*Note – This is a work of fiction.

In the summer of 1973 I was 18 and I had no girlfriend. I had a good job making $6.00 an hour, 40 hours a week and had my own apartment. I had graduated that spring and had broken up with a girl that I had dated from my junior thru senior year. Although it had been a very satisfyingly sexual relationship, all we seemed to do to was argue. I had trouble finding a date for a few weeks.

One day I bumped into my friend Tom. He invited me to a party at his parents’ house on the 4th of July. He told me that there would be minors there so don’t bring any beer. Bring potato salad and fireworks instead. “Oh, great.” I thought.

I went around 7:30 after work (yes, I had to work the 4th but it was double time so why not?) and the party was in full swing. There were a lot of people I knew as well as some I did not. He told me that the new faces were some cousins of his that were visiting. These were the minors he had warned me about. They looked anywhere from 12 to 16 years old.

After talking to a few friends I decided to go over to the food table to sample the food brought by the other guests. Tom came over and said, “Looks like you’ve got an admirer already.”

“What, one of the kiddies have a crush on me?” I joked.

He saw the look on my face and pointed me into the direction of a very mature looking girl for 12 to 16 years old. Again I had that look on my face and said, “Look, man, she turned 18 in January. She’s three months older than you!” That got my attention.

Again I started to move around the people there (it was crowded since the food was in the basement and thank goodness it was air-conditioned). I tried to keep my eye on where she was but I lost her after a few minutes. I started to work my way back to Tom when I felt a tug at the back of my shirt.

I turned around and there she was. She was my height (5’10”) about 140lbs., long light brown hair that went down to her waist, a big smile and the bluest eyes I had ever seen. They were the type of clear deep blue eyes that you find yourself falling into. She reminded me of Judy Collins, the singer.

“Hi, I’m Helene.”

“I’m John. Nice to meet you.” I said trying not to stare into her eyes.

“Do you live around here? I don’t remember seeing you before.” I asked still not staring.

“No, I live over in Bristol.” She explained. (Bristol had it’s own school district and was about 15 miles away.)

We talked for a while. Tom walked by at some point and gave me thumbs up but with a question mark on his face. I returned the thumbs up and he grinned and walked away. The rest of the party we hung together and I have to tell you she was a fun girl. She was smart, a great conversationalist and a great kisser. Soon it was dark and time for the fireworks. Tom asked me and a few other older kids to watch the little ones while the fireworks were lit up. No one wanted to spend the rest of the evening at the emergency room so it was no problem.

After 30 minutes of explosions and 30 minutes more for the ringing in my ears to stop, I found myself talking to Helene out front by the cars. Her parents were getting ready to leave. We exchanged phone numbers and were giggling like little kids.

Then her expression changed. She gave me a very serious look and said, “I like you. I can tell that you’re a fun guy and Tom tells me you don’t have a girlfriend. I can tell you’re not a jerk because you haven’t asked me to come back to your place to check out your “stamp collection” or whatever. So I’m going to just come out and say it. I would really like to spend the rest of the summer hanging with you until I leave for college in August.”

I could almost feel one of my eyebrows going up like Mr. Spock and uttering, “Fascinating.”

“I also want to tell you that I am a true virgin.” (That eyebrow started coming down). “I intend to stay that way until I am married. (That eyebrow came the rest of the way down) We can have a lot of fun doing things together and I have a job too so I’m willing to pay my fair share of movies and meals. I would really like to see you as much as possible for the rest of the summer.” She stood there waiting for me to answer.

I wasn’t really ready for that revelation, so I just stood there looking into those eyes. Somewhere in the back of my mind I heard a clock ticking like if I didn’t answer soon, the buzzer would go off and I would lose. So I said, “OK. Why not.”

So, for the rest of the summer, if I wasn’t working we were together. At all times I was a gentleman. I honored her wishes. I also found myself getting a little more emotionally involved than I wanted to.

At the end of August I had taken her shopping for her college gear and was walking her to her front door. She opened the door but waived me off from entering. She closed the screen door tight between us and just stared at me. It took me a second and then realized what was going on.

