High Priced Lust Ch. 02


After I asked this question, Krista opened the box to reveal a small plastic tubular device. Krista proudly told me that the strange looking contraption was a cock cage.

“I will now have control not only over our sex life, but I will now have complete control over all your orgasms. You will cum only when and where I allow you to cum.”

Since I was still cuffed at the wrists as well as the ankles, I was completely helpless as Krista began fitting the compact chastity cage over my now limp cock. She began to explain that she had to size the “A” ring on this diabolical device. One of the rings in the box was a perfect fit for my 1 3/4″ wide cock. Krista threaded my balls and cock through the body of the cock cage before the entire device went over my cock. Within minutes, my dick was completely encased in this macabre cock prison. After Krista was assured that I was unable to escape from the device, she uncuffed my wrists and ankles.

“So I am now supposed to go to bed with this thing on?” I asked.

“Absolutely. From the literature received with the cock cage, it says that within 24 hours the device will be rather comfortable.” Krista exclaimed.

Twenty four hours? Are you telling me that I will have to sleep in this thing and also wear it all day tomorrow?

“You cheated on me, so your gonna have to wear this tonight, tomorrow and for as long as I say.”

Needless to say, I had a great deal of difficulty in getting to sleep that night. By the following evening, I had grown somewhat accustomed to this plastic prison around my cock. Because of the chastity cage, I could no longer pee while standing up. This became an added bonus for Krista because all of the toilet lids in the house would now be down.

The following Monday I went on into work as usual. At first I was worried that the device would create a small tent in my pants, but the developers of this male torture device made it so small that it was not visible beneath my clothing. I soon discovered that I was able to work thru my day without even noticing my new accessory. The week rolled on rather quickly, but the cock cage did present problems to me on Wednesday night. Since I had now not ejaculated in almost 5 weeks, I developed a very small nocturnal erection during my sleep. This device did not treat nighttime erections very kindly. Until my erection subsided, the cage gave me a small amount of discomfort. Fortunately, the pain disappeared quickly after my erection subsided.

On Saturday morning, Krista told me that we were going to have a repeat performance of the previous Saturday night in that I would again be restrained hand and foot. Then and only then would the cock cage be removed from my private parts. At my wife’s request, we went to the mall on Saturday afternoon. In order to win some brownie points, I purchased her over $300 worth of clothing. She was in a great mood so I was hopeful that eventually uncuff me tonight and then let me make love to her.

Prior to the Saturday night big event, Krista suggested that we take a shower together. Since I had been wearing this device all week, my cock obviously needed some cleaning. Unfortunately for me, I was married to a woman who was very intelligent and who was excellent with details. Once in the shower, she cuffed my wrists behind my back before she unlocked the tiny metal padlock on the cock cage. After she placed the padlock and key carefully beside the bathroom sink, she removed the device from my member. The water from the shower was soon peppering down on my chest, stomach, and cock. After I was sufficiently wet, my now completely nude and gorgeous wife started rubbing the bar of soap over my cock and balls. My erection sprang to life in record time. Krista soon stopped washing me in fear that I would cum right there in the shower.

“For me to clean you properly, you need to make your erection go away.” she said.

She stood outside of the shower watching my cock continue to twitch. With Krista standing there completely naked, it was difficult for my missile to deflate. In order to eliminate my arousal, my wife left the room. After a couple of minutes, my cock had lost the vast majority of the erection. It was at the point that I realized that with Krista out of the bathroom I could hump the shower wall in an attempt to have an orgasm. I had no idea when Krista would let me have an orgasm so I took this brief opportunity to get my rocks off. I then began slamming my aching dick against the wet tile in the shower. After about 10 seconds, Krista reentered the bathroom. She quickly peeled me off the wall and pushed me down in the shower.

“You are pathetic.” she screamed.

” I told you that your orgasms are on my terms. You will be punished for this – severely.” she added.

From this experience, Krista learned that she could not leave me alone anywhere without my cock cage unless I was cuffed on the bed hand and foot. To help quickly reduce my erection, she put on a bathrobe so that kuşadası escort I could not see her hot body. After about another 5 or 10 minutes, she managed to finish cleaning my crotch area. After placing the device back on me, she allowed me to finish my shower. Since the shower was built for two, Krista took her shower during this time also.

