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“I’m in the bedroom Sam,” I was greeted as I came up the stairs. “Pour a couple glasses of wine and come back here.”

What? I wondered, thinking this has got to be too good to be true. “Where are the kids?” I asked as filled the glasses.

“I dropped them off at my folks,” you answered. “I think we could use a little fun.”

“Sounds good!” I howled as I carried the glasses down the hall. I almost dropped both glasses as I entered the room. Music was playing, candles were burning, and I could smell a trace of perfume in the air. There was a chair in front of the large closet mirrors. It took me several moments for my mind to envelop and process the senses of my surroundings. Sitting in the middle of the bed, was my wife wearing a tiny thong and lacy black bra. On the bed next to her were a honey bear, some chocolate, astroglide, a towel, bananas, and her vibrator. She had her hand down her panties, and had been working it for a while, judging from the flush on her cheeks.

Yesssssss! I thought as I took it all in. I started towards her, but she pulled her hand out of her panties and ordered me to set the drinks down and sit on the chair. Her tone clearly indicated that she would be in charge, at least for a little while. “It’s about time you got home. I’ve been thinking about this since I dropped of the kids,” she said as she slapped me on the ass as I was sitting down.

“Hon, it’s only 5 pm,” I retorted.

“Shhhhhh!” she said as she placed her finger over my mouth in a shushing gesture. I could smell the faint scent of her juices on her hand, which started a tingling sensation in my pelvic region. “Not another word.” She slid on top, facing me, as her legs straddled mine. She did not start with a soft gentle kiss, rather she reached down and rubbed my package as she jammed her tongue into my month and ground her mouth onto mine.

Damn I thought, she is ready to go! And I’ll be too, if she keeps this up. But she was just getting started. Just before our kissing could establish a rhythm, and before I could wrap her in my arms, she rudely broke off the kiss and pushed my hands away. “My rule is that you can’t touch me unless I say you can.”

A weak “Um, OK” was all I leaned towards the counter to grab my wine.

She lightly slapped my hand. “You won’t be drinking that out of a glass.” The slight tingle in crotch was now replaced with a rapidly growing hard-on as I started to realize that this was not going to be just another sex session with my gal. She roughly kissed my mouth and again broke it off to wander across my face and down my neck with her lips and tongue. I could feel the heat from her snatch through my pants. She stood up, turned around, and sat down behind me on the same chair. She removed her top, and set it on the bed. I wanted to turn to cup, lick, and suck her tits, but she was in control, and my wants were not her priority. She proceeded to kiss my neck and gradually unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it over my head. I could feel her soft, warm tits on my back. She worked tuzla escort her hands over my back and rubbed my pants at the knees, working her way towards my crotch. When she got there she buttoned my pants. My hard-on was thrilled at the breathing room.

She climbed off the chair and stood in front of me. She gave me a brief show, bending forward and squeezing on her tits, just like she knew I wanted to do. She moved both her hands from her tits down her sides while moving her hips from side to side. She reached back to slide her hands over her ass, and down to her snatch. She rubbed her clit through her flimsy panties and looped a finger under the fabric to slide a finger into her snatch. She turned around and bent over, giving me a close look at her beautiful ass checks. She moved her finger from her snatch and down her ass crack over the fabric of the thong. She turned around and rubbed her finger over my lips and into my mouth, giving me a faint whiff of soap and her scent.

She then tugged my pants off, and stared at the teepee in my underwear. “It looks like he is ready for a little fun. Too bad, he is going to have to wait.” She jumped on my lap. Again, I could feel the heat from her snatch. She kissed me deeply and ground herself against my pole. Her hands roamed over my back and down to my butt. I hugged her, but was immediately reprimanded, “No touching from you, mister!”

She reached down and held her tits, fondling them, an inch from my face. She pressed her cleavage against me as I tried to devour her with my tongue. I licked down her sternum, over to one breast, and then the other, gently biting here nipples. Looking at the clock, she said I had one minute that I could touch her. The brief parole time was spent first by roughly squeezing both her ass checks, pulling her onto me and grinding against her. I then reached up with my right hand and pressed the back off her head against me as I kissed her very hard, just short of pain. With my left hand I roughly squeezed her entire breast. I think she was shocked how much touch can be accomplished in 1 minute, and I was planning on capitalizing on my moment. I continued kissing her as I slide my hands to her snatch and backdoor simultaneously. She was breathing heavily now, and looked like she was getting close to orgasm. I pressed my fingers against her panties to press against her ass and snatch. “Times up,” she said as she untangled herself and got off of me.

