I Am Doing This For Your Own Good


It’s time for my annual gynecological examination, and I have been dreading this for weeks. I know how I will feel during the exam, and I worry that I will embarrass myself somehow.

The day arrives, and I start to take time about the clothes I pick out, but then I realize that no one will care – I will be completely naked and exposed. This thought makes me squirm even just considering it. I blush in my own closet but still put on pretty panties if only for my own moral support. I feel like a young sweet virgin preparing to be sacrificially raped, putting on my sexy but sweet lace thong with the little flowers. I took particular care this morning to shave my legs and trim my pubic hair. Soon I will be at the doctor’s office, at his mercy.

I arrive a few minutes early, like a good girl, to fill out paperwork. When the nurse calls me out of the waiting room, I know everyone there (men and women!) know what is about to happen to me. I am so ashamed, but I keep walking, right after the nurse into the examination room. I am about to be violated, but I am already aroused.

The nurse tells me to take off all my clothes, but then she gives me a gown to put on instead of the normal paper sheets I have to clutch to me. An enema, she says. To make sure I am clean, she says. I am too stunned to speak. She steps into the hall, and I begin to undress slowly, wishing there was some way to escape. But I can see her shoes at the doorway, and I know she is waiting. I don’t want to be embarrassed, so I strip all of my clothes off and put on the gown, tying it tightly around me. I am trembling.

She comes back in with a basin full of supplies, most of which I don’t recognize. I am too naïve for this torment – I am just a good girl wanting to be healthy and well behaved. But she tells me to bend over the table, and quickly unties the gown so that nothing is covered except my body where it presses against the exam table. There are no stirrups on this table – I am afraid of what else is planned for this room. Suddenly there is her finger cold on my anus and I flinch and gasp but her other hand is firm on my back holding me still. Now lie still and be good, she says, and I try, as she sticks something hard and cold and slippery up my ass, my most private place. I feel water flowing into my bowels, flowing and flowing. Finally it stops, and the hard thing comes out. Her hand is still there, holding me still though. I beg to be allowed to get up! Once, I start to get up on my own but she slaps my ass, and I am so shocked I lie still. I need so badly to expel this water. Finally, she lets me get up, and I am allowed to expel the enema in private, in the little powder room attached to the examination room. I want to stay in there forever, but she knocks loudly on the door.

You are holding up the doctor, she says. It’s time for your examination, she says. I am very close to tears, knowing that the doctor is going to see that I am wet, after medical procedures that should not make me so. I am so ashamed, and I haven’t even been spread open yet. But that’s coming, I know.

Finally I step out of the bathroom, and the nurse leads me down a hall. I have to walk barefoot, with the gown clutched around me, past two doctors in the hall talking. They look at me as I go past, bebek escort and I know they can see that I am naked, coming from the enema room, going to the gyno room. They know what has happened, and what is going to happen. No one stops talking, but they watch me.

The nurse finally leads me into another examination room. This one has a table with stirrups. One of those paper sheets is folded on the table, and the nurse tells me to take off my gown. I guess she figures that she has already seen everything about me, because she just holds her hand out for the gown. I take it off and give it to her. She tells me to get up on the table and lie down, then she helps my feet find the stirrups. She makes me slide down the table twice until apparently she feels my cunt is exactly positioned right for the examination. Then she takes the folded up paper sheet, and spreads it over my legs. It’s like a tablecloth, in reverse; I can’t see under the table to find out what’s going on with the meal. I lie there, so very exposed, and wait.

Finally, the door clatters open, and the doctor comes in. He says something about the delay, but I miss it; I am waiting. I know what is coming. He keeps talking with his back to me as he washes his hands, but I can’t hear.

There is a clatter as he moves instruments around on the metal tray. I am staring at the ceiling, trying to breathe.

Suddenly he is at the head of the table, pulling down the sheet I have clutched to me. He grasps the one uncovered breast, rolling it between his hands. I am ashamed to see that it is erect, and try to grab the sheet to hide, but he catches my wrist. He never stops feeling my breast with his other hand, although I would swear he has a little grin. You’re wasting my time, he says, There are other women waiting, and you are delaying this examination. When he uncovers the other breast, I can’t help myself, and I grab the edge of the paper sheet and manage to cover myself. In a minute, he has both of my wrists, and he pulls them up over my head. Then there is something going around them, and I am somehow tied to the table. It doesn’t feel like handcuffs, but the effect is the same. I can’t pull my hands down to my sides, and my breasts stick out even more, very erect in the cool room. Before he even goes back to finishing the breast exam, there are Velcro restraints fastened around my knees, holding my legs in the stirrups. I am so wet, I am sure I am dripping, and I can smell my own scent. And now I can’t leave, or even stop him from doing whatever he pleases.

At least I had thought he was done with one breast but apparently now that I am tied down, there is lots more to check. He spends several minutes more on each breast, pinching the nipples, rubbing the soft globes. I try to get away, but the ties on my hands won’t come loose. I beg him to let me go! I was just supposed to have a gyno examination, and I don’t know what he is going to make me do now. After a few minutes, he tells me to be quiet, that I am not being a good patient. But I won’t stop pleading. He puts a rubber ball gag in my mouth, and I can only moan.

Finally he seems finished examining my breasts. He assures me that they are healthy. He folds down the papersheet still covering my stomach, mecidiyeköy escort and begins to gently rub me, feeling my uterus and ovaries. I know he is getting closer to the rest of the exam. I am so embarrassed that he is going to see how wet I am, when I should be anything but. I can’t stop squirming on the table, knowing that I am about to be penetrated.

