How to train your teen


Nick opened the fridge, pulling out one of his beers before moving into the living room and sitting down. His wife was out for the weekend with her parents, and her step daughter had to be watched, so here he was, missing his weekend to stay home. He sighed and leaned back on the couch, taking a long deep drink.

Isabel closed her book, her homework finished. Her phone vibrated, and she smiled at herself, walking down the steps. “Hey Nick!” She called, over the staircase railing. “I’m going out with my friends tonight. Maybe you can go with yours so you aren’t alone?” She offered.

Nicks eye twitched as he leaned farther back in the seat. Well way too late now…. “Alright, have fun.” He told her, sighing as he lifted the remote and changed channels.

“Alright thanks!” Isabel dodged up the stairs, quickly changing. She put on something far better looking than what she would normally wear to school, walking back down. “Did
You call any friends?” She pestered, grabbing her coat.

Nick shook his head, closing his eyes as he leaned back. “No they will have already left.” He explained, unable to find anything on the TV. He just sipped his beer, wondering what to do, perhaps watch a movie.

Isabel sighed slightly. “Okay..” She pulled on her shoes. “Have a good time.” She rolled her eyes to herself, figuring all her mother’s boyfriends would turn out boring, and undetermined.

Nick didnt respond and just headed for the bedroom, deciding he would check his emails quick. He could probably torrent one off of the internet too. He sat down on the chair, a little surprised too feel it was still warm. After shaking the mouse the screensaver faded, revealing Isabel’s account was still on. In the center of the page, was a few messages. “Isabel, come here for a moment.”

“Yes?” Isabel walked up the stairs. She leaned against the door, her eyes widening. “Oh it’s fine let me just log out.” She said briskly, walking over, trying to ignore his subject.

As she made it over to him, Nick quickly grasped her wrist hard. “If you dont want your mother to find out you better sit the hell down.” He told her, staring without sympathy. “How much older are these guys? Some of them have pictures of their wives.” He told her, tapping his foot slightly.

Isabel yelped loudly, falling into the chair against the wall. “College!” She screeched, trying to pull her wrist away. “It’s probably just a girlfriend or something!”

“You told this one that you swallow your step dads cum every night.” He looked over, cocking an eyebrow. “Any smart comebacks?” He asked again, turning with a glint in his eye.

“I was just kidding!” Isabel turned red, her eyebrow furrowing in disbelief. “I’ll just stop talking to them okay?” She stood, waving her hands up around her.

Nick stared, before pushing her hard, so she landed on the bed. “Do you realize how slutty you sound, how many people have you even done this with?” He demanded, gritting his teeth. “Not only that, but you lied to them.”

Isabel screeched, her arms flailed. She stared at him before sitting up, her eyes landing on the floor. “I’m sorry..” She began to cry slightly, wiping her eyes.

Nick got out of the computer chair and sat down next to her on the bed, thinking. “So you like the idea of doing your step father?” He asked calmly, tapping his foot slightly as he looked back to the screen.

Isabel wiped her eyes, giving him a wide eyed look. “No!” She practically jumped off the bed. “Your gross for marrying someone way older than you, like my mom!” She felt like puking, she hunched over slightly. “I’m going.”

Nick’s anger flared up and he grabbed her wrist roughly, glaring. “Im not the one doing ‘this’ with a bunch of people online!” He commented, pulling her wrist down farther so his other hand could grasp her hair. “Your mom has been too soft on you. You’re disrespecting yourself, and me!” He pulled her over his lap, raising one of his hands before bringing it down hard on her ass.

“Let go of me!” Isabel yelled, scrambling and tripping to pull at his hands. “Because she’s Sikiş hikayeleri always hanging with losers like you!” She kicked and elbowed at him. “She’s never ho-” Her voice cut off into a scream. “Stop!” She tried to raise her feet up on his leg so she could spring off.

Nick grumbled, pulling down on her harder. “Quite yelling and hold still!” He ordered, giving her ass another hard slap. “Im tired of you being so immature, so stop it! Im your elder!”

Isabel cried harder, her mobility to move toughened. “I don’t listen to 29 year old guys who marry my mother!” She screeched, trying to put away from him, angry whimpers exiting her throat. “Let me go!”

nick pulled her lower clothing down, exposing her bare ass. “That right?” He spanked harder, her ass turning a deep red. “I dont listen to spoiled brats who think they can get away with anything.” His fingers slipped between the crack of her ass, before slamming back down on her tender cheeks.

“I’m not a spoiled brat!” Isabel squealed unhappily, her body thrashing around. “STOP!” She screamed again, hoping maybe someone would hear her.

“Prove it.” Nick demanded, pushing her down on the bed, her wrists pinned above her head. “All you ever do is is degrade me and i’m tired of it. From now on, you WILL treat me proper.” His body was on top of hers, his mind wondering what to do next.

