Hidden Acres Ch. 12

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All characters over the age of eighteen

Part 1

Anthony peeked through the crack of the door of the guest room as his heart raced and his cock swelled in his pyjama bottoms. Through a sliver of opening between the door and the frame he could see the dresser mirror and the reflection of his Aunt Bobby as she pulled her sweater over her head and revealed the two objects of his greatest desire: her magnificent, mouth watering, bra encased tits. The sight of her engorged melons, tightly packed in the smooth white cups atop her sweet, unblemished flesh drew from him a quiet sigh as his heart pounded loudly in his chest. Her tummy was flat with just a hint of her ribcage below her heavy breasts as his eyes drifted lower to the jeans below.

Nervously, Anthony looked about the darkened hallway to make sure that no one was about. His mother would scold him and drag him off by his ear if she had any inkling that he was spying on her older sister. The house was quiet as it was bedtime and everyone had retired to their rooms. Turning his attention back to the room, Aunt Bobby had turned to the side, giving him a profile view as she unhooked her bra and pulled it off. His mouth watered and his aching pecker throbbed as she let her girls settle on her chest. The sight of her full, round tits as succulent as over ripe pears capped with dark pink areolas, made the horny eighteen year old tremble with desire.

The poor teenager had been besotted with his sexy aunt ever since she’d come for a visit. At night he’d dream of her and all the things he’d do if she only gave him a chance. While his mother never saw it, his aunt would shoot him sexy smiles and coy winks when she caught him staring, which was nearly any time he was in a room with her.

His older sister, Camille, had noticed the crush he had on his aunt and had been giving him merciless ribbings whenever they were alone. “You know she’s divorced again, right? She could probably go for a young guy like you,” she said a few days ago and then laughed cruelly at his hopeful face. “Such a perv!”

Camille was more like Aunt Bobby than she was their own mother, Lee Anne. Where Bobby was boisterous and sexy, Lee Anne was demure and svelte. Camille didn’t quite have the tits or ass of Aunt Bobby, but she was only twenty and her curvy body wasn’t done filling out yet. Camille had been his focus for some time until Aunt Bobby came to stay. Anthony had gotten a few good peeks at his sister and even spied on her late at night while she was alone in the living room with one of her boyfriends. Their parent’s might think Camille was a chaste, innocent young woman, but Anthony knew differently.

Bobby pushed her jeans off her hips and shimmied out of them, revealing the bushy triangle of black hair where her legs met. She ran her hands over her silky smooth legs, her breasts hanging from chest with a slight wobble as she moved. Anthony watched rapt with lustful delight as his gorgeous, stacked aunt inspected her figure and then stood up straight to admire herself in the mirror. His eyes roamed over her heavenly body ravenously, devouring her beauty as his mind flashed with images of her in his embrace.

A door opened somewhere behind Anthony, the loud click of the knob turning and the squeaky hinge as loud as alarm bells in the quiet night. His eyes flew up to his aunt’s face and met her gaze as she stared at the reflection of the partially open bedroom door. His heart froze in his chest and panicked threatened to root him into place, but self preservation broke through his paralysis and he bolted for his bedroom. Slamming his door shut, he cringed at the sound and the way the house shook with the force he used.

Climbing into bed, he tried to pretend that he’d been asleep. He strained to hear any sign that his voyeurism had been detected, but no sounds came from the hallway. The faint flush of a toilet and water rushing through pipes a minute later and then the house was quiet once more.

Through his panic-stricken fear his cock remained as hard as steel; the image of his sexy aunt couldn’t be forgotten so easily. In his mind he saw her cup her fabulous tits, lifting them up for him to gaze upon, his mouth opening in anticipation of sucking upon one pointed tip and then the other. She’d moan and sigh, pulling his face tighter against her chest, feeding him more of her tender flesh to his hungry mouth.

Anthony couldn’t help but grip his cock, the twitching, pulsing rod demanding his attention. He gave himself a slow stroke and winced at the sound of his bed creaking. It was impossible to jerk himself off in this bed without it making noise. After the commotion he had made earlier, it was dangerous to leave his room again, but his boiling nuts demanded to be emptied and he crept from his room to the bathroom.

The hallway was quiet and dark, not a sound to be heard from any of the rooms. He turned to see that his aunt’s door was firmly shut and with a small pang of disappointment, he contented mariobet güvenilirmi himself with the memory of her sexy body burned into his mind. It was more than enough to get him through, but he’d always want another peek.