“What? This is goodbye? This is the alaçatı escort way you want to do it?” She just stared back at me. “Wow, Helene, I can’t believe this. No kiss? Hug? Just goodbye? Wow. This is cold.” I turned around from the door and headed back to my car. Before I opened the door I looked back and her door was closed shut. I got into my car and went back to my apartment. I thought over our first meeting and she had been true to her word just as I had. My mistake was that I had allowed myself to get all emotional instead of just having a great summer.

I received many letters from her telling me all about her school experiences but never a mention that she missed me or that she wanted to get together after the semester.

On Christmas day, I got a knock on my door. I opened it and there stood Helene and her next-door neighbor Gracie. I didn’t know what to say. I was shocked that she even was standing there. Gracie went “Merry Christmas!” and planted a big fat sloppy kiss on my cheek (I found out later that she had had a crush on me since the first time we had met). Helene held her arms out to do the same and I recoiled back into the doorway.

“What’s wrong? Did I gain weight, or get ugly?” she said pouting.

“What’s going on? Why are you here?” I finally managed to say.

“I’m home, Gracie has her mothers’ car and Merry Christmas!” she said as she tried to hug me again.

“Wait a minute!” I said as Gracie shot past me into my living room and yelled back, “Where’s the tree?”

“I didn’t really expect anybody coming here over the holiday. Putting up a tree is a lot of fuss for one person.” I explained.

I turned back to Helene and asked, “I thought you made it clear that it was just a summer thing.”

“Did I say that? I never said that”. She looked at me and realized that I was not amused. “OK. Maybe I did say that.” She walked past me into my apartment.

I was stunned. The whole time we dated in the summer she never once came over to my apartment let alone enter it. I shut the door behind me and followed her in.

“New rules. It’s a ‘When I’m in town’, thing.” She said as her eyes sparkled. “So if you have got another girl in there get rid of her.” She said as she made an exaggerated look around the place.

She explained to me that she had always had in mind that when she was in town that we were to be an item but just wanted to see how the summer went first. When she went to school, we were then both free agents. But any other relationships had to come to and end when she was back in town.

This time both my eyebrows were heading north to my hairline. “You could have told me this in one of your letters.” I said.

She sighed, “Look, if you meet someone that you really like better than me, then fine. We can call it quits. I didn’t say anything in the letters about it because I didn’t want to encourage you to look. I just like being with you, that’s all and I don’t like to share. OK? Am I forgiven?” She looked at me with puppy dog eyes.

“Are the same restrictions in place?” I asked. She nodded yes with those puppy dog eyes. “Ah, shit.” I thought, disappointed. A long pause and then, “Ok, we’ll do it your way.” I said.

For the next two weeks we spent time together, went to a New Years’ eve party and out to dinner a lot. I asked Gracie about whether Helene had met someone else at school but she said she didn’t know.

Soon her Christmas break was over and she went back to school. We exchanged letters every other week but they were just as generic as before. I did manage to date a few times but nothing serious came of it. Spring break was coming up and I found myself getting excited about seeing her. Unfortunately I got a letter from her telling me that she had to write a term paper that she had put off. She would see me in the summer.

On a Friday in late May I was on my way up the steps to my apartment when I noticed Helene standing at the top landing and she had a friend with her. She came down to meet me and gave me a big hug and kiss. Then she introduced me to her friend Donna who had driven her over. Donna was about 5’5”, had short golden blond hair, green eyes, large smile and huge tits.

I guess I was looking a little too long because I suddenly got a swat across the back of the head. “Hey, you’re supposed to be happy to see me, not her.”

I opened the door and in we went. Donna looked around and asked Helene if her house looked this tidy because hers’ didn’t. Helene just gave the no way look. “Maybe we should call him Felix and we can play Oscar.” quipped Donna.

I offered them a drink and we sat down in the living room to catch up on events. I related my ‘Go to work and come home’ routine. Helene told me about how hard her classes were but she was still able to finish the first year with a 3.5 grade average. Donna told me she met Helene in college and had become friends. Somewhere during that semester her parents alaybey escort had moved to Bristol as well so Helene and her could hang out all year round.

During the conversation I noticed that Donna was looking at me a lot more than she should have. I tried to look at Helene but every time I stole a glance over at Donna she was still looking at me and soon had a slight grin on her face.

