I Knew I Always Wanted to But…

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…fear. Fear of being, being discovered mostly, exposed.

One of the ladies I worked with told us a story about her daughters hiking and accidentally stumbling onto a secluded nudist beach. She told us their shock at the discovery of what was mostly men, older men, sunbathing in the nude. She had everyone laughing about the girls unflattering opinions of the way older men sag in all the wrong places, all the wrong places. She then hinted that the girls suspected but didn’t really see that “other” activity was going on in the more secluded parts of the area. Well everyone was shocked but still laughing.

I laughed along but felt the familiar uncomfortable feelings, urges that I didn’t want to acknowledge, rise inside. Luckily for me one of the other women asked where the beach was only to be teased mercilessly to greater laughter, but she was told where the beach was. I told myself to forget it as I laughed along but knew that that side of me wouldn’t. And it didn’t.

It took a lot of to and fro, and false starts but I eventually talked myself into seeking out this secluded mostly male beach. It was where they said it would be, and that it was populated with the mostly men sagging in all the wrong places that they had laughed about. I stayed in the shadows of the trees lining the beach studying the people mingling around. I was startled by the sudden appearance of a naked older man.

I stood there frozen as he eyed me over before asking politely, “Would you like to join us?”

I was completely flustered and tongue tied as I fumbled for a response finally managing and mumbled, “No thanks.”

Unflustered he smiled kindly before telling me, “Well don’t hang around too long gawking at us son, some of the boys don’t like being stared at much.”

Flushing red with embarrassment I nodded that I understood. The old man looked me over again before murmuring, “You’re always welcome to join us though.”

I somehow managed a gargled, “Thank you,” before he turned and walked away.

Before he reached the others on the beach I was gone. It felt like I was fleeing. By the time I got to my car I settled down enough to drive away. I didn’t get far before the questions, second guesses and what if’s made me first stop, then turn around and head back.

I made my way to the shaded spot from where I had first watched the activities of the nude beach. I was nervous and edgy but captivated by the myriad of older men flaunting their bodies about the beach not far from me. They all appeared good-natured and completely at ease with theirs and each others nudity.

I could see the gentleman that had spoken to me earlier and was mulling over his warning in my head when a voice startled me. I gaped in horror at this man standing nearby who gave me a puzzled look in return before asking, “Did you just get here?” He was fully clothed having apparently just arrived. As I tried to find words to respond to his question he started to disrobe.

I stood there nervously as the man removed his clothing not knowing where to look. He finally seemed to sense my nervousness and smiling asked me, “First time?” I nodded hesitantly yes in response. He smirked shrugging his shoulders, “Everyone has a first time.” I knew he was watching me but I didn’t dare look at him knowing I was close to fleeing again.

Swallowing hard I looked up to find him standing there totally nude watching me. He wasn’t exactly fit but he wasn’t as corpulent as many of the other men on the beach. Nervously not sure about anything I couldn’t help checking him out. He didn’t look away or try to cover himself, just allowing me to look over his body. My look became fixated on his cock and balls dangling between his thighs. I couldn’t look away.

The sound of him clearing his throat finally broke the spell and startled I looked up into his eyes again. He had a knowing smile on his face and gently suggested, “It might be easier for you if we went over there away from the crowd.” Though I couldn’t imagine anything being easy as I dutifully followed him as he led me further along the tree line to a more secluded place.

When he stopped and turned towards me I stood before him awkwardly wondering if he would be expecting me to get undressed as I tried to not look at his cock. The naked man watched for a moment before clearing his throat to get my attention again. With my nerves jangling I waited for him to speak but he just stood there staring, smiling at me. Feeling completely unnerved I hesitantly pulled my shirt over my head exposing my chest to him.

As I stood there expectantly the man sighed, his smile broadening. I licked then chewed on my lower lip wondering if I could go further when he spoke. His voice seemed to be far off and though I heard him I had no idea what he just said. Smiling and shaking his head patiently the naked man repeated himself, “You’re not here for the nudity are you?”