“No I won’t!” Isabel writhed, her body shook slightly out of fear and adrenaline. “You fucking asshole! Get off me before I tell my mom!” She kneed at him, her arms tugging at his grip.

Nick brought his knee down into her gut, his expression sour. “You tell her and i’ll show her the nasty shit on that computer.” He threatened, his face not looking away from hers. “She wont believe you, I’ll just tell her your saying it so that she will be mad at me instead of you.” Nick brought his mouth to hers, licking her neck.

Isabel coughed, feeling her stomach turn. “She always believes me!” She fired. “I’ve broken her up with jackasses like you before. I can do it again.” She screeched, her body squirming. “You pervert!”

Nick pushed his mouth on her’s as a hand cupped her breast, his free one keeping her own hands at bay. “You dont like what you pretended you got? hmmm?” He laughed, pushing his tongue into her mouth.

Isabel began to cry, her body felt weak and tired. “Leave me alone!” She spat, her knee aiming to hit him in the groan. “Just get off! I won’t tell!”

Nicks leg moved to take her hit and he shook his head. “Stop resisting already, if you imagined it so bad you can have it.” Her next few words made him smile. “Of course you wont! Just like I’ll keep your little problem a secret.” He pulled her shirt up, expossing her bra.

“I didn’t want it!” Isabel screeched, pouting. “I won’t tell anything if you just get off!” She squeaked, trying to wiggle free. “Put my shirt down! Stop!”

His hands wiggled under her skirt, pressing hard on her clit while the tips of his fingers wormed around the opening. He didnt bother answering, instead just groped her chest while he rubbed her small snatch, no longer caring to keep her hands down.

Isabel took her hands and began to beat on him. “GET OFF!” She awkwardly screamed, closing her legs shut. “STOP!”

Nick let go of her breast, grabbing her hair and bending her head back. “Stop or else.” He told her, bending it back further as his fingers forced their way into her tiny opening. “Your going to do what I want, or else I will tell your mother that you tried to provoke me, and if I have those messages I already saved, she will believe me.” He looked at her lips, grinning as he decided thats where he would start.

“OW!” Isabel grabbed his hands. “It’s not like she can disown me!” She cried, wiggling her hips away as she writhed again. “Please..” She mumbled hoarsely. “This is rape!” She screeched.

His face looked down seriously. “Yes, it is.” He wiggled the bit of his fingers that were inside, beginning to free his cock. “It can be rough, or painful. your choice.”

“You fucking jerk.” Isabel Sex hikaye sneered, her tired body relaxing. She couldn’t win. And she was scared to death, wheezing from fear and in between cries. “Isn’t it the same?” She sniffled hard.

His pants were kicked off the bed as he pushed himself between her legs, his hard cock twitching between her snatch’s lips. “Of course not, one you get too enjoy.” He explained, lifting her legs up as he prodded back and forth, the head pushing slightly into the entrance before moving back. “If you’d rather hate the whole thing fine by me.”

“I will never enjoy anything you do.” Isabel quivered, her body lay there limp and dull. She used her arms to cover her face, so she won’t have to see him. “I hate you. I loathe you. You sick son of a bitch.” She frowned.

Nick’s eye twitched and he sighed, moving up and grabbing her hair, dragging her head over the edge of the bed before getting off himself. His cock hung in front of her face. He reached behind her, slapping her ass hard before pressing against her lips.

Isabel whimpered, unsure of what he was going to do. She unveiled her face, needing her hands to balance. Her lips held tight together, and she glared up at his horny gaze on her. She’d rather take a beating than willingly open her mouth for him.

Nick’s hold on her hair increased, his cock oozing precum agaisnt her red lips. “Open up.” He pulled hard on her hair, hoping he could take advantage of a gasp. His eyes moved to her ass, her pants still down, ass bright red.

Isabel cried out, immediately regretting her choice. His cocked slammed into her mouth, and she gagged, trying to pull away. She whimpered, breathing unevenly through her nose with tears dripping down her cheeks.

Nick moaned slightly, leaning his head back as he thrust into her mouth, just letting the head reach her throat before sliding back, taking a moment to enjoy the warmth of her mouth. “You feel that thick cock fucking your face?” He asked, giving a deep thrust before speeding up in her.

Isabel cried out, trying to squirm away. She stared at him in a pleading way, but found no avail. She figured she had enough, her teeth biting down pretty hard, her hands pushing back on his hips.

Nick grunted, and pulled back, slapping her face hard. He glared down, before slapping once more. He dragged her off the bed by the hair, pushing her body over the edge of the bed, ass up. “You want to feel some pain huh?” He asked, pushing his cock against her asshole.

“Ah!” Isabel fell to the side, shielding her body.She grunted and punched and kicked as he dragged her body, trying to crawl away by grabbing the blankets. “You couldn’t even if you tried.”

