Humiliated By Our Guests

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“Of course, we’d love to have you stop by! Chad and I have an extra room and we’ve just been waiting for visitors!”

I was happy to hear the excitement in my fiance’s voice. She had moved away from many of her friends to join me at grad school, and working as a nanny didn’t make it easy for her to make friends her age. Kate was petite with “girl next door” beauty. Just 5’0″ with 34B breasts, her appearance was unassuming, but her unintimidating nature seemed to attract attention from other guys.

“Who was that?” I asked when she hung up.

“Alexa. Her favorite author is speaking at the college. I told her she and Philipe could stay in the guest room this weekend.”

I hoped Kate didn’t hear my sarcasm when I told her I didn’t mind. Alexa was Kate’s roommate in college. It was an all-girls school, and Alexa was a stuck-up feminist intellectual. Every time I visited she had some comment to try to make me feel stupid, like calling my school “Cookie-Cutter U”. Still, I knew Kate was looking forward to her visit, so I just bit my tongue.

Kate had some cute friends at college, but Alexa was not one of them. She had a bit of a belly, and thought that wearing make-up weakened the female. Kate told me how Alexa’s parents would beg her to shave her legs before family events.

Friday came, and Alexa and Philipe arrived. I had never met Philipe (I was so certain that Alexa was the butch lesbian type it never occurred to me that she’d have a boyfriend.) He was a tall, skinny guy with a shaved head and a soul patch. He had that “bookstore wimp” look, and I joked to Kate that at least I could do a push-up.

We headed out to dinner and immediately Alexa started in on me. “Chili’s? So I see your still living the white trash dream, Chad.”

Then she turned to my fiancé, adding with sarcasm “He really knows how to show folks a good time. Does he take you to McDonald’s on your birthday? You know, they just opened a great Cambodian restaurant in the city. Philipe and I love it, we’ll take you there if you ever escape this cultural black hole.”

“Sorry to disappoint you, Alexa. Why don’t we just order?” I tried to maintain my calm.

“It’s not me who you need to worry about when it comes to disappointing people, Chad.”

“Why, is there something wrong with Philipe’s meal too?” I asked.

“Oh, there is nothing wrong with Philipe, nothing at all. But I can remember a few of your visits during college. When I asked Kate how you were, she said maybe you should spend less time trying to get bigger arms and more time figuring out how to get your little friend bigger.”

I turned to Kate and she immediately blushed. I knew they had “girl talk” sessions, but I had never heard anything like this. “Watch your mouth,” I stammered “I have always satisfied Kate, haven’t I dear?”

Kate just stared at her plate gaziemir escort with her head down.

“Look Chad,” Alexa said, “I’m not saying your 3 inch toy is the smallest pecker in the world, but Kate used to joke that she should be a theatre major with all the acting she does in bed. In fact, word has it the 7 year-old she nannies for is packing more in his Spiderman Underoos than you, big boy.”

Kate turned beet red and Philipe laughed loudly. Our cute waitress giggled as she filled my water glass. “That’s enough.” I pleaded. I grabbed the check and we headed home.

Back at the apartment, Philipe brought in a bottle of wine from their car. “A guest should never show up empty-handed.” He said.

“Don’t you drink too much of that darling,” Alexa said to Philipe, “I’ve got plans for that monster cock of yours later.”

Kate promptly poured herself a glass, then two, then three. She started laughing at every one of Philipe’s high brow jokes, and then resting her hand on his thigh. The last straw was when she bent over to pour him a glass of wine and made sure he could look right down the front of her blouse at her beautiful bosom.

“Kate!” Alexa exclaimed. “If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were getting tipsy!”

It was then that my sweet fiancé made a suggestion I thought I’d never hear, “Alexa, you know how we always did everything together? What do you say the four of us head to the bedroom for some fun?”

Alexa and Philipe thought this was a great idea. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“Absolutely not! You two can enjoy each other in the guest room, but Kate and I are going to bed.”

“Tell you what,” Kate snapped, “Alexa, Philipe and I are going to the bedroom, you do whatever you want.”

I followed them to the bedroom. Alexa and Philipe were making out, and I started to kiss Kate when she stopped me.

“Strip” she said.

I was used to Kate insisting I was totally naked before she would even think of taking a sock off, but this caused Philipe and Alexa to stop and stare.

“Yeah Chad” giggled Alexa, “I’ve always wanted to see what Kate and I were joking about”

I gulped and lowered my pants. I hadn’t had time to get hard.

“Wow, Kate. You weren’t kidding when you said you couldn’t feel anything!”

“I know, but at least he can eat pussy” Kate replied. “Chad, go over there and show Alexa how well you can eat pussy.”

I slid over and placed my head under Alexa’s skirt. She pushed aside her panties with one hand and grabbed the back of my head with the other. “Well, get in there!” she ordered.

Alexa’s pussy was hairy, and it smelled like she hadn’t showered in a week. In the darkness of her skirt, all I could hear was my beautiful fiancé. “So Philipe, it looks like those two are getting to güzelbahçe escort know each other. I know you got a peek at my body earlier, I think it’s time I got to see that ‘monster’ Alexa talks about.”

I wanted to protest, but Alexa just squeezed me closer with her thighs. “That’s a good bitch! Philipe doesn’t believe a real man should eat a pussy, but it shouldn’t be an issue for you.”