I gasped. I couldn’t believe he had guessed my secret or that he had dared to ask. When I just stood kaçak iddaa there gaping foolishly at him like a frightened puppy he snickered enjoying my state of dismay. Dropping his clothes he put his hands on his hips spreading his legs exposing his manhood fully to me. When I dropped my gaze I noticed right away that his cock was bigger than before. I could hear him murmuring something as I watched mesmerized as he became erect before my eyes.

Confused thoughts raged through my head as I stared dumbly at the man’s erection. As I looked I could hear his voice over the thundering rush of blood in my ears, “How would you like to touch it.” I couldn’t think, I dared to glance up at him uncertainly and he was still just smiling and looking at me with those eyes that said, ‘I know.’ With a start I looked back down only to marvel that he seemed to have somehow got closer, that his erection was so very near to my hand. “Got ahead,” his voice urged me, “touch it.”

I didn’t move. I just watched as his erect cock brushed against the back of my hand when he swiveled his hips. I felt the heat of him, the hardness of his cock. When he brushed it back the oozing tip left a trail of slick fluid behind it. I just stared. The man’s erection brushed back and forth over my hand and he seemed to be closer still so that I could feel his hot heavy breath on my bare chest.

I watched as the man’s cock caught on my finger and he pushed it into the palm of my hand. The man slowly gently stroked his cock between my thumb and fingers into the palm of my hand all the while murmuring quiet nonsense into the closing space between us. My breathing became labored as the blood continued to thunder in my ears and I felt the hot flush spreading down my neck and across my chest.

The man was now close enough that his bare chest pressed into mine as he stroked my hand with his cock. I mewed weakly when he lent into me to breathe hotly in my ear, “Hold it.” With a whimper of surrender I closed my fingers around the man’s erection stroking my hand. The man’s growl of approval made my knees weak as I held his throbbing member gently in my grasp.

“Stroke it,” the man’s voice gurgled throatily into my ear. Lost in the moment I watched my hand slide ever so lightly back and forth over the man’s heavily veined hot to the touch cock. The man moaned into my neck as my fingers played back and forth over his cock. “Yesssss,” he sighed looming over me as I felt myself shrink before his manly presence.

My breath shuddered when I felt his hand on my shoulder. I continued to watch my hand stroking his cock marveling at how hard he was. I tried to ignore the pressure of his hand on my shoulder pushing down. I could hear the man groaning with every breath as he continued to press down on my shoulder. My already weakened knees buckled and I settled onto them in the sand before him.

The purple helmeted head of the man’s erection filled my sight. His cock was oozing clear drops of fluid as my fingers continued to stroke it. “Kiss it,” I heard the man groan above me. I knelt there staring entranced at the hard hot cock in my fingers in wonder. “Kiss it,” I heard him groan more urgently. Licking my lips I scrutinized every pore of the head of the man’s cock and my fingers closed over him more firmly. Squeezing his erection tightly in my hand I licked my lips again and delicately kissed the oozing tip of his cock.

From above I heard the man’s long low groan of pleasure and I kissed him again. The slick fluid oozing from his cock coating my lips and I flicked my tongue out to taste him. With my lips moistened with my spit and his fluid I kissed my way around the head of his cock. The man continued to groan, his body jerking erratically in my grasp. My lips played over his cock as my fingers loosen their grip and I started to stroke him again.

Pressing my lips to the head of his cock I started to tongue his pee hole. Pre-cum seemed to flood from his cock as I alternated between licking and suckling him. Forming my lips into an O over my teeth I slipped my mouth onto the head of his cock swirling my tongue over it while my hand continued to slowly, gently stroke his erection. With the man mumbling incoherently above me I slipped my free hand between his thighs and lightly stroked it up and down.

The man’s hips were rocking in tempo with my stroking hand and sucking lips. If anything his cock was even bigger and harder. I could feel his body twitching as I became obsessed with his cock. With a shudder and gasp I felt the man’s first spurt of orgasm pulse through the shaft of his erection. Shocked by the sensation and the sudden gush of hot sticky cum into my mouth I instinctively squeezed my fingers tightly about the man’s cock. Above me he bucked his hips into my face trying to cum more.

Still stunned by the suddenness of his orgasm, I suckled the head of his cock with my lips now slick with his sperm. When his hips bucked forward violently again I lost my grip and a second spurt of cum erupted from kaçak bahis his cock head between my lips filling my mouth with fresh sperm that drooled down my chin. I swallowed. The sticky goo seemed to coat my throat all the way down. While I tried to swallow away more of his hot cum his erection erupted again and I was forced to turn away.