Stepping into the bathroom, he pushed the door almost closed, fearful the latch would alert someone to come and investigate. He flipped on the light and stood in front of the sink and stroked his engorged rod. His hand slid up and down his pole, imagining his aunt sucking on him like a sex starved siren. Her soft hand would be wrapped around the base of his shaft as her sensuous lips would be split open by his hard prick. He just knew that his aunt would give one hell of a blowjob and she’d love it when he came in her mouth or she’d jerk his load onto her pretty face.

In a matter of minutes he was shooting a thick load of jizz into the sink. He gasped for air as it came rocketing out of his cock, spraying the faucet handle and some drops even landing on the mirror. With a series of grunts he jerked blissfully until at least there was just a final dribble that hung from the tip of his penis. Anthony’s body went limp with release, barely able to hold himself up as he recovered from his exhausting orgasm.

Reaching for the faucet, he thought he caught movement in the mirror and looked to see that the door had swung open silently an inch or more. A breath later he heard the faint sound of a bedroom door closing. Had someone spied on him? Had his aunt seen him pleasuring himself in the bathroom? Did she know that it was because of her that his cock had gotten so impossibly hard?

Now that his cock had fallen limp and safely tucked in his pyjamas, Anthony wasn’t so worried if someone found him. He turned on the faucet and washed the evidence down the drain. Wiping the stray drops off the faucet handle, he dropped the tissue in the toilet and returned to his room, where he crawled into bed and fell asleep with a grin upon his face. Before morning he’d have a dozen dreams, all of them starring his busty Aunt Bobby.

Part 2

“His mother won’t let him use the car if it’s just the two of us,” Camille pouted at the kitchen counter. She wore a charcoal gray sweater and a long skirt. Each day she looked more and more like her aunt.

Anthony snorted derisively, which earned him a dark glare from his sister.

“Well that seems reasonable,” their mother remarked as she moved a pot onto the stove.

Anthony admired the way the apron tied tightly around his mother’s waist accentuated her trim, hourglass figure. He didn’t know when he’d first noticed that his mother was more than just ‘Mom pretty’, but once that happened, he couldn’t stop. She was quite sexy in fact, with her toned body and round ass. He wondered if all boys suddenly noticed their mother as a sexual being or if he was just extra pervy as his sister claimed.

“I don’t think a drive in is a place for a young couple anyway,” Lee Anne continued. Her chestnut hair was pulled back with wisps hanging over her eyes. “I never went to a drive in when I was your age.”

“I’m pretty sure that’s a big lie,” Camille said defiantly. She gave Anthony a long look, considering him with her scheming eyes. “What are you doing tonight?”

“I’m not sitting outside in the cold while you and Oliver make out in his mom’s car, that’s for sure.” He popped an olive into his mouth and gave her a smirk.

“You could bring a date,” she offered. “And Oliver will pay for everything.”

“Uh huh, sure. Yeah that sounds like fun, trying to see a movie as you and your boyfriend dry hump each other in the front seat.”

“Dry hump? As if,” Camille snorted, her eyes flashing brightly.

“Besides, you do that in the back seat, silly.” It was Aunt Bobby’s voice who had added the last as she came into the kitchen. “And for another thing, nobody goes to the drive in to watch the movie.”

Anthony laughed as his sister looked up, innocently studying the ceiling. Their mother had turned from the stove to give her daughter a disapproving glare. “See? I told you a drive in is no place for a girl your age!”

“Ahh mom!” Camille whined. “It’s not like anything is going to happen. Anthony is going to be right there. It’ll be like I’m in church.”

“Who said I was going?” he asked incredulously.

“Oh!” Aunt Bobby said, her voice pleading as she leaned into Anthony. Her breasts crushed up against his back and the smell of her perfume making him a little dizzy. He couldn’t help his cock stirring in his pants. “Won’t you be so kind and help your sister out? I’m sure she’d be eternally grateful if you did this one, tiny favor for her. Please?”

Bobby kissed him on the cheek, her lips pressing against his jaw bone and spilling over to the edge of his neck. The feel of her lips upon his face forced him to take a shuddering breath. She squeezed his arm softly as her kiss lingered.

“For me?” she whispered.

“Okay,” Anthony breathed, unwilling mariobet yeni giriş to break the spell of the moment.

“Great! I’ll go let Oliver know!” Camille dashed from the kitchen excitedly.

