Helping Margaret Pt. 03


This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18 or older.


“Well there you two are!” Mom exclaimed as Margaret and I walked through the door. “I was beginning to think you two weren’t coming back!” She laughed as she glanced at the clock hanging on our kitchen wall.

“Well of course we were coming back, we wouldn’t want to miss out on that Chinese take-out, now would we?” Margaret laughed.

Margaret and I both exchanged glances.

I could see the sparkle in Margaret’s eyes. She was so full of life, as always. I’m sure I had the same look in my eyes.

“Well, I didn’t know how long you two would be, so I went ahead and ordered for all of us.” Mom laughed again. “So, just dig in!” Mom cheered.

She had the table set up nicely.

Margaret took a seat, as did I, with my cock still half hard.

“This looks so wonderful Diane. Thank you for putting this all together.” Margaret smiled.

“Oh, no worries sister! Just dig-in and enjoy!” Mom said. “This is just a little ‘Quick-Order’ that I thought would suit a Saturday night. I think you should tell me just how well the ‘massage’ went.” Mom said as she put a fork-full of her food into her mouth.

“Well, let’s just say it this way, Mr. David here knows how to make a woman feel like new again!” Margaret grinned.

“Well, I do know that!” Mom said.

“So, did I take care of your back pain Margaret?” I asked, giving Margaret’s elbow a little bump with my elbow.

“Yep, you did indeed! Diane, your son is a genius! Whatever he’s learned in that Massage School, it worked well on my lower back. He’s a Treasure!” Margaret cheered.

“Well, I guess they taught him well!” Mom said.

“They did indeed.” Margaret smiled.

“David, there is a couple boxes in the car that still need brought up. Won’t you be a dear and go fetch them?” Mom asked.

Mom locked eyes with me.

This wasn’t a request, it was a demand.

“Yeah, no problem. I’ll be right back.” I answered.

A million thoughts ran through my mind as I walked down the Apartments stairway and out to our car.

‘Well, this should be interesting.’ I thought to myself.

Fetching a couple boxes from the car only takes a couple minutes, so I wasn’t sure exactly what my mom was going to try to get talked-out with Margaret.

Upon returning to the kitchen, both mom and Margaret were laughing and joking about something while nibbling on their food.

“Oh there’s my strong young Masseur!” Margaret cheered with a big smile.

“Is everything ok?” I asked.

“Of course everything is ok. In fact, things couldn’t be better!” Mom smiled.

“Margaret and I were just talking about her ‘massage’.” Mom grinned. “She enjoyed it so much that she’d like you do it for her more often, perhaps a few times a week. That is, if you’re up to it?”

Margaret looked up at me and winked.

I knew from the looks in their eyes that the cat was out of the bag. And I could feel my face turning red with some slight embarrassment, and a little perspiration building on my forehead.

“Honey, come over here and give your old mom a hug.” Mom smiled, holding out her arms.

I gave mom a big hug, and she asked me to sit down with them.

Taking a chair, mom began to speak.

“Sweetie, don’t you think your old mom ‘knows’?” Mom grinned while patting my leg.

“You do?” I said, feeling my face turning even more-red with embarrassment.

“Of course I do! I’m your mom! I gave birth to you! And I want you to know that I’m ok with it.” Mom said while reaching up and giving my cheek a little loving pinch.

A wave of relief flowed through my body as I let out a huge sigh of relief.

“Diane, don’t you think we should tell him?” Margaret smiled.

“Actually, I think we should just go ahead and show him.” Mom grinned as she stood up and walked over to Margaret. Margaret then stood up, and the two shared a beautifully romantic, passionate kiss.

I was taken aback and pleasantly shocked at what I was seeing.

Both women looked at me and giggled.

“I think he likes what he’s seeing!” Mom laughed.

“Do tell us, Mr. David, do you like what you’re seeing?” Margaret asked.

My cock was harder than ever now. The sight of my mom dear mom and our beautiful neighbor, my new lover, Margaret, kissing, and tonguing each other’s mouths was such a turn on.

“I think we should all sit down and just enjoy our food. And then, we’ll enjoy a little ‘desert’! Mom cheered.


Over the course of the next hour, we all enjoyed the Chinese Take-Out and laughed and joked about anything and everything.

It was the most beautiful sight watching mom and Margaret just talk shit and giggling back and forth while a lovely nighttime breeze swept through our half-opened kitchen windows.

“Diane, I do need to ask you, do you enjoy beer or wine?” Margaret asked mom.

“Well, I’m not much of a drinker at all, actually. Only on occasion, I’ll splurge. Why? Would you like to have some wine right now?” Mom asked.

