Hercules across the Hall

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A tale about domination and hero worship involving an 18 year old lad and a man over twice his age and size.


This was no way for a kid to spend his last summer before heading off to college and the real world, I thought to myself while I looked out the window of the boring two-bedroom apartment I shared with my Mom, or at least it wasn’t the way I had pictured it before he moved in.

“He” was our new neighbor, and even since he moved in the month before my life had changed completely. It wasn’t like I was all that normal to begin with, because most 18 year old guys don’t spend there lived studying and reading and fantasizing, they go out and do things like going on dates and playing sports.

My fantasy world up until “he” moved in was mostly dreaming about going out with Denise Charon or Connie Durfey, or any of the cute girls at high school who in real life wouldn’t even give me the time of day, but that was before Richard moved in.

Richard Stone, or Dick as my Mom referred to him last week, and up until then all I knew him as was R. Stone like was on the little name slot on his front door. I think Mom had the hots for him the way she talked about him after meeting him, but he’s out of her league because not only is he about 10 years younger than her 50, he’s incredible looking.

Incredible looking aren’t words I had ever used regarding a guy before, although to be honest I had felt attracted to guys before but would never even admit it to myself. Richard Stone though – he was different – and there he was, pulling his pick-up truck into the driveway right on time. 5:22.

He was dressed the same as usual, with a faded white t-shirt and blue jeans, and most people might have thought he wore the same clothes every day but my keen sense of detail had deduced that while the clothes were all similar there were shades of difference. Besides, when he left for work at 7:50 each morning the clothes and the man that wore them were clean, and now…

Richard Stone was a mess, a sweaty and filthy and beautiful mess, and my dick was hard by the time he had made it halfway across the parking lot. Those arms – with biceps bigger than my thighs – and that neck which was so thick that it strained the fabric of the t-shirt – and then there was the black hair that sprouted out from the collar of the shirt.

Richard disappeared from view, and that sent me scurrying from the window to the peephole of the front door, and while the view wasn’t that great aesthetically, being that close while Richard fiddled with his keys was ever more erotic. His back was so wide and his shoulders so massive, and then the way his waist tapered down so much…

The door opened and then Richard slipped inside his apartment and closed the door behind himself, and as had been my custom of late I stepped out into the hall and walked along the same route that my neighbor had just traveled, inhaling the scent of Richard as if it were perfume.

This was also something new for me, savoring the sweet funk of a man who had obviously busted his butt all day, but it wasn’t so much body odor but more the smell of fresh sweat that for some reason made my flesh tingle.

I went to the bank of mailboxes that served our building, unlocking ours and pulling out the assorted junk and bills, along with my copy of Gamers magazine. This was my excuse of coming out outside, and when I heard a door open and my neighbor emerge I was glad I had.

We had exchanged greetings in the hall a couple times and it hadn’t gone all that well. Richard had been friendly but as for me, my responses were nervous and spastic and made me feel even more like the hopeless nerd I knew I was.

“Hi there – Tyler, isn’t it?” Richard asked, and after I nodded and mumbled something inaudible I stepped aside to let him get at his mailbox.

I want you to wrap those massive arms around me and hug me. Hug me, squeeze me and do whatever you want to me, I thought as his powerful scent filled my nostrils. Do things to me, things I didn’t even really know about, since I only had one real sexual experience in my life, with a man that had given me a ride from the library a couple of months ago.

“You into video games Tyler?”

Omigod. He had been talking to me while I was watching his biceps ripple as he took the mail from his slot and he had gestured towards the magazine I was holding.

“Uh – yes sir,” I said.

“You know, I’ve got a system but haven’t been able to get it running,” Richard said as he brushed a wisp of his dark brown locks from in front of his eyes, and the raising of his arm released a fresh breeze of manliness from what had to be the hairiest armpit in the world. “You think maybe you could help me out sometime? I’d be glad to pay you for your time.”

“No. I mean, I’d be glad to do it,” I said, the idea of spending a few minutes with my new neighbor payment enough. “Like now, sir?”

“Well, what’s ever good for you,” Richard replied. “It’s probably dinner time for you.”

“No sir. My Halkalı Escort Mom, she works evenings so I either wait or just grab something,” I responded.

