House-Sitting with a Homosexual Pt. 04


After a very long wait, I am pleased to present the fourth part of House-Sitting With a Homosexual. This segment takes place four years after the third part and is set just a few days before Eric and Elena’s wedding when Daniel returns to Eric’s life. I hope you enjoy the story.


Elena and I sat across from each other at the kitchen table in our small apartment. We were going over all of our handwritten notes and lists for the second time this evening. We neglected to follow the typical course for wedding plans and were playing catchup now. The very first thing we decided on was a music playlist for the wedding reception. Then came reserving the reception hall and wedding chapel before deciding on caterers and a cake. Our focus had solely been on the afterparty at the reception thus far so we were only now getting to plan the actual ceremony.

This was the first time Elena and I had actually sat down to hammer out these details even though the checks for the church and reception hall had all cleared and the wedding was less than two months away. Invitations should have been sent out weeks ago. We didn’t even know who all we would invite.

Whenever I stopped to think about it, it was still amazing to me how much your life could change in just five years. In high school I was a cross-country and track star who almost won the 800 meter dash at the state finals. I had decent grades too and was awarded academic and athletic scholarships to the university of my choice where I planned to major in Computer Science. Back then I assumed I would spend most of my college years picking up girls and winning medals and trophies while studying occasionally.

That all changed when I met Elena at a mixer for the new residents of the freshman dormitory. Something about the two of us just clicked. We met only a week after both of us moved into the residence hall and I haven’t wanted another woman since. In the spring semester of our freshman year I suffered a debilitating injury to my knee that effectively ended my athletic career. The only upside to that unfortunate turn of events was that I had much more time to devote to my studies and more importantly to Elena and I’s budding romance.

Majoring in Computer Science Engineering proved far more difficult than I had anticipated and my CSE grades started slipping by the end of my sophomore year. The several summers I spent working on air conditioners as a mechanic for the Housing maintenance department piqued a curiosity in me to learn how things worked. These two things combined led to me switching my major to Mechanical Engineering. Elena would graduate with double majors in English Literature and Political Science. Between changing majors and focusing on two subjects it took us both five years to graduate. We received our degrees a few months ago and I proposed to Elena not long afterward.

I took Elena to our favorite art museum where there was a pretty little outdoor courtyard with trees and a fountain. I led her to the courtyard and while surrounded by flowering trees in full bloom I got down on bended knee and asked Elena to marry me. I told her that I hoped every day I could give her just a fraction of the happiness she made me feel and that if she committed to me I would love and serve her for the rest of our lives. Though I had little doubt what her answer would be, I still felt excitement and relief when she cried “Yes!” and jumped into my arms just as soon as she managed to quit sobbing.

Our engagement had always been a foregone conclusion. We knew within a few weeks of first dating that we would be together forever. My parents absolutely adored Elena and my father couldn’t stop telling me what a great decision I was making. Elena’s own parents were somewhat cold and standoffish toward me at first. They definitely didn’t approve of the fact that Elena and I had moved in together prior to getting hitched. But eventually they realized how deeply and truly I loved Elena and soon warmed to me. I’m sure it didn’t hurt my cause that I found a nice, well-paying job straight out of college.

I found employment the month after I graduated with a local HVAC company where I built and repaired air conditioning systems. These weren’t like the outdoor units for residences but rather the large air handlers that served commercial buildings and businesses. While I focused primarily on the maintenance aspect of the job, I soon drew accolades due to my attention to detail on the more technical aspects of the work. My superiors noticed my aptitude and encouraged me in my development by helping pay for some extra training I would undergo once all the wedding business had been taken care of. My bosses flat out told me that I was someone they believed would rise quickly to a foreman and management level and they wanted to be sure to hold onto me by assisting in my training. My career goal was to eventually become an inspector of newly installed systems and to assist in the design of new technologies.

Elena found employment as a receptionist Ataköy Escort in the district office of the local public school system where she could work while she took a year off of school before starting her graduate program. She planned to obtain a masters degree studying either educational or public policy. Considering how passionate Elena was about social issues like women’s and LGBT rights it seemed like the perfect fit for her. I could definitely foresee Elena someday sitting on boards or presiding over committees where she would probably either steamroll or outright demolish any opposition to her initiatives.

