and carried him inside. No one would be home except the maids, I walked into my room and laid Jagger onto the bed.


I woke up in a strange bed and sat up; my mind racing back to the bathroom I had been on my way to get Alex and was pulled into the bathroom by Gary and pushed to my knees. I tried to get up and run out but he pinned me to the wall then unzipped his pants then he shoved his cock into my face then told me to suck it. I yelled no and he told me to suck it I yelled at him again then he pushed back and started choking me. I turned my head trying to get air struggling hard and saw a pair of feet outside the stall then saw the door kicked in and saw Alex punch Gary then blacked out. I burst into tears and looked around after a while of crying and saw the walls covered in wolf posters then looked to see Alex standing in the doorway staring at me.

I got up and ran to him hugging him tightly crying hard on his chest gripping his shirt. “Thank you for saving me.”

I sniffled and clung to him, not wanting to ever let him go. It felt more than right to be in his arms. I sighed in relief as i felt his arms wrap tightly around me and hold me close.

“Hush my pup, you’re now safe and I’ll never let you go.” He tilted my head up and lightly brushed his lips over mine making me blush a deep crimson.

“You are all mine my sweet pup and only mine do you hear me? You will never be hurt like that ever again.” I nodded and smiled leaning against him closing my eyes.


(Next chapter will be here soon please comment and give me a few ideas for it ^,^ much love, Luca wolf.)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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