Her Extra Assignment


She stood before him with a nervous smile. She was in her mid-twenties but felt as hesitant as she had when attending her first tutorial.

“Are you ready?” He asked, the tone of his voice measured and calm.

“Yes, sir.” she replied, her words spoken with care.

The room was warm with two large armchairs at one end and a desk at the other. There was a large, leather chair behind the desk and two smaller ones in front. The wall behind the desk was lined with books; not the well ordered, leather bound volumes that can be found in the libraries of stately homes, but the practical reference books of a working writer or teacher.

He gestured towards the desk, which was empty apart from a computer screen angled towards the big chair but pushed towards one end of the desk top. She walked towards the other end and stood looking down, awaiting his next instruction.

“I have marked the special assignment that I set for you and I’m sure you remember the arrangement that we made. Do you still want to know the results, young lady?”

“Yes, sir.” Once again she said nothing more than was necessary. He had taught her to be concise in these circumstances unless he encouraged her to say more.

“Tell me then, exactly what you recall of my terms.”

“You agreed to set a special assignment for me that you would mark carefully but you said that the benefit of the assignment was in my completing it. I will only be told the results if I feel that I need to be told. If I do I will offer you my naked bottom to be spanked however you choose.”

“Correct, continue.”

“Because kuşadası escort you assured me that I should not doubt my ability, you will punish me more severely if the work is outstanding than if it is merely adequate. If it is poor you will instead give me an additional tutorial to improve my chances of achieving high marks next time.”

“Good, that was an exact summary, well remembered. I’m sure that you didn’t expect to be given the tutorial and I’m pleased to say that it won’t be necessary.”

“Raise your skirt, pull down your knickers and bend over the desk.”

She hesitated, feeling her face flush and blaming the heat in the room though she knew that excitement was a much more likely explanation.

With a sideways look at him she reached down past her skirt and hitched her thumbs in the waistband of her thong. As she pulled it down halfway to her knees she wondered whether he was looking for signs of her arousal but then she let go and it fell around her ankles. She thought about stepping from it but that hadn’t been part of his instructions so she left it there where it was a reminder of how exposed she now was. Lifting her skirt she bent forward over his desk and when the skirt was safely nestled on the small of her back she let go of it and stretched out her hands towards the far side of the desk.

He didn’t approach her at first and she imagined his gaze on her.

In this position her eyes were naturally facing the computer screen and she was transfixed by his screen saver. It was merely his name and kuşadası escort bayan the department contact details but it hypnotised her as it shifted position every three seconds. She knew it was three because she had nothing to do now but count it. If she didn’t concentrate on the moving logo, she would be even more aware of her helpless situation.

He stood calmly behind her, pausing partly because he knew that it would reinforce his own authority and partly because he was admiring the young woman draped over his desk. He gazed first at her ankles. The thin black thong glistened in the in the pool of light falling from a wall lamp and he made a mental note to inspect it more closely later. Her calves were curves of pale skin and her thighs were even paler. Her bottom was almost white except where the two cheeks met in shade.

His first touch was not a harsh one. He stroked the right cheek of her bottom to discover if it really was as soft and sensitive as it seemed. She flinched and then relaxed, wondering if he was not going to go through with his threat. Was it all just a game he had been playing with her?


The slap landed on the right cheek and was swiftly followed by two more. He repeated the pattern on her left cheek.

Her fists clenched tightly and her face pushed down to the desk. She felt the heat as her skin coloured where his hands had warmed her.

The blows had not been hard but neither were they gentle.

He looked down at her bottom which now shone pink on each side and he smiled to himself.

“That escort kuşadası was a gentle start and was the punishment for even allowing yourself to think that you might fail. As I continue, the blows will be harsher because as you worked you must have known that there was no doubt.”

He slapped her exposed naked cheeks again and this time did not stop at three. His first blows had left softly glowing pink areas but the next ones left dark pink hand prints on her skin and as his blows continued they merged to make angry patches of colour on each side.

He lectured her as he spanked. Pointing out the many reasons she should have had confidence in her ability, he measured his words to the pace of his slaps.

He watched as her thighs tightened and relaxed and as her buttocks at first clenched in anticipation of each blow, but soon seemed to be waiting with calm expectation for more.

It was not strange to him. He knew her just as he had known young women before who took pleasure in getting this extreme attention from him.

He recognised the signs as her thighs trembled and her body pushed itself upwards as if she was grinding herself on the edge of his desk, which of course she was.

She knew now that he would know; that he really was what she had thought him to be.

“Please” she said, a strained voice between sobs.

“You want me to stop?” he asked.

“No. I want. I want … ” her voice trailed off but the sensations were growing again and she knew now that she had to ask “I need to cum. Please, please, pleeeeeease!”

He stopped slapping and rested his hand on the hot skin of her bottom. Pushing firmly down he gave permission.

“Yes, cum for me, now”

He felt her at first tremble, then shake and finally shudder with tearful gasps as the orgasm exploded in her belly and buckled her legs.