Hot Summer Night at the Beach Ch. 04


Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.

John was still in another world, it would seem, dreaming about one of the girls whose image he kept in his wallet. He was mine, but I wanted more. A few hours had passed and it was possible that the friends that had deposited John on the bench at the boardwalk had returned to their lodgings.

After disengaging myself, I got out of the car and went around to the passenger door and opened it to give me a few last sure minutes of total access before getting John’s slacks back in place, without the protection of his Jockey shorts, for the ride back into town. Before returning to the driver’s seat, I got the room key out of his pocket.

The back of the tag was embossed with a P.O. Box and the guarantee of postage if dropped in a letter box. On the front it had the hotel name, and a house and unit #. A couple of the downtown hotels had bought up nearby summer lodging houses a number of years ago. They rented these two and three bedroom apartments with a kitchenette by the week or month only keeping their main rooms for shorter rentals. It appeared that the graduating seniors had booked one of these. One of the graduates had probably stayed there with family a previous Summer and booked it early for their graduation week at the beach. Or perhaps it was a graduation present from parents or grandparents.

Finding the location easily, I drove around the block slowly. The area seemed dead enough so I pulled into an alley just to the side of their building. John was still out cold, but I had no idea for how long. Opening the passenger door, I turned his upper body so that I could slide him out onto the grass, just behind a picket fence. I put his wallet back in his pocket and giving him a parting grope. I realized that I needed to pee badly, so I got a large styrofoam cup out of the car and after filling it I prepared the next possibly necessary cover. Slowly I poured my own warm pee down the crotch and lower leg of John’s chinos. At times I have even used a smaller quantity of my own pee on a drunk while he was in my car. If I am concerned that he may regain consciousness, this provides a wonderful subterfuge and total confusion and embarrassment for him, granting me not only greater control but an explanation of why I am trying to get him out of my car and or “mopping up” his crotch to keep it off of my upholstery.

I pulled the car to the other end of the alley and parked on the side street. I could hardly contain myself. Here I was with the key to who knew how many rooms and more importantly how many drunk and/or sleeping high school grads.

Always the good Samaritan, if anyone was awake I would invoke their help getting John in. If not, I would see how else I might help.

Walking back to the entrance with a last check on John, I put the key in the lock and slowly released the latch. Opening the door I smelled vomit right off. The lights were all on in the living room as was the TV. On the sofa was a passed out young man with a Marine style buzz cut jeans and a white T-shirt. His head was hanging over the edge and whatever he had consumed over the last several hours, that was not already in his blood stream, was deposited on the floor beside the sofa.

Moving on to the bedrooms, to know exactly who and what else I needed to contend with I found that this unit had three bedrooms. The one was empty. Another had the couple that had left John on the bench. There was no air conditioning and the windows were open. They were both breathing deeply on top of the covers. She in her bra and panties, he in his Esenyurt Escort white Fruit of the Loom briefs. The third bedroom had twin beds each occupied. The one young man was the one that had poked John in the car to see if he could talk with him earlier in the night. He was snoring loudly.

I should tell you that I have had several opportunities to explore the body of a drunk/sleeping young man when he was with his girlfriend and this is perhaps one of the most exciting experiences that I have ever had. There is something about a boy and girl being together, obviously each with budding hormones pulling them together and then to have them both surrender by losing consciousness. Each has in a way forsaken the other and left not only themselves, but their partner as well, vulnerable to whatever fate or more specifically what I may choose to do with them.

Do you need to ask where I will begin? First however, I went back through the rooms checking to see if I had missed anyone and to see that everyone was comfortable. Looking out the front door, there did not appear to be anyone out on the street. I put the chain on this door, so that I wouldn’t be surprised by any more late arrivals. I also found that the kitchen had a door out the back which was not far from where I left John. There was no key for this door, just a dead bolt. This could prove useful later. There was a cold pot of coffee by the sink. I helped myself to a large cup wanting to be at peak alertness.

Returning, yes, you were right, to the young couple from the beach, I watched their young bodies curled next to each other as I could only imagine what they have already experienced in their short lives. She clearly had gotten to party as she wanted and neither was feeling any pain. Both were breathing deeply in slow even rhythm. I placed my hand gently, but firmly on his abdomen and just felt the warmth and movement for a while. It’s at this stage that sometimes it is all I can do to keep myself calm enough and not just stand there shaking.

You may have gathered from what little you know of me so far that my excitement is heightened by knowing the name and something about my subjects. Also while I strongly believe that nothing ventured nothing gained and there is no way that any of this is without risk, I also do not believe in taking unnecessary risk. I can’t tell you how many possibly golden opportunities I have passed up or bailed out on to error on the side of safety. While looking back, I sometimes regret and fantasize about what might have been. This caution has also kept me safe thus far and trust me I have not gone without my share of scores.

On several occasions, I’ve watched as someone else has picked up where I left off. Watching both with fascination and sometimes regret that I had not pushed ahead myself. Rarely have I joined in with someone that I did not know.

Enough background and back to the couple at hand. He had the nicest treasure trail down into his Fruit of the Looms. There was just enough light from a floor lamp on the far side of the bed to see his goods as I gently pulled his waistband out and down. His shorts and shirt were on the floor beside the bed. Reaching down, I pulled out his wallet. His name was Bill and he was from the same High School and had been on the same teams as John. He was about four months older than John and slightly more developed. He had his girlfriend’s high school I.D. in his wallet, but she had gone to the Catholic School in the same town. Her name was Jennie. If only her parents knew what she left herself open to. All things considered, it could Esenyurt Escort Bayan have been much worse for her than to have had it be me. She would be a player, but it was he that I would ravage, given the chance.

