Hiding from Herself


Andy looked at her watch and sighed in exasperation. As always, her sister Deanna was late. Andy brushed long blonde bangs out of her eyes as she tapped a black heel-clad foot impatiently. The mall was busy this Saturday with just five shopping days left until Christmas. Andy seemed immune to the lustful gazes cast her way as she scanned the crowd for the familiar mop of unruly brunette curls.

“Hey, little sister! Sorry I’m late!” A voice sounded behind her and Andy whirled around with a start. Deanne’s green eyes laughed up into Andy’s gray eyes. At 5’10, Andy seemed to tower over her petite 5’3 sister.

“Deanne, 2 o’clock means just that. I felt very odd standing here waiting for you. It looked like I was either stalking someone or being a major pervert. You should have seen some of the looks I’ve been getting.”

Deanne had decided that they would meet up in front of Victoria’s Secret, which was right across from a black windowed sex shop. Andy smoothed her gray, pinstriped skirt suit self-consciously.

“Relax. You have to expect people to look at you, little sis. You ARE stunning. Speaking of which, let me introduce you to Melanie.” She gestured to a voluptuous raven-haired woman standing beside her. Andy didn’t know she hadn’t noticed her before. Melanie stood just under Andy’s height. Her sapphire eyes seemed cut from precious stones. Dressed in designer jeans and a peasant’s blouse, she seemed ethereal. Her perfect, full lips smiled revealing straight white teeth.

“It’s so good to meet you. Dee has told me so much about you.” Andy realized she was staring and immediately snapped out of it, taking the woman’s proffered hand. Melanie’s skin was smooth and warm. Andy felt a jolt of electricity run through her body and quickly took a step back in confusion. She wondered what was wrong with her.

“Well, why don’t we go do our shopping now? I see what you meant about standing here and feeling like a pervert. The only difference is, I really am a pervert!” Deanne laughed and grabbed Andy and Melanie by the arms dragging them off on a whirlwind trip through the mall.

They exited a couple of hours later loaded down with bags and boxes. The afternoon had been spent in laughter and fun. Andy was constantly aware of Melanie, though. She could feel the dam she had built inside of herself long ago threatening to break in the presence of this woman she didn’t know. She thought she had dealt with her attraction towards women, but here it was again staring her in the face with undeniable intensity. She hadn’t felt anything since she was 16, and here she was at 25, feeling it all over again.

“Andy. Earth to Andy.” Deanne was waving her hand in front of Andy’s eyes and laughing. “That must have been some thought process.”

Andy could feel herself blushing hotly. She cleared her throat loudly. “What did I miss?”

“I said, Melanie lives on the same side of the city as you. If you wouldn’t mind, could you drop her off? I told Frank that I would be home by five.” Frank was Deanne’s husband, and they had two beautiful children together who Andy doted on. Andy checked her watch. It was now ten till five. She laughed softly.

Andy looked shyly over at Melanie and nodded. The thought of spending forty minutes in the car with her was wonderful and sweet torture. “Yes, I can do that.”

“Are you sure it wouldn’t be any trouble?” Melanie’s husky voice melted across Andy and she nearly shivered. She was consumed by a torturous struggle within her between the side of her that felt a natural attraction to Melanie and the side that screamed and ranted against such an attraction.

“No. I mean, yes I am certain that it would be no trouble at all. Where exactly do you live?”

“The Heights.”

“Oh! That’s only a couple of blocks from me!”

“Great. See you girls later!” Deanne kissed both their cheeks and rushed off in a flurry of bags.

“You know, to always be rushing, Dee is habitually late,” Melanie said wryly and Andy laughed.

“You are so right. I’m parked over here. Andy opened the trunk of her Mercedes and they tossed their bags inside. As they situated themselves into their seats, Andy was very aware of Melanie. She breathed deeply of Melanie’s scent. She smelled like vanilla and jasmine.

They kept up a light chatter as Andy drove down the interstate. She went the speed limit whereas she usually sped like a demon, but she explained it to herself as merely being a safe driver with a not very well known passenger. She couldn’t help but notice the lines of Melanie’s firm thighs through the denim of her jeans and the way the peasant’s blouse moldered itself to every curve and sweep of her breasts.

“Are you hungry?” Andy stared at the road hoping for and dreading Melanie’s next words. “Why don’t we stop and have dinner together?”

“Well, it is getting late,” Andy croaked, putting up a token resistance.

“Exactly my point. Besides, I’m not ready to go home just yet,” Melanie said. Andy could feel her heart thudding loudly in her chest and was surprised that Melanie xnxx couldn’t hear it. She could barely catch her breath. It was just dinner after all.