After graduating from college and getting a real job, I finally cut my shaggy hair that had been my hairstyle since my senior year of high school. Now I kept my dark brown hair short while retaining a bit more length in the front that I styled back in an attempt at a James Dean hairdo. I wore a well-trimmed beard that lent me a far handsomer appearance than when I was clean-shaven. I guess I just have a face well-suited for a beard.

Elena looked different too, though still pretty as ever with her round cheeks and cute button nose. Objective observers might not consider Elena beautiful due to her critical, piercing gaze that occasionally reminded me of a bird of prey’s glare. Elena also held a perpetual look of discontent on her face. This so-called “resting bitch face” was quite perplexing considering Elena was almost always happy. I never became bothered by these features though. The fact that I could make that face light up was so gratifying when I saw how beautiful Elena looked when she gave me the secret smile she shared only with me.

Elena wore less makeup than she used to, forgoing the deep black eyeliner and lipstick that she used to favor and instead applying more modest paint to her face. Elena dressed more professionally and far less provocatively as well, a change that I didn’t exactly welcome. The days of enjoying her body when dressed in short skirts or too tight tops were over now. Unfortunate, but completely understandable considering she was now working for a public school system. Her beautiful dark hair was shorter than the near waist-length locks she sported in college, only descending to her shoulders now. Elena also was much more likely to tie her hair back into a ponytail or pin it up into a bun than in the old days when she almost always wore her black hair straight.

Elena and I moved into the apartment we currently called our home a few weeks after graduation. The rooms were woefully small and the building itself was located in kind of a rougher neighborhood. The other residents at the apartment complex were mostly college students and immigrant families who didn’t speak English. Everyone seemed friendly enough though the police seemed to be in the building nearly every weekend for drugs or a domestic assault. Our rooms had been advertised as ‘garden level’ which was really just a code word for basement.

Yeah, it was admittedly a bit of a dump but we were trying to save money so we could buy a house as soon as possible. We didn’t want to spend the time, energy, and money needed to move to a larger, more expensive apartment when we could wait just a bit longer and purchase a house instead.

Elena and I had already combined our bank accounts and had bills, credit cards, and pretty much everything else in both our names in anticipation of our marriage. After carefully inspecting our finances, Elena and I estimated that in about six months we would have enough money for a down payment so we could then begin househunting seriously. Elena made a decent hourly wage at her job while I was bringing home pretty serious money for a recent graduate and it seemed my advancement within the company was set to occur rapidly. We just needed to spend another half a year here and then we could start pursuing our dreams.

“So it looks like my wedding party is set. It will be my sister as the Maid of Honor and Allie, Amber, Breana, and May for my bridesmaids,” Elena said as she looked down the list written on the notepad in front of her.

Elena looked very sexy and stylish tonight with her hair pinned up in a bun and wearing glasses with cats-eye lenses. I was still trying to convince her to wear the glasses while we had sex. She totally pulled off the sexy librarian look.

“Your Best Man will be Bryan of course,” Elena said, referring to my twin brother. “So then your brothers can fill out the rest of the groomsmen. But that leaves five attendants in my party to four in yours.”

I considered the discrepancy for a moment before answering, “I’ll ask Devin if he will be one of my groomsmen. He’s my oldest friend.”

Devin and I had been friends since preschool and we raced together as the two best runners on the varsity teams at our high school as well. The phrase ‘brothers in all but blood’ certainly applied to our relationship.

“Fabulous,” Elena said as she added Devin’s name to the list. “So glad we are finally figuring Ataköy Escort Bayan this crap out. We have attendants, we have a flower girl, and we have a ring bearer. Now we just need to decide on ushers. I was thinking I would choose one of my friends and you could choose one of yours.”

“I suppose I can ask Tri to do it,” I suggested. After Devin, Tri was the closest friend I’ve known since elementary school that I still hung out with regularly.

Elena chewed on her pen thoughtfully and said, “I suppose I will ask Daniel to be our other usher then.” Elena nodded to herself and jotted the additional names down on her notepad.