“Well, it’s Gaziantep Escort Numaraları just such a special weekend for me, having you and Mr. Handsome here. I’m so full of joy! And when I’m full of joy, I like to enjoy some wine! Would you care to indulge with me?” Margaret smiled.

“Well, in that case, I’d certainly like to enjoy a glass, or two, or more with you!” Mom cheered. “But I’m sorry, we don’t have any here. Just coffee, juice and milk.” Mom said with a slight frown.

“Oh, no worries dear, I’ve got some back in my fridge. I’ll be right back.” Margaret said and walked out.


“So, what did you think of that kiss?” Mom asked. “I’ll bet you weren’t expecting that!” She grinned.

“Well honestly, I thought it was awesome. And nope, you’re right. I didn’t expect that. Not in a million years.”

“Well, look. I’m not gay. I’m not a lesbian, if that’s what you’re thinking. But, I do love that woman, in a special ‘friendship’ sort of way, if that makes any sense. Let me just say it this way, she makes me feel wonderful. She’s like the missing piece to me since your dad died several months ago. Does that make any sense?” Mom asked while taking a sip of her coffee.

“Actually mom, it makes total sense, and I’m damn glad. She’s also making me feel quite special too. ‘The missing piece’ as you call it.” I said.

“Well, I can tell you that I enjoyed the kiss. I plan on kissing her again later. She’s just so damn cheerful and happy. She’s like a little angel that’s been sent to us. I don’t know quite how to describe her. I just love her. I don’t mean I’m ‘in-love’ with her, but dammit, you know what I mean?” Mom asked.

“Mom, I think I know exactly what you mean, and you don’t need to try to explain yourself. If you feel like kissing her, then just kiss her. I certainly think she enjoyed the last one.” I said while taking another bite of my food.


“Here we go!” Margaret came back in. “This is what Mr. Handsome over here drank with me earlier, just before my ‘massage.'”

“Oh, this is Chardonnays, Top-Shelf stuff!’ Mom cheered.

“It is indeed. It’s a special occasion, with special people!” Margaret smiled.

In Margaret’s right hand was the bottle of Chardonnay, and in her left were three wine glasses, a little different from what she and I had used awhile earlier.

“This is well-chilled, and I think you’ll love it!” Margaret smiled.

“Well, I’m sure I will. It’s been awhile since I’ve drank or had any alcohol, so I’m sure it’ll hit me fast!” Mom laughed.

“Oh, don’t worry about that dear, just take a few sips and enjoy the lovely taste. You know something, you’re just as pretty as our Florida sunsets are!” Margaret smiled as she started pouring the drinks.

“Oh, aren’t you just a sweetheart!” Mom laughed.

“Well, I call it as I see it!” Margaret smiled.

“Davie, sweetheart, I think I’d like a little soft music playing while we’re enjoy our drinks.” Mom said as she motioned to my little stereo.

I got up and walked over to my little stereo and hit the play button. Instantly, the soft music that had played just a while ago for Margaret and myself was now softly flowing throughout our apartment. And again, my cock started to twitch.

“Hmm, this brings back some recent memories.” Margaret grinned.

“Mmm, hmm.” Mom moaned a little bit.


After close to an hour and a few glasses of our delicious beverage, I was feeling the buzz, and I could tell that mom and Margaret were as well.

“Meeting you is such a true pleasure Margaret! I can’t even begin to tell you!” Mom said.

“Oh honey, the pleasure is all mine as well!” Margaret smiled.

“I don’t know what to even say.” Mom smiled.

“Well, I do know what to say.” I grinned. “I’d like to see you two kiss again.”

“Well, lookie here, Mr. Handsome over here wants to see me kiss his mom again.” Margaret laughed.

“Little pervert.” Mom laughed.

“Call me what you will.” I laughed.

I could tell the Chardonnay was hitting all three of us. Our inhibitions were lowered. I was really starting to enjoy this.

“Well, sweetie…” Margaret said to my mom, “would you like to try another kiss?”

Margaret barely finished her sentence before mom stood up and walked slowly over to Margaret and held out her hands. Margaret reached out with both hands and the two beautiful ladies stood there and held hands for a few moments, just staring each into each other’s eyes.

“I told you, this was going to be the start of something beautiful.” Margaret smiled at mom, as she leaned in for a kiss.

That kiss was short and simple.

Mom moaned.

“I don’t think that’s even close to being ‘enough’.” Mom giggled.

“Well, who said that was the end?” Margaret also giggled.

I sat there and watched as mom and Margaret leaned in again for another kiss, a much longer one. When their lips parted every few seconds, I could see their tongues dancing, much like mine and Margaret’s had just a while ago.

