His Game


I knelt naked in the center of the giant four poster bed, nervously chewing my bottom lip, eyes searching the darkness. My heart racing, my palms sweating resting on top of my thighs. I felt him before I heard him…. I felt his presence, there has always been this energy between the two of us. The tiny hairs on the back of my neck stood straight up as the charged energy swirled around the room. Then I felt it, the cold, hard, sharp point of his survival knife trace down the back of my neck, follow the curve of my spine all the way down to the top of my ass. Then he was gone. My breath caught in my throat, I could feel the fear and anticipation wash over me, tiny beads of sweat began to form across my forehead, I nervously awaited his next move.

I felt his weight on the bed and then he was behind me, I felt his naked chest against my back, and although we were completely engulfed in darkness, I felt the scratch of his pant and knew immediately which one’s he was wearing…..his camouflage cargo shorts and I am sure his black army boots. I felt his arms reach around me as he attached clamps to each of my erect nipples, I bit into my lip trying not to let any noise escape. The clamps cut into my sensitive flesh, I could feel his evil smirk, even without seeing his face. The weight on the bed shifted again, and I knew he was gone. The anticipation and need almost becoming too much to handle. But I remained still, eyes down, back straight, knees spread, ass resting on my heels, and hands resting atop my thighs.

I felt him again, he was somewhere close to the bed, we were that connected. The he spoke, “I can sense your fear and your need my little pet and it excites me.” I shivered as the words left his lips and he was gone again. I sat there for what seemed like hours but more realistically was only minutes. I could hear my heart beating in my ears, I jumped as rhythmic drums filled the room. I knew the song well it was Nine Inch Nails “Dead Souls”, I began going over the words in my head.

Someone take these dreams away.

That took me to another day.

I drew a personality.

Took a strange trip to reality

They keep calling me.

They keep calling me.

Keep on calling me

Keep on calling me.

My breath catches, I feel dizzy with anticipation and need. I shiver a little. I feel his flogger brush against my shoulder.

The figures from the past enter.

And mocking voices ring of blood.

Imperialistic counts do flare.

Conquistadors who took their share.

They keep calling me.

Keep on calling me.

They keep calling me.

Keep on calling me.

The flogger makes sharp kuşadası escort contact with my stomach, I suck air into my lungs slowly and exhale slowly. I feel moisture trickle onto my thighs, leaking from my aching pussy. I feel the sharp sting again on my hip. I can barely breath from all the delicious sensations. His movements almost fluid keeping time with the music.

Calling me…calling me…..calling me….calling me

I feel the sting and sweet burn on my ass cheeks again and again, the flogger makes contact with my flesh. I gnaw at my lip fighting back my whimpers.

They keep calling me. Keep on calling me.

They keep calling me. Keep on calling me.

All of my senses become alive, I am tingly and feel like I could explode any minute, the floggers sting my flesh two more times.

They keep calling me. Keep on calling me.

They keep calling me. Keep on calling me.

The song ends and he is gone….I am breathless and needy. I try to focus…to hold onto the last ounce of sanity.

The bed shifts and he is behind me, pushing my head down and lifting my ass up. He binds my hands above my head, he uses his knee to push my thighs further apart. I can feel him against me, the flesh of my ass raw from the flogging, the rough fabric of his shorts rubbing against my stinging flesh. I can feel his erection hard against the crack of my ass, he is trying to tease me, get me to make noise, I bit my lip harder and taste the rust like flavor on my tongue. He moves away I loose contact….I hear the slow zip of his zipper…Then he is back, rubbing his thick hard cock against my opening, back and forth, up and down… I am shaky, needing him inside me, needing to be filled with him completely. He thrust into me roughly and pushes my face down into the mattress, violently he thrust in and out of my aching cunt, his swollen head bumping into my cervix again and again.. My thighs quiver and he pulls out, leaving me teetering on the edge, barely hanging on. He yanks my head back and kisses me roughly, he tastes the blood from the constant chewing on my lip, I can tell he grins evilly.

He roughly flips me over to face him and flicks on the lamp. He smirks at me and releases my nipples from the clamps…I breath out slowly as blood rushes back into my nipples. I am still quivering with need and anticipation.

“My little princess I am going to make you cum like never before, are you ready baby?”

I remain still and silent as he places my legs on his shoulders, he looks into my eyes and says, “Tell me you want it….TELL ME NOW! Baby, I want to see your face as I make you cum.”

I suck my lip into my kuşadası escort bayan mouth, and nibble as he looks into my eyes, rubbing his cock up and down my dripping snatch.

“Say it, he yells at me as his hand makes sharp contact with my cheek.

