How I Met Margret

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I hadn’t planned on this day coming before the end of my college life, let alone after my second year in. I And I absolutely didn’t expect to be marrying a woman that was old enough to be my mother, becoming nothing more than a “Trophy Husband”. But life does that to you sometimes. And I was absolutely no exception to its powers. Maybe it was my fiancé’s voluptuous curves, her long blonde hair as it slowly started to fade to grey, her size 36c breasts, or even the fact that she had the mouth of a goddess. Either way, I am happy to be given such a wonderful woman here to hold until death do us part. Listen to me, I’m getting ahead of myself. Allow me to explain just exactly how this all came to be.

It was the end of my senior year and heading into the summer that would change everything. My best friend Donald and I were standing there in the sea of our fellow classmates, talking about what we were on to next. Donald, the all-star quarterback, was off to play ball in the best offensive team in the ACC, the Clemson Tigers. Meanwhile, I was simply going to head off to the local community college to get my career in Graphic and Design. I wanted to be a video game designer, but didn’t want to leave my hometown. So with our two paths leading two separate ways, Donald and I would say our goodbyes and off we went.

That summer, I had the best summer possible. At first, it started off quite mediocre, but at the end of July, I was enjoying every last second. At 19 and a life of energy ahead of me, I traveled to the campus area and rented out a small 2 bed room house. My school didn’t have student dorms, but it did offer assisted living and students got great discounts. After moving everything into my new home I would meet my new friend, and soon-to-be step son, Dalton. He had come over to bring me brownies that his mother had baked. I wasn’t exactly gullible, and knew what they really were, but I accepted the brownies anyway and invited him into the house.

The two of us shared the brownies as we played the new Halo and Gears of War games on the Xbox. It wasn’t long before he and I finally began to reach personal topics. At first they weren’t too personal. I explained that I was here to pursue my degree and that I just didn’t want to stay with my parents any longer. After all, what student would after being stuck under strict rules since birth? Anyway, after more chit-chatting, Dalton asked me if I wanted to join him and a few buddies as they went down to what they called “The Watering Hole”. In reality, the place is nothing more than a local Drive-In style restaurant where all of the sexy young college girls go.

Of course, being the horny 19 year old that I was, I accepted the offer. While there, I found out that my purpose was mainly to play wingman. I had no problem with that, except for the simple fact that I didn’t know Dalton or his friends that well. Even still, I managed to do okay with the situation given and I even got the numbers of a few sluts who were having “Daddy Issues”. Finally, when all the potential left the spot, Dalton returned and felt like getting a few beers. Of course, I wasn’t 21 and neither was he, but that didn’t stop us from going… in fact, the bouncer at the door was actually Dalton’s brother and let us in.

It was in this bar that I found my future wife, and Dalton’s mom. At first everything was going fine. Dalton and I were having drinks, and I even had my tongue kocaeli escort down the mouth of a waitress who wore nothing but the usual “Daisy Duke” get up that was so common for a country bar like the one we were in. Why was a black man that happened to listen to the most hardcore gangster rap inside of a country bar? Well, I’m not too sure about that, other than the fact that I was getting wrecked.

Finally, as I began to rub my hands across the breasts of the slut in my lap, I heard the sound of Dalton yelling at the top of his lungs at the bartender demanding a beer. The altercation would only get worse as Dalton reached across the bar and punched the bartender right in the jaw. Of course, no man’s going to take being punched in public lying down unless he’s a Bitch Boy. Hopping over the counter in one fell swoop, the giant roid raging bartender wrapped his hands around the throat of Dalton and began to squeeze the life out of him until Dalton’s brother and I came and broke it up.

“Marty! Marty!” Dalton’s brother shouted as he and I pulled the two apart. “I got this… just go back to making drinks.”

Dalton, his brother, and myself all left the bar and waited until Dalton’s mother, Margret, came pulling up in her soccer mom type van and ordered him back into the van. Dalton told his mom that I lived next door to them, and that I had saved him from getting into anymore trouble, so they gave me a lift back to the neighborhood. As we pulled into his drive-way, his mother stopped the van and told Dalton to head into the house. Of course, Dalton didn’t like the idea and went up there with an attitude.

Meanwhile, I started to get out of the van when I heard Margret speak up. “Thanks for saving my son today. I don’t know what I’d have done if something had happened.”

“Oh it’s no problem… I have brothers at home who get the same way, so I’m used to it” I admitted to my new neighbor as she smiled from the front seat.

“Well part of the way he acts could be my fault. I wasn’t exactly the picture perfect mother when he was growing up, and didn’t really give him much support in the things he wished to do. Now he’s become a wreck and I have no clue what to do from here,” she admitted to me as she leaned her head back and placed her hand on her forehead, as if she were rubbing out a headache of sorts. At that time, I took the time to slide into the front passenger seat to help get to a more eye connection with her and listen better.

“Mrs…” I struggled to remember her last name in my tipsy state.

“Just call me Margret, sweetie. No need for formality,” she replied.

“Well, Margret, I don’t think you’ll have much to worry about with Dalton. He’s a good guy from what I can gather. I mean, he wasn’t so much of a trouble tonight, and I think he’s got himself together from what he told me after I finished moving in. And besides, a beautiful woman like you shouldn’t be worried so much.” I admitted to Margret as she smiled from my encouraging words. I suppose that she could tell from my voice tone that it was meant as that, but also in a flirting way. Whatever it was that she felt, it made its move on me in a hurry.

As she looked me in the eyes, and I her, she leaned in and began to kiss me. Not sure why, but I didn’t refuse the advance she made to me. Instead, I kissed back and allowed her tongue to enter my mouth as my hands reached over and massaged the back of her darıca escort neck. The moment our two lips broke apart, it felt as if time stood still and the two of us were all alone. But then, reality reared its ugly head as the street light on the corner flickered and startled us.

