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When Rick and Gina had their offer on the new house accepted, they were ecstatic. Finally they had a chance to move out of the small starter home they’d occupied for thirteen years. To prepare the house for showing, junk had to be thrown away, clutter swept up to the garage, small repairs completed, and the house had to be painted.

Rick painted a couple of small rooms first, but after two days and a ton of sweat, he decided to call a pro and pay to have the rest done. The day they were to start, Rick scheduled an out of town work related trip for two nights, but Gina hadn’t decided if she would gut it out in the house with all the paint fumes, or go to a motel.

The day before the painters were to begin, the couple furiously worked to finish preparations for the paint crew. That evening, they both settled down with a glass of wine to relax and celebrate that the worst was over.

“So I was thinking,” Rick said. “Why don’t we save some money and have you stay at Dave’s house?”

Gina smiled. “You really think I should?”

“Why not? It’s closer to work.” Rick said.

Gina took a sip of wine and stared into her husband’s face. Rick just smiled, “What?” he said, taking a nervous sip.

Although they didn’t know it, both of them had butterflies. Rick hoped Gina wouldn’t bail out of his suggestion. Gina loved his suggestion, but was not sure if it was wise. She was going to say no, the sentence right at the tip of her tongue when Rick said, “We’ll save a hundred bucks, maybe more. Why not? Let’s call him now.”

Rick took out his phone and was dialing. He put it on speaker. The couple both nervous as it rang. Dave finally picked it up.

“Hey!” Dave said in a gregarious manner, “What is up, brutha?” Dave was always very friendly and informal with Rick.

“I’ve got Gina here on speaker right now,” replied Rick, “Hey, we have some painting to do on the house tomorrow. We have a crew coming out for a couple of days, and I’ll be out of town, but we thought it might be cool if Gina stayed at your place for a couple of nights so she doesn’t have to breath paint fumes or pay for a hotel.”

“Yeah, no problem man! Gina, you can stay in the guest bedroom, bring your stuff over!”

“Awe, do I have to sleep in the guest bedroom?” teased Gina, smiling at me and winking.

“Well, uhh, you know,” said Dave, quick on his feet with a running joke, “I only said that to placate our dear friend Rick. You can sleep anywhere you want,” and he laughed.

Rick had one hand in his pocket feeling his growing erection. “Hey now!” he replied in mock outrage. “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t watch.”

Gina glared at him and Rick sheepishly smiled. Dave continued to laugh on his end, and defused the situation saying, “Hey guys, no problem. I’ll leave the door open so Gina can put her stuff in if she gets home before I do.”

With that they exchanged more pleasantries and hung up.

They both had a fitful time getting to sleep that evening. Rick undressed and discarded his pre-cum stained underwear directly into the washer. When he got to the bed, Gina commented on his erection. Rick jumped on her playfully and she spread her legs for him. He slid in easily. She was much wetter than usual. His balls ached, enough to delay his release inside her. He moved in and out of her too easily. She grabbed his ass and squeezed as he fucked her.

Rick closed his eyes and contemplated the situation as he stroked in and out. He’d seen how his wife and Dave would talk together at parties, away from the group. Gina had actually known Dave first, as he was formerly the boyfriend of a good friend and co-worker. To Rick it was obvious he liked his wife and vice versa. They’d sing and dance together at parties and clubs. That’s where Rick first felt the strange feelings. He’d get hard watching his wife and Dave hang out. During one particularly late night, he even commented to her that it seemed she liked Dave.

“Oh no,” she’d said, “He’s just a friend. You’re so silly.” She returned to the party and sat next to him. He placed his hand on her forearm.

It was on this memory that Rick squirted his seed deep into his wife. After his orgasm, he suddenly was disturbed at the thought of his wife with Dave.

They both lay in bed, eyes closed but moving about. She with a heat in her loins that wouldn’t be satisfied, him with a new erection after twenty minutes. His disturbed thoughts again morphing into pleasurable fantasy.

On Tuesday, they woke up early and put the finishing touches on the house. Gina drove Rick to the airport, dropped him off and continued to work.

Rick’s flight was a few hours long. He sat on the airplane, fidgeting on his laptop. His cock was like a hose with a drip that just could not be turned off. He even noticed a small wet spot on his suit pants. He shifted to get his cock pointed down between his legs. It was awful but he loved it. He wondered what he could do from his end to facilitate his fantasy. The flight did have internet. He decided izmit escort to email Dave. He opened his email account and typed:

“Hi Dave – Once again, thanks for helping us out. Our house is unlivable.”

