Heating Up Your Office

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Your office has a glass wall overlooking a staircase that winds up the outside of the building. Beyond the stairs is a cluster of old houses and in between are several large old trees that in summer provide greenery and shade and increase your privacy. Now that it is winter the trees are all bare, and you are exposed to the sight of the people in those buildings and to the cold that comes in through the glass.

You are very exposed at your desk and need to warm up. I have brought you a blow heater as I am worried about you getting a chill, and I plug it in and then bend down to put it under your desk, positioning it just right as you laugh and tell me that I am making a fuss, before I turn it on full.

Then you are sighing with pleasure at the heat. You are now even more pleased to see me and in a while your office is warming nicely. Everyone else is leaving for the day, trooping past on the staircase as they leave, some waving to you as they pass.

Warm enough, I ask

Yes, you beşiktaş escort say.

I come behind you and catch your arms and run a cord about them

Hey, you say, laughing, what are you . . .

I bend over you and land my mouth on yours, stopping your talk.

I tie the cord off as we kiss.

Then I pull you up so you are standing and push you forward over the desk. Papers fly off as you try to move aside, but now you discover that while I was down under the desk arranging the heater I had tied each ankle loosely to a leg of your desk. Now you fall forward helplessly.

What are you doing? you hiss, the glass exposing you to anyone passing. Exposing you well, as your arse is turned slightly to the window. I stay silent, smiling and slowly pulling down your pants, then your briefs.

Not here, you hiss, Oh no, not here.

The office is lovely and warm now. And I am very over-heated, as are you, little beads of sweat şişli escort starting to break out on your bare skin. Everyone has left and the stairs are empty. A shame I think. But in the houses opposite people are coming home now.

You hear my zip go and then I have a hand under you, feeling your growing appreciation of my intentions. I push your jumper and shirt up running my hands under your body sliding them over your pecs, your nipples, your belly, turning your face to mine for a kiss as I cup and tug at your balls then grasp and stroke your almost full erection. My own erection is pressing into your tied hands and against your lower back. You move your fingers over my cock head making me jump, and break the kiss. I stroke myself between your tied hands as you grasp at me, sending shivers through me. And I feel you hard and ready so I rise off you and sit back in your chair, rolling in between your thighs. My hands spread your cheeks to fully expose you bahçeşehir escort and I begin to open the portal into the smooth walled tunnel inside you that you so enjoy having well filled.

Are you warm enough, I ask. Releasing your cheeks, hiding you.

Yes, yes, you reply. Your voice shaky. Don’t stop, you add very quietly, pretending not to say it.

Good, I say.

I spread your cheeks again and bend to bring my mouth to your crinkled rim. You moan the instant my tongue slides over it. I like that sound and intensify my efforts, working the point of my tongue in as you jerk and moan. Then I slide in my thumb, still spreading your cheeks wide with my fingers, then push in the other thumb, and with one buried on each side I pull at your entrance as I lick and dip into it feverishly.

You whimper at the way I am stretching you, but loosen up almost immediately. I moan in appreciation. Seeing that where I am going to bury my throbbing cock is now gaping from my attentions is driving me wild. I can’t wait any longer and directing myself to that opening I press my cap to it. My thumbs are still pulling it apart but slip out as my cap pops in. I lean forward over you, a hand on my cock guiding it as I kiss along your back to your neck nibbling higher as I sink deeper into your welcoming passage.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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