I Make Kelly Mine Ch. 02


While Kelly showered, I left the bathroom and lay down on the bed to rest a little. I unpacked my laptop and got online to peruse some porn. 12 minutes later, Kelly re-assumed her position in front of the coffee table on her knees with her hands behind her head. She was wearing her heels and nylons. I ignored her for a few minutes while I finished up on the laptop.

After making her wait, I got up and walked in back of her.

“Stand up” I ordered.

She stood up with her hands still behind her head. I explored her body again with my hands, fondling and squeezing as I wished.

“Are you clean, slave?”

“Yes, master.”


“Yes, master.”


I stretched my arm across her chest to grip her other shoulder, and put the ring finger of my other hand against her mouth.

“Moisten this, so that I may penetrate you anally.”

She took my finger into her mouth and covered it with saliva. I then inserted the tip into her ass.

“You’re thoroughly clean?”

“Yes, master.”

“And ready for a butt-fucking session?’


She seemed a little nervous.

“You’ve had an enema today?”

“Wha…no, master.”

“So, you haven’t cleaned yourself anally?”

“Oh my god…no, master.”

Kelly was starting to breath heavier.

“I’m disappointed. You realized that butt-fucking was a possibility, didn’t you?”

“Yes, I did, master.”

“Then why didn’t you prepare your anus beforehand?”

“I…I…I didn’t think of it. It didn’t occur to me. Oh god, I’m so sorry master. I didn’t think I’d actually go as far as…”

I removed the tip of my finger from her ass. I went into the bathroom and washed my hands. I returned to the table, picked up the cuffs, and cuffed her hands behind her back. Stepping in front of her, I gripped her by the hair, and slapped her hard. She cried out.

“You are to clean yourself anally before we meet.”

I slapped her again.

“Cleaning your ass is an important part of butt-fucking. You are to always be ready for butt-fucking when we meet.”

I slapped her again. A few tears started streaming down her face.

“Is that clear?”

“Yes, master” Kelly answered, with some effort to get the words out.

I held her by her hair, stared into her eyes, and counted to 30 silently. I then slapped her once more.

I then undid her cuffs and sat on the couch.

“Put on your blouse and skirt. Leave your panties and bra here.”

She dressed and resumed her position.

“There is a pharmacy across the street. Go there, buy an enema kit, and come back. You have 10 minutes.”

Kelly grabbed her purse and ran out the door. She still had her collar on.

Kelly was knocking at the door within 10 minutes. I ushered her in, then stripped her myself, and pointed to the bathroom. She went in with a small white paper bag. I had already put her heels and nylons in the bathroom with a note with instructions. I went back to relaxing on the bed with some Internet porn.

Kelly emerged from the bathroom 30 minutes later, and assumed her position in front of the coffee table, dressed in heels, nylons, and her collar.

“I am clean and ready for my ass-fucking, master” she exclaimed, in accordance with the instructions I’d left in the bathroom.

I got up and walked around the back of her. I bent down and started idly exploring and playing with levent escort her body.

“Normally, it’s better to have had an enema earlier, but this will have to do. I am looking forward to butt-fucking you very much, as I have not fucked a submissive woman in the ass in a long time.”

I picked up the cuffs and cuffed her hands behind her.

“Anal-fucking doesn’t really work with non-submissive partners for me. The act of positioning a woman in place, penetrating her anally, and then fucking her is at its core a dominant act.”

I gagged her.

“When a woman accepts a cock up her ass, she is yielding to a dominant force that is taking control of her. Regardless of the fact that it is in reality consensual, anal sex is the ultimate act of submission for a woman.”

I moved some things out of the way on the table, and bent her over it. Kelly was now bent over the coffee table in her heels, nylons and collar, with her hands cuffed behind her, and with the ball-gag inserted. I picked up my belt, and folded it in half.

“Before I take you in the ass like the submissive bitch that you are, I’m going to whip you for pleasure.”