“Great then. The name’s Dick,” my neighbor explained, extending a paw that my sweaty hand got lost in before he was herding me into his apartment.

His place was minimally furnished, and after he showed me his set up that was incorrectly attached to a gigantic 50″ flat screen TV, I could see right away what the problem was. All I had to do was reverse the connections he had attached, but doing that would mean I would then have to leave.

“Can I get you a drink so something?” Dick offered, and I managed to squeak out that a Coke or something would be fine while I knelt behind the set.

Damn. I looked even more like a nerd than usual with my Call of Duty t-shirt hanging on my skinny frame like a tent and my shorts exposing my pale and bony legs, and in hindsight I wished that I had worn something a little more flattering, although you can only put so much lipstick on a pig as my Mom often said.

“Here you go,” Dick said as he handed me a can of soda, and as our fingers brushed against each others the touch of his calloused and grubby hand made me shiver while I fantasized about washing his hands for him.

Washing his hands for him? What was happening to me? If Dick could read minds my ass would be kicked for sure, so I took a sip and went back to playing with his wires while delaying the inevitable.

“I envy you kids,” Richard said as he watched me work. “I love the technology but can’t figure it out at all. Guess I shouldn’t have thrown out the instructions when I bought it”

“You almost had it right,” I said, nearly fainting when I felt his beefy hand land on my shoulder, and I figured that before I did pass out I had better finish this up so I asked Dick to turn on the set to be sure it was hooked up right now.

“Hey! You’re a genius Tyler!” Dick roared after the screen lit up and the introduction to a MMA video game appeared, and the hand that slammed into my back almost took the wind out of me.

“It was nothing,” I responded.

“You familiar with this game?” Dick asked me, and while I knew of that game and the others he owned that seemed to be mostly violent mixed martial arts and wrestling games, I knew my Mom would freak out about many of them since they were even more “out there” than the ones I liked.


“Well maybe sometime you can come over and we could play some,” Dick suggested. “Although I’ll bet you would kick my ass.”

“No. I don’t know any of these games very well,” I assured him, but the idea of spending more time with Dick thrilled me. “I would love to play with you though.”

Omigod. That sounded perverted, but apparently my neighbor’s mind wasn’t in the gutter like mine was so all he did was smile.

“Great. I don’t know anybody around here and the evenings can get really boring,” Dick said, and although how this guy didn’t have women crawling all over him was beyond me because he was like a young Sylvester Stallone with a body like a Greek God. “Make sure it’s okay with your Mom first.”

“I can do what I want,” I said proudly.

“Good for you!” Dick said. “Thanks for your help. Now I can take a shower, grab a bite to eat and play all night.”

I was out the door, wishing I had offered to help him take a shower and wondering what this muscleman would look like naked. I had seen the bulge in his jeans – indeed it would have been tough to miss it – and it was the image of that bulge that had me in my bedroom seconds after I got home, in bed and on my back with my shorts and underwear down while I stroked myself to orgasm.

“Fuck,” I mumbled to myself as I looked at the semen all over my stomach and crotch after I pulled everything out of my skinny prong that I could, the guilt overwhelming me as usual because jerking off was really becoming my main activity.

Playing with Dick though – and a few years ago that phrase would have had me giggling childishly – now that was something that would be fun. Now all I had to do was wait for an invitation.


“That Richard is such a nice man,” Mom said the next afternoon before leaving for her waitress job. “He said you helped him hook up some electrical thing for him and he was very appreciative. He said you were so polite and respectful, and that makes me so proud when I hear things like that.”

“Ma!” I whined as she rubbed my hair like she did when I was little.

“Well I can’t help it, but I do wish I was about 10 years younger,” Mom lamented. “He seemed to be quite fond of you, and he seemed surprised that you were 18.”

“How did that come up?”

“I think he said something about maybe getting you a job for the summer. He works construction you know,” Mom babbled. “That would be better than that job you have at the grocery store because you would be out in the fresh air. Maybe even get big and muscular like Richard is.”

“Not likely,” I Halkalı Escort Bayan mumbled, realizing that not only wasn’t that probable, working side by side with Dick would be way too much of a good thing.