She grabbed my cock and gently pushed me down onto the bed. She then climbed on top off my face. I wasted no time in pressing my tongue against her thong, searching for the warmth radiating from her cunt. I closed my mouth around her panties, capturing her clit in my mouth. I heard her softly moan. I tried to pull her panties away with my mouth but was not successful, finding it almost impossible to concentrate because she had fell forward and was giving me a blow job while I still had my underwear on. Her hot mouth on my prick felt sensational, the heat being carried through the saliva saturating tuzla escort bayan my underwear. I settled for pressing my tongue against her slit and sliding it back towards her ass. We were on the same page as I felt a finger through my underwear against my asshole and her hand pulling out my cock. The feeling of her flesh against mine was tremendous. I was reaching to pull her thong aside, but remembered I did not have permission. I settled on sucking on her clit and traveling the warm saliva river I had created from her clit to her ass. She swallowed my cock and rubbed her hands over my ass. She stopped her attacked, and reached over to the counter to grab a wine glass. She carefully trickled the wine down the back of her thong. I greedily sucked the wine from the fabric and pressed my tongue against her cunt and asshole.

She got off of me, and turned around, showing off her ass, and bent over and slowly removed her panties. I love the way they briefly cling to her ass before gently falling away. She flung them to the floor. Grabbing the honey bear, she pored a dose on the top of her ass crack. She then straddled me in a 69 position, but kept her bottom just far enough away. I painfully watched the golden honey slowly move down the valley of her ass. My own precum was trickling at about the same rate. She continued teasing me, knowing I was entranced by the sight of her beautiful ass that was just out of reach. I could see the glistening honey, pool and then start to drip, from her backdoor. She ended the painful teasing by lowering her ass towards my waiting mouth and tongue. While my options were limited without the use of my hands, I decided I’d try and tease her. Resisting every urge, I placed my mouth close to her and breathed against her open snatch. I repeated this over her clit, and ass. She did not like even this tiny bit of loss of control, and pressed her backside closer to me. I moved out of the way, and only got a drip of honey. She grabbed the honey bear, and pored a dollop over the head of my cock. She knew I could not resist the site of her ass for long, and she was right.

I had decided that I’d need to take my sweet time, if I wanted this pleasure to last. I started with tonguing the honey that was soon to fall off of her lovely ass. When I was satisfied that the remaining honey was not going anywhere, I drifted outside the honey trail, and gently bit her sweet ass checks. I slowly covered and re-covered the entire area. I would occasionally press my entire tongue against her clit and lightly lick to her backdoor to gather more honey. Her arousal was very apparent now, she was moving her hips in a circular motion, and pressing hard against me whenever she felt me pressing against her cunt or ass. During this time, she was working her tongue over my balls and down my shaft. She paused often to prolong my pleasure. Her hand would occasionally dip down to slide her wet fingers over my opening. I could no longer resist the temptation of her backdoor. I pressed by tongue there, and swirled it around the escort tuzla glistening area. Hoping that she was too far-gone to realize the violation of the rules, I thrust my tongue into her ass and slide 2 fingers into her hot snatch.

She handed me a banana and told me to continue what I was doing. I peeled the banana and slide it between her pussy lips and over her clit. I varied the speed of the banana between fast and slow and would occasionally return my tongue to here depleting honey pool. My cock was throbbing with excitement, almost painfully. It was drooling, and begging for release. I was going to come soon, with or without her involvement if I continued looking at her hot ass.

We both knew that mutual orgasm was close at hand. She abruptly got up and walked out of the room to give me a breather saying, “I’ll be back.” I resisted the urge to stroke myself, knowing that I did not want to end the show too soon. After about a minute, she returned, walking with 2 fingers sliding out of your snatch. My cock had subsided from ‘Eruption Eminent’ to ‘Eruption Very Soon.’ I could feel an almost painful pressure that had gathered from the amount of cum she had worked up.

Approaching the chair, she instructed me to sit down. She immediately straddled me and pressed herself all the way down onto my throbbing cock. We both moan at the initial penetration, and I continued to do so. She moves herself up and all the way down, very quickly. We both know that we will be coming very quickly. I reach down to feel her asshole. My finger easily slides in from the lubrication of the honey, saliva, and banana. Again she jumped off of me, and left the rooms. My dick throbs on the brink of orgasm.

After another impossibly long minute or two she returns, and grabs the vibrator off the counter. I watch as she slides it all the way in and out of her hot snatch. She slowly turns around and backs herself in towards the chair. I’m not entirely sure what she has in mind at this point, but lust is making me incapable of controlling my actions. I press her slightly forward so that she can sit on my cock. I press my thumb against your ass, but you move it away, guiding my prick into your oh-so-tight backdoor. The usual slow initial penetration is quick this time, from all the earlier activities. “Oh My….,” I say while ½ closing my eyes. I can see her in the mirror lowering herself onto me. My orgasm is starting to boil. You turn on the vibrator and hand it to me. I push it up between your legs with my right hand as I crush both your tits with my left. I squeeze your breasts and fondle the nipples as I work the vibrator in and out of you. I can feel the vibrations with my member through your thin wall. You turn your head back to kiss me while using your powerful legs, to move up and down burying me deeper and deeper into your ass. I realizing I’ve been moaning for several moments and she starts to too as I can feel her pussy and ass start to orgasm. Your pulses squeeze my cock and the vibrator, as my cock spurts again and again into your ass. We cum, and cum, and keep moaning, for several moments, gently slowing down and gradually stopping. We fall to the floor exhausted. I pull you on top in a full body hug, all the rules of the game forgotten.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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