Henry Gets Payback on Ex-Boss

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Henry had never lost a moment’s sleep about leaving his previous job. Somebody had accessed data they should not have done, and somebody had passed that data onto competitors – but it was not him.

Company boss Annabel suspected he was the culprit but had no evidence to back it up. Henry knew – even though she never explicitly said anything – she thought it was him. After that he realised he no longer wanted to work for a boss who did not trust him. He could not be bothered; as a good accountant with three years’ experience since completing his training, he knew he would be able to find work elsewhere.

So, a matter of days after the issue surfaced, he submitted his resignation. Annabel accepted it without questioning. She did not want the spectre of Henry suing for constructive dismissal while he knew that she was powerless. Without evidence of wrongdoing, she could neither stand in his way nor mention anything in a reference.

Henry worked through his notice and left. Within weeks he had secured a job at a bigger firm in the city. And he thought no more about Annabel or the data leak until an email dropped into his inbox almost four years later.


As soon as Annabel’s IT manager told her that they knew who had leaked the data she felt terrible. Initially, she expected them to confirm her suspicions, but her mood quickly changed when she did not hear Henry’s name. It was Adam, a man whom she had continued to employ for another three years and 10 months.

Once the formalities of working out what to do with her actual rogue employee were completed, she knew what she had to do next. Adam and Henry had been close; she guessed they still were. She could see they were connected on LinkedIn and therefore might still be in regular contact. Henry would surely find out the truth sooner or later.

She sighed, leaning back in her chair as she wrote, flicking back her medium-length blond hair with her right hand. She always kept her emails as brief and to the point as possible. This one was no exception.


Emailing to say that we now know who was responsible for the data leak.

They have now left the company and I felt it appropriate to let you know.

Wishing you well,


She clicked send and packed up her things, ready to leave the office.


Henry only checked his personal email account once he got home so it was not until the evening that he picked up Annabel’s message. He mulled over how to respond. He could just brush it off and let it pass but then he remembered how uncomfortable Annabel had made him feel. And why would she email unless she was in some way feeling guilty for what she had done?


Thank you for your email.

I’m güvenilir bahis pleased you have established the truth.

You must be aware that during that period I had a very strong sense that you felt I was responsible for the data leak.

I enjoyed working with you and was very disappointed to leave as the situation left me very upset and uncomfortable.

I hope we can both put this behind us.



He did not really expect a response. He remembered how Annabel was not one to engage in small talk or pointless email exchanges. She was results-oriented and driven.

But he had actually fancied her. A lot. She had great legs and sexy feet. She was in her 40s, Henry in his late 20s but he had often fantasised about getting her shoes off and sucking her toes.


Annabel pondered Henry’s reply. She felt awful. She also feared that he might not see this as sufficient closure.


Sorry to hear this. I apologise if you felt that way.

If there is anything I can do to make things right, please do let me know.


A non-apology apology and a tentative olive branch. “He’ll probably refuse any help and then we’re done,” she thought to herself. When her phone pinged again 10 minutes later, she was shocked by what she saw.

“Actually, there is something you can do. Put your toes in my mouth and let me spunk all over your feet.”

Henry had sent it fully anticipating either no response at all or a quick rejection. He was not too bothered. After all, he had nothing to lose – if Annabel leaked their conversation, she had all but admitted her own guilt, hadn’t she?

She tapped out her reply. “Right. Sounds like fun. I like a man with a foot fetish. Let’s get this organised. Text me.”

Annabel was lying. She had never been with a man who had openly talked about a foot fetish before. She might have had her toes sucked once or twice but she had certainly never felt cum on her feet.

“Best book a pedicure,” she thought to herself and set a reminder in her phone to do so in the morning.


Annabel left the door to her hotel room unlocked and headed over to the bed. She slipped off her shoes, and sitting on the edge of the bed, leaned back, lying flat with her legs crossed, the big toe of her left foot just touching the floor.


Henry closed the door behind him and immediately went into the ensuite bathroom where he removed his clothes. Annabel waited, not breathing a word – just as he had demanded. Henry took a deep breath and crawled on all fours towards Annabel’s feet. He could see the pink nail polish on her toes, and he reached out to touch the top of her right foot.

He gently stroked türkçe bahis from top to bottom, pressing one hand against her sole. “How does she keep them so soft?” he thought to himself. He hauled himself forwards, so he was facing her head-on and resting on his elbows, he started to kiss her feet.

