Hotel of Dreams Ch. 02


Chapter 2: We have more fun with Leslie and Max

I threw my clothes on and left the three of them. I heard their voices as I walked down the steps to check the phone, to make sure the rooms were ready for new customers. It was quiet. I made sure everything was ready for tomorrow’s breakfast and then went to our apartment, picked up a few things, changed my clothes and brought something extra for Leslie. Nothing for the guys though, except perhaps another bottle of wine–and my bag of toys as well.

I was no spring chicken, would they like me as I am? And then I thought of Russ and how much I loved him, his eyes, the kindness and I thought, who wouldn’t find him hot. What was all this sexuality for but for this glorious lightening of our lives, this lifting us up into pleasure?

As I walked up the stairs I realized that I was moving into something new. What had happened just a little bit ago was new for me. It was one thing to plan and talk and play with my husband, tantalizing him with my stories. But upstairs was a woman with my husband and her husband, and I was just about to join them, with my small bag of toys. I felt tingly between my legs but self conscious as I knocked on the door and I heard muffled laughter and when I opened it, I saw Russ tied on the bed wearing only the biggest grin I have seen in a long time, and with his cock waving straight up.

Lying on the other bed in the process of being tied up was Max who was naked as well. Oh yeah. The girls were in charge. I said to myself, baby you’re going to like this just fine.

I helped Max get tied down, and then I asked him if he would mind if I filmed him. He smiled and flashed me a big smile.

“But.” He said. “I want your bra off, leave the lacy top on and remove any panties under your skirt.”

I leaned toward Russ and slowly slipped my panties down over my hips. And then I slowly unbuttoned the white lace top and unclasped my see through bra. As I re-buttoned my blouse Russ spoke up:

“Stop right there honey. That’s good. I want us to see your tits slip in and out of vision.”

My pussy was beginning to really cream, and I focused on carefully setting up the laptop and turning the camera so viewers could see both guys were in the picture.

“Those are beautiful cocks” Leslie teased “don’t you think someone else needs to see them”

She opened up into an already active chat room. I could tell by the quickness of her connections that this was something she was familiar with doing. Within a few minutes Leslie read woman’s contribution from the chat line.

“Hey look at those two guys tied up sporting beautiful cocks straight up.”

Leslie moved out of camera and I handed her a long and slender vibrator. She took a minute to look at it Gaziantep Anal Escort and teased the guys by licking it along the side up and down as though it was one of their cocks. She turned it on and felt it hum. Her brown eyes sparkled. With one quick movement she hopped up to the edge of the desk placing her feet wide apart on the arms of the desk chair. She sat saucily out of shot of the camera, but in full view of both men, her knees spread wide and her pussy opening up, surrounded by trimmed light brown hair that glimmered with her pleasure. She slowly pushed the vibrator past her engorged pussy lips, slowly slipping it in and then pulling it out, running it over her pussy lips and touching on her little bud that was growing more and more prominent. I looked at the guys and their eyes were glued on her pussy. They were watching her helplessly as she moaned. I saw her pussy juices glistening and I commented.

“Guys you are missing out on this really beautiful pussy. Who wants to feel that warm wet pussy on their cock or in their mouth? Which should it be?”

Max said “Honey I want both and right now!”

I teased. “Wait a minute, you can’t have any until I say so…and first, I say, I get to have some fun.”

While the camera watched, I moved to Max’s bed and began licking his cock just around the tip. I glanced at the laptop just to make sure those watching could see his beautiful cock. Russ began instructing me:

“Honey move a little toward me now toward the bed, I am going to make sure everyone sees your pussy and his cock.”

I pulled my skirt up so my pussy could be seen just beneath the hem of my skirt.

“That’s good honey, you look so hot. Imagine the men looking at your beautiful pussy.”

His words were making me hot, and I began putting on a show, licking Max’s balls, sucking them into my mouth one at a time and then licking up his shaft, always making sure that the camera could see it.

Max’s eyes were fixed on Leslie and her beautiful soft brown pussy and the vibrator slipping in and out. At one point she stood on the chair, bent over at the waist so her pussy and ass were visible to Max and Russ. She began moving the vibrator in and out from behind. Max groaned.

Russ’ eyes moved from Leslie to me. He said. “Honey, I want you to slip off your skirt.”

Then he groaned and said, “Honey they can see your ass, your rosebud and your wet, wet pussy. I can smell you from here. I wish all those watching could smell what I smell–, the aroma of my wife’s pussy filling the room. She is so hot and ready to come, but not yet honey, there is more you need to do. My turn, sweet one, my turn. Come here now.”

I moved to my lover and bathed his balls with my tongue, gently covering each one. He moaned, and then Max said:

“Take off your blouse honey and let the camera see your beautiful tits, your nipples are so hard. And I want to see your wet pussy while your husband is getting his balls licked.”

