High School Crush

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Her name was Annie.
She was the type of girl who ditched school on the time so everybody knew her but nobody really got the chance to KNOW her. She was in my freshman PE class, and english class as well. We had similar last names, so the teachers always sat us by each other which was great. In PE, her designated personal number was placed right in front of mine. Whenever she would actually show up to class, and in PE uniform, and we would do our stretches… There was never a time where I was able to avoid staring at her perfectly rounded ass.
She was about 5’3″, probably 115 lbs with medium length blond/pink hair, and a nose ring. She was definitely a punk.
Never seeing her though… Or even speaking a single word to her… I moved on with my life. I had a couple romances that freshman year, and one 10 month long distance relationship that had come to an end during sophomore year. I was going through a state of depression, telling anyone who wanted to hear it the story of how we broke up. I was on facebook, and who came online?… Annie. I thought i’d send her an IM playing it cool being all “don’t I know you from somewhere?” When I was obviously in love with her. She was cool enough to actually have a conversation with me on facebook and listened to my entire story. I had nothing to get out of the conversation except the chance to actually get a chance of talking with her, even if it was simply izmit escort bayan through typing. I wasn’t good at talking to girls anyways.
A couple days later, I noticed that she was online again. I tried to have a conversation with her again hoping at a desparate chance that we would be able to be friends. She suggested to me that we hang out. And I said sure. All my dreams were coming true. I had never even talked to her in person. She asked “When can we hang out?” I replied, “I dunno… Whenever.” she said “…how bout now?” I had suddenly became nervous as hell. At this point in my life, I had never really hung out with a girl, so I was hesitant, coming up with lame excuses. But she insisted that we hang out. So i eventually got over my fear and said sure why not. My parents weren’t home anyways. Before I knew it, I had gotten a text saying that she was outside. I was already hanging around down stairs, but was extremely nervous to answer the door. When I opened the door, and saw her standing there with her brown boots, torn up black leggings, a jean skirt and jean jacket over a nirvana tee shirt, and to top it all off with the most beautiful face I had ever seen, my heart skipped a beat. She invited herself in and went straight to my room and hopped up on my bed. We hung out there for a few hours just talking. It was the most magical moment of my entire life. We hung out a few more times after that izmit eve gelen escort doing the exact same thing. We had gotten really close and personal with each other. So much so, that at one point she even showed me the tattoo she had on her vagina.
One day after hanging out at her house, we were texting each other and she said that she had the urge to kiss me that day but I was so involved with something that she didn’t get the chance to. I had never been more pissed at myself, but I told her that I wanted to kiss her too, and if she has the urge again, to just go for it.
The next time we hung out, we were on my bed again, talking about whatever came to mind. Next thing I knew, she quickly went over, and kissed me. I had never had a kiss before this, even though she may have thought I did. I was stunned at it, and couldn’t process what was going on. I felt her tung on my lips and thats when I was finally able to realize… she was kissing me. And not only that, but she wanted to make out. We sat on my bed for an hour, and having not done anything with a girl before, I didn’t know what to do with myself, so I just kept my hand at her side. It was the most amazing thing I had ever experienced.
She proceeded to rubbing her hand along my side and slid her hand up my shirt, and took it off of me. I responded by first removing the leather jacket she had on, followed izmit otele gelen escort by her shirt. When I took her shirt off, I saw the most amazing pair of boobs I had ever seen and they were pressed together in a nice bra. Still making out, I unhooked her bra and slid it off, going down her smooth arms. She stopped making out with me, and went down. Unbuttoning my pants, she pulled out my cock and started to suck on it. She eventually took off everything of mine, and hers. So there she was. On top of me, naked, and giving me the first blow job I had ever received. She scooted back up and started kissing me again. That’s when I felt her grab my cock, and slide it into her smooth, wet pussy. She began riding me. I thought the blow job was heaven but until this point, I had never felt anything so good. Riding my virgin body, she was moaning my name in pleasure. I could not believe what was going on. A month ago, I was a guy who had not had his first kiss, and had trouble even talking to girls. But now here I was, having sex with a girl that I had a huge crush on, and later began to fall in love with. It was so amazing, and right when I was about to cum, I had to tell her since I wasn’t wearing a condom. “I’m about to cum, Annie!” “It’s okay, cum inside me.” She replied. With that permission, only maybe a minute into the sex, I had shot a load bigger than any other deep inside of her.
Afterwards, she got off of me, we both got dressed, and she had to leave.
We stayed in touch, we remain friends to this day. And for a while my love only grew stronger for her. However, we never even kissed again. It was a one time fling.

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