How James and I Started Together

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It was a Friday night in southern California. I had been checking the M4M section recently and found someone to respond too. After a long back and forth conversation, and a nervous wait, we finally met up. All he wanted to do was give me a blow job, but our night ended up going a little different. My name is Alin, and this was the first time I met James.

After a semi awkward ride from the McDonald’s we met at, back to his house, I finally sat down on James’s couch and we began to make out. It felt kinda weird to be going so fast, but as nervous as I was, I knew it would be better to just go with the flow. James was using his tongue and also feeling me up at the same time. I started to feel him up too. I could feel him getting harder in his gym shorts, and I knew I was getting hard too. Soon I felt my hands going under his shorts and grabbing his massive cock. I opened my eyes wide and looked into his. My look of shock at how big he was, was met with a smile from James.

“You want to take this back to my room?” he asked.

“Oh my god, yes!” I replied.

On the way back to his room, we held hands. As soon as we got in, he pushed me onto his bed and began to kiss me anew as I laid back. I reached my hand down to his crotch and began to feel his massive dick again. It had to be at least 8 inches. I had never had sex with another man before, and needless to say, I was wrapped up in the heat of the moment. I pulled his gym shorts down and realized he wasn’t wearing underwear. He was ready for the night.

After a bit more kissing, I asked “Do you want to fuck me?


“Do you want to fuck me?” I repeated. A little louder this time.

The look on his face said that he wanted to, but our arrangement was just for him to give me a BJ. But I wanted more now. I needed more now.

“Um… yeah, but I’m just supposed to suck you off. Are you sure this is what you want?”

“If you want to fuck me, and you have a condom, then fuck me.”

“Ok, give me a second.”

He went to his night stand and took out a tube of anal lube and a condom. I quickly stripped out of all my clothes and laid there on his bed looking at him. He stripped out of his clothes too, and I realized that I was wrong about 8 inches. It Bakırköy Escort had to be at least 10, and it was thick too. This was going to hurt. He climbed on to the bed and spread my legs with his knees. He leaned down and I felt something squeeze past my tight hole. It had to be the lube. Suddenly I felt his lips around my hard 5 inch cock and he began to suck me off slightly. It was amazing. It felt so good that I almost came. “Baby, no!” I said.

“Ok, I just thought it would help you relax. You are super tight down there.”

“I know. I’ve never been with a man before so its going to be a little tight.”

“Alright, I’ll be gentle… at first.”

Soon I felt his massive head pressing at my tight hole. He pushed a little and the head started to penetrate me. He did go slowly at first. But as he worked his way in, and went deeper and deeper, he began to go faster. I was in a lot of pain. I reached back and grabbed his pillow and put it over my face. I bit into it to try and take my mind off of it. Bright lights of pain erupted in my vision as my tiny hole strained to take his gigantic cock. But soon, my pain turned to pleasure as my hole stretched out. I placed the pillow back under my head and began to moan like a little bitch. He sensed my pleasure and began to pound me. Harder, faster, harder, faster. I soon felt that he was up to the hilt. I couldn’t believe that I was taking the whole thing.

He pounded in and out of me for a good long time. It felt so good, I could feel my dick slapping back against my stomach with each thrust from James. “Mmmmm baby! you feel so good!” I screamed

“Oh baby so do you! your boy pussy is so tight! I wish I didn’t have this rubber on!”

“I know babi, I’m sorry, but we just can’t be too careful.”

I knew about the risks, and trust me, I wanted it bareback, but I was afraid that I’d get a disease. The pounding continued as I heard the raw sounds of man meat slamming into boi pussy. I could hear the juices sluicing in and out as his hard cock penetrated me over and over again. Suddenly, I felt James pull out and I feel a sudden sense of emptiness. I heard him say to me, ” Roll over, I’m gonna take your ass pussy from behind.”