It was now about 7:30 in the evening and Helene said, “I’m hungry. What have you got to eat out in the kitchen?” She got up and heading in there. You could hear her opening and closing cabinets and then finally the fridge.

I started to say something but Helene cut me off. “Well Donna, we can have our choice of beer, warm or cold, ketchup, mayonnaise and we can draw high card for the can of tuna!” She came back out to the living room triumphantly holding the lone can of tuna. “You know, John, you work at a grocery store. Maybe you should try bringing some home sometime.”

“Look, I don’t like to cook. Either I get a sandwich or something and bring it home or I eat out.” I said.

“Ok. I got $5.00. How about we all chip in and get some cold cuts, some rolls and we can fix ourselves sandwiches?” asked Donna.

“That sounds good but you’re my guests so I’ll buy and you fly.” I said.

Donna started to get up and Helene said, “You’ve been driving us around all day. Give me the keys and I’ll go.” Donna shrugged her shoulders and tossed Helene the keys and suddenly we were alone.

“Look, I’m going to go change.” I was still in my work clothes. I went down the hall to my bedroom, closed the door and started changing. As soon as I had my pants down, the door opens and in strolls Donna.

“Wait. I’ll be out in a minute.” I said.

“No hurry.” She said as she continued over and pushed me down on the bed. The next thing I knew she was on top of me, pulling off her shirt and bra and smothering me with her tongue. It all happened so fast that I just laid there with my arms to my side and my pants at my ankles.

She stopped a second and said, “Is this going to be a one person party or are you going to join in? We don’t have that long you know.”

I thought for a second about Helene and then thought, “Screw it.” I kicked off my pants and underwear, she slid out of her jeans, put a condom on me and we were soon engaged in a rough and tumble time on the bed. She was incredible. Her skin was so soft and her tits were huge with puffy nipples. I hadn’t had any sex for over a year at that point so I figured I was good for about 30 seconds, but Donna seemed to be able to read my mind and would back off before I reached the point of no return. I had seen a lot of porn movies so I knew a lot of positions, but Donna showed me a few I didn’t know. She was very much in control of her body. She came six times. Each time it seemed more intense than the last. Even with all her thrashing around she still was able to keep me from cumming.

As we were about to change positions again I looked at the clock and it was nearly 8:15. Helene would be back soon if not any second. Donna noticed my concern and said, “Yeah, we better wrap this up. Your turn.”

She rolled off of me to the wall side of the bed. I turned to hold her and she placed a hand on my chest and pushed me back down. “Just relax sport. Enjoy yourself.”

She propped herself up on her left arm and removed the condom with the other. “I want to see you come.” She whispered.

She ran her hand up and down me at a medium pace making sure her fingers touched my balls on every down stoke. I noticed she had a very determined look on her face while she watched her handy work. This turned me on more than ever. .

“Are you ready?” She whispered. I nodded. “Lets see how much you’ve enjoyed yourself today.”

She must have felt it. One last rub down the shaft and then a firm hold on my balls. A long rope blasted onto her face. A second one landed on her shoulder. A third one slapped her on the boob. The fourth hit the crook of her arm and from that point just dribbles on my stomach. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced.

After my head cleared I noticed that Donna was still propped up on her elbow. She was grinning from ear to ear. “Felt good, huh? How about a towel?” Donna was covered in cum. There was a string hanging off the side of her face. It was funny as hell.

I got up and fetched her a towel and said, “We better get dressed quick its almost been an hour.” We cleaned up, dressed and sat back down in the living room. As if on cue, the door opened and in walked Helene. “Miss me? Sorry I was gone so long. I had to go to two places to get what I wanted and they were both crowded.”

We ate and talked and then called it a night. It was about a week later when after work I had a knock on the door. It was Helene and Gracie. I invited them in and then pulled Helene aside. “If you let me know when your coming over I can try aliağa escort to have another guy here for who ever it is that’s bringing you over, instead of them sitting her like a fifth wheel.”

“Why? Can’t control your self around two girls? Besides, Gracie said she hadn’t seen you in a while.”