After we had both dried off, Krista and I went into our bedroom. As we had done the previous weekend, Krista cuffed both my wrists and ankles to the bed. She was then able to remove my cock cage from my anxious flagpole. She proceeded to drop the bath towel revealing her completely nude and luscious body. After pulling a pink vibrating dildo from her dresser drawer, Krista straddled me such that she was sitting directly on my chest with her long legs spread wide open. She inserted the dildo into her pussy to begin her naughty pleasure trip. Her index and middle finger were dancing over her swelling clit. Every minute or so, Krista were lean over to kiss me or to place one of her 37 inch tits in my mouth.

Needless to say, my tower of pleasure was aching for some sort of relief. Krista continued masturbating less than 12 inches from my face until her she first began quivering and screaming with delight. As her orgasm hit, small traces of her pussy juice were dripping down her inner thighs. With her fingers she wiped some of her juices from her leg and placed the droplets into my mouth. Now that Krista had finished pleasuring herself, she turned her attention toward me.

“Is Mr. Purple ready for some fun?” Krista asked.

“Yes, Yes!” I begged.

Krista began her assault on my horny body by planting soft light kisses on my ankles and then working her way north to my lower legs. Her progress continued as the kissing and teasing soon reached my inner thighs and engorged balls. She licked the underside of my nuts before she sat herself down on my left ankle. She positioned her hot bod so that her wet pussy was sitting on my ankle. While still straddled on my ankle, Krista then began to slide up my left leg leaving small drops of her wetness all along the way. Since it had been over 5 weeks since my last orgasm, my cock and balls were practically at the boiling point. Krista kissed the top of my throbbing monster before straddling her pussy over my right ankle and slowing sliding herself up my right leg.

After planting a multitude of kisses on my abdomen, Krista placed her warm, wet mouth on my twitching pecker. Krista’s tongue was soon soon moving up and down the entire length of my missile. My manhood soon disappeared into her luscious mouth. Krista could teach a class in advanced cock sucking because her teeth never touched my skin. After my moaning approached a deep guttural level, Krista would lift her mouth off my missile. Since we had been married for 6 years, Krista could tell from my moans and groans as well as the color of my cock as to when I was approaching the edge. She continued her unrelenting cock teasing for almost another hour alternating between sucking, licking and pumping my cock.

“Please sit on my cock. I am begging you.” I screamed.

“Not tonight. In fact, I think we have had enough fun for the evening.” Krista said.

“But I haven’t come yet. Please let me come.”

Krista indicated again that we were finished and began putting on her pajamas and getting ready for bed. After my member had deflected, she placed my missile back in the cock cage. To get to sleep, I swallowed a sleeping pill; otherwise, the aching in my cock and balls would have made for a very restless night.

On the following Sunday, Krista informed me that she would be start making unannounced visits to my office to check to be sure that my cock cage was still in place. Krista had visited me at my office before; however; it had been at least 2 years since her last appearance. At this point in time, it was not in my best interest to have Krista visiting my place of work. About 4 months earlier, Kirk and I were in need of an additional administrative assistant. Both Kirk and I certainly desired an employee who was proficient in Microsoft Word as well as other software applications; however, both of us had a super keen eye for very attractive women.

After interviewing about 6 applicants, a 24 year old stunning brunette named Julie was brought to my office by an Human resources person. She was wearing a very conservative blue business suit, but I could easily tell that she was concealing a smokin’ hot bod beneath her outfit. Julie’s angelic face, olive skin and full luscious lips had me almost mesmerized. To top it all off, Julie had the most unbelievably sexy voice on the face of the earth. My eyes were drawned to the middle of her resume where it indicated that she worked part-time at a local Hooters. I spent about an hour with her before walking this 5’4″ beauty to Kirk’s office. Kirk was just as impressed with little miss hot bod as I was, and we quickly extended her an offer. kuşadası escort bayan Julie must have easily noticed that Kirk and I were almost drooling during the interview; therefore, she requested a salary which was almost $10,000 above the midpoint of the administrative assistant salary grade. After much haggling with the HR department, we finally hired her in at the salary which she had requested.