I complied with what he said, and flipped Bakırköy Escort Bayan over to my knees. As soon as I put my face down into the pillow, and put my ass back into the air, I felt his strong hands grab my hips. In one swift motion, he pulled my face off the pillow, my hips and legs back, and his cock right into my slippery wet ass hole. Soaked in lube, he didn’t have any trouble slipping back in. It felt a little different than before, but I could’t quite figure out why. I didn’t care though. I was in heaven. I felt like such a little sissy boy. Here I was, a skinny little white boy, getting absolutely railed in the ass by a big black man with a ten inch cock.

“OH MY GOD!” I cried out. “Your cock is amazing! You have to let me suck it before you blow your load! If you can’t cum in my ass, I want you to pull your condom off, and let me suck the cum out of it!

“Ok slut. I’ll let you know when I’m about to cum.” James said in between thrusts.

What happened next I did not see coming. Literally, and figuratively. Just a few short minutes after he began taking me from behind, and I had told him what I wanted to do, and where I wanted him to cum, I felt James’ cock begin to swell. ” OH babi! Your about to cum! Quick, pull out and let me suck it!” I said.

I was so excited, having a man about to cum in my mouth after fucking me, that I felt my own little dick shoot off and spray a little bit of jiz onto his sheets. “Hurry babe! Let me suck it!”

“Na, we’re gonna do it how I want! MMnnnggghhhh!! AAHHHHH!!”

I hear James start to climax, and I try to pull away, but James has such a strong grip on me, I couldn’t get off of his massive cock. “Babi! I want your cum in me! Let me suck it quick!” I shouted.

“Oh you’re going to get my cum in you. You just ain’t gonna swallow it!”

Suddenly, I realized why it felt different doing it doggy style, rather than missionary. When he had pulled his cock out, he had pulled his condom off. I was being fucked raw dog, by a man, who I had just met. And then I felt it. His massive cock erupted in my smashed asshole. I felt the warmth of it surging up into my bowels. After it went as far in my guts as it could, the pressurized seed began to flow around his cock Escort Bakırköy and out my ruined hole, dripping down my legs and his. James leaned forward and pinned me to the bed, and kept pumping his seed in me. If i had been a girl, I’d be pregnant, with or without birth control, there was so much cum.

After he stopped spurting semen into me, he pulled out with a loud slurping sound. I felt the weight of his softening cock drag against my leg and smear cum and other body fluids all over it. He stood up and looked at me.

“I’m sorry I did that to you. But you should know that you’ll be fine. I don’t have any diseases, and I could tell from the moment we met, that you were a virgin. Then, when I felt how tight your hole was I was almost positive. But when you told me you had never been with another man, I know for sure that you were a virgin”

“I don’t know if you’re clean or not!” I said angrily. “You could have just given me AIDS! And I could have given you something from all the girls I’ve been with!”

“Ha! You with a girl! You’re more likely to Be a girl, than be WITH a girl. And trust me, you didn’t get anything from me. If you want, we can go get you tested in the morning. I’ll pay for it too. But if you’re clean, we come back here for a little bit more fun. Deal?”

“NO! No deal! I am going to go get tested, but I am going right NOW!” I shouted.

I moved to the edge of the bed. I could still feel the gaping hole of an ass I had, dripping with manly seed. I moved my legs off of the side of the bed and moved to stand up. My legs quickly dropped out from underneath me. I couldn’t stand up. As a lay there on the carpet, semen seeping out of me, I felt James put something in my ass.

“What is that?” I asked, still angry, but starting to realize just how amazing his cock was.

“I know you might not think you need it, but it’s a tampon. It’ll help keep all the cum that’s still inside you from leaking out. If you want, I can get you to my truck and we can go to the clinic right now.”

“No…” I said, sounding forlorn and feeling like a jerk. “It’s ok. We can go in the morning. Can you just get me back into the bed? I’m really worn out, and I don’t think I can make it up there myself.”

“Sure” he said. “Gimme your hand.”

I was soon back into James’ bed. I could feel the tampon slowly soaking up all the cum. It felt good. It felt girly. It was a feeling I had never had before, but I really liked it. As I lay in his bed, I started to drift off to sleep, and I had the most wonderful dreams…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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