I whipped her across the ass. She yelped a little through the gag. I did it 10 more times, and then removed her gag.

“You have just been whipped 10 times. You are going to be whipped another 10 times, but this time you are going to participate verbally. Do you understand?”

“Yes, master.”

“Good. You are to keep track of how many times you are whipped. After every strike, you will thank me, tell me what how many strikes we are on, request anal sex, and ask for another. Have you got all that?”

“I…I think so.”

“That’s not good enough. Any failure to follow instructions will result in my re-starting the whipping at No. 1.”

“Oh my god. O…okay, I’m ready.”

“In addition, you are to phrase your request for anal fucking differently each time. No repetition will be tolerated.”

“Different every time, master?”

I didn’t say anything.



“Ouch! Umm, thank you master, that was No. 1. Please.uh…engage in anal sex with me. May I be whipped again?”

“Remember, the goal is to turn me on.”


“Ah! Thank you, master. That was No. 2. Please…fuck my ass. May I be whipped?”

“That’s more like it. But I’ll bet you can do even better.”


“Ohhh…Thank you, master. That was No. 3. Please…please ram your cock into my ass like I deserve. May I have another whipping?”


“Eeeeaww! Thank you, master. That was No. 4. Please subject my ass to a butt-fucking. May I have another whipping?”


“Ahh-ah-ah! Thank you, master. That was No. 5. Please force me to take it up the ass like the lowly cunt that I am. May I have another whipping?”

Kelly was breathing heavier now, and starting to sweat again. Her ass was turning red.

“Do you want me to stop? One word from you, and you can go home.”

Kelly struggled to catch her breath before answering me.

“No master. I can take it.”

I didn’t say anything. I gagged her, whipped her hard three more times, and then removed the gag.

“Remember” I said, “You are to keep track of each whipping.”

“Thank you, master. Those were No.’s 6, 7, and 8. Please fuck me like an anal pleasure bitch. May I have another whipping?”


All mecidiyeköy escort of the strikes had been progressively harder, and this was definitely the hardest yet.

“Aaaaaaahhh…Oh god! Thank you master, that was No. 9. Please administer an ass-fucking. Please take me in the ass, please! Make me your anal sex slave! May I have ano…”


“Ohhhh…oh my fucking god! Thank you, master. I’m a slave-bitch. Please use me for butt-fucking, and…and piss all over me afterwards if you like. Please, please, fuck me now! Please!”

I gagged her again, and undid her cuffs.

“On the floor, on all fours.”

I pointed to where she should get on her hands and knees.

She was sweaty, and breathing really hard, so I waited a few minutes before doing anything.

After a few minutes, she seemed a little calmer. I took a tube of lube from the table, and soaked my finger in it. Then I spread one of her butt-cheeks, and inserted my finger into her asshole. I worked the tip in, and then waited for her sphincter to relax, then slowly pushed my whole finger in. I left it there for a few minutes, probing her with it, while I fondled her breast. She moaned a little throughout this. I then retracted it, lubed the finger next to it, and inserted them both. Eventually, I had three fingers up her ass. When she seemed relaxed enough, I retracted my fingers, put a condom on my cock, and lubed it. I went into the bathroom to wash my hands, and came back to kneel in back of her.

“This may hurt at first. I don’t know if you’ve ever been butt-fucked before, but it takes some getting used to. Just keep your sphincter muscles as relaxed as possible, and the pain will subside. As my cock slides in, I will start fucking you slowly at first, so that you can get used to it. Do you understand?”

Kelly nodded yes.

I put the tip of my cock against her asshole, and pushed it against the opening. Gradually, I was able to push it in just past her opening. She grunted. I waited until she relaxed a little, and then pushed it in a little more. She moaned. I took my time working it all the way in. There was certainly no hurry, and although I didn’t know for sure, I had a feeling this was her first time. This is my favorite part of anal sex. It takes some patience, but the tightness of the anal muscles constricting on my cock while it’s being worked all the way up a woman’s ass is sublime.