By this time, Margret and I were feeling both horny and worried that someone, mainly Dalton, had seen what happened. Looking around, we saw that we were clear to proceed, but I didn’t want to risk being caught. Placing my index finger on her lips, I gave her a shush before exiting the van. I walked over to her door and opened it, just like all men should do for a lady. Taking her hand in mine, I helped her out of her seat until she was leaned up against my body. I admit that I’m not a perfect washboard abs kind of guy, but I did manage to maintain a decent body. I guess my time with my old friend Donald at the gym paid off after all.

With Margret in my arms, I leaned in and kissed her one more time before the two of us walked into my new home. Of course, boxes and furniture made it somewhat difficult to move around, but we finally made it to my bedroom. I was so relieved that I had put my bed together earlier as I looked at the beautiful piece in my arms and began to kiss her once more as I back peddled to the bed. At that very moment, Margret reached down to my pants and began to pull out the semi-tucked shirt. Raising it over my head, I let her throw my shirt to the side before locking her in another kiss.

Pushing me back onto the bed, Margret looked me in the eyes before giving me a seductive grin before she climbed up and straddled me. Leaning forward, Margret turned on the lights and looked me in the eye before admitting that she liked looking at her body as it got a good fucking. I had absolutely no problem with that, and was more than willing to give her what she wanted. Pulling her shirt off her beautiful body, I threw it to the side and admired as her beautiful breasts sat in that red satin bra and fit perfectly in the cusps of my hands as I worked them over.

Throwing her head back, she began to grind me as I continued to rub her breasts. “Please… please suck them for me,” she whispered before reached behind her back and unsnapping her bra and letting it fall naturally. I leaned forward and rubbed her left breast before licking it with my tongue. Her nipples sprung to life as she began to let out soft moans with every suck I took on the nipple. Continuing with my desires to make her happy, I rolled Margret over until she was on her back. Still rubbing her breasts, I slowly kissed down her tight body before I reached her pants. Through her pants, I could smell the natural heat of her body seeping out.

I wanted to go farther, but I didn’t want to do anything she didn’t. Looking up to her eyes, I waited until she gave me the answer I needed.

“Yes… yes…” she whispered softly as I unbuttoned her pants and slowly unzipped, exposing her red thong that matched the bra she had on earlier. Pulling everything off of her, I spread her legs to the side as I crawled back to her spot and began to softly blow on it. The mixture of cool air and her wet spot sent pleasure up her back as she begged me to make her mine. Softly rubbing my thumb across her clit, I leaned in and licked her. Softly at first, just so that she could get used to my tongue… but soon I drove my entire tongue into gölcük escort her pussy and sucked on the skin of it after every fourth or fifth lick. She was going crazy, bringing herself to her forearms and grabbing my head… begging me to lick her some more. With pleasure, I continued to lick her in her womanhood until finally, her legs tightened around my neck and her juices oozed out of that beautifully trimmed pussy. After licking up every bit, I looked up at Margret and saw the sheer joy in her eyes.

“Holy shit…” was all she could say as she put her hands on my chin and motioned me back to her lips. She kissed me with fiery passion while moving her hands to my pants. Unbuttoning them the way I did hers earlier, Margret wasted no time pushing my pants to the ground and grabbing a hold of a rock hard 10 inch cock. Feeling the big meat in her hand, her mouth flew open with excitement as she jerked me with it. Positioning myself between her legs, I let a confident smile crease unto my face as I knew she was ready to succumb to my very wishes. I knew she was ready, and I was too, but I didn’t want to miss this opportunity to tease her.

Tapping my cock against her clit, I looked at her body as it wanted… no… as it craved for me to make it mine. I slowly put my tip just at her entrance, rubbing it softly, and she shivered once more. Sliding in slowly, I inched my way into what had to be the most wet and absolutely tightest pussy I could ever fill around my cock. “Oh…. Fuck!” she cried out loud in between her moans of pleasure as I continued to slide into her slowly.

Half way inside her body, I pulled my cock back a few inches and pushed it in further. Her body reacted as the pleasure shot through her body and the walls of her great pussy fit to my member. I pulled out and thrust once more into the great wetness around my cock, only this time harder. Soon, I began to pick up the speed and thrust even harder until the springs in my bed began to cry with every rock we made. I began to fuck her the way her body wanted me to, but knew that I couldn’t last much longer. Slowing down, I began to control my thrusts just as her body began to tighten once more around my cock and I could feel her orgasm. The walls pulling tighter on my cock sent me into overdrive and I gained the pace once more. No longer being gentle, I began to fuck my new friend’s mother with everything I had and she whined for me to fuck her more.

“Give me that big, fat cock!” she yelled as I leaned backwards and pushed her legs towards her stomach. With my right hand, I began to rub her clit while I thrust more and more into the whore that was in my bed. That’s right, I said whore. Her breaths began to become shorter and shorter, I knew she was getting a third orgasm. I sped up even more, and soon felt it slipping. Looking down, I waited for her to give me a place to cum when suddenly her walls grasped tighter to my cock and took every drop of my seed. Slowing down the pace, I kept thrusting before leaning forward and locking my lips with hers. Our lips broke, and she placed her hand on the back of my neck, rubbing behind the ears. “Shit! That was amazing…” she said before leaning back onto my bed and closing her eyes, drifting to sleep. I let my spent cock slip out of her, and soon-too fell onto the bed.

As I laid on my back, Margret rolled over and wrapped an arm and leg around me. “You are a god” she whispered before closing her eyes. I put my hands behind my head and took time thinking about the amazing fuck I just head. Drifting off to sleep, I soon knew that my life had a purpose now. I knew that I had found my woman, and someday she was going to my wife.

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