I Can’t Believe I Am Doing This


“I still can’t believe I am doing this!!” The thought keeps running over and over in my mind as I scan the departure and arrival board, watching for his plane to come in. I find what I am looking for, the time and the gate. Glancing at my silver wristwatch, I see its due in a half hour. “Might as head that way.” I think, I clutch my purse and make my way towards gate 6.

It only takes me 10 minutes to walk to the gate; I keep glancing at my wristwatch as I walk. I have 20 minutes to kill and I hate waiting. I might as well make sure I look good, since I am afraid that he will some how end up being disappointed. Even though he always makes sure to call me sexy, which I love. I see a bathroom to my right, so I walk on over and head in.

Hair looks good. It had better; after all I spent an hour on it, compared to my usual 20 minutes. But I want to look perfect for him to allow him to be in total awe. Eye shadow not smudged. Which is a miracle, since it’s usually gone in 5 minutes. But I did put some extra time into everything this morning, since I want to please him with my appearance. Lips, looking full and soft. With the prefect shade of lipstick, that works so well with my complexion and has a hint of shimmer to it. A color that’s very kissable, I think to myself. Outfit, looking good. A lil casual, but very sexy. A ¾ sleeve shirt that ends just below my belly, green in color, because it goes so well with my wranglers. And of course, my favorite white tank top, that b/c I button my shirt up you can see only a tiny piece of the material. My favorite pair of wrangler, that are almost a little too tight, but give my butt a nice shape. And of course, my boots, I can’t seem to go anywhere with out them. I think he will approve.

I leave the restroom, satisfied with my appearance. Checking my watch yet again, I see another 10 minutes has gone by. I decide to wait towards the gate, hoping to see him before he sees me. I don’t know why, but I just want to see him first. I hope I can recognize him, I’m so afraid that I will not. But just in case, I had made a little sign. James Smith. For some reason, I would have though he would have had a more exciting name, he is soo exciting. And smart, funny, very sexy, and very talented. And he has one of those big cocks. Just thinking about him and that gorgeous cock, made my mouth water and I felt that familiar tingling between my legs.

“Stacey!” I yelled at myself, in my head. “Don’t think about that, just think about that, just think about what the hell you are going to say when you see him!!!

IT feels like an eternity, holding my sign, craning my neck to see him walk towards the gate. It seems like time is just trickling by, barely moving. Do I see him? That could be him. Tall, handsome, lovely smile, nice build and looking good. I smile and hold my sign up a little more. IT must be him, he sees my sign and his smile lights up even more.

“So Stacey, we finally meet in person.” He says, taking my hand and kissing it.

“Yes James, we finally do meet.” I reply, a smile gracing my lips.

A little over an hour later, we are enjoying coffee at a small café that’s not very far from the airport.

“So do you like Ohio so far?? Not that you have seen much of it.” I ask, taking a sip of my cooling coffee.

“Well” he says, looking straight into my green eyes, “ The parts that I have seen so far, I’m liking it very much. But I defiantly want to see some more.” His hand slides across the table and gently strokes my own. The tingling feeling between my legs has started again, only this time so much stronger and so much more persistent.

“Well Bostancı Escort James, I think that can be arranged. I know of a nice little place to start.” I say, crossing my legs.

“ Then what are we waiting for Stacey?”

“For you to pay for the coffee.”

Down from the café, is a nice 4-star hotel. I take James’ hand and lead the way. We stop first at my truck, to get my bag and James’ luggage. Soon we are in the lobby and we get a room. On the elevator ride up I ask, “ Is this the part of Ohio that you wanted to see?”

“Well, I haven’t quite seen it yet, but it’s defiantly what I want to see and to touch.” James tells me, has a wicked smile crosses his face. The elevator rings, letting us know that we have reached the floor for our room. The door opens and James fallows me out, as I lead the way to our room.

I unlock the door and let James through with the luggage and my bag. I close the door behind me, facing in the room, watching James move. He’s sooo sexy, more then what I ever really imagined. And that ass, oh god what a nice ass. I lock the door behind me and walk over to him, pulling him to me and kissing him. Kissing him hard, my tongue sliding between his lips. It was sooo much better than what I could have ever imagined. Almost perfect if you dare. I feel his hands wonder about me, down my back and to my ass, squeezing and pulling. I sigh loudly as he breaks the kiss.