I worried this might be coming and as I had done for years I trained my face not to show any emotion at the mention of Daniel. Memories of him brought forth recollections best left forgotten.

A sudden flash of kissing a stubbled face in the shower as steaming hot water ran down our naked bodies pressed together. I’ll never forget the thrill I felt as an erect penis poked against my thigh for the first time. Daniel’s cock felt so thick and firm in my hand and it trembled as my fingers wrapped tightly around his shaft.

I remembered lying in bed bathed in the morning light with my hand sleepily caressing another man’s buttock. Daniel had such a cute, tight little bottom that I couldn’t help myself from squeezing it. My fingers traveled lower as I was suddenly overcome with the desire to explore the opening of his body.

How could I ever forget the view of a pair of hairless testicles dangling above my face as Daniel’s naked body laid atop mine? If I imagined looking across my body from that position I could still see his mouth engulfing my penis. His mouth and tongue felt so goddamn good when he was sucking me off. Fuck, now he was pushing his tongue against the tiny opening at the tip of my cock and flicking it over my peehole.

Oh God, now I was watching the lean, ropey flesh of Daniel’s back flexing upward as I held him by his bony hips and penetrated him from behind for the first time. When I came inside his asshole and felt the ecstasy of his anus clenching around my prick I knew I would never be the same.

My absolute favorite memory was looking down and seeing Daniel’s hands pressing against my thighs as he slid himself slowly up and down my cock and rode my pole. I watched his ass swallow my entire length and then spit it out again as he raised and lowered himself on my shaft.

“You seem surprised that I chose Daniel,” Elena said, snapping me out of my naughty memories and stealing back my attention.

“Not surprised,” I quickly covered. “I guess I wasn’t too sure if you guys were that close any more.”

Elena sighed and admitted, “You’re right. Daniel and I don’t really keep in touch any more. We send letters a few times a year but he’s been weirdly distant ever since he left for college. Still, he’s been my best friend since grade school. He’s getting invited at the very least and if he is coming we might as well put his ass to work.”

I really wish Elena hadn’t said anything about working Daniel’s ass. Now all I could think about was the sight of his sexy asshole gaping open as he pushed my cum out of his anus and let it drip to the floor beneath him.

“Besides, he is an honored part of my dating history,” Elena added. “He was my first kiss after all.”

My eyes widened with surprise and I said, “You never told me that before. What does that say about you and me that your first kiss was a gay dude?”

“Oh shut up, I thought I was totally in love with him when we were (ugh) twelve,” Elena said with a sigh of wistfulness. “Just goes to show how broken my gaydar is.”

Elena perused the handwritten list again and checked it against the wedding information she had recorded in a spreadsheet on her laptop. She looked over at me and grinned from ear to ear.

“This is really happening, isn’t it?” Elena said giddily.

I leaned across the table and kissed her upon her lips. “It’s really happening,” I echoed.


Two months later Elena and I stood in the main lobby at the local airport. We were just two days away from tying the knot. Daniel’s flight from New York had landed just a few minutes before and we were here to pick him up. We scanned the crowd of people departing from the luggage claim carrying their baggage and that’s when I saw him.

Daniel’s brown hair was longer than the last time I saw him. Not really shaggy, but instead slicked into a kind of spiky hairstyle that fit him well. His face appeared clean-shaven now rather than sporting the thin layer of stubble he had every other time I saw him. Daniel wasn’t wearing glasses and I wondered if he had switched to wearing contact lenses. His deep blue-gray eyes appeared even more luminous without frames covering them. He carried a backpack over one shoulder while he dragged a suitcase of luggage on wheels behind him. Daniel’s fashion was en pointe as usual, with tight, skinny black slacks and a nice white Escort Silivri and blue plaid shirt tucked into his waist. He looked absolutely gorgeous.

Daniel and Elena embraced warmly and he gave her a quick peck on her cheek. When they finished hugging he looked over and smiled at me as he extended his hand.

“Eric,” said Daniel. My name upon his lips generated a surge of excitement that I struggled to keep down.