I never really was comfortable around Gracie before because she was a minor. She was short, petite, and dark complexioned with long black hair. She had changed, though. Now she sported makeup and had two eyebrows where one long one used to be.

“Look what I got for my birthday.” Gracie held up a magnum of Champaign. I looked at her funny and she said, “That’s right! I’m legal now! Helene, go try to find some glasses.”

Soon we were toasting to Gracie’s’ new status as an adult. Helene only had a sip because she didn’t like Champaign. When Gracie wasn’t looking, she poured the rest of hers into my glass.

“I guess I shouldn’t be drinking on an empty stomach. What’s good to eat here?” asked Gracie.

“Nothing. John doesn’t believe in food here.” She looked at me and asked, “Do you want to do the same thing as last week? I want to get some wine for myself.”

“OK.” I said. I reached into my wallet to get some cash.

She said “My treat.” and grabbed Gracie’s’ keys and out the door she went.

“So, Donna tells me that you know how to please a woman. She said she was tired for two days afterward.” She grinned at me while she waited for me to respond.

“She told you that?” She nodded. “Does Helene know?” I asked nervously.

“I didn’t tell her.” She said. “I’m technically a virgin, if you know what I mean. I want to stay that way. After what Donna said last week and having this crush on you, I just have to find out if you’re as good as she says you are. Come on.”

She grabbed me by my shirt collar and dragged me into the bedroom and pulled me down on top of her on the bed. We made out for a few minutes and she said, “You have a great tongue. Lets’ try it out.” With that she snapped down her shorts and shoved my face in her pussy.

Now I had read a lot of literature on this subject before trying it the first time with my high school sweetheart and she told me that I very, very good at it.

Gracie must have really been wound up tight because she was pulling my hair and screaming that she was cumming about 15 seconds later. I eased up on her and she gasped, “Don’t stop. We have to do that again. That was great.”

I began a slow increase in pace. Soon I had her motor going again. She came two more times. Finally I had to ask her to ease up on my hair. My scalp was starting to hurt. Another two quick orgasms and she finally said that was enough. It was my turn now.

I glanced at the clock. Helene was gone forty minutes already. Well she was going for wine too, so we still had time.

She helped me pull down my pants and said, “I’ve been told I’m good at this too.”

I was already pretty turned on so I knew if she were any good at all I wouldn’t last long.

“If I were you, I would just lay back and enjoy it. Don’t hold back, she’s going to be back soon. Let me know when you’re going to cum. Do not cum in my mouth!” She warned me.

I have to admit she was giving me the best blow job I ever hade in my life. One hand ticked the base of my shaft while other stoked my balls. She closed her mouth over me and used her tongue to swirl around the head. She never came up for air even once.

Soon that feeling started. Guys know what I’m talking about. It’s the type of feeling that you only get when you’re getting a blowjob. One second everything is feeling good and then a tingle starts at the head of your cock and creeps its’ way down to your balls. It’s the sign that the point of no return is imminent. It starts to build back up from your balls. Your cock gets harder than it ever has in you life.

“Look out.” I moaned.

She pulled her mouth off me and ran her tongue up and down the underside of my cock and massaged my balls as I blasted rope after rope of spunk up in the air and down on my chest.

Suddenly, I heard a noise come from the doorway. I looked and saw a shadow move away. I jumped out of bed and Gracie says, “John, wait!” I ran down the hall to the living room and heard a thud. There was Helene on the floor trying to pull her jeans up with one hand and holding and a dildo in the other. “Don’t be mad at me.” She said still trying to pull her pants up.

Me mad at her? I thought my goose was cooked. Gracie came out of the bedroom. She had managed to get her shorts up and was holding out my pants to me. I looked down at myself and there I was still flopping around.

I took my pants from Gracie and started to put them. After a very pregnant pause, Gracie decided to talk. “As you know, Helene is a real honest to God virgin. While at college, her roommate had a boyfriend that showed up almost every night. When they would get hot and heavy, she would go for a walk. One evening she came back and they weren’t done yet. They didn’t notice her come in. At first she tried to ignore them, but soon herself peeking out from under the covers. She started sneaking back in from her walks more often. Soon she couldn’t help herself. She almost couldn’t wait for them to get it on.”