When I finally got it in all the way, I stopped moving.

“It’s in all the way now. Are you doing all right?”

She moaned and nodded yes again.

“Good. After this, you will always be my submissive little bitch. I will always be the man that you let face-fuck you, slap you, whip you, piss on you and ass-fuck you.”

She moaned again. I grabbed her by the hair with one hand, while the other hand held her hip.

“I’m going to start fucking you now. Take it like the slave-slut that you are.”

I very slowly pulled my cock out and pushed it back in. That first push and pull is the second best part of anal sex.

“This is what it feels like to take an anal fucking, slave.”

I stroked in and out slowly for a few minutes, and then gradually started moving faster. As I was fucking her, I alternated in holding her by the hair, or the back of the neck or shoulder, or with both hands on her hips. I reached down to fondle her breasts, and sometimes to play with her kağıthane escort cunt.

She relaxed into it extremely well. Good thing, since I sure wasn’t coming anytime soon. Since I had already come earlier that night, I wasn’t as sensitive, and had to work harder at it. That was fine, since I wasn’t on a schedule. I could have the pleasure of a nice, long dominant butt-fuck.

About 20 minutes into it, that feeling of an impending orgasm finally manifested itself. By this time, I’d already gotten Kelly off once. She’d screamed through her gag as I fingered her clit.

We were both hot, sweaty messes by now. We’d been fucking so long that it was having beneficial cardiovascular effects. After I felt the tingle of an orgasm, I had to keep the friction on my cock consistent, and fuck her even harder. It took almost ten minutes, but I finally came. I grabbed her hair and impaled her as deep as I could as I closed my eyes and pictured her in the bathtub coming earlier. It was one of the more intense orgasms of my life.

After I was done, we collapsed on the floor. We lay there at least five minutes with my cock still in her ass before I spoke.

“You are still my slave. Is that clear, bitch?”

She nodded yes. I removed her gag.

“Can you move yet?”

“Yes, master.”

I pulled out.

“Take the condom off and clean my cock with your mouth.”

She got up slowly. She knelt, removed the condom, and licked and sucked my cock. I let her do this for a few minutes.

“That’s enough.”

She stopped and I stood up.

“I am going to shower, dress, pack and leave. You are to assume your position by the door while I do this. On my way out, you will service me orally. When I am gone, you will be allowed to clean up.”

I went to take a shower as she assumed her position by the door.

After I was showered, dressed, and packed, I walked to the door, and stood in front of her.

“Undue my pants, take out my cock, and suck me off, fuck-doll.”

Kelly did as instructed. I’d played with myself a little in the shower, and gotten surprisingly hard. I motioned Kelly to use one hand to gently rub behind my balls while she sucked me, and I actually came again. I had her clean me orally, and then with a hot, moist towel. Then I zipped back up and she resumed her position.

“We are through for the night. However, there is an envelope on the table there. Inside are your final directions. You will only be released from service after you have completed those directions. Is that clear?”

“Yes, master.”

With that I left. It had been an extraordinary sexual experience, but I didn’t want to give Kelly any feedback until after she had completed her task.

The letter in the envelope read:


You are to take two to three days to reflect on the events of tonight. You are then to write a detailed, factual account of what transpired between us. You will catalogue everything we did, what you thought, and how you felt. You are to be completely honest. I do not want to read about you pretending to like something if you didn’t. Be honest. There will never be any reprisals or punishments regarding your honesty in this matter if we meet in the future. After your manuscript is finished, you are to submit it to Literotica. I expect to see it within two weeks time.

If this has been a satisfactory encounter for both of us, then I would be open to dominating and fucking you again sometime. If not, that is okay, too. If this was merely an experiment for you, or a case of the reality of the experience paling before the fantasy, do not worry. We came together tonight as two consenting adults, and will only do so as same in the future.