“You’re such a good brother,” Aunt Bobby said, hugging him from the side. Once more he felt her breasts pressed up against his body, the spongy flesh of her boobs burning an impression into his skin.

When she let go of him he took a proper look at her, gulping at the sight. Bobby wore a tight white t-shirt stretched over her bra encased tits. The outline of her lingerie could be seen through the cotton. The deep neckline exposed the rounded tops of her mammoth jugs and the deep crease of cleavage entranced him once more. Slowly he lifted his eyes and saw her smiling down at him, fully aware of where his gaze had been.

“I guess you better go see if Samantha can go out tonight,” his mother said over her shoulder as she stirred the pot.

“Who?” Anthony asked lamely.

“Samantha? Your girlfriend?” Lee Anne prompted, turning to look at him quizzically.

“Oh. Yeah.” Anthony stumbled from the kitchen, looking back as he left to catch sight of his aunt in her cut off jean shorts. Loose threads hung from the tattered hem and dangled over the backs of her thighs.

“Shit,” Anthony said into the phone. “Okay, next time, sure.”

“What’s wrong?” Camille asked, pausing in her excited run through the house. She’d been getting ready for the last hour in anticipation of her date. Now she stood staring at Anthony, worry on her face.

“That was Samantha. Something came up, she can’t go tonight.”

“No,” Camille whispered, her face drawn in despair. “No, no, no that can’t be right. Why can’t she come? Whatever it is, I’ll fix it!”

“Her grandmother is ill and the whole family is driving down to Porter Holler to see her. They don’t think she will make it another day.”

“Fuck!” his sister cried.

“Camille Eliza Widdleman!” Lee Anne shouted from the kitchen.

“We can still go,” she pleaded. “Come on, it won’t be so bad.”

“I told you,” Anthony said, giving her an incredulous look, “I’m not going to be a third wheel while you and ‘O’ boy fuck.”

“Okay, okay,” Camille muttered to herself, pacing as she tried to think of a solution. “What about Debbie Pinkerton?”

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Anthony snorted. “I’d be lucky if she didn’t bite my hand off trying to get popcorn.”

“Please?” Camille begged, disappointment and tears in her eyes. “I know she isn’t great, but you never know, she might be so grateful you could get lucky.”

There was desperate hope in his sister’s eyes and a pathetic wretchedness about her that Anthony was tempted. The thought of how he might parlay this into something more had entered his mind when suddenly he remembered his girlfriend.

“Uh, no,” he said simply. “I go out with Debbie and the next thing I know is Samantha will hear about it and she’ll break up with me. I don’t care how easy Debbie Pinkerton is, it’s not worth it. I’m sorry.”

“What’s wrong kiddos?” Aunt Bobby had popped into the parlor sucking red sauce from her finger.

“My night is ruined!” Camille cried.

“Samantha can’t go and I’m not going to sit and listen to my sister making out with her boyfriend,” Anthony explained. He shrugged, not sure what else anyone could expect of him.

Bobby looked from one to the other, her eyes measuring them, judging them.

“What if I go?” she offered.

“Uh, no thanks Aunt Bobby,” Camille said quickly. “I’m not sure I want to compete with you in trying to keep Oliver’s attention. Tony going with us alone would be weird, but you? That would make *me* feel like the third wheel.”

“I meant,” Bobby said softly, “what if I go as Anthony’s date?”

Anthony heard the words, but suddenly there was rushing in his ears and he felt like he might fall down. He grabbed for the wall to hold himself steady. When he blinked himself aware he looked up to see his sister and aunt staring at him expectantly.

“Well?” Camille asked.

Anthony looked from his sister to his aunt. Bobby looked at him innocently, waiting patiently for his answer. He didn’t know why his aunt had offered, and he knew that the thoughts he was having were beyond any possibility, but he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be so close to her for an entire evening.

“Okay,” he said.

Suddenly his sister was hugging him, pressing her impressive chest against him; seemingly unaware or uncaring of what she was doing. She peppered him with thank you’s and kisses to his cheek before she bounded off to her room.

Aunt Bobby gave him a smoldering smile before she headed back to the kitchen.

Part 3

Later Anthony popped popcorn on the stove and filled a brown paper grocery bag. His mother had finished her red sauce but had packaged it up and put it into the freezer. With the house empty, she and Anthony’s father, Hank, were going to make mariobet giriş the most of the situation.

“You keep an eye on your sister,” his mother had said. “You know she can get a little wild. The last thing we need is for her to get knocked up.”