With this he contemplated his next sentence. “Show Gina a good time. Remember what I said, don’t do anything I wouldn’t watch”.

There, appropriately direct, yet deniable. He hit the send button and regretted it immediately. He contemplated sending another message, more direct, pointing out he was making an obvious joke. He noodled around with a draft version for twenty minutes, but it just seemed stupid. He was just about to trash it, when suddenly a reply from Dave.

“No worries Rick. A shame you won’t get to watch.” A big smiley face was at the end of the sentence. Rick could see Dave was logged onto his instant messenger account. He opened up a window directed to Dave.

“Ahh, come on, help a brother out. A little video would be nice.” Rick typed. The reply came quickly.

Dave responded, “Be careful what you ask for, I can make it happen. I’m like that. LOL”

Was it a joke? Was it a serious response? Make what happen? Rick was stumped. Another message came through. “Type A if you want me to, or type B if you just want to wonder if I will. There is no C. Ha ha.”

Ah, a joke response. A relieved Rick typed “C! C! C!. Fine. LOL. A. And make sure the video is in color.” He sent it.

He paused, but suddenly felt stupid. This conversation was insane. It was just a joke. Just a joke.

Dave responded, “Thanks! Hey, sorry about this, I’d like to continue this fascinating conversation, but I gotta go. Don’t worry, I’ll be a gentleman.”

For the rest of the day Rick wondered about his situation. When he got to his destination he masturbated twice in the restroom where his meetings were held. He also had to do dinner with a client. He barely ate and excused himself quickly to return to his hotel room. Once back in the room, he decided to type a quick text to his wife, which read “Hi honey, hope all is going well. I hope you show Dave a good time”.

He received a response. “I’ll call you.”

It was still only a little past 7 pm but with the time change, it two hours later back home.

As it was just another workday for Gina, her time in the office had gone a bit more smoothly than Rick had experienced, but she was still a nervous wreck. She just didn’t know if it was wise to go to Dave’s house. She didn’t trust him and she didn’t trust herself. She was thinking of calling everything off when she got a text from Dave that said, “Hey, I’m getting off a little early. You want to meet me at my place and we go out this evening?”

That sounded good to her. A nice public place, more safe. “Sure,” she responded, “I’ll see you around 5ish?”

Wait, why exactly was she in a hurry to see him early? Five was much too early. Before she could adjust, he accepted and she went with it.

She parked on the street in front of his house but before she got the bag out of the trunk, Dave came bounding down the walkway. Obviously he’d been eagerly awaiting her arrival. He gave her a quick hug and took the bag out of her hand and led her into his house. She’d been there many times, so she made herself comfortable on the couch, and picked up a magazine. Dave came into the living room and asked if she was ready to go.

“You know, I was thinking it is too early. Can we go in another hour or so?” she asked.

“No problem!” He walked over to the kitchen. “Can I get you a glass of wine?”

So obvious, she thought. But her nerves needed to be settled and the wine sounded fantastic. “Sure, pour me a glass.”

He brought a glass, as well as some artisan breads and cheese. He set them down on the coffee table. And with that they made small talk. They chatted about work, mutual friends, plans for their upcoming respective vacations, and she drank some more.

After four glasses, he came around and sat next to her, showing her his family album, with pictures of him as a baby and teenager. She leaned into him, commenting on how cute the pictures were. They weren’t that interesting, but she wanted an excuse to feel him next to her. To feel his warmth.

They had lost track of time, and it was almost 7 pm when they finished with the album. He asked if she was still hungry.

“No, not really, those snacks kind of filled me up.”

“Yeah, me too,” Dave replied. “I know, let’s go for a walk, get the wine out of our system.” He went into the kitchen, poured two tall glasses of ice water and gave one to her to chug. Dave lived near a river that had a long, semi-rural walking and biking trail that ran alongside it. They walked the trail, and at one point he held out his hand to help her through some mud and she didn’t let go. They walked hand in hand at dusk.

This isn’t cheating, she told herself. He’s just a friend. We’re just holding hands. They walked for about 45 minutes, and she didn’t want to stop. She wanted to keep kadıköy escort going, just freeze time with him as it turned dark. They came across another entrance to the trail. The bathrooms were locked so they both had an uncomfortable moment where they had to pee in the bushes. He stood by her making sure nobody coming would see her as she squatted. He peaked down to see the silhouette of her ass in the moonlight, a hint of bush. As they walked back they held hands, but the conversation dried up. The wine wore off and they walked into the house, strangely tired, perhaps because the adrenaline rush of lust was wearing off.