He again reassures me that my organs are healthy. I can only gasp around the gag. My knees are tied tightly to the stirrups. My hands are stretched and tied over my head. I know he is about to begin.

I hear the snap of rubber gloves, and then I feel the heat of the lamp he has positioned to shine on my cunt. It is strange to feel the warmth of the bulb even as I feel the slight breeze he causes as he moves towards me, on skin that is so rarely exposed. Suddenly he is spreading my cunt lips with his hand. No more anticipation or even dread; from his grin I know he can see how wet I am and I am mortified. He takes his time feeling each of my outer lips, as I squirm on the table. Up and down one side, then up and down the other, for an eternity.

Finally he releases me. I hear the clink of metal and then the cold steel enters me, and my cunt is spread open. I moan as he penetrates me; I am powerless to do anything else about his hard, cold invasion. He spreads the speculum broadly and locks it open. I feel his fingers exploring my open, welcoming vagina, which is betraying me and having pleasure while I lie tied and gagged. Copious clear secretions, he says to me. Excellent healthy tissue. After several minutes, he unlocks the speculum, and slowly my stretched cunt recoils. He slides the steel out of me, and I sag on the table gratefully.

You refused to give a urine sample, he says. I don’t appreciate you giving my nurses a hard time.

No one asked me about a urine sample. I hear more clinking. I can’t see what he is doing with the damn paper sheet still there and I don’t know what to expect, only more torment.

Now he holds up a red rubber catheter. I will be getting them a sample now, he says, and maybe next time you will be more helpful. Oh my God Oh my God Oh my God, I feel him touch my clitoris, and then there is a cold, stinging sensation below it that I have never felt before, different from the speculum, but still painful and so cold. And I clench my muscles, but I can’t stop him. He keeps sliding it in, and then I hear water splashing in a container. That ought to be plenty, he says almost to himself. The catheter hurts almost as much coming out as going in, and I can’t stop it then either.

He takes a few steps back from the examination table now, and looks me over. Then he pulls off the paper sheet still draped over my legs, and takes another look. And then the final mortification; he pulls out a camera from a drawer and begins taking pictures. Pictures of my tits. Pictures of my cunt. Pictures of my legs tied into the stirrups. All I can do is whimper. But at least I know the worst is over.

You know I have these pictures, he says. I stare at him. Your exam isn’t complete yet, he says. I am going to let you get up and reposition, and if you are good, I will destroy them.

I can’t think. I can’t believe this isn’t over. I can’t believe florya escort how badly I want to come, and I am terrified of what he is going to make me do next.

When he unfastens my legs, I am good, and lie still and wait for him to untie my hands. Then I lie still again, waiting for direction, my heart pounding and my cunt so wet.

Stand up, he says.

I struggle to get up off the table. Finally I end up standing beside it.

Stand between the stirrups, he says.

I move down the table, and lean against it between the stirrups, the cold edge of the metal top pushing against my buttocks.

Turn around, he says. I do. I am beginning to understand what is coming.

And when he tells me to bend over, I am frozen. I am an anal virgin. Everything else I alternately dread and anticipate all year, but I am an anal virgin.

When I don’t move quickly, he pushes me over onto the table until I am conveniently bent at the hips, my asshole squeezing as tightly shut as I can make it. There has already been the enema today, another first. I can’t hold more.

He takes my wrists, and again they are stretched over my head and fastened. Then there is some kind of belt going across my back . The table is right at my hips – there’s no way I can squirm away from his examination. Only towards it.

You’ve reached the age when you should have a full examination, he says. I know you’re sexually active, and I must be thorough for your own sake.

I can only whimper against the gag. I can see just his tray of instuments if I bend my neck as far around as I can. There are several dildos there, and some other steel instruments I don’t recognize.

Gently, he spreads my ass cheeks. I am shivering and I can’t hold still as he takes a bottle of lube and drips it down my ass cleft. I feel him rubbing something firm against my cleft, sliding down slowly towards my asshole.

Please, I am begging him, please, not in my ass. Don’t make me, please.

But all that comes out around the gag is more moaning. And then I feel his finger dip into my cunt, which is dripping wet with none of the lube my ass needs. He slides ever so gently in and out, catching my clit with every few trips. I can’t help it; my hips begin to move on their own.

Then there is something hard and cold pushing at my asshole, and slowly he forces an instrument into me. I try to push it out, but my body betrays me again, and I can’t fight against the flood of sensation. I can hear clicks as he spreads it slowly in me, until my asshole is spread open. I am not an anal virgin anymore. He leaves it there, and then suddenly there is also steel again in my cunt, spreading it even wider. My most private places are spread open to viewing, or touching, or whatever else he wants to do, and I hear him click another picture from behind me. I am so ashamed that after all of this I am still wet and horny, when every private inch of me has been violated. I need to come so badly I am shaking, and yet I am humiliated that I have no control over this examination. He comes to hold the digital camera screen so I can see the last shot: ass cheeks up in the air spread wide, with steel speculums in both holes, spread open, framed by my pubic hair and outer lips.

There is one last portion of the examination, he says, and then I will be able to give you a clean bill of health in good conscience.

The steel speculum is gently withdrawn from my cunt. Then my asshole is emptied as well. I rest on the table, catching my breath.

And then I hear his zipper.