“Sure mom,” Anthony answered, hiding the bewildered look on his face. What did she expect me to do? Slap the dick out of her pussy? “Aunt Bobby will be there. I’m sure Camille will behave properly.”

“Don’t be so sure,” his mother had said cryptically. “Those two are of a feather.”

He wondered about his mother’s remark as she left the kitchen. From the other room he heard her shout, “Dress warmly! It gets cold when the sun goes down.”

Anthony gathered up the popcorn and candy he’d grabbed from the corner store and sat them atop the blankets folded and stacked near the front door. As he reached for his coat a horn blared outside. Looking out, he saw Oliver in an old Chevy Bel-Air. Baby blue with white accent, it was a beautiful car.

A moment later Camille and Bobby bounded down the stairs, their hair and makeup done impeccably. Each one was bundled up in a long winter coat. It was early October and it got chilly at night, but this seemed way over the top. They seemed more dressed for the Arctic than for a drive-in movie in early fall.

“See you later mom!” Camille called out. “Don’t wait up for us!”

“Don’t come home too early!” Lee Anne shouted from the back of the house.

Camille and Bobby were all giggles and smiles as they headed out the door, Anthony bringing up the rear, lugging the gear. Oliver got out of the car and pulled his seat forward to allow Anthony to climb into the backseat. Aunt Bobby had gotten in from the other side and he looked up to see her giving him that coy smile that made his stomach knot in desire.

The sun had just set when they pulled away from the curb and by the time they made it to the drive in it was almost dark. Anthony wondered about his aunt and sister, as neither had removed their coats despite the heat coming from the vents.

Oliver steered the car through the gates after paying their fare and then found a spot in the back row. Street lights were attached to poles at various points in the vast field. They lit up the field brightly and made it easy for the patrons to park.

“Oh it’s been years since I’ve been to a drive-in theater. I can’t believe this one is still open!” Bobby gushed, flashing a brilliant smile at Anthony as she grabbed his knee in her excitement.

“This place only opened up a couple of weeks ago,” Oliver said. “Some company came through and renovated the screen and the snackbar. They even have these handy receivers that allow you to listen through your phones or bluetooth speakers.” As he spoke he pulled out a large portable speaker and set it on the metal dashboard. A moment later came an old jingle for the snack bar that synced up with the image on the distant screen.

“Oh wow!” Bobby said happily. “It’s just like I remember.”

Bobby handed up a bag of popcorn and some candy to his sister in the front seat and then some canned sodas.

“Hand us a blanket, too,” Camille said.

“What for? With that coat on you’re going to burn up,” Anthony said but he handed her one anyway.

“Oh, did you think these were going to stay on?” Camille smiled with a hint of superiority. After she unfolded the blanket she began to unbutton her coat.

Anthony saw Oliver do a double take as Camille pulled it off of her shoulders. Even from the backseat Anthony could see that his sister was displaying an obscene amount of cleavage. She wore a peasant blouse that hung off her shoulders and the ruffled neckline traced around the edge of her breasts, leaving more flesh exposed than it covered. From over her shoulder he could see down her blouse and he felt his chest tighten in arousal.

“Help me, would you?” his Aunt Bobby asked, tearing Anthony’s attention away from his sister.

Looking to his right, she was turned away from him, her left arm bent behind her. Grabbing the sleeve of her wool coat, he pulled on it as she slipped her arm free. Spinning around she pulled the coat off of her other arm and then sat in front of him, her painted lips curved into a bright smile.

Anthony’s head pounded as he looked at his sexy aunt before him. She wore a sleek, but simple cobalt blue dress. Her cleavage was only slightly less scandalous than his sister’s, yet more enticing as her mammoth tits were trying to spill out over the top. The soft mounds of compressed flesh made his mouth fall open and he had to catch himself before he started drooling. Her smooth legs were crossed beneath the pleated skirt that flared from her tapered waist. She was like a pinup girl come to life.

“Aunt Bobby-” he whispered in awe. “You look-” The words wouldn’t come out as he couldn’t think. The rushing was back in his ears and his heart was pounding in his chest. The sudden flow of blood to his groin made him feel light headed. At last he was able to look up at his aunt’s beaming face, the broad smile and twinkle in her eyes making it seem as if she’d gotten the reaction she had hoped for.

“Why thank you, Anthony. I think that is the nicest compliment anyone has ever given me.”

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