My problem now was that had never told my wife Krista about hiring Julie. In the back of my mind I daydreamed that Julie and I would end up in the sack together. With my current predicament, that would now be impossible. I knew that I would be in the dog house again if Krista ever laid eyes on Julie.

On the following Friday, I came home relatively early from work. Krista greeted me at the door with nothing on but a sheer black bra and matching panties. This was all a part of her grand plan to keep me horny.

“I have a surprise for you. I finally called the satellite TV company, and they came out and installed a dish. The cable company company will come out tomorrow to pick up the cable box. This has got all sorts of channels including a couple that I am sure that you will find very interesting.”

As she began flipping the channels, she stopped and stared down at a program guide. After entering 3 digits into the remote, my eyes almost popped out of my head as I gazed at a gorgeous blond sucking the life out of a lucky guy’s cock.

“We’ve got porn!” Krista exclaimed.

Krista and I had certainly watched adult movies before; however, those were always rented videos or DVDs. Our previous cable company had never offered a hard core sex channel.

” I have it hooked up to our TV here in the Den as well the TVs in your study and our bedroom.” said Krista.

Krista had signed us up with a programming package of over 100 channels plus the Playboy Channel and the Tenxtsy channel. Tenxtsy is a 24/7 channel with explicit hardcore entertainment. On Saturday night, she again cuffed me hand and foot to the brass bed. After Krista had removed my cock cage, she turned on the TV to the Tenxsty channel. She seductively stripped out of her light blue teddy before rubbing her voluptuous boobs over my legs, chest and face. With my raging erection in full bloom, she left the room. There I was stretched out on the bed watching on TV a very buxom blond riding this guy’s love muscle like there was no tomorrow. The actress soon removed the cock from her pussy and slowly inserted it into her asshole. She was soon bouncing up and down again on his massive flagpole. The couple finished off in a doggie style position before he plastered her ass with 4 or 5 squirts of cum. My pecker was now throbbing uncontrollably and aching for relief.

Krista left me in this condition for almost an hour before returning to the bedroom to subject me to more of her cock teasing. Krista lowered her pelvis onto my face and instructed me to lick and eat her pussy. As I was licking her clit, she stuffed the dildo into her love tunnel. Like a diligent soldier, I did as I was told until her orgasm hit, which drenched my mouth and chin with her love nectar. Soon afterwards, the cock cage was again re attached to my private parts. It had now been over 6 weeks since my last orgasm.

During the next week, Krista added Tuesday and Thursday nights to our ( her ) lovemaking schedule; however, she did not restrain me on or remove my cage on these nights. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Krista would have me kiss her from head to toe before finishing the evening with my mouth and hands firmly massaging, licking and slapping at her pussy. After her first orgasm, I would then use the dildo as well as my tongue and fingers on her swollen clit until her second orgasm. I had to continue pleasuring Krista until she reached orgasm number 5. She would talk dirty to me all during this time which would add fire to the flame for my raging hormones.

Just when I thought that things could not conceivably get any worse, Krista surprised me again one Thursday evening.

“Guess what I did today?” asked Krista.

“You changed your mind and now you are going to let me out of my cock prison?”

“No. Don’t be silly. I went on the internet and got you a subscription to the Playboy Cyber Club. In fact, I have already browsed around and found a whole slew of hot girls which you can download to our computer. You can start tonight.”

“In the past you didn’t allow me to look at that sort of stuff.”

“I have changed my mind. As long as I hold the key to your orgasms, I will insist that you spend hour upon hour looking at these Playboy models.”

With this new development, I knew that Krista was attempting to drive my lust to unprecedented levels. After Dinner that evening, Krista sat me down in front of the computer in the Den. She gave me specific names of specific Playboy playmates for me to download to our hard drive. By the time Saturday evening had arrived, escort kuşadası I had downloaded over 300 pictures from the Playboy website.