Planning ahead, always with alternate possibilities open to depending on how events worked out, I considered their body placements. Facing each other, as they were, I decided to entrap his arms in her clothing. His right wrist I worked through and trapped in her bra, his left hand I put down between her legs inside her panties. This would involve them with each other should I be interrupted by either of them coming around and cover my retreat.

Next, I decided to get the Fruit of the Looms out of the way. He was on his right side so it would be easy enough to peal them off. Starting by turning down the waistband all the way around I placed my right thumb, inside the waistband in the small of his back and my left thumb in his shorts with my wrist and left forearm against his tight abs. Slowly but surely pressing down into the mattress the underwear moved down three or four inches under his right buttock. This allowed me to start turning his briefs inside out from the top until his left cheek and pubes were exposed. Wanting him naked before I explored further, I returned to the edge trapped under him and going back and forth worked carefully until I was pulling his only covering to his knees and then on off of first one leg and then the other.

This done I just had to gaze and catch my breath for a few minutes. My heart was racing and it was all I could do to calm myself enough to not shake.

I could not deny myself a brief whiff of the cotton that had held his crotch. Then quickly stashing them in a plastic bag for souvenirs, I returned to the subject at hand. For a while my eyes took in everything while I started to gently stroke his entire body with my fingertips. He had what we would call today a perfect bubble butt. Smooth, very little body hair anywhere on his body except in his pubes and armpits.

He had such full lips, yet not too much, and they parted easily as I pushed my finger in and felt his teeth. His jaw was slack and he started to snore a bit as I pulled it forward. Then I let my hand slide down his shoulder and side until I could move it in under his arm lock with Jennie. Exploring his taught abs and with no covering I could now snake my fingers through his long curly pubic hair and cup his manhood. He had a good five inches soft and although circumcised they had left him just a bit of skin. Given the time I could spend hours a this stage, just imagining where his body has been, what he has thought about when he spanked the monkey, who has seen what I do now, only Jennie? Teammates? Parents? Siblings?

But, for now it is mine. Mine to posses and to change without his permission. I really do not like the look of a man that has shaved or trimmed his pubes too much. That is in part why the humiliation of finding himself that way, wondering why, how is such a turnon for me. Not to mention having something that personal together with his underwear for future jack off sessions.

Back to Bill, he was a pleasure, but then this was a night of treasures and not to be greedy, I wanted a taste of it all. So, I lifted his eyelid and seeing that he was far away, I got out my scissors and started clipping off the red fluff that surrounded the still flaccid cock. I worked carefully but swiftly putting the hair in a small baggy as I went. I moved his upper leg just enough to get his scrotum free from his legs and the handling of his penis Escort Esenyurt was starting to be just enough for him to become tumescent. I stroked him slowly with my left hand while I felt the smooth bubble but with my right.

Before I realized it, I had started stroking his tight virgin sphincter and he was now rock hard. I covered my right index finger and my left palm with saliva and returned to my dual task. Gradually a slight moan escaped Bill’s lips as my finger was admitted to his nomans’ land. His breathing was somewhat more rapid, but still even and without a hint of his coming around. This was all autonomic reflex, remote control, or more accurately my control. His hard cock was now throbbing and I could tell that he was close to orgasm.

Then it happened, just as Bill started to shoot, I heard a noise in the hall as someone fell against the wall, I froze as four, five hard spurts of cum shot out of the turgid prick still in my hand. The next thing I heard was the toilet seat slamming and someone worshiping the porcelain god in the bathroom right next to this room in the hall.

Thank heavens I had pushed the bedroom door closed. I slowly stood up and tried to slow down my heart that was trying to jump out of my chest. Jennies left arm, which was on the bed between them was covered in Bill’s man seed. Too bad that she couldn’t enjoy it. Not yet, at least. I gathered everything together in case I needed to make a quick exit. I heard the toilet flush and I stepped into the bedroom closet for cover, just in case.

The stumbling body came out of the bathroom with a slurred trail of speech talking to anyone, no one, himself, and I could hear “Damn, couldn’t you at least have made it to the bathroom?” as he must have discovered the Marine type in the living room. This must be the the chap that had tried to awaken John back at the car by the boardwalk. He then came back up the hall and opened the bedroom door where I was and said “Damn, Bill, you don’t ever give up do you?” He then went back in the bedroom across the hall and fell off the edge of the bed and started to snore.

I needed some fresh air. Taking my bag with me, I closed Bill and Jennie’s door behind be and went out the kitchen door to check on John. He had turned over on his stomach and was snoring away. Up the block I heard voices and they were not happy. The guy was wasted and trying to convince the girl he was with to stay with him. I could just make out as he tried to explain to her that his girlfriend’s parents had not let her come at the last minute and that he had a double room. She was more sober, appeared to be at least ten years older that he and said “you’re too drunk to do anything tonight anyway. I’ll help get you to bed, but then I’ll see you tomorrow. It appeared that they might be coming to this house.

I slipped back inside. I quickly pushed in the button on both occupied bedroom doors and closed them, then I took the chain off of the front door and retreated out the kitchen door to watch and wait. The woman was still arguing with the guy that would surely have fallen if he weren’t leaning on her. Now standing directly in front of the house she said “Bert, you are in no condition to do anything, much less to argue with me let’s get you to bed.” They went in the front door from which I had just left removed the chain.

After a familiar feel or two of John, I walked to the car and added my new treasures to the ones already stowed. I walked around the block a couple of times to regain my composure and then slipped back behind the picket fence to wait and watch and enjoy John in the meantime.

In my plastic bag emptied of its earlier loot I had placed a couple of those throw away airline pillows. Gently and tenderly I placed one of these under John’s head. I rolled him just enough to get the other under his abdomen so that he would be more comfortable.

to be continued…