Hot Fucktoy for Blue…That’s Me!


I feel compelled to remind you that Blue and I live a life without clothes. We have sex a LOT, and everything you read here really happened…it’s not fiction…

We’d spent the day barely able to keep our hands off each other. That evening, Blue had work to do, so I was writing…you know…sex, of course.

I was playing with my pussy between thoughts, sometimes typing with one hand…I was leaning against the end of the couch on which I was sitting. Blue, needing to concentrate, was in a big, huge easychair across from me.

I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but, of course, we were naked, as always. Since I’m such a bad girl, I HAD to be sitting so she could see my pussy…and see ME playing with it. I get so wet, good thing I’m always sitting on towels.

Blue looked up, over the top of her screen.

“Uh…Sunny? Please don’t do that?”

“Do what, baby?”

“Playing with your pussy?”

“Oh…sorry baby.”

I just kept playing with my big swollen outer lips…still typing with one hand, but not very well.

“Sunny? You’re still doing it. I thought you said you were sorry.”

“Oh…yes. I AM sorry. I truly am, but that doesn’t mean I’m stopping. That, I can’t do.”

Then I tossed my hair back and smiled hotly at her.

“Damn, Sunny. I think your brains are stuck in your pussy. You are SUCH a fucking slut!”

“Yes, but I’m YOUR fucking slut!”

I set my computer aside and grabbed a handful of my ass-length hair…I let her watch me swat my pussy with it…I let her watch my pussy lips throbbing and quivering…her mouth opened a little, her eyes on my pussy…

“Oh…Sunny…no…don’t do that.”

“Ooooooooooo…I think baby wants my pussy…”

I draped one leg up on the back of the couch, my legs spread real porno indir wide for her…I tossed my hair aside…my finger disappeared deep inside my pussy…I arched my back with pure pleasure…

“Oh Blue…I wish this was you fucking me…”

That was when Blue set HER computer aside and spread her legs…

“Oh…Sunny…fuck…please come to me…”

I didn’t budge.

I kept my legs spread and smiled hotly at her, tossed my hair a bit and picked up the blueberry yogurt I was eating. I looked in her eyes while licking the yogurt from the spoon.

I was so fucking turned on…I could feel my pussy throbbing. My butterfly outer lips were quivering…actually moving…and she was watching them, her mouth open a bit, her breathing deeper…

On purpose? By accident? I dropped some yogurt on my tummy…I could hear her inhale suddenly.

“Oooops! I have yogurt on me!”

I slid my finger through it, brought my finger to my mouth and licked the yogurt off. I kept doing that until the yogurt was gone, sucking the last finger-full wetly and noisily.

“Sunny…fuck…I have to eat you…please, baby!”

“Hmmmm…stay right where you are for now, sweetheart.”

I’m merciless when I tease…it makes Blue very hot and wild as hell when I finally let her have me.

I dipped my finger in the yogurt and slathered it all over my tan, silky-smooth pussy…I just left it there…Blue whimpered and spoke softly…


“Would baby like to suck my pussy? See my pussy quivering and throbbing for you? Would baby like to have a mouthful of me…sucking me real fucking hard?”


“Will you take all my sweet juices down your throat, tongue-fuck me and suck me some rokettube more?”

“Yes yes yes! You fucking KNOW I will, Sunny!”

I got more yogurt and spread it on my pussy, which was now screaming for Blue’s hot mouth…I watched her and slid my yogurt-lubricated finger ALL the way inside me…I arched my back and screamed.

That made my baby start fucking herself…

“Sunny! Dammit!”

I raised my legs in the air with my knees straight and grabbed my ankles, looking hotly at her…

“Is your baby being a bad girl? You KNOW it turns me on to be your slutty bad girl…you might have to spank me…THAT will make me cum all over you!”

I lowered my legs, got up and walked over to her, but stayed just out of her reach…I turned around and bent way over so she could see my ass and my hot swollen pussy…I was dripping wet, my juices running down my inner thighs…

I reached around and spanked my ass, then stood up, flipping my hair over so it fell against my ass…


I climbed up in the chair with her and straddled her…she had slid way down, so my pussy was resting on her tummy…my juices were soaking her…she grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth to hers, devouring my lips…

I opened my mouth wide and let her fuck my mouth with her tongue…I purred and fucked my pussy against her tummy…I screamed into her mouth…

“Fuck yes! Make me cum hard, Blue!”

She let go of my hair, but kept kissing me like she couldn’t get enough…she gripped my ass with both hands, her nails digging at my skin, holding my pussy real hard against her…

“Cum on me Sunny! Come on baby!”

I savagely attacked her tongue with mine and screamed into her mouth…my pussy fucking like crazy against seks filmi her tummy…she roughly shoved two fingers inside me…my muscles tightened on them and she fucked me HARD!

“Fuck yes…take me, Blue…make me your fucking whore and claim my pussy as yours!”

Blue kept her mouth to mine and ravaged my pussy with her fingers…THEN, she spanked me…that did it…

I dug my nails into her back and she fucked her fingers toward the back of my pussy…my body spasmed HARD…I sat back on my ass, my hair in my face, and I came fucking hard all over her!


I came and came and came! I REALLY cum a lot, but I thought my orgasm wouldn’t end!

I leaned forward and laid my body hers…I slid my body around in my cum on her pretty skin…her body was already trembling and she was breathing hard. I was going to have so much fun eating her!

I kissed her VERY deeply, then looked in her eyes…

“Spread your legs for Sunny, my precious Blue…your slutty wife is going to take VERY good care of your pussy. You’d better hold onto something…I am NOT stopping.”

I didn’t stop, and I made her cum many times over, sucking her hot cum and letting it slide down my throat. That bullet vibrator was deep inside me, making me cum again and again. After every screaming orgasm she had, I just kept at her, riding her with my mouth…

She finally grabbed the mattress and scooched away from me…she rolled onto her side, whimpering.

I slid up beside her, pulled the covers over us and wrapped my body around her, tucking her head into my breasts to make her feel forever cherished and oh-so-very loved. I caressed her back in long strokes and she fell asleep in my arms.

I put my lips against the top of her head and whispered, hoping she’d hear me in her sleep…

“I love you, my precious Blue.”

Tomorrow, she wouldn’t be able to get out of bed. That’s fine. That’s right where I, her insatiable fucktoy, want her.

Thank-you for reading!

My love to all,