Starting slowly, to not surprise or shock Annabel – after all, he had no idea whether she was used to this or not – he gradually increased the speed and intensity of his mouth movements, pressing his mouth against her toes, then her ankles, her heels and soles, all the while breathing in with his nose and rubbing her feet with his hands.

Annabel had not really known what to expect. She had been initially sceptical about Henry’s request to do away with any small talk and just let him walk in and get down to business.

After setting up their meeting she had done her research. She always did. It is what made her a good businesswoman. She knew the kinds of things that foot fetishists enjoyed and had an idea of what to expect. She had done everything she could to make her legs and feet as attractive as possible and judging by the sounds Henry was making as he kissed her feet, she realised she had done as much as she can.

But as Henry switched from kissing to licking, using his tongue, first lightly, as if to tease Annabel a little and then more firmly, she felt something different. Things went from being pleasant to downright pleasurable and the more Henry licked, the more excited she felt.

Reaching down with one hand, she began to lightly rub her crotch, letting out small sighs as she did so. Henry could not hear her. He was too busy licking her feet for all he was worth, stroking his cock as he did so.

Annabel wondered what would come next and smiled as Henry took one foot in front of him, placing the other on his cock. She smiled and gently prodded at his hard member with her toes. Henry was by now covering her sole with French kisses, as if he were trying to bury his tongue inside her foot.

Drawing her toes up so they were level with his eyes, he jammed his tongue in between two of them and gently licked. Annabel let out a huge, very audible, sigh of delight. He might not want her to talk to him, but he had not said anything about sighing or groaning, had he?

This was turning Annabel on way more than she thought it would and as Henry sucked on her toes – one by one – she could not hold back. As he sucked, with one hand she massaged her clitoris, with the other she worked a finger in and out of her pussy, letting out small groans as she did so.

Henry could see exactly what was going on and it excited him. Annabel seemed to love having her toes sucked and he was happy to spend ample time, güvenilir bahis siteleri making sure each toe got plenty of attention. He rubbed his dick with her other foot, from time to time switching foot.

Annabel was really getting into this now. She had forgotten all about what her other foot was doing and was letting Henry grasp it alongside his cock. Then he stopped.

He decided to break his own rule. “Are you going to come, Annabel?” he whispered.

“I will…just keep sucking my toes,” she gasped.

Henry felt like he could happily keep sucking them all night. Annabel threw back her head and returned to fingering herself as he clasped her feet in his hands and danced from toe to toe with his mouth, sucking – sometimes hard, sometimes gently. He had stopped working his dick now and was focused solely on Annabel’s pleasure.

Sensing that she was closing in on climax, he took both her feet and stabbed both of her big toes in his mouth, sucking hard and then manically working the gaps between each toe with his tongue.

“Oh yes,” exclaimed Annabel as this pushed her nearer and nearer to orgasm. “Don’t stop. Don’t stop,” she urged as she flicked her clitoris as fast as she could. With one final thrust of her fingers inside herself, she was done. “Oh!” she screamed as she climaxed, her body shaking so hard that her feet dropped out of Henry’s mouth.

She whimpered a little as she lay still, her hands placed over her private parts.

“Shit. That was unexpected,” she said, her voice breaking following her exertions.

“Just a bit,” replied Henry, who had taken hold of her feet again and was rubbing them against his cock.

“Still want to spunk all over my feet?” she asked.

“Of course.” Henry did not think it would take him very long. He had thoroughly enjoyed helping Annabel to bring herself off and with her pretty feet next to his cock, he stroked firmly and quickly until he was close to the point of no return.

She knew exactly what was going on; she could feel his breathing increase and his movement step up. Part of her wanted to help him finish, either by telling him what to do or by bringing him off with her toes, but she resisted the temptation. He was supposed to be in charge, after all.

“Okay. I’m coming,” Henry announced, and almost as soon as he had done so, Annabel felt the unmistakable drizzle of warm cum all over the top of her feet. It was his turn to let out a loud sigh.

“Thanks,” he said. “That was more fun than I thought it would be,” turning to grab some tissues to let Annabel wipe herself clean.

“You’re welcome,” she replied.

A lengthy silence followed as both caught their breath, unsure exactly what would come next. It was Annabel who piped up first.

“Are we even now?”

Henry was not sure they were completely even, but he was not going to get into a debate. He would happily accept this over any formal apology.

He smiled at Annabel. “I guess we are.”

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