Dave spoke up first, “Thanks for the great evening. I sort of felt like your husband for a while.”

Gina laughed, “Oh no, my husband and I haven’t had a night like that in a few years.” She felt embarrassed with the admission. “I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying …”

Dave laughed again, “Oh don’t worry, I know what you mean. It happens to everybody.”

Fifteen minutes later she was in her room preparing for bed when her phone beeped with Rick’s text.

“Hi honey, hope all is going well. I hope you show Dave a good time”.

Gina focused on that phrase. Show Dave a good time? It was tempting.

She looked up and Dave was standing in the doorway. Gina realized she’d removed her blouse in preparation for bed and only had on a bra. She could see David’s erection through his pants. She walked over to him to hug him and to give him a peck on the cheek. His mouth turned and they kissed. Her heart roared like a flame. She broke his embrace, angry with herself.

“I think I need some water, stay here,” and she walked down the stairs to the kitchen with the phone in her hands, contemplating her next move. It was a little after 9 pm.

“I’ll call you,” She typed.

She poured herself a glass and tried to figure out her next move. What would she say to her husband? She felt guilty. She felt she had betrayed her husband. But she remembered the message of the text, “I hope you show Dave a good time”. She slipped out the back door into the cool nigh air, then dialed her husband.

“Gina,” he answered, “how are you honey? You having fun?”

“Hi honey,” said Gina, “I don’t know. Honestly, no, it’s okay. Don’t worry.”

Rick was perplexed. Gina was giving off mixed signals and it made him uncomfortable. “Honey, it’s okay. You know I love you. Where are you?”

“I’m in the backyard at Dave’s house. I just wanted to have a little privacy.”

Rick asked, “So, did you two go out tonight? How is it all going?” Rick asked.

“Well,” she continued, “we went for a walk, had some wine.” Oh it all sounded so date-like. She felt ashamed.

Rick tried to be reassuring, “That’s okay honey, sounds like you had a nice evening.”

“Yep,” Gina said. And then she blurted out, “Dave is a good kisser.”

“Wow,” said Rick, “Wow. Really? Did you like it?”

What an odd question, thought Gina. “Well of course I liked it, but I feel bad about it. I think maybe it was a bad idea for me to come here.”

Rick’s response surprised her. “Oh honey, don’t worry about it. I love you! To tell you the truth, I kind of like it. It’s exciting.”

“You like me kissing him? Is that why you told me to show Dave a good time?” Gina asked.

“Yes,” said Rick. “Do you want to show him a good time?” Rick was smiling as he asked the question. One hand holding up the phone, the other around his rock hard penis.

Gina was silent for a moment, then responded, “Do I have your permission? I want more than kissing.”

Rick was stunned by the directness of the question and it was his turn to think for a few seconds. “Sure, it’s the perfect time. Just tell me everything. I’d really like that. It’s not cheating if you have my permission.”

Gina felt calmed by that response. “Thanks and I love you honey.”

“I’ll always love you Gina. Have a good time! Enjoy yourself!” said Rick.

Okay now it was getting a little weird, she thought. He seemed to like it a bit too much. “Okay, okay,” she answered. “I’ll call you tomorrow. Love you.” And with that she hung up. She opened the door, her earlier fears and guilt replaced with an emotion she hadn’t felt in a long time. Lust. Lust like she felt in college when she prepared for a date with a good looking classmate. She poured another glass of water and walked up the stairs. Her phone beeped again, a text from Rick.

“Just tell me everything.” She wondered if he could handle the truth.

She knocked on Dave’s door. Dave answered and she offered him the water. He accepted and she reached up to kiss him again, her lips cool from the drink. She told him to wait a moment and that she’d be back.


Rick was stroking his cock when his laptop’s Skype rang. It was Dave, without a shirt, in his room, at the other end. It looked like the laptop was on his dresser because Rick could see the bed. Dave typed a message.

“Ask and kahramanmaraş escort ye shall receive. I’ve muted you on my end. Enjoy.”