I was hoping for more, hoping to feel his arms around me but this was all I would receive. I greeted him in kind and clasped my hand in his. I squeezed the palm of his hand in mine and felt a tingling sensation spread throughout my body. I wondered if Daniel felt it too.

Since our clandestine affair had concluded over four years ago I would reunite with Daniel only a few more times. But our meetings were always in the company of Elena and her other friends whenever he visited his hometown. He seemed very closed off whenever I tried conversing with him and the one time I brought up our past dalliance while Elena was out of earshot he shut down the conversation immediately. I understood that he wanted to distance himself and not interlope in the relationship Elena and I shared but I couldn’t help feeling frustrated with his dismissal. He wouldn’t even acknowledge what had happened between us, an event that I considered a beautiful thing even if it was cheating.

Now he was here again before me but Daniel seemed just as guarded as ever. Him and Elena caught up on their lives as we drove to Daniel’s parent’s house where he could drop off his luggage and spend time visiting with his parents. Daniel had been working in New York as an aide for a senator’s reelection campaign and Daniel nd Elena talked politics for most of the car ride.

We stayed and visited with Daniel’s parents for a while and we all had a couple glasses of red wine except for Daniel. Elena had of course known his parents for nearly fifteen years. Daniel’s parents seemed like lovely people who were very accepting of Daniel’s sexual orientation and proud of his courage in being so open about it. I couldn’t help feeling happy for Daniel that he had such supportive parents. My own parents would have likely been confused and disheartened if they ever learned of my secret bisexuality.

Daniel had never seen our apartment so after we visited with his parents for a few hours he followed Elena and I back to our apartment in his parents car. It was kind of embarrassing to show him what a dump we were living in but he understood it was temporary and had a good humor about it. Daniel joked snarkily about vines growing outside our basement windows and remarked how our landlords weren’t lying when they called this garden level. I made cocktails for everyone while we waited until it was time to go out again. Elena and I had two Manhattans each while Daniel slowly sipped from his one martini. It wasn’t even 5pm yet and I already had a healthy buzz going.

Tonight was my bachelor’s party so I was planning to meet my brothers and a few high school friends in an hour for dinner, drinks, and whatever other mayhem they had planned for me. Earlier on the drive back from the airport, I invited Daniel to come out with the rest of my attendants tonight. He gave a cute little shrug and said it sounded like a good time and that he would love to join us.

Daniel volunteered to be my designated driver tonight and he also promised to Elena that he would keep things from getting too far out of control. We were meeting the rest of my party at the tuxedo rental shop to be fitted for our tuxes and then heading to a grillpub downtown for dinner and more drinks. After giving Elena a good night kiss and receiving an admonishment not to do anything unreasonable this evening I turned to face Daniel.

“Looks like you get to be my chauffeur for the evening,” I told him.

“What, no hat?” Daniel joked. “What kind of cheapass business is this?”

“If you want a hat, I can get you a hat,” I fired back. “Can’t promise any tips, though.”

“Will you two stop flirting and get the hell out of here?” Elena asked snarkily.

Daniel and I both stared at Elena and then looked toward each other awkwardly.

“Is she a bitch like this all the time?” Daniel asked after a few seconds.

“Oh, constantly!” I groaned in jest. “Just wait until we’re actually married. The nagging and complaining is only going to get worse and worse.”

Elena kicked me in the shin and elbowed Daniel’s ribs hard enough to make him grunt. “Get out of here you assholes,” she said with a gleeful laugh. “Have fun tonight. But not too much fun!”

“Yes ma’am,” I replied sarcastically before dodging another kick.

I tamed my unruly fiancé by wrapping my arms around Elena’s waist and giving her a passionate kiss which made her stand on the tip of her toes. She extended the kiss by twining her fingers around the back of my neck and forcing her tongue into my mouth.

“Eww, how disgustingly hetero,” Daniel said as he made a face.

Elena responded by unlocking our lips and grinning at Daniel before giving him a quick kiss on the mouth as well. He sidestepped to try and avoid it but Elena couldn’t be denied. Then she slapped both of us on our asses and told us to get the hell out of her apartment.