The two exchanged moans of passion as their hands started to explore each other’s bodies.

Mom’s hands started caressing Margaret’s upper arms and shoulders, and Margaret’s hands started caressing mom upper arms, and then her face. And my left hand was continuing to bring my glass up to my lips for continuous swigs of my delicious drink while my right hand found my cock.


Over the course of the next few minutes, the two ladies started exploring each other bodies, right in front of me, as though they’d forgotten I were there.

Margaret broke of their passionate kiss and leaned in towards mom ears and whispered, “Show me your bed sweetie.”

Mom slowly led Margaret to her bedroom, located just the other side of our bathroom.

“Mr. Handsome, aren’t you gonna follow us?” Margaret asked quietly as mom led her back.

Within a few moments, both mom and Margaret were standing at the foot of mom’s bed, kissing hard and breathing hard. I could hear them as I got another refill on my wine.

“Margaret, I’ve missed this. I’ve miss this kind of love. Thank you baby. Thank you for showing me love again. Thank you for…” Mom went silent as Margaret slowly and gently put her right hand down into mom’s pants. Mom let out a huge gasp.

“Just enjoy the moment dear.” Margaret whispered in mom’s ear.

I could hear mom’s breath picking up and quickening as Margaret started playing with mom’s pleasure spot.

“That’s right honey, just enjoy this.” Margaret said quietly into mom’s ear as she started to finger her.


My heart was pounding hard with the never-before-known excitement I was now experiencing. My hands were actually shaking and mom’s knees were starting to buckle.

As I stood there at mom’s bedroom door, the sight before me was magnificent.

Mom and Margaret were kissing in the most passionate kiss I’d ever seen, and Margaret was finger fucking mom with a vengeance, and I could hear mom’s pussy juices flowing.

Both women were moaning loudly into each other’s mouths as their tongues continued to dance with each other and their breathing was rampant.

“Yes, right there!” Mom managed to say desperately.

“Right there, goddammit, right there…” Mom broke off the kiss to catch her breath. Margaret pulled back a bit and just concentrated on working her fingers into mom’s pussy. Mom seemed to have no idea that I was standing right there watching the whole thing.

Mom’s knees started to buckle a few times, and Margaret whispered to her, “Just lie down sweetie, and let me take care of you.”


As mom slowly laid down on the bed, Margaret followed her face closely, trying to keep their mouths connected, as well as her fingers going in and out of mom’s pussy.

I could hear mom juices flowing and the squishy sounds coming from her pants.

“”Kiss my neck, kiss my ear honey, I really need that…” Mom whispered to Margaret.

“Don’t worry baby, I’m gonna take care of all of your needs. Just relax.” Margaret whispered back.

Margaret stood up for a moment and looked over at me.

“Mr. David, won’t you be a dear and come over and help my with your mom’s pants?” Margaret smiled at me.

I was standing there with my glass in my in my hand, not really knowing what to do. I was about to watch my mom have sex with another woman. This was all new to me.

“Oh, my Masseur is a bit nervous!” Margaret laughed. “Trust me sweetie, I know what I’m doing. Now, please be a dear and come give me a hand with your mom’s pants…” Margaret winked.

I sat my glass of Chardonnay down on mom’s dresser and nervously walked over to the two ladies. Mom was laying there in a near-hypnotic-state, still breathing heavily.

“Now then, grab that side of her pants, and help me pull them down.” Margaret said.

I reached down and took hold of the right side of mom pants. They weren’t really pants, they were more like sweat shorts. Very lose. They slid down easily. And as they slid down, I could smell mom’s arousal.

“Ah, you smell that don’t you?” Margaret smiled. “I smell it too! That’s the smell of ‘happiness’.” Margaret grinned.

Margaret and I continued to slide mom’s pants off until they’d reached her ankles, and then with a slight kick of mom’s feet, they fell to the floor.

“You see, that wasn’t so hard, now was it?” Margaret laughed.

Marget looked down at the crotch area of my pants. She could see that I was hard.

“Well, I guess ‘something’ is hard, after all!” She giggled.

Mom laid there with her knees up and legs spread. I could see her panties were soaked. I could also see the outline of her pussy slightly pushing out towards the thin fabric.

“Isn’t that a wonderful sight?” Margaret said quietly.

I stood there in silence, taking it all in.


Margaret leaned back in to resume kissing mom. The two women were going at it ferociously. Margaret’s left hand reached down into mom’s panties to resume playing with her wet pussy.

I stood there with my cock now rock-hard, while I watched my new lover finger-fuck my mom.

Within a few moments. Mom’s hips started rocking back and forth, and her body began to shake.

“Oh yes! Right there!” Mom screamed.