I slipped my blouse down to the floor and felt the cold air tighten my nipples even more. Now the audience could not see my pussy, but Max had a view of Leslie’s and my pussy.

Leslie took charge then. “Honey I think your man needs a blindfold on. Cover his eyes with your blouse.”

I bent down and gathered my blouse, folding it over Russ’s eyes and kissed him lovingly and lightly on his lips. His kisses were so sweet. Then I returned to his balls. The woman on the chatline coached us, “Oh honey, lift up that beautiful cock”

And Max started in too. “Boy, Russ your wife’s pussy is so beautiful; all these people are watching you both. There are men who are playing with their dicks while watching your wife’s ass…and there are women touching themselves wishing they were sucking that cock of yours.”

Max’s cock was standing straight up as his eyes moved from his wife’s pussy to me licking Russ’s cock, presenting my backside and pussy to his eyes only. Then I heard Leslie’s soft steps as she moved behind me, turnng my bottom toward the camera and she inserted the vibrator into my pussy. It was suddenly so hot, I clenched against it as I thought of my husband on view, my ass on camera, people watching us. I began to moan, “Oh yeah, fuck me from behind”.

Max said “Come on Leslie, let me fuck her”.

Leslie looked at us, at Max, at the camera while she kept moving that vibrator in and out. I couldn’t last much longer and then I felt it pull away.

I saw her move to the bed and untie Max. She put the vibrator in his hand and said, “Your turn darling, Fuck us both.” With that she leaned over the bed and began licking Russ’s cock slowly.

Now Russ felt a different mouth and tongue on his cock. He could hear what was going on, and he knew that the camera and through the internet other people were watching Leslie lick his cock. I knew they could see the vibrator in my pussy, and, it felt so hot.

I heard Leslie groan with a mouthful of Russ. I was feeling impatient with the vibrator. I so wanted that cock in me. I heard him sliding in and out of Leslie as she moaned. Almost as though he understood, Max pulled his long cock out of his wife and began to push it into my ass. I had a vibrator humming in my pussy and Max’s long cock, covered with his wife juices, pushing into my ass. I felt an entire chat room watching. Leslie continued to lick my husband as her husband fucked my ass hard. I was beginning to get that woozy happy and then madly turned on feeling. As I was moving back and forth the vibrator slipped from my pussy and Max pulled out and pushed in again and again. He kept one hand behind me and on my back and as moved in and out ferociously, slamming into my ass. I came loud, so loud I was afraid I could be heard back in the regular rooms.

As I started to calm down, I noticed that Leslie had moved on top of Russ and was riding my blindfolded husband . Max was watching her bounce on him, her tits bouncing, her face flushed with ecstasy. With a groan, Max pulled out of me and squirted all over my ass. I shuddered with the pleasure of my second orgasm.

Max took the vibrator and pushed it into Leslie’s ass while she continued to ride Russ and he began fucking her ass with it. I moved up to Russ’s hands and freed them so he could touch Leslie’s breasts while she moved above him. She didn’t last long and neither did Russ. As he squeezed her nipples she screamed and shuddered a series of deep shudders and as I freed his legs, he turned her over and moved deeply into her grunting and thrusting deeply through his orgasm.

I climbed next to Russ and Leslie in the bed, and we sprawled over each other like puppies, caressing, laughing, kissing, and licking. And we slowly sank down from the high. Luckily, no one rang the bell.

We lay there for a while, and then Russ said, “I think I had better check the desk”.

Max, Leslie and I lay on the bed for a while talking, resting. Max and Leslie cuddled, and I felt like something to eat, so I put my clothes on and walked over the restaurant next door, where I picked up a few burgers and fries. I stopped at the apartment and brought out some fruit and some soda and went to look for Max and Leslie. Russ was checking some people in and I motioned to the ‘other wing’ and he nodded. When I got to room 214, Max and Leslie were dressing and I held up the dinner things.

They smiled and we all gathered on the other bed and ate quickly. We were famished and we finished before Russ returned for his food. While he hungrily devoured the rest of the food, Leslie filled him in.

“You know, we were thinking that what you need is a party to get this started. A party and a webpage. And a few changes in the room design. We are going to email you a few websites and Max is going to make a proposal for you… and,” Leslie continued, “You’ve got to get bigger showers!”

We spent the next hour or so talking about the plans, our money, and a time line. Max said he and Leslie decided they would front up some money and become silent partners. I shared that I had already researched and we could up our loan and we decided to throw ourselves into it. We were six months away from Halloween, and we started marketing for our first event: Masquerade For Couples & Singles, long dresses, revealing clothes, encouraged, although Masks would be the only clothing required.