“Ok, but only if you let it be my treat. I had to work this morning, thus the suit, and I think my boss owes me a dinner.” Andy smiled at Melanie as she drove down the next exit ramp and towards her favorite restaurant.

“By all means,” Melanie laughed softly sending goose flesh across Andy’s skin. She wondered how Melanie would sound in the throes of passion… The thought came out of nowhere and startled her so badly that she nearly drove right into a line of parked cars.

Luckily, the restaurant wasn’t very busy and they were seated almost right away. In the dim light of the restaurant, the table’s candle light bathed Melanie in an angelic glow. Andy was enchanted by the lovely vision across from her. Their waitress came over and Andy felt as if she had been saved. She promptly ordered a glass of red wine. Melanie did the same.

“Andy, are you ok?” Melanie asked with concern. Andy could feel the heat rushing to her cheeks. She was glad to see the waitress already returning with their drinks.

“Yes, I’m fine. It’s nothing this won’t fix,” Andy said with a smile, unaware of the devastating effect her dimples and stormy eyes had on anyone looking at her at that moment.

“Your sister is right, you know. You are stunning.” Andy looked at Melanie in surprise before chuckling.

“Well, if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black. So, how long have you known my sister?”

“I’ve actually known Frank for almost two years. I work with him and met Deanne at last year’s office Christmas party.”

“Oh, so you are a lawyer then?” Melanie laughed at the question.

“You say that with such disdain.”

“Oh, no, not at all,” Andy exclaimed and they both laughed. “I’m very glad that Deanne introduced us today,” Andy said shyly, quickly taking a gulp of her wine.

“So am I. Andy, I…” Whatever Melanie had been about to say was silenced as the waitress came for their dinner orders. They continued to chat as they waited for their food. She was surprised at how much they had in common. They even ordered the same thing and ate just about the same amount of it, Andy thought in amusement. She could feel herself hanging onto every word Melanie said.

When they paid and left, Andy felt relaxed and comfortable with the other woman. She drove the few remaining miles to the Heights and Melanie directed her to her house. It was a lovely cream-colored Victorian. Andy popped the trunk and laughed ruefully at their purchases. The bags had spilled and everything was mixed together.

“Why don’t we gather them all and go inside to sort them out,” Melanie suggested just over her shoulder, her breath hot and warm on Andy’s ear. Andy could feel the same electric current run through her body. She couldn’t figure out why she was starting to feel panic. Melanie gathered half of the items and shoved them into bags. She began to head for her house not waiting for Andy’s answer. Andy collected the rest of the things and quickly followed.

Melanie dropped everything onto the living room coffee table and Andy followed suit. Melanie poured them each a glass of wine and they sipped as they sorted out their belongings. Andy began to relax again as they joked and laughed, and she even began to enjoy being in Melanie’s company until a package she had bought while waiting for Deanne fell out of its bag.

“Well, what do we have here? I don’t think that this is mine.” Andy turned beet red as Melanie held up the little personal vibrator that she had bought on a whim.

“It’s, um, it’s mine,” Andy answered in barely a whisper.

“What does a beautiful girl like you need with one of these? I’m certain men are just all over you.” Andy gulped down the last of her wine and tried to take a deep breath.

“Well, I… I mean, it’s just not…”

“Satisfying?” Melanie said and Andy smiled.

“Yes.” They both laughed and Andy could feel the tension ebbing from her shoulders.

“Well, I don’t have to worry about that,” Melanie said smugly.

“Oh, you must be dating a rare man, or either of these,” Andy said holding up the personal vibrator as they shared another hearty laugh.

“Not exactly, although I do own one of those and a few other things. No, I am a lesbian.” As the words left Melanie’s mouth, Andy could feel herself freeze into the fight or flight response. She couldn’t sort through the multitude of feelings she felt. She could vaguely sense Melanie talking to her.

“Andy, are you alright? I didn’t mean to shock you.”

“No, I’m okay. It just took my by surprise.” Andy was fully aware of Melanie’s presence, of what she represented. The touch of Melanie’s hand on her arm was excruciatingly delicious. “I have to go.”

“Why?” Melanie asked, her voice hurt and angry. “Because I’m a lesbian?”


“Then why? I thought we had really hit it off, and now I find out that you have a problem with who I am.”

“No, it’s brazzers not that!”

“Then what is it?” Melanie’s eyes were flashing and filled with hurt. Andy felt words building inside her mouth and before she knew it, she was saying them.