Rick stared at the screen for a minute. His dick was soft from the momentary break in concentration, as his mind furiously tried to process what it was seeing. A door opened to the right of the screen. In walked Gina. She had on her robe. Dave positioned her so that her back was too the camera and hugged her. They kissed furiously has Dave rubbed his hands up and down the outside of her robe. He heard whispering and a giggle as Dave undid the robe and let it fall at their feet. She was naked. His hands held her ass, pulling them briefly and gaudily so Dave could see her anus as Dave ran a finger across it.

His hands continued to wander up and down her body. She knelt down in front of him, unzipped his pants, and in one fell swoop grabbed his hard pole as it jutted forth. She grabbed it with her right hand and put it in her mouth. Due to the angle, it was hard for Rick to see it go between her lips, but that’s obviously what had happened. If only he knew how she tasted the warm, slippery, clear pre-cum as it dribbled onto her tongue.

After a few minutes, he pulled her up and laid her on the bed. She had wanted to lay with her head on the pillow, but he deftly picked up the pillow and moved it to the other side of the bed so she would be forced to lie perpendicular to the line of sight of he camera. As Rick fell on top of her, his hands and fingers stroked the outside of her hairy vaginal lips. She gasped and forced her legs together, enjoying his touch. His fingers moved in tiny circles around her clit, but she wanted more. He put his ring finger in her pussy and then two fingers and finally three. She pulled her free leg up into a half spread eagle as Dave fingered her.

Waves of orgasm hit Gina, like an ocean tide, one after another. She moaned and shivered. After the orgasm subsided, she looked into Dave’s eyes and began to cry. They were tears of orgasmic joy. Dave held her and kissed her for a few minutes. As Rick watched him kiss her over the video link he erupted with ropes of cum onto his legs and stomach. And immediately he felt revolted.

He ran to the bathroom to wash up. He looked into the mirror and felt pathetic. He’d just watch his wife suck a friend’s cock and get fingered to an orgasm he’d had not seen in years. He was ready to call it off, to call her up and make up some excuse to get her away from him.

He went back to his room and stared at the screen. He was transfixed at what he saw. His cock started to get hard again.

Gina lay there enjoying the glow of the delicious orgasm she had just experienced. After her tears, she reached up and pulled Dave’s mouth to hers and enjoyed his tender kisses. He told her to flip over onto her stomach, and pillow under her pelvis and she did. He gently took one leg and pulled it up so that Rick saw her a clear view of her pussy. Dave looked at the screen and grinned, then he took his hand, and stroked her ass, coming down from behind to finger her. Gina shuddered as she felt his warm hands and instinctively arched her back, pushing her cunt lips toward the ceiling and his hand. Wisps of pussy hair danced around his fingers as he probed her vaginal hole. It was vulgar and it was glorious. Not ten minutes had passed since her first orgasm and she again felt the waves crashing around her as her body betrayed any modesty she had left.

Dave leaned down near her ear and asked her to get up on her knees, face down. She complied. She knew what was about to happen. And so did Rick. He stared as his wife got into a doggy style position, her knees spread and ass out as Dave positioned himself behind her. Rick stared at his wife, stretched out before him, her head on the left hand side of the screen and her ass in the air to the right. He couldn’t see her quim for her ass cheek and leg were in the way. But he saw Dave get down on one knee behind her, his cock erect.

Gina closed her eyes. The thrill was not unlike a roller coaster, about to go over the first big hill. She felt his hard cock-head slide up and down her slit searching for the weakness. It found it. And she gasped a loud, almost singing “OH” as Dave violated her. She felt the thickness as her lips hugged his pistol-cock. She felt the uncomfortableness of end of his cock, probing deep insider her. She adjusted to accept it all into her, but it was difficult. It was painful, yet pleasurable.

Dave by this time had been on fire much too long. He knew he couldn’t last, so he counted his strokes. One, two, three, four..

Rick was furiously pumping his own cock, mesmerized.

Five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten..

Dave slapped Gina on her ass cheek and gripped and squeezed, almost sadistically. Gina moaned loudly, “Oh God,” with the pain and stroke of his cock.

Twenty-seven, twenty-eight…

Rick came again, a paltry, low amount of cum, strangely unsatisfying considering how much his balls ached and his penis was sore from constant masturbation.

At forty, Dave came. When he did he grunted and then pushed hard, slapping his pelvis against Gina’s ass. Dave also had two balls full of cum that hadn’t been released in days. His initial orgasmic ejaculation was a cannon shot into Gina’s pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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