I could feel some of his cum splat onto my chest as I tried to swallow away the taste of him. Above me the sound of his panting breath drew me to look up. His hands were still on his hips and his rapidly deflating cock was still in my hand. I watched his nose flare as he took deep breaths as he stared down at me somewhat contemptuous. No longer smiling he murmured, “Clean me up.”

Looking I could see that the now flaccid cock I was holding was dripping the remnants of his orgasm down my arm. As softly and gently as I could I kissed, licked and sucked away the rest of his cum. When my attentions got annoying he pushed me away dismissively growling, “Enough.” All of a sudden I felt cheap and dirty as I stared forlornly at the cock hanging wetly between his thighs.

“Give me your phone,” he demanded from above. Fumbling to get it out of my pocket I didn’t dare look up as I handed it to him. I heard him using it and then his phone ringing from amongst his clothes. Dropping my phone in my lap he announced, “I will call when I need you but now it’s time for you to fuck off.”

Being dismissed so abruptly heightened my feelings of having just done something overtly sordid. The man ignored me as he gathered his clothes but before heading off to the beach growled at me, “I said fuck off.” Like I was hit I quickly picked up my shirt and while pulling it over my head rushed to get out of the area.

Feeling hurt and ashamed I wandered back to my car. Looking in the mirror I was surprised that except for the drying traces of another man’s cum on my chin I didn’t look anything like the cock sucker I felt like. I watched my reflection lick my lips that felt slightly puffy. I could still taste him. Staring off into the distance I wondered if he would call. I wondered when he would call.


Out of the blue one day my phone rang. I answered without recognizing the number with a flat guarded, “Hello.”

When there was no immediate response I was sure it was just another scam call and was about to hang up when a man’s voice asked deadpan, “Do you know who this is?”

My stomach felt like it went through the floor and my heart like it was going to leap from my chest because I knew exactly who it was. Breathlessly I managed to croak out a strained, “Yes.”

I could feel the smirk on his face when he murmured, “Good.”

Not knowing what to do I sat there listening intently panting for breath. He let me wait. Time seemed to stand still as my phone trembled in my hand as I waited for him to speak. Finally with a scoff of derision he informed me abruptly, “There is a coffee shop on the corner of 1st and Vine. Be there in an hour.”

The phone went dead in my hand before I could respond. I stared at it in disbelief. At first I told myself that it never happened. Then I told myself that even if it did there was no way I was going to that coffee shop. Then I realized that I better go now or I was going to be late.

Hating myself I rushed to the coffee shop to meet the man from the beach. I was a little early and trying to not look conspicuous when he dropped abruptly into the chair opposite me. With a knowing smirk on his face he drawled, “You’re cuter than I remember.” I was horrified as he was loud enough for most of the cafe to hear him.

When I could only stare at him mortified he chortled meanly leering at me quietly, “What’s the matter boy, you reckon most of these folks care whether you’re a cocksucker or not?” I could feel my mouth fall open as I gaped at him in stunned silence. Staring me right in the eye the horrid man asked me nonchalantly, “So boy, you want to suck me off in here or somewhere more private?”

God I couldn’t believe he’d asked it let alone saying it out loud in public. The expression on his face while he waited for me to respond clearly showed that he was enjoying himself and truly fearing that it would get worse if we stayed I managed to squeak out, “Somewhere more private please.”

To my dismay he laughed out loudly at my obvious distress. Slamming his palm onto the table drawing even more unwanted attention he called out happily while rising abruptly as he had sat down, “Well then. Let’s get the hell out of here.”

Dumbfounded I meekly rose and followed. Much to my consternation the man waited for me by the exit and made a big show of holding the door open for me. I slunk out of the cafe certain that the majority of the other patreons knew exactly what going to happen next. I cringed and I couldn’t stop my body from tightening up when the man’s surprisingly strong grip seized me by the elbow and he dragged down the street.