The next thing I heard was the sound of Philipe’s zipper dropping, and then Kate’s voice: “Oh my god! It’s huge! Alexa, how do you even take that thing?”

“You’re welcome to take it for a spin dear.” Alexa replied. “I’m kind of curious to see if I can even feel junior here.”

Alexa pulled me out of her snatch and flipped me over on my back. It was then that I saw Kate. She was caressing Philipe’s penis with wide eyes. She licked it from balls to tip, cooing with delight. She turned to her back and put her legs in the air, and nodded at him. “Go easy at first, remember what I’m used to.”

“I’ll do my best sweetie” replied Philipe.

“Hold on” I screamed in protest, but I was pinned under Alexa.

“You better save your strength, bitch. Is that poor excuse of a prick even in me? I can’t feel anything. You better hope Kate’s pussy can tighten back up once she’s had Philipe.”

Alexa wriggled her hips on my tiny erection. She forced it from side to side, laughing as she asked where it was. Meanwhile, Kate moaned every time Philipe gave her another inch of his meat. A few times, she had to ask him to stop so she had time to stretch out.

“I can’t take it anymore!” Kate screamed in ecstasy.

“It’s not even halfway in!” Philipe laughed. “You really need to get away from junior’s tootsie roll for a weekend”

“Hey Alexa,” Philipe yelled “you think you might feel something if you tried the back door?”

“Maybe” said Alexa, “but if Kate and I are going there, we’re going to need a minute.”

“Wait a minute” I cried, “nobody said anything about anal.” but Alexa and Kate were already out the door giggling to the bathroom.

“Don’t worry” Philipe said, “Alexa’s going to give her the crash course.”

Kate walked back in first. She smiled as she stood facing the bed, and bent over, placing her forearms on the bed. I moved behind her, and saw her adorable little asshole dripping with lube. For the first time that night, I was actually pleased. I’d always hinted that we should try anal, but she always said it was dirty. Now was my chance.

“What are you doing?” Kate asked.

“Well I’m gonna…” I stuttered.

“The hell you are. If you think I’m going to turn down a chance to party with a real man’s cock, then your brain might be smaller than your tiny tinkle toy.”

I had never heard Kate talk like that. Philipe nudged me out of the way, izmir masaj salonları and positioned himself behind my bride-to-be. He put his hands on her hips, and started pressing his cock on her virgin asshole. I resigned myself to fucking Alexa’s asshole. It was a small consolation prize as I watched the woman I love beg to be taken anally with a monster cock.

“Okay little Chad, your turn!”

I turned around and saw Alexa. She was wearing a black leather harness with a 8″ pink dildo attached to it.

“No way in hell..” I started to protest. Kate grabbed my cock and yanked me down next to her.

“Hey, I’m taking Philipe’s monster, you can spread them for Alexa.”

I felt Kate’s hand squeezing my cock as Alexa placed a well-lubed index finger in my ass. I hung my head, and felt a tear run down my face. There we were, standing next to each other with our bare asses in the air. She was dripping with anticipation, I was silent with my humiliation.

“Ready, Philipe?” Alexa asked. “Go!”

With that I felt a pressure I had never felt before. My clenched ass resisted, but Alexa pulled my hips with a man’s strength. As I felt the head of the dildo slip inside me, I knew my fate was sealed. I almost fainted as it slid deeper inside of me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Kate’s beautiful face. It alternated between pain and ecstasy. Her jaw dropped as she breathed heavily.

“Give it to me Philipe!” she shrieked. “GOD! You are fucking incredible!”

“What do you think Philipe?” Alexa smirked. “How’s Kate’s ass?”

“Not bad. It’s starting to loosen up now. I’m not sure she’d even wake up from a daydream if Chad tried to stick it in her.”

Alexa laughed as she rhythmically fucked my ass. “You and Kate make good bitches, you know that Chad?”

Kate squealed in delight “We sure do! Say it Chad, say you are Alexa’s bitch, or you can tell your mother the wedding is off!”

What was the point of resisting? “Alexa, I’m your bitch.”

“That’s a good bitch” Alexa replied. “Now thank Philipe for letting Kate experience a real cock instead of your tiny prick.”

“Thank you Philipe. Thank you for letting my fiancé experience a real cock, instead of my tiny prick. She is your bitch, and I am Alexa’s.”

“You’re very welcome.” Laughed Philipe. “In fact, you’ve been such a good bitch, you can lick my cum out of her asshole.”

He continued to thrust vigorously. Kate was speechless with ecstasy. Finally he grabbed her hair and arched back as his body spasmed. They both groaned.

Kate twitched and played with her breasts as he emptied his manhood into her newly deflowered ass. Philipe flashed me a smile, and whispered “Good luck trying to please her with that pathetic thing now.”

He finally pulled his cock out, and Alexa used the strap-on to force me behind Kate. She continued to thrust as I lapped Philipe’s seed out of Kate’s dripping ass. Her sweat mixed with his semen to create a musky, lustful taste. Philipe and Alexa shared a good laugh as I choked each drop down.

Finally, Kate gathered herself enough to speak. “Chad” she said, “you’ll be sleeping in the spare room while our guests are here.”

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