Her Plaything Ch. 03


Juliet rose to her feet and took off her bathrobe, tossing it aside. He could only look up at her with his jaw slack, his eyes wide, cock twitching. She certainly took good care of her body. Long smooth legs with muscular thighs and the slightest hint of abs across her stomach. Her breasts were full and perky, resting gently against her chest. She smiled down at him, hip cocked with a hand resting on his head.

“You should stop drooling on my floor,” Juliet said. He immediately shut his mouth. “Not from your mouth.” She said, pointing downwards.

He looked down and understood what she meant. His cock was freely leaking precum like an old faucet. It was running down his shaft and dripping onto the floor, creating a small puddle.

“Clean it up,” Juliet instructed. He began to get up when she pressed her hand onto his shoulder. “Oh, no. You have to use your mouth.”

He looked down with hesitation at the puddle of precum on the floor. Never before had he thought about doing something like this before. He never quite understood it. Looking back up at her, Juliet tapped her foot with impatience. It was now or never. Shifting himself back, he leaned into the floor and brought himself closer. Hesitating, he stuck out his tongue and carefully began to lick up the puddle. The taste was bitter and it wasn’t exactly helped by the taste of wood below the puddle. He grit kuşadası escort his teeth through it, licking up every last drop of precum that had fallen onto the floor.

“Good,” Juliet said, her feet padding away from him. “Swallow it and crawl after me. It’s time to really put you to work.”

Swallowing the precum, he grimaced. A pang of regret filled his stomach for a moment until his distaste was forgotten. He immediately crawled after her, watching her ass sway as she made her way to the bedroom. Like the rest of the apartment, the bedroom was lavish with clean white sheets, a vanity mirror and a tiled bathroom attached through a door. Juliet turned and sat back on the foot of the bed, smiling down at him.

“Come on,” She said, spreading her legs. “I want you to eat me out.”

Crawling between her legs, he saw that she had waxed herself smooth. She was also wet, her inner thighs catching the light. Pressing his face between her legs, her fingers rested on top of his head, guiding him closer as he began to kiss her. She let out a soft moan, closing her eyes. He savored those gentle kisses, her sweeter taste wiping away the memory of his own precum. He reached up with one hand to caress her bare thigh, the other hand going down to wrap around his cock once more.

“No,” She said, her eyes still closed. “Do not touch your cock any more unless kuşadası escort bayan I say so.”

He gripped his hand tight and pounded against his own thigh. So, so close. His member was still throbbing, hard as a rock and continuing to leak precum. He hoped, from the bottom of his heart, that she would not have him lick it up again. Returning his attention to her sex, his tongue slipped out from between his lips and began to lick at her. He’d start at her entrance, tracing upwards slowly and letting his tongue slip away when it reached her clit. She shuddered with each lick, gripping his head each time his tongue grazed her most sensitive point.

“Mmm,” Juliet moaned out. “You’re pretty good at this. Do you do this often?”

“No,” He panted between licks.

“A natural then,” She said before licking her lips. “I can’t wait to see what you can do once I’ve got you trained properly.

Trained? He wondered what exactly she was talking about, making him stop for just a moment. She pressed him hard against her groin.

“I didn’t say you could stop,” She said, her voice taking on an annoyed edge.

“I’m sorry, Mistress,” He muttered, returning to his task with a renewed vigor.

Juliet moaned out hard as he began to pleasure her once more. Her toes curled in pleasure, her fingers stroking his scalp while he worked.

“All escort kuşadası of this,” She panted. “From less than a week of edging. It makes me wonder how eager you would be after a month.” He groaned under her, licking harder, not wanting to even consider that possibility. “You’re right.” She teased. “That would just be cruel at this point. After all, you’ve shown me what a needy slut you are. Isn’t that right?”

He could only nod, sucking at her clit to try and appease her. His own desire burned in his stomach and his groin. He needed to get off and soon, otherwise, he felt like he was going to go crazy. Juliet writhed on the bed, her ass squirming against the sheets. Her breathing was catching in her chest. It was clear to him that she was close. He licked and sucked harder, trying everything that he knew to bring her pleasure and, soon, his own. Juliet let out a hard gasp, gushing into his face. Her legs trembled from the force of the orgasm, the waves of pleasure crashing through her body. She shuddered hard, her nails digging into his scalp. He kept licking, keeping her on that wave for a few seconds longer, feeling her wetness running down his jaw.

She stopped him by pulling his head away, panting softly. A smile rested on her lips as she looked down at him.

“Not bad at all,” She sighed, stroking her hand along his face, her thumb grazing against his wet cheek. “Are you ready to cum?”

His heart practically leapt through his throat. “Yes, Mistress. I need it so badly.”

“Hop up on the bed,” She ordered. “All fours and keep your face resting against the pillows. I’m going to give you an orgasm that you will never forget.”