“Well, you keep being a good boy because you know that makes your mother proud,” Mom said, pinching my cheek before kissing me and exiting.

“Yeah,” I replied, tempted to tell her that her pride and joy would be peeking through the blinds in precisely an hour and twelve minutes with his dick in hand, jacking off like a chimp when the neighbor got out of his pick-up.


I didn’t jerk off when Dick got home, and even surprised myself when I sort of ambushed him when he reached his door.

“Hi sir – I mean Dick,” I babbled, pissed at myself for screwing up already.

“Hello Tyler,” my neighbor said cheerfully, almost like he was happy to see me. “It was fun to finally play video games again last night. Probably weird – a 39 year old man playing games – huh?”

“No,” I replied, inching closer to I could inhale his manly musk. “I was wondering whether you would – you know – want to play some?”

“Sure,” he responded, but then said, “Give me a half hour or so to clean up, okay?”

“Okay,” I said, although what I wanted to say was not to bother because I would love to give him a tongue bath.

Was that normal? Did guys do that to other guys? I had no idea, but all I did know that I would do anything to Dick – anything he wanted.

This was bullshit of course, because I would never have the guts to really do anything to a man like my neighbor. Just getting to sit around with him was more than enough for me, so I took a quick shower and put on fresh clothes, waiting precisely 31 minutes so as not to appear to anxious before knocking on the door.

“Hey Tyler!” Dick said cheerfully. “Thought you might be the pizza guy. I ordered one – you like pepperoni pizza?”

“Sure,” I said as he ushered me in, and the pizza guy arrived about five minutes later.

Heaven. Sitting on the couch eating pizza and playing mixed martial arts games was something I had done plenty of times before with friends, but this was Dick. Furthermore, he looked just as sexy clean as he did sweaty, and his clothes?

Not much in the way of clothes, just a pair of light blue gym shorts and a tank-top that was so tight that I expected him to burst out of it like the Incredible Hulk. No socks, and even his feet were sexy, as were his muscular calves and the thick hair that covered much of his lower extremities.

He kicked my butt in the MMA games, partly because I didn’t know the games but mostly because I was too busy stealing glances at Dick, enjoying his reaction to pounding me on the screen but mostly savoring the sight of his biceps and neck muscles twitching.

His neck. Fully exposed in the skimpy tank-top, his massive neck looked inhuman and his shoulders looked as chiseled as if he was a marble statue instead of flesh and bone.

He caught me staring at him a few times, causing me to act even more awkwardly in an effort to pretend I wasn’t drooling over him, even dropping the controller once but he didn’t seem to mind. I figured he probably liked being looked at, and if he didn’t, maybe he should put on more clothes, I told myself.

That wasn’t right. What he was wearing was fine. It was me with the problem and so I was determined that I would get my head in the game and stop gawking at Dick. Besides, if he even found out what I was thinking I would end up like one of the helpless characters on the video game, broken and beaten to a pulp.

Dick left the room after I finally won a match, and when he came back with our glasses full of cola and ice I almost choked on my first sip.

“Heh-heh,” Dick said when he saw my reaction to a rum and cola concoction that was mostly rum, and while I had tasted liquor before this was different. “Grow some hair on your chest.”

I wish. As I looked at the hair that grew profusely on my neighbor’s body I took another sip, thinking that if it could make me as hairy as Dick I would drink the stuff by the gallon and by the end of the drink, I was enjoying it more and more.

“How about a refill?” Dick suggested after I finished off both the drink and the game we were engaged in, and as he left the room I rearranged my shorts so my dick wouldn’t snap as I watched his leg muscles bulging as he moved.

“Let’s play a different game,” my neighbor suggested, and when I whined a little he replied, “You’re getting too good at that one. Here’s one I bet you’ve never played.”

What he was holding was a cartridge that only had Japanese lettering on it, and as he inserted it in the machine I asked him what he was called.

“It’s called Pain,” Dick told me before giving me a brief explanation on what buttons would do what. “The beauty of this one is that you can either try to win or allow yourself to lose.”

“Why would you want to lose?” I asked as looked at the screen and waited Escort Halkalı for the game to begin.

“You tell me Tyler. Maybe you’ll want to win.”