After turning a couple of corners the man stopped in illegal bahis front of big old house. Leaning in close to my ear he whispered, “You go around back and let yourself in. Stay there and strip off all your clothes.” I was certain the man could feel me trembling in his grip as I took shuddering nervous breathes. After a moment he continued, “When I get back there I want you naked and kneeling and ready to please me.”

I heard the mans smirk of pleasure when I mewed in response and cringed away from him when his breath hissed in my ear, “You understand boy?” Scared mute I nodded my headed compliantly. “Don’t disappoint me,” the man snarled and pushed me towards the open gate. I dared to sneak a peek back at him and was astounded to see how composed and self assured he seemed as he stood there arms crossed watching me go.

Trying not to scurry I slipped around to the back of the house. Tentatively I tried the door and when it opened I peered nervously into the gloom of the interior. There was a narrow dark hallway that lead away into the house but as ordered I didn’t go any further. As I stripped off my clothes I had a fleeting terrifying thought that this wasn’t his house. That it was some kind of cruel set up to humiliate me. Standing there naked I shivered though it wasn’t cold before slipping to the my knees.

I waited for what seemed like an eternity before the sound of some one coming increased my rising tension. The relief when I saw that it was him was almost comical. The sight of him standing there wearing nothing made me gladder than I knew I should have been. He seemed shorter and fatter than I remembered from the beach, but standing over me with his cock sticking out rigidly from below his gut he made an imposing figure.

His eyes seemed cold and his expression distant as he continued to stand there pointing his erect cock at me. Nervously I looked up hoping for some indication on how he wanted to proceed when with a sharp bark he growled, “What’d you come here for boy?”

The surprise of the question made my head swim with confusion making it impossible for me to get out anything more than a mumbling nonsensical response. Unhappy with my response the man barked louder, “What’s the matter boy? Don’t you know why you’re here?” Rebuked I tried to lean away as he continued his voice dripping with contempt, “Come on boy. Tell me what you want.”

Sniffling slightly as shame overwhelmed me I managed to simper out, “I came to suck your cock.” And as an after thought I blurted out, “Sir.”

The man’s smile was cruel as he spread his legs and rested his hands on his hips much he had at the beach previously. Lording over me as I simpered uncertainly beneath him he growled, “Beg for it.”

I couldn’t believe that he would make me but something inside me had given way and without considering the consequences I quietly pleaded, “Please Sir, please let me suck your cock.”

“Why?” He asked in a flat deadpan voice.

Thoughts and words swirled around in my head as sought to answer before finally blurting out, “To bring you pleasure? Sir?”

As I spoke I looked up noting the distant look in his eyes, he was looking back at me but it almost seemed as though he wasn’t seeing me. While I watched he stepped forward closing the distance between us until his cock was bobbing in front of my nose. Taking it as a sign to start I reached for his thick veiny cock with my hand while I pursed my lips to kiss the big purple head.

Suddenly his finger was pushing hard against my forehead and I froze. While I stared at his cock right before me the man inquired almost amused, “Did I give you permission to touch my cock boy?” Poking his finger into my forehead to make his point he asked again, “Well did I?”

Stumbling and utterly confused I mumbled a pathetic ashamed, “No.”

“Well then boy,” he continued amicably, “what do you need to do before you dare touch my manhood?”

With his finger still on my forehead I shame faced replied in a voice I hardly recognized, “I need your permission sir.”

When the finger didn’t move and the man didn’t speak I took a deep breath and asked as politely and subserviently as I could, “Please sir, please may touch your cock.”

Using his finger the man pushed forcing my head to tilt back so that I was looking up at him over his gut. With a big leering grin on his face he slowly thrust his hips forward so that his erection slid over my upturned face until his balls rested against my chin and the tip of his cock on my nose. The man watched me intently as I went cross eyed staring at his hard member. The heat from the man’s cock and balls felt like it was burning their impression onto my face as he crowded in over me he slowly rotated his hips to rub himself over my face.

“Stick out your tongue boy,” the man demanded his voice sounding horse and throaty. “That’s it boy,” he urged me, “Lick my cock.” And I did while he crowed above me, “Yeah, that’s it boy, just like that, nice and gentle.” And while he hummed and moaned his cock leaked precum and I licked him like it was my only purpose in life. I moaned contentedly when he changed his angle allowing his cock to stroke back and forth over my wet lips.

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