Nick scowled before pushing hard on the tiny opening, the tip pressing slightly inside, he jammed his hand into her side, tired of her fighting. when one of her hits got him in the side, he pulled back, before slamming forwards, his cock forced past her asshole, sliding deep into her.

“Ah hah!” Isabel cringed, falling back onto her stomach. She bit her lip, sniffling heavily through her nose. Her feet caught his leg, and she tried pushing away. “S-Stop!”

Nick took both of her hands in his larger one, holding them behind her back as he squeezed her waist, beginning to saw in and out of her almost painfully dry ass, feeling it clutching tight as she was tensing up.

Isabel whimpered loudly, trying to pull her hands out of his grip. “STOP!” She yelled again, the roughness in her ass making her feel queasy. Her grunts escaped every time she was thrusted forward.

“If you beg me real nice I can be gentler, or switch to something fun.” He offered, smashing hard into her tight ass. “Unless you want me spending the night ruining your asshole.” He offered one more, he slid out, letting it pucker back up, before slamming back in.

Isabel grimaced, feeling more tears rush down her face. “Pleasee.” She collapsed. “Nick, stop pounding my ass.” She quietly cried to herself in the bed comforter.

Reluctantly he slid out of Erotik Hikaye her small hole, watching a bead of precum ooz from ti as it closed back up. “Now rub your clit and beg me to fuck your pussy.” He ordered, his cock moving to the opening of her pussy.

Isabel slowly moved her hand to her clit, quivering. “please, spread me and fuck my pussy.” She said quietly. She could feel herself getting wet, maybe because she was naturally lubricating from all the friction, even though this was not something she desired to happen.

She was small. Her ass had been super tight, but it was plenty long enough. Her pussy though… with her sexy words, Nick slid slowly into her pussy, feeling her tight soft pussy rub every inch. when he was fully inside, the head of his cock was part way inside her cervix. He moaned loudly, “Ohhh someone is wet, does your pussy enjoy being opened up?”

Isabel hid a moan, uncontrollably spreading her legs. “N-No..” She slowly rubbed her clit, his penis filling her up, pushing painfully against her back wall. She bit into the blanket, burning pain making her cry slightly.

Nick’s hand groped her breast, the other feeling up her ass as he enjoyed himself, watching her work her pussy as he fucked her. “What’s something you generally tell them I do?” He asked, looking down to her before licking between her shoulder blades.

Isabel shivered uncomfortably. “I…” She covered her face, mumbling quietly. “I tell them we cum at the same time.. And more than once..” Her chest pulled away from his hand, as she panted.

“Do you plan on using this story to turn them on? hmm?” He asked wit ha laugh, looking down to see the look on her face. “Perhaps I should save them a picture of you and your laod of cum?”

Isabel blushed wildly, a look of disbelief as she crying harder. “No! Please!” She pressed her face into the covers. “Don’t take pictures of me..”

“Wont they want too see?” He teased more, rubbing her ass cheek. “I wonder where I should cum…” He said out loud, his cock pushing into her oozing pussy. “Your tiny womb? Ass? Mouth?”

“They don’t want to see!” Isabel exclaimed, trying to make another attempt to pull away feeling herself enjoy it too much, even though she didn’t want to. “Anywhere not inside of me…”

He lifted one of her legs up, sliding most of the way out before pushing back in, one of his hands covering hers, helping her rub her clit. “asshole it is then.” He said maliciously, punishing her for her lack of enthusiasm.

Isabel whimpered. “Stop fondling me..” She moaned uncontrollably, immediately pouting. “No! Not my ass!” She began to writhe again, grunting loudly.

“Your moaning a lot for someone who doesn’t like it.” He commented, continuing to stroke the sensitive skin. “you’re going to jerk me off onto your face then.”

“I not moaning..” Isabel insisted, her thighs twitching. “Stop!” She tried pulling his hand away. “Just get off in my ass and leave me alone!”

Nick smiled, sliding slowly from her wet cunt and pushing back against her previously abused asshole. He pushed slowly, letting it force its way back in before thrusting as deep as he could. He was getting close and began to thrust, groaning as he plowed her.

Isabel grunted loudly and unhappily, grasping the bed tightly. “Come on!” She pressured, sobbing into the cloth. She shook noticeably.

Nicks body pressed hard on her’s and his eyes closed tight, his hands clenching. He felt his hot cum pump deep inside of her, then pulled out happily. Without another word he walked over to the computer, sent his email a few screenshots, and headed back out to the living room. “Have a good party.”

“Fuck you!” Isabel yelled before collapsing onto the bed in loud sobs, pulling up her skirt. She ran down the stairs, dodging his gaze, and collapsed out the door.

Nick had a thousand ways out of it. So he wasnt worried, besides, what she didnt know, was that her mother had gotten into a car accident, coma. It was the second thing that had shocked him when he went onto the computer. If he was going to deal with this spoiled child, it was about time she was taught too obey.