My shower of an hour ago didn’t take, judging by the way my t-shirt was dripping with sweat ten minutes later, but that wasn’t the fault of my deodorant soap. What was to blame was the video game we were playing, which was nothing like anything I had even seen before.

“Those Japanese think of everything,” Dick had commented after seeing my reaction to what was on the screen, and while he was amused I was in shock.

Maybe this was how my Mom felt when she saw some of the rather tepid games I enjoyed playing, but those games were commercial and relatively tame while this game called Pain was – well, it was nothing you would be picking up at WalMart, that much was certain.

It was like mixed martial arts to a point, only there were no holds barred in any of this, and after my character had been demolished sadistically by Dick – or the character he was playing through – then it really got sick.

After being body-slammed and taking a elbow to the face after Dick’s character flew off of the rope and down on me, my character’s trunks got ripped off, exposing an erection that I would have loved to call my own. My balls got grabbed savagely, with the game sounds providing the appropriate reaction, and then I was getting Dick’s character’s cock rammed down my throat.

“Fight back Tyler!” Dick snarled as the assault continued.

“I’m trying,” I whined, blaming the controller while my character got rolled onto his stomach. “It won’t…”

I had certainly never seen an absurdly endowed and frighteningly life-like video game character take another one anally, and no matter what buttons I hit, nothing could change what was happening.

“You didn’t put up much a fight,” Dick said after it was over. “Maybe you’ll do better next time.”

To say I was in shock would be an understatement, and when I wrenched my eyes from the screen and glanced over at Dick I happened to looked past his hands which were cradling the controller between his knees and to the inside of his left thigh.

Dick’s cock. I had seen the bulge before but now the bulge was pinned tight against the tight shorts and the tip of his uncut manhood was peeking out from the the hem. This was no accident. He wanted me to see him and his mission was accomplished. The knob looked like a tan apple and the rope of pre-cum that dangled off the tip only added to the effect.

“Let’s go,” Dick snarled as he started up the next game. “And don’t be such a pussy this time.”

I did better the next game, even landing a kick to the crotch that doubled my opponent over before Dick took charge, and he was even more brutal this time as he prolonged the agony before the trunks got shredded.

My character was taken anally once again only the foreplay this time was Dick’s character shoving his fist up my ass while my demolished character kept screaming “Okaasan!” and “HaHa!” in a high pitched squeal.

“I think that means mother and mommy,” Dick explained after it was over, and as he squeezed my thigh hard he hissed, “Do you squeal for your Mommy like that?”

I sat silent, my leg twitching uncontrollably as the screen went blank, and then Dick rose to his feet and walked towards the end of the apartment – his gait more like a waddle because of his tree-trunk thighs – before stopping at a doorway.

“If you leave, I understand,” he told me. “If you don’t want to leave…”

Those words hung in the air as he entered the other room which I assumed was a bedroom, and after I sat there dumbfounded for a couple of minutes I stood up myself, setting the sweat-covered controller on the table while looking towards the door at the end of the hall.

My knees had turned to jelly as I began to move towards the end of the hall, and I even brushed against the walls a couple of times on my way. It wasn’t the drink that had me reeling but the fact that my wildest fantasies were coming true and were right around the corner.

There he was. In a bedroom that was half-filled on the right with gym equipment, the only thing I really saw in the room besides the bed was the man that was standing beside it. Dick. He was standing there and was no longer wearing the tank-top on the skimpy trunks. He was naked.

Don’t run. That thought crossed my mind and I might have even said it out loud but I really don’t remember because I was afraid I was going to faint. I didn’t run, which was good. I did leave though, which was beyond bad.

“I – er – uh – gotta go,” I mumbled, although what came out of my mouth was probably even more unintelligible than that.

It didn’t matter. All that did matter was that I backed away from the doorway and staggered back down the hall, fumbling with the freaking doorknob for crying-out-loud like I was being chased down by a predator, before getting it open and stumbling to my apartment.

There were many times in my 18 years that I had hated myself, mostly when I had chickened out when confronted by something I didn’t think I was ready for. Whether it was cowering from a bully or avoiding taking a shower in gym class with the other guys, I had always turned coward and this time was no exception.

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