“Fuck me” I squeak out. His hand crashes against my face again. “Fuck me Sir, please. I need you, please, please fuck me. I am yours, take me, own me Sir.”

He grabs my throat and pushes into me slowly looking into my eyes. “That’s it baby let go, feel me.” My eyes roll back in my head, as my climax builds and builds until I think I will explode. I fight to suck air in through my mouth…

He whispers, “Cum with me” and sparks ignites the fire in the pit of my stomach, it burns like a wildfire as I twitch and shake as wave after wave of ecstasy wash over me. He releases my throat and I feel his cock twitch and jerk inside me spilling his seed deep inside my cunt. I hungrily suck air into my lung and the look of pure pleasure on his face causes a rippling orgasm to hit me again…. Sweat pooling between my beasts..

He leans down and sucks my aching nipple into his mouth… “mmmm, delicious….” His eyes no longer glazed over with wanton hunger, now soft and full of love and adoration. He wraps his arms around me and kisses my forehead, I am sweaty and still trembling as he cradles me to his chest. He pushes the hair from my face and whispers ” I love you, princess.” I fall asleep exhausted and completely happy.

Several hours later, I stir my throat dry and aching. I tiptoe to the kitchen to get a drink, and then tiptoe back and slid under the thick comforter and cuddle up against his chest….His arms squeeze me and I feel he is hard again…. I smile up at him and he kisses my ear gently.

He whispers sweet nothings in my ear telling me how beautiful I am, how sexy I look when I cum, how deeply in love with me he is. His words make my pussy ache for him. His mood is different I can tell he is going to make long slow, sweet love to me. He stares deep into my eyes and holds my face between his hands, he kisses my eyelids, my cheeks, my lips. He runs his hands down my arms, and kisses me deeply swirling his tongue with mine. The sensations are erotic…I feel like I might cum from just the kissing, I fight to focus. He kisses my shoulder, my collar bone, my breasts, loving me… He kisses down my stomach, nudging my thighs apart, he places a kiss at the top of my pubic bone and disappears between my legs. He runs his tongue up and down my aching pussy, he spreads it wide and sucks my swollen clit into his mouth, sucking hard I explode my juices running down his chin, escort kuşadası he looks up and smiles at me. He runs 2 fingers along my slit coating them with my juices and plunging them into my aching cunt. He fucks me slowly, building my climax again swiping his tongue occasionally, across the sensitive bud at the top of my pussy. He adds a 3rd finger and starts circling my nipples with his tongue…. He curls his fingers, bumping my G spot, I thrust my hips up into his hand, pushing toward the edge…. Getting close….so close…He pulls his fingers out and pops them in his mouth.

“Baby you taste so fucking good.” He brings his lips to mine and kisses me so I can taste myself on his lips, the taste of my cunt juice mixed with his lips is heavenly. He sucks on the side of my neck….looking at me….making love to me. He nibbles my earlobe and whispers how beautiful I look laying underneath him. His words make me hot and flushed all over. I want and need him like no one else before. He is the air I breath, the heart beating inside my chest, my soul mate. He kisses the tip of my nose and plunges 3 fingers back inside me, swiping his thumb over my clit…. I tremble and shake, my pussy contracts around his fingers as juices coat his fingers and hand, soaking the sheets.

He chuckles and says it turns him on how wet he makes me. I kiss his chest , loving the salty taste of his skin. I run my hands down his back, he sucks at my bottom lip. He kisses my chin and down my throat…. My pulse starts to race again. He is poised over me ready to claim my body and soul as his. He plunges into me agonizingly slow and pulls out completely and kisses me deeply, exploring my mouth with his tongue.

I am always in awe of his great control, his erection, hard as a rock, must be painful but he continues his slow assault. He plunges in again slowly grinding his pelvis into mine, balancing himself on his strong forearms. Pulling back, only the swollen head inside me, he tells me how much he loves me, looking deep into my eyes reading my soul. I know he must be in agony, so I thrust my hips up to his, causing him to slip inside completely. He gasps as I thrust my hips up and down, he is so sexy when he is trying to concentrate…. He kisses me hard and forceful on the lips. Trailing kisses, he bites at the side of my neck, as we both thrust wildly, both of us hungry. I feel his muscles start to contract as my muscles twitch and burn, both of us climbing to the edge.

“Ok baby, cum with me,” he states. I fall over the edge, I see fireworks and stars….my heart pounding, my knees are shaking, I am gasping for air…. I pass out only for a few minutes and wake up wrapped in his arms, his lips kissing my cheeks, his fingers stroking my hair…

His voice soft and sweet…”Baby, are you ok? I love you, you are so beautiful.” I lay there limp and intoxicated and whisper….” My sweet prince, light of my life….” I drift off into a deep, happy sleep……