How I Got My Wife To Try Black


I have always fantasized about getting my wife to have sex with other men especially a black man. But every time I brought up the subject she acted as she was not interested.

Let me describe my wife Linda she is 33 years old 5 foot 6, long blond hair, she has 38c breasts and a beautiful round butt. She looks a lot like a young Kim Basinger with bigger breasts. As for me I am 43 years old, 5 foot 9, 175 pounds average size cock.

My fantasies always involve my friend Mike. Mike is 6 foot 2 about 225 pounds very muscular and very black with a large cock that I have seen in the locker room. I have told Mike about my fantasy and he told he was willing if we could figure out a way to seduce her.

I put a plan into action; I started renting hard core movies to spice up our sex lives. After a few weeks I made sure the movies included interracial scenes. I also started to notice that she seemed more enthusiastic every time they showed a black guy fucking a blond.

One day she innocently asked “if all black men were as big as they appeared in the movies”.

I said “no but many are including our friend Mike”

She then started asking me questions about Mike and how big he was. I told her I wasn’t sure exactly how big he was when he was hard but he was at least 6 inches long hen soft. She was really getting into it as I described mike’s cock to her.

The weeks turned into months but I noticed that she started renting movies herself to bring home and they were always interracial. One day I told her that all the money we had invested in the stock market was lost and we were flat broke and that we needed to make extra money.

I showed her an ad looking for models. She said she was not comfortable having strangers taking pictures of her and I told her I had a solution to the problem I would take the pics and sell Bostancı Öğrenci Escort them to the magazines, and we would recoup most of the money we lost. She was okay with the idea, then I told her to make the maximum amount of money we needed her to pose with another person preferably someone black because they paid more for interracial pictures, and of course I suggested Mike as the model.

She agreed to try it out but that she could stop at anytime if she got uncomfortable and she only wanted to take lingerie pics not nudity, I told her that would be fine.

So the weekend came along and I called Mike over, as he entered the house you could tell that Linda was really nervous, she had on her house coat with a light blue teddy underneath.

We all went into our bedroom and Mike began to undress down to his boxers, the whole time Linda could not keep her eyes of him as she noticed the bulge in his shorts. I asked Linda to taker off her house coat so we could begin. As Linda removed her house coat I told her to stand in the corner and I told Mike to stand next to her and to help her take it off as I began taking pics. Mike black hands looked so dark next to Linda’s skin. When her robed was removed I asked Mike to stand behind her and to kiss her neck. That is one of Linda’s weaknesses and I knew I could get her hot by having Mike kissing her there. I made sure to take my time as I took the pics. Mike had his hands wrapped around her stomach as he kissed her neck and you could see Linda beginning to melt.

I asked Linda “is it okay for Mike to lower your straps off your shoulders it will look real sexy” she just nodded and Mike began to lower the straps as I clicked away. I instructed Linda to reach behind her and to grasp Mike’s ass. I heard Linda gasp because as she reached back to grab his ass he UN Bostancı Çıtır Escort intentionally pulled him into her and she could feel his hardness on her ass. I nodded to Mike and he lowered the straps even further exposing her breasts, Mike then raised his hands and cupped her breasts as I clicked away. I then told them to stop and take a break as I reloaded the camera.

I then told Linda it was silly to go this far without taking a few nudes since all the money we would make was in taking nude pics. She agreed to let me take a few nudes of the two of them. I told mike to sit on the edge of the bed and for Linda to stand next to him. He them began to slowly lower her panties as I took more pics. After she was nude I told them to switch positions and I told Linda “honey slowly takes his boxers off for the camera”

Linda wrapped her fingers on either side of his boxers and slowly lowered them until Mike’s hard on sprang out and hit her on her chin which startled the hell out of her. She was staring at this beautiful big black cock that must have been ten inches. I told her “Linda grabs a hold of it so I can take some real sexy pics” As in a daze Linda took a hold oh his cock as I clicked away, she was slowly stroking him without me telling her to do it. I told her to get a little closer to it so it would look like she was blowing him. She put her mouth within an inch of his cock as I clicked away. I then told them I wanted to take some other pics so Linda reluctantly let go of his cock.

I told them to get on the bed, and for Linda to get on her knees and Mike to kneel behind her. I told Mike to point his cock at her ass as if he was about to fuck her. Mike did just as I said but I told him his cock needed to be closer to her ass. Mike proceeded to lay his cock on her ass as I took more pics of the two of Bostancı Elit Escort them, by now Linda was super horny; she had that glazed look on her face that only I knew. I told Linda that I could not get a good shot unless she reached behind her and pulled her ass apart for the camera. So Linda obeyed my wishes as Mike got even closer and aimed his cock at her pussy. I told Mike to put his cock close enough so It looked like he was about to fuck her. Mike put his cock so close that his cock was touching her pussy hairs. I told Mike to get a little closer and his cock was now touching her lips. I told them not to move as I clicked away. I then nodded to Mike and he pushed his cock into her pussy as fast and as hard as he could, I heard Linda gasp as she felt Mike’s cock invading her pussy and Mike started to fuck her real nice and slow as I took more pics. Linda had her face buried in the pillow as Mike fucked her good. I gave up all pretenses of taking pics and took out my cock and masturbated as I watched the two of them fucking. Mike pulled out and laid on the bed and I watched Linda Raise one leg over him and lower her pussy onto his hard cock slowly descending inch by inch until she was fully impaled. I watched Mike grab her ass as she rocked up and down on his cock. Mike then flipped her over and put her legs on his shoulders as he really fucked her hard, I heard Linda started to scream as she came and Mike erupted into her pussy as he exploded with a huge orgasm.

When he pulled out you could see all the sperm leaking out of her pussy that now looked like a cave because Mike’s cock was so big. Linda had this beautiful smile as I cam up to her and she grabbed my hair and pulled my face to her pussy and begged me to eat her out. What could I do? So I licked her pussy thoroughly as Mike got dressed and left our home. She thanked me for having the best time of her life as I crawled up and sank my cock in her pussy and fucked her the rest of the night.

Now all I have to do is to convince her to lick Mike’s wife’s pussy, but that is another story.

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