Hot Weekend Ch. 2

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Our lovers look down at us and smile, telling us it was their pleasure but it is their turn now. Panting we switch places with them. First we lick and kiss down their bodies, I work down and start to lick my cum off his cock turned so I can see you licking your cum from her wet pussy. They quickly work up to the edge of their own orgasms and explode into our hot hungry mouths with screams of ecstasy.

I turn to you and kiss you deep and hot as they catch their breaths. Watching us as you run your hands over me and I over you gets our male friend hotter and he turns to the woman and they start to copy our movements, the moans grow loud again as we all get hot and wet and hard once more. We look over at them and then I tell them to move a bit. I lay you down between them and slide onto your cock fucking it a few times to start us up. Turning my head to one side I tell the guy to please get up and fuck my ass, moaning out my request. With a long moan he does as I ask and climbs up behind me and slides his hard wet cock into my ass. You can feel it as it rubs against your cock buried deep inside me. The woman watches for a few minutes as the two of you set up an alternating rhythm. Then she gets up and runs her hands over our bodies and moves back. She lies between our legs and starts licking alternating between your balls and his as you both fuck me.

I moan and kiss you hard and deep as I go through multiple orgasms. As I hit my third orgasm she moves up to our heads and moves my head away from you topkapı escort and straddles your face demanding you lick her pussy. You do as she says and we all move and moan and the three of you start to cum. I shudder as first he fills my ass and then I feel the incredible heat of your sperm filling my hungry womb.

We all slump and he pulls out of me. Together the two of them go into the shower and clean up…and then they dress and with a kiss, fondle and fond smiles, the leave us.

Still lying on top of you, your cock still deep inside me I kiss you slowly, pouring the love of you that I hold inside into the kiss. When we finally break from the kiss I whisper to you plans for the next night.

The next day we go to a different bar. This one filled with many hot men that all find our erotic dance so so hot. Two men come up to us and start rubbing themselves against us both on the dance floor. At first you shudder but you look to me and see how hot I am getting and grin. You whisper to me and them and once more we leave for the room we used the night before.

This time the three of you strip me and lick and suck and stroke me to a shuddering orgasm…I moan and writhe and beg for cock and you gesture for the larger of the two cocks to lie down. He does and you pick up my sweat covered and flush body and you slide me onto his massive cock. He starts to rock up and down as I move on him. Then you gesture for the other man to move forward and he places his cock in my hot hungry mouth. fatih escort Between sucks I beg you to fuck my ass and you do. Sliding into me and once more I feel the incredible sensations that come from one cock sliding into me as the other moves out. You all fuck me slowly, driving me mad with need and desire. As I whimper and moan you pick up the pace. The sight of me sucking one cock as another fills my pussy making you fuck my ass harder and harder.

We all rock and moan for long long long minutes until the man in my mouth goes off like a rocket. Triggered by the sounds of his moans the man under me bucks harder, lifting us all off the bed and explodes inside me…and that heat and the hard pulsing of my ass and cunt cause you to spill your cum deep inside me. Like the night before we all slump and the cocks slide from me.

You go into the bath to clean your cock before coming back and you see me whispering to the men and stroking them back to hardness. We all smile at you with a glint in our eyes and I spread my thighs wide and tell you to come and fill me with your hard cock. You come over the sight of me once more making you harder than stone. You slip inside me and hard thrust, moaning and asking what the other two are going to do.

We all giggle and they get up off the bed and move out of your sight. I hold onto your face and kiss you deep and hold, squeezing your cock with my inner muscles till you are moaning and starting to go wild…then you feel one of the men behind you and eyüp escort the smaller man starts rubbing something cold and wet on your ass…you jump then moan as you feel fingers sliding into your ass….after a few moments, the fingers are replaced by a cock and he rocks at the same speed as you. With a shudder you buck harder into me and look at me dazed. I smile and kiss you more, then I lift your head and turn you toward a big thick cock. He rubs it against your mouth and with a whimper you take it into your mouth.

Slowly the tempo speeds up. The hard cock in your mouth slowly fucking your hot mouth till it goes down your throat. Your moans muffled but wild as the cock in your ass speeds up and you buck back and forth, driving first the cock deeper into you then your cock deeper in me. As before we are all moaning and writhing and drenched in sweat.

As the time passes we all go wilder and wilder till you taste the salty fluid of the cock in your mouth flooding you. Swallowing it down like a good cum hungry slut I mouth and lick the balls that are slamming into your chin. He pulls out of you to start jerking the cum all over our faces and the cock in your ass speeds up. He is grunting and moaning and he explodes into your ass sending you hard into my pussy and your cock explodes inside me as I explode around you.

Long whited out minutes later you feel the cock leave your ass and hear clothing rustling as the two dress and leave. I roll you onto your back and slide down, licking the cum off your skin. Once you are all clean I slide up you and press close to you, wrapping us in the blankets and purring you to sleep….I tell you we have one more day and you get to pick our next encounter….

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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