Margaret slowed her pace as mom let out a few deep breaths and calmed down from her orgasm.


“Oh my God! That was wonderful!” Mom exclaimed.

“Well, I’m glad you liked it honey!” Margaret smiled, and then leaned down for another kiss. “We’ve only just begun though.”

After the two shared a few more passionate kisses, mom finally turned her head towards me. For a brief moment, her eyes had a look of fear.

“Oh my god, honey, I’m so sorry! I didn’t know you were standing there! Hell, I forgot you were even here!” Mom said with a look of worry in her eyes.

“Oh, now don’t you worry sweetie, he’s fine. I think he’s actually getting some education here, and he’s enjoying this!” Margaret smiled at mom.

“Honey, do you want us to stop? We’ll stop. Oh my god, I’m sorry baby! What kind of mom am I?” My said again, with tears building in her eyes.

“It’s ok mom, it’s really ok.” I said, trying to calm her down.

“As I said sweetie, it’s all good. Just relax and enjoy our time together. I’m going to make you feel so much better. Better than you’ve ever felt!” Margaret said in a very soothing voice as she leaned down towards mom for another long, passionate kiss.

“Davie, sweetie, would you be a dear and come over here and help me with your mom’s panties?” Margaret asked me.

I really felt like this was wrong, but I didn’t want to mess up the moment between the two.

Mom lifted her hips and we slid her panties down to mom’s ankles, where she then gave them a slight kick and they fell and joined her pants on the floor.

“Do you smell that?” Margaret asked as she looked up at me. “Isn’t that the sweetest smell you’ve ever smelled?”

I could smell it. And as guilty as I am for saying it, it smelled great. I was smelling mom’s arousal. And it smelled wonderful.


As Margaret and mom continued on with more kissing, Margaret reached down with her left hand and slowly pushed mom’s legs further apart, exposing mom’s soaking wet pussy.

I could now see that mom wasn’t clean-shaved, she had a little bit of a landscape.

Margaret immediately moved her hand up to mom’s pussy, gently rubbing her outer labia.

“Just relax baby, let me take care of you.” I could hear Margaret say quietly into mom s ear.

Both women started moaning into each other’s mouths and Margaret gently slid two fingers into mom’s slit.

I put my right hand into my pants and started to slowly stroke my cock.

“Oh my God, yes! Right there!” Mom screeched.

“That’s right honey, just relax and let me make you happy.” Margaret said quietly.

Margaret pulled her fingers out of mom’s pussy and brought them to her own mouth.

‘You taste so good baby!” Margaret smiled down at mom.

“Really? I’ve never tasted my own pussy.” Mom said to Margaret.

“Well, just have a taste.” Margaret said while putting her fingers into mom’s mouth.

Mom was hesitant at first, but then she began sucking on Margaret’s fingers.

“You see, it’s sweet, isn’t it?” Margaret smiled.

“I think I want to taste yours.” Mom said quietly as she leaned up and kissed Margaret.

Margaret reached down with her left hand and briefly fingered her own pussy, collecting her nectar, and then brought it back up to mom’s mouth.

“That’s really nice.” Mom said as she licked and sucked on Margaret’s fingers.

“I thought you’d like it. Mr. David over here sure did. He even liked the taste of my asshole!” Margaret giggled.

“Well, he’s a little perv! What did you expect?” Mom giggled.


Margaret started to kiss mom all over her face, and then down to her neck.

Mom’s hands started to roam all over Margaret’s body, eventually fondling her large boobs and pinching Margaret’s hardened nipples. Both women were moaning.

“Baby, this is so nice. Thank you for being so loving to me.” Mom whimpered into Margaret’s ear.

“It’s definitely the start of something beautiful, isn’t it honey?” Margaret whispered back into mom’s ear.

Margaret kissed all over mom’s neck, occasionally nibbling on mom’s ears. Mom seemed to get a little impatient and gently pushed Margaret’s head lower, down to her awaiting boobs.

I reached over and grabbed my drink and took a few swallows while I continued to watch these to lovely ladies and stroked my cock a little faster.

“You have no idea how good that feels…” Mom moaned.

Margaret spent several minutes licking and sucking on mom’s beautiful breast, taking turns with both nipples, pinching and squeezing them. Once again, mom gently pushed Margaret’s head to go lower.


Margaret lifted both of mom’s legs up so that they were positioned over Margaret’s shoulders, and then started kissing and licking mom’s inner thighs.

“Oh god, yes, just like that.” Mom groaned.

After spending a few minutes on mom’s thighs, Margaret finally was kissing and licking mom’s outer pussy lips while inserting two fingers into moms dripping pussy.