He’s the One


*This is my first story from a personal experience*

Taylor stood at the arrivals gate waiting for Jung-Su to appear. She hadn’t seen her friend since leaving South Korea 7 months earlier. They had been introduced through mutual friends and had instantly hit it off. Taylor had found comfort in having a friend who knew both Korean and English and obviously the country that was so foreign to her, so well. Although she never would admit it to her other friends and coworkers she had fallen secretly in love with Jung-Su shocking her in the process.

Taylor had come from a predominantly white neighbourhood and had only really been attracted to white guys. She did realize that there was an entire world of good looking men out there that were not white after arriving in Korea. Still the inside jokes about Asian men plagued her mind. After meeting Jung-Su she didn’t really care about the jokes any more although she didn’t push anything leaving everything to chance. Jung-Su was always respectful and never tried to make a move leading Taylor to believe that they were just meant to be friends.

After 10 minutes of shifting from foot to foot Taylor saw Jung-Su walk through the gate. He looked tired but handsome as ever. He walked with an easy confident pace with his suitcase trailing behind him and his carry on slung over his left shoulder. He was wearing his glasses which made her smile because it somehow upped his attractiveness. Jung-Su looked around trying to see where Taylor was standing amongst the hordes of people waiting for loved ones; he spotted her when she waved from behind a rather large woman. Taylor’s heart jumped again as he Ataşehir Esmer Escort flashed her one of his famous grins as he walked over to her.

“Hi there stranger” Taylor said not able to contain joy as she wrapped her arms around him loving that he was taller than average for a Korean at 6’2.

“You look good.” Jung-Su said as he stepped back taking her in.

“You look like you just got off a plane!” Taylor shot back smoothing out his shirt.

“So do you want to go lie down or do you want to get a bite to eat or what?”

“I think a bite to eat sounds great and then I have to go over a couple things for my meeting tomorrow.”

With that they headed out of the terminal towards Taylors car and headed off to her apartment.

When they arrived at her apartment Taylor gave him a quick tour of where he’d be living for the next couple weeks and then started to prepare a quick meal for the two of them as Jung-Su showered and unpacked his things in the guest room.

“I brought that movie I was telling you about, you’ve got the all region DVD player right?” Jung-Su asked as he walked into the kitchen looking sexier than ever.

“Of course I have one, how else am I supposed to watch the ridiculously large collection of movies I bought in Korea!” Taylor joked as she put their meals on the table.

They ate slowly talking about their lives over the past 7 months. Naturally they had talked on the phone and conversed via email but saying everything in person seemed fresh and so stories were retold with expressions and mutual laughter.

It was late after they ate so they decided Ataşehir Eve Gelen Escort that they would just put the movie on and relax. Halfway into the movie Jung-Su’s head dropped to Taylor’s shoulder his chest rising and falling slowly. Taylor sat still not daring to move and wake him. When the movie finished she still sat quietly feeling his breath on her arm. Jung-Su didn’t awake until a loud crash of thunder erupted from the clouds. He sat up and rubbed his eyes quickly looking over at Taylor and apologizing for falling asleep on her.

“It’s ok; I would have expected you to let me sleep on you if the situations were reversed! I recommend moving to the bed though you’ll wake up feeling more refreshed than if you sleep on the couch!”

“Yes I think I may just do that!” With that he got to his feet and headed for the guest room. When he reached the door he turned “Thanks again for letting me stay here,” and with that he disappeared into the dark room.

It’s my pleasure…more than you know, Taylor thought to herself.

The next 3 days Jung-Su was in meetings with his company and Taylor did not see much of him. On the 3rd night Taylor came home to find Jung-Su passed out on the couch. She quietly fixed some dinner before gently nudging him awake. They ate quietly and after Jung-Su headed back to his room to lie down again. Taylor hated that he had to come for work and not just on a social visit. When he worked hard in Korea she barely saw him but when it was down time at his company they always made sure to use up every spare second. She slowly cleared the table and began to wash the dishes. After Ataşehir Evi Olan Escort a few minutes she felt eyes on her and she turned around to see Jung-Su leaning against the wall watching her. “What? You think I’m crazy for not having a dishwasher don’t you!” she teased.

“No,” he said “I was just thinking how crazy it is that I’m still in love with someone I haven’t seen in 7 months.”

“What?” Taylor stammered not believing what he’d just said.

“I’m sorry, I just don’t think I can sleep another night knowing I haven’t let you know how I feel.”

Taylor dropped the dish she was holding into the sink and walked over to Jung-Su and before he had a chance to get away wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply melting into his body.

Jung-Su lifted Taylor up and she wrapped her legs around him as he carried her to her bedroom never once taking his lips away from hers. It took seconds for them to get their clothes off once they reached the bedroom and Jung-Su worked his way down her body kissing every inch and making her beg for him. He worked his way back up to her lips and whispered “I love you” into her ear making her heart catch in her chest again. With that he entered her filling her more than any man ever had. He really is the exception to other Asian men she thought to herself as his lips met hers again. Jung-Su picked up the pace holding Taylor’s hands above her head pounding into her dripping cunt and whispering to her in Korean turning her on even more. Taylor lifted her legs wrapping them around him again encouraging him to go deeper. Before long they both cried out grabbing for each other lost in a mutual orgasm kissing each other their tongues dancing in ecstasy.

After, they lay together wrapped in each other’s arms their legs tangled under the sheets.

“What now?” Taylor whispered into the darkness as Jung-Su slept beside her realizing that he was going back to Seoul the next week.