“God Stacey, you are soo sexy, it’s amazing to me.”

“Not that sexy, James, not that sexy”

He puts his hand under my chin and pulls my face up, looking into my eyes. “To me you are, plus I know what you are capable of slut.”

I smile wickedly and push him on the bed. As he lies there, I set my knees on either side of him and crawl towards his face. When I get face to face with him, I kiss him, gently sucking and nibbling and biting his lower lip. I kiss out his jaw line, to his ear, which I suck and nibble on. I hear his breathing get heavier and I feel his tongue against my neck and his hands are running up and down my legs.

I kiss back to James’ chin, gently sucking on it. I kiss his lips again, but only for a fleeting moment. I kiss back down to his chin and then down to his adam apple, kissing and sucking and nibbling. I get down to the top of his shirt. “I hope you don’t need this later” I bite the buttons off of his shirt one by one and spitting them onto the floor. I open his shirt and kiss down his chest, to his right nipple. I suck and lick and kiss it, make it hard while at the same time I pinch and pull and twist the left. I keep switching, my mouth on one and then other, loving the taste of his skin. I continue to kiss my way down his chest, dragging my teeth every few inches. Soon I’m at the top of his pants and I can see the bulge in them. “Oh god James, I can believe that I’m going to do this.”

“Mmm, Stacey, I can. I know deep down inside that you are a little cock-sucking slut. And I know you want to be my dirty whore and you are going to make me cum so hard and so fast. So come on you sexy fuck beast, show me what you got.”

I smile up at him, loving how the word slut rolls off of his tongue in that sexy Australian accent. I undo his belt and his pants, sliding them off of him; letting the bulge in his boxers be a little freer I kiss my way up from his ankles to his knees to his thighs, kissing them through his sexy silky boxers. I brush my nose against his hard cock, through his boxers, making him moan in delight. “Oh my, I think its time to let somebody out to play, what about you??” I ask, winking at him.

“Mmm, Stacey my Anadolu Yakası Escort slut, I think it is time. Time for you to get naked first.”

I nervously stand up, James eyes on me the entire time. I take off my boots and my socks. I unbutton my shirt and throw it off to the side. I lift the tank top up and over my head, throwing it beside my other shirt. I then remove my jeans, slowly sliding them off and stand for a moment in my bright red panties, with my thumbs hooked under the waistband, near my hips. I pull them off and toss them with the rest of my clothes, “Better?”

“Yes slut, so much better.”

I pull his boxers slowly and carefully over his throbbing cock. “Oh God James, its so beautiful and big. Oh god, its so big”

“That’s right whore, its big for you and throbbing for you. I want you to suck my cock bitch, be a good little slut and make me cum. Oh Stacey you sexy ho, make me cum”

Not wasting another moment, I kiss the tip of his cock and take the first inch or so in my mouth, swirling my tongue around it. I kiss down the bottom his thick hard shaft, and then I kiss up the left side, down the top part and back up to the head on the right side of his cock. I kiss the head again, swirling my tongue around it once more, my hand softly stroking up and down his cock, gently bumping into my lips that are sealed around the top as my tongue runs over the head, over and over and over again. I hear James let out a loud moan, as he feels my warm wet mouth around his cock. I quicken the strokes as I remove my lips from his cock. I kiss and trace zigzags down the bottom of his shaft with my tongue. I go back to stroking him fast and I take 1 ball into my mouth at a time, sucking on them. I kiss and make zigzags back up the bottom of his shaft, taking his cock head into my mouth once more. I force as much into my mouth as possible, running my tongue around it as much as possible, gently using the muscles in my throat to stimulate his cock head.

“Oh Stacey you filthy slut, I knew you were a natural cock sucker. Oh god whore, you are going to make me cum so hard and so much.” I keep up running my tongue around his cock and squeezing his cock head with my throat, but now I add my hand, stroking his cock fast and applying pressure. I hear James’ moaning and breathing increase, which is making me so horny and my tight pussy so wet. God how I love to hear a man cum. And I want him to cum so much, to feel his load shooting down my throat. I stroke harder and faster, working my tongue even harder. I hear him groaning, moaning, grunting, yelling

“Oh god come on my filthy slut, you can do oh god whore, oh yes, oh fuck yes, oh Stacey oh god Stacey.” In the midst of all that, he cums. I can feel his cock tighten just before I am rewarded with his cum filling up my mouth and running down my throat. I’m so horny now, its almost hurts.