“Until you said that, the thought of being with you was only a fantasy and I didn’t have to deal with the reality that I could be. That I want to be.” Andy clapped her hands over her mouth. What had made her say that? As she turned to leave, she realized that she was shaking like a leaf. She was almost to the door when Melanie reached her and stopped her by putting her hands on Andy’s arms. She slowly turned Andy to face her. Andy felt as though she could get lost in those sapphire eyes. Melanie was looking at her with a mixture of desire and concern.

Andy leaned forward and pressed her lips against Melanie’s. She couldn’t contain the passion that was raging inside of her. Melanie moaned softly and circled her arms around Andy’s neck pulling her closer. Andy opened her mouth to Melanie’s gently insistent tongue, feeling a shudder of desire run through her body as Melanie began a slow, sensual seduction of her mouth and senses. Andy’s arms wrapped around Melanie’s waist and she clung to her as though Melanie was her life raft.

Andy could feel the dam burst inside of her and she sighed breathlessly against Melanie’s lips. Her thighs were quickly becoming wet with her arousal. Melanie left her mouth with a soft sigh and stared deeply into Andy’s eyes.

At Andy’s puzzled gaze, Melanie said, “We have to stop now or I won’t be able to.” Her husky voice sent shivers racing outwards from Andy’s belly to her nipples and loins.

“I don’t… want you to stop,” Andy whispered, gathering her courage. She began to kiss and nibble Melanie’s neck and ear lobe, inhaling the scent of the intoxicating woman.

“Are you sure? Have you ever been with a woman before?”

“No, but it’s always been who I am and what I’ve wanted. And I’m so tired of hiding me from me,” Andy answered with a tremor in her voice. Melanie tenderly placed her hands on either side of Andy’s face and began to kiss her softly, slowly.

“Make love to me, Melanie,” Andy breathed against Melanie’s lips. She was answered by a moan of desire. Melanie broke the kiss and wordlessly led Andy upstairs and into her bedroom. She turned to look at her blonde angel, wordlessly giving her the chance to change her mind. Andy stepped forward, unbuttoning her suit jacket and letting it drop to the floor behind her. She could feel the silk of her blouse caressing her hard nipples. Melanie’s eyes smoldered as Andy began to unbutton her blouse and then let it slide from her shoulders and down her arms.

Melanie’s hands reached up and began to brush feather light touches across Andy’s stomach with her fingertips. Using her thumbs, she flicked Andy’s nipples through her lacy bra. Andy bit back a moan, her eyes locked onto Melanie’s. Melanie unclasped the front snap of Andy’s bra, sucking in a breath at the sight of the perfectly round breasts presented to her feasting eyes. Pink areolas boasted large pink nipples. Melanie quickly took one into her mouth, holding it between her teeth and flicking her tongue over it. Andy shuddered at the contact, and she twined her hands in the luscious black hair, arching her back to press her nipples deeper into Melanie’s mouth. A raging inferno was blazing between her legs and she wanted to feel Melanie’s skin pressed against her own. She took the hem of the peasant’s blouse and almost roughly pulled it off the other woman who immediately latched her mouth back onto Andy’s nipples.

“I want to see you naked,” Andy whispered flushing at her boldness as Melanie reluctantly let go of the delicious nipple in her mouth. She stepped back and smiled at Andy as she unclasped her bra and slid it slowly down her arms letting it fall to the floor. She slowly began to unbutton her jeans, licking her lips as she did. Andy was entranced. The other woman’s areolas were dark holding brown nipples. Andy could feel a new rush of moisture between her legs and she felt an ache in her sex that urgently needed to be fulfilled. Melanie slid her jeans over her hips before turning to slide the denim slowly off of her round ass. Andy gasped in pleasure at the sight. Melanie didn’t wear panties. She bent over to take the jeans off of her feet and Andy hungrily drank in the sight of the exposed flesh. Dew drops of moisture begged to be sucked and licked off of her rose petal nether lips. Andy dropped to her knees and licked the moisture from Melanie’s pussy. Melanie moaned and pressed back against her before turning around. She laughed at the disappointed look on Andy’s face.

“We have plenty of time, baby. Let’s take it slow.”

“I’ve taken it slow my whole life. I want you so badly. I need you.” Andy took Melanie’s hand and ran it under her skirt and up her thigh. “I need you to possess me. I want you to touch me, feel me.” Melanie could feel the last of her reserve crumble at Andy’s words and, with a soft growl sikiş izle she quickly finished undressing the other woman and pushed her back onto her bed. Melanie climbed over her and pressed her knee between Andy’s thighs and against her dripping pussy.