Before her weekly Saturday evening pleasure feast, Krista copied the Playboy pictures on to an external hard drive and then transferred these pictures to the computer in our bedroom. With 7 weeks’ worth of cum boiling in my balls, Krista again cuffed me to the bed and removed the cage. She turned on the TV and switched channels to the Tenxtsy channel. To provide more entertainment for my throbbing missile, Krista brought the 17″ flat panel monitor ( computer screen ) and placed it on a TV tray. She positioned the TV tray so that it was straddling my abdomen. The computer, which was attached to the monitor, was on a small desk about 6 ft from the bed.

After Krista had entered several keystrokes into the computer, Heather Kozar, a former Playboy Playmate of the Year as well as a former “Price is Right” beauty, appeared on my screen. Heather was lying horizontally across my monitor wearing nothing but a pair of black stockings. Heather was one of the Playboy Playmates that Krista had instructed me to download earlier in the week. The beautiful Heather was now the background on my computer’s desktop. Within 3 minutes, the screensaver kicked in, and now a barrage of Playboy models and playmates were coming and going on my screen. Krista had set the screensaver so that each girl would stay on my screen for about 10 or 12 seconds before the next girl appeared. After Krista left the bedroom, all I could do was gaze at a hot porn scene on the TV as well as the continuing parade of Playmates on the monitor.

When Krista returned to the bedroom, she removed the monitor and TV tray off the bed, and then began her relentless teasing. As she had done on previous evenings, Krista used the dildo on herself before smothering her huge chest in my face. Like a hungry infant on formula, I feasted on her massive hooters. After about 5 or 10 minutes, Krista pulled her boobs away from my face and began to trace her delicate fingers around my engorged cockaroo. When my cock turned purple and my moaning became deeper, Krista would completely stop. Krista was bound and determined to make absolutely sure that I did not pass the point of no return. With her right hand still clutching my flagpole, Krista began licking my swollen balls until she placed my right ball and then my left ball in her warm mouth. Every minute or so, she would pump my cock for about 10 seconds. Her devilish methodology was driving me into an unbelievable state of lust.

” I can’t take it anymore. I’ve gotta cum. My nuts are gonna bust. Their just gonna bust.” I blurted out.

“Not tonight. Maybe next week.” Krista replied.

“What your doing to me is diabolical; it is downright diabolical. You have no idea the kind of aching and pressure that this is putting on my cock and balls. Why don’t you tell your brother Jack what your doing to me. I am sure that he would tell you that I have suffered enough. This punishment is much worse than the crime. I’m sorry. I was wrong that I cheated on you.”

“If I told Jack that you cheated on his little sister, he would drive down here and probably beat the crap out of you. Besides, you signed a contract that gave my total and complete control of our sex life. If you do the crime, you gotta do the time.”

“What if I am in an accident or something and the emergency room doctors or nurses have to take off my pants?”

“They would probably laugh their guts out, before maybe cutting it off.” Krista said as she was holding back her laughter.

As the evening concluded, all I could do was watch as Krista re-attached the cage to my private parts. Both my cock and balls were aching like there was no tomorrow. After my missile was safely confined, she uncuffed me from the bed. All of my begging and pleading was to no avail.

During the next week, Krista decided to turn the heat up on me even further. At about 2:30 PM on Tuesday, Krista appeared at the door in front of my office at work. She came on in my office and shut the door.

“I am here for your cock check. Drop your pants so I can see that your still wearing your cage.”

“Do you think that I take this thing off when I come to work?”

“I just want to make sure. Go ahead and drop your pants.”

I quickly unbuckled my pants and dropped my slacks as well as my underwear to give her a quick glimpse.

“So who is the hot little brunette sitting out there in the secretarial area?” asked Krista.

“She is a new secretary that we hired a few months ago.” I replied.

“Who does she work for?”

“Well, she works for both me and Kirk.” I said.

“She works for you? What is her name?”

“Her name is Julie.”

“OK Clark. Let me get this straight. You have hired some little hottie who doesn’t sit more than 12 feet from your office and you did not bother to tell me about it. You have always told me about new hires, retirements and resignations before, but you chose not to tell me about about Julie.”

Krista opened my office door to get another look at the stunning 24 year old brunette.

“So she works for both you and Kirk. So who performs her performance evaluations – you or Kirk?”