I crawl up to lay besides James and he pulls me into another kiss. “ You are an excellent cock sucker Stacey, I knew there was a slut deep down inside of you. And she is a good little slut. A good and filthy slut and a very naughty cowgirl. God you are so sexy, it’s amazing to me.”

“Hey now James, you are pretty sexy too, with a nice ass” I tell him, as I reach around and squeeze it.

“Hey now naughty, its my turn to get my hands on you.” James says, rolling me onto my back as he sits up on his knees, bending down to kiss me on my lips once more. His hands find my nipples, squeezing them, pinching, pulling, making me feel a little pain. His lips fallow his hands, replacing them on my nipples. Feeling his warm mouth, fast Ataşehir Escort moving tongue and pain-inducing teeth make me moan, loudly and long, my breath increasing just a little.

“Oh god James, it feels soo good.”

“And here I haven’t even gotten to the best part” James replies, teasingly.

His hands continue to trail down my body, over my stomach, down my girly hips and onto my thighs. I feel him run his hands up and down them, side to side, tracing figure 8s onto my skin and coming so damn close to my pussy. I let out a moan of disappointment as his hand comes so close and is yet so far away. His lips, tongue and teeth continue to assault my nipples, making them hard and tingly. To my joy, his takes one finger and slowly slides it up and down my slit, sending jolts of pleasure through my body. He kisses his way down my stomach to my tight, hot, wet pussy, running his tongue up and down my slit, tasting my pussy. Taking 1 finger, he rubs the tip of it against my tight virginal opening, while at the same time circling my sensitive clit with his tongue. My hips buck slightly as James presses his tongue flat against my clit, crushing it. He pushes his finger into me, all the way to the hilt. Removing it quickly, he adds a second finger, pushing it in soo fast. With his fingers inside me, he stretches them apart, testing how tight and how wet I am. His tongue is continuing to assault my clit and with a burst of moans and groans, he makes me cum, hard and fast.

“Oh god James, yes, yes oh yes ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssssssssss.” He continues to lick, suck, nibble and crush my clit, all the time while finger fucking me fast hard, making me cum, yelling, moaning and groaning the whole time. He makes me cum 5 times more, all in very quick succession. As I lay on the bed, hardly able to move, James sits against the headboard. I pull myself up to him, kissing him once again, tasting my pussy.

I let my hand trail down his body, to his once again hardening cock. I let my hand stroke it, 5 or 6 times.

“So what can we do with this?” I ask.

“I have an idea, but only if you want to Stacey. God knows I have dreamed about fucking you so many nights in a row, I would be a very happy man if it ever happened.”

“Well James, then tonight your dreams are coming true.” I say, with a devilish grin on my face.

I straddle James’ stomach, kissing him again and again, sliding my tongue into his mouth. I raise my self up, my arms around his neck, as he is holding on to the base of his cock with one hand and rubbing my clit with the other. He gently rubs the head of his cock against my pussy, letting it get used to the size… I start to lower my body slowly on his big cock, letting it fill my tight pussy up. Oh god how it hurt once I got all 8 inches of him inside me. He kept rubbing my clit and kissing me, my arms still around him for support. He gently started to pump his cock in and out of my pussy, just a little at a time. As the pain turned into pure pleasure, I start to meet his pumps as I raised myself slowly off of his cock. “Oh god James, this feels soo good, so god damn god”

“Ohh Stacey, you have no idea, you are so tight and so wet, god I love your pussy you sexy slut. I want you to cum on my cock, whore, I want you to cum again.” James started to pump his cock in and out of me faster and faster, rubbing my clit hard and soo fast, I came again, all over his cock. As my pussy started to clamp around his cock, James came as well, filling my tight pussy up. I let his cock stay inside me, feeling it start to soften. But loving the feeling of having a cock in me. I finally allowed him to take his cock out and I sat beside him on the bed, kissing him. “Mmm, thank you James, you were wonderful.”

“So were you Stacey, so where you. Now I think its time to get into the shower and wash that cute pussy of yours off.”

“Sounds like fun to me.”