“God, yes,” Andy breathed, slowly grinding on the other woman. Melanie leaned forward to kiss Andy hard, their tongues entwining in sensuous surrender. Melanie broke their kiss to trail down to Andy’s breasts, taking them each into her mouth and tonguing the nipples. She nipped lightly at the sensitive nubs. Andy moaned in pleasure before burying her hands in Melanie’s hair. She pushed the other woman’s head lower.

“Please, Melanie, put your mouth on me.” Melanie groaned feeling her own pussy soaked with her arousal. Melanie settled between Andy’s thighs, lifting the beautiful, long legs and wrapping them around her shoulders. Andy kept her pussy completely shaved, and her honey was glistening on her pink lips. Melanie ran her tongue over Andy’s mons then over her slit. Andy responded with a fresh torrent of dew and Melanie quickly buried her tongue deep inside of the other woman.

“Oh, yeah, eat me. Melanie, make me yours,” Andy panted, beyond intelligent thought and reason. Melanie parted Andy’s sex revealing a hard, throbbing clit. She licked the glistening nub with a quick stroke causing Andy to tighten her knees around Melanie’s head. “Don’t tease me. I’ve waited so long. Please,” Andy begged and Melanie sucked her clit into her mouth. Andy responded by arching her back off of the bed and groaning loudly. Melanie captured the little pleasure pack between her teeth and began to lathe her tongue across it in long, slow hard licks. Andy moaned loudly, panting, her senses filled. She watched the black head moving hungrily between her legs. She could smell the combined scent of their arousal and could hear the slurping and smacking coming from between her thighs. She could feel the orgasm building within the very pit of her and began to tremble uncontrollably.

Melanie continued her slow, hard onslaught. She could taste Andy’s impending orgasm as the woman’s clit became harder in her mouth. She quickly thrust two fingers deep inside Andy, curling her fingers to rub against the sweet spot inside. Andy came up off of the bed with the sudden violence of her orgasm.

“Oh, Melanie! I’m cumming… oh God!” Andy screamed as Melanie began to fuck her hard and fast, sending her over the edge once again. “Yes, fuck me, baby, fuck me harder. Mmmmmm,” Andy was lost as her body shuddered through another orgasm. Melanie hadn’t stopped licking her super sensitive clit and it was driving her insane. At Andy’s cries, Melanie slowly licked up the girl cum with a wet slurp before crawling up the trembling woman’s body to kiss her tenderly on the lips, sharing the sweet taste of her. She leaned back in concern as she tasted a salty tear.

“Hey, are you ok? Did I hurt you?” Andy shook her head slowly. “Then what it is? Do you regret what just happened?” Melanie’s voice sounded small and hurt, and Andy threw her arms around her and pulled her tight.

“No, it was wonderful. YOU are wonderful. I just can’t believe that I’ve been denying myself for so long.” Andy stroked Melanie’s cheek softly, her gray eyes filling with more tears. She whispered softly, “I think maybe I was waiting for you.”

Melanie smiled tremulously, her own eyes filling with tears. They shared a slow, loving kiss that quickly ignited into passion. Andy rolled Melanie over onto her back.

“But, my lover, we aren’t finished yet. There is plenty of time for talking afterwards.” Melanie shivered with anticipation as Andy smiled wickedly into her eyes. Andy could feel her confidence inwardly beginning to wane, but outwardly she licked her lush lips before capturing Melanie’s. Melanie sighed softly against her, her body pressing up against Andy. Andy was stunned at the firm softness of another woman’s body. She broke their passionate kiss to look at the sight before her.

“Andy?” Melanie asked, the single word asking every unspoken question that was racing through her mind. Andy looked deeply into Melanie’s eyes as she held her finger over Melanie’s lips to hush her.

“I just want to look at you,” Andy said huskily, her eyes leaving hot trails across Melanie’s already feverish body. Andy was awed at the sensual beauty of the other woman who lay open and trusting beneath her. She tentatively reached out to trace the gentle curve of Melanie’s breasts before trailing her fingernail over the erect nipple, which seemed to strain towards her, begging her for her touch. Melanie shivered at the contact, her eyes closing as she surrendered to Andy’s exploration.

Andy leaned slowly forward and took the brown nipple in her mouth, sucking the sweet nub softly while running her tongue over the tip. Andy felt a tremor of desire shoot through her own body as Melanie bit off a lusty moan, her sapphire eyes burning with unspoken desire. Leaning back, Andy spread Melanie’s legs and then knelt between the well-muscled thighs. Her eyes feasted on the wet dessert spread open to her, and she could hear Melanie practically panting with the effort to lie still and wait. Andy breathed in deeply as she closed her eyes to savor the sex scent of her lover.