I Seduce my Neighbor, Part II

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Seducing My New Neighbor, Part II

(Surprise! My neighbor’s girlfriend)

By PhyllisRoger

My initial fears and reservations about my new neighbor, Vanessa, had been answered months ago as she overcame her initial taboos about such things and willingly yielded to her seduction by my sexy dog, Toby. He was now servicing each of us from time to time as we got even better “acquainted.” It was a neighbor’s dream come true. Our private Le Club Taboo. One day Toby and I went over for one of our sexy visits with Vanessa, unannounced, knocked, she opened the door. I could see in the kitchen was someone else. My eyes met with Vanessa’s, she smiled…”That’s Sherry, my girlfriend from work.” I was getting nervous. “Maybe Toby and I should come back another time?” Vanessa pulled us into her apartment closing the door behind Toby and me. “I don’t know,” I said, looking down at the dog who looked up, tongue lolling, eagerly looking at Vanessa who was blushing. She mumbled: “Life is interesting,” followed by her suggestive little giggle.

“It’s my neighbor Phyllis…and her dog, Toby,” she called out to the kitchen. Into the room came another gorgeous creature with a plate of snacks. “I’m Sherry,” she said and offered me a snack. “Wine?” she asked and I nodded. Soon the three of us were chatting, snacking and wining, Toby on the floor in repose. Sherry looked at him saying: “He’s a big boy. Vanessa told me all about him.” My voice cracked a little: “She did?” Sherry nodded and smiled. “He’s probably a good companion and you feel safer when he’s around.” “Yes,” I said, “he’s a very good companion.” I put a little twist to the ‘very’ part and Sherry gave a little grin…[she had been told ALL about him?! I wondered how much she had been told about my naughty dog.]

We continued with our snacks and small talk. Later, Sherry walked into the kitchen, her bottom moving sensually under her little dress, returning another bottle of wine. I noticed how warm was the room…not just warmth from the room but from our conversation and my thoughts…naughty thoughts. [Vanessa had told Sherry about Toby. THAT about Toby? Vanessa had said ’life was interesting’ and I wondered what might happen. A collection of clues I pondered.]

I reached down and patted my leg for Toby who stood and came to my side…tongue out. I gave him part of a snack saying “Good boy.” He sat at my feet and licked at my ankle.

Sherry said: “You let him do that?” I said: “They say a dog’s tongue is very clean…and it feels nice.” Toby was warming to his task and licked again. “He has quite the tongue,” Sherry said looking at us. The tip of Toby’s cock was peeking out…and I looked at Sherry. And yes! She was staring at us and IT. Then she looked up and smiled. She was blushing. “I’ve never had a dog,” she said and glanced down again at the pulsing red tip of Toby‘s cock. She was obviously fascinated with it, pretending not to look.

Vanessa was blushing, too, grabbed the remote and turned on the TV…saying: “There’s a good movie in a few minutes.” We watched and it was an old one: “Women in Love.” Sherry said: “Yes. I saw it once. It’s a ‘chick flick’ but I’d like to see it again.” The room was dark now, the sun having set, and the black and white film came on with the credits and then the story. It wasn’t long before Women in Love was showing two women expressing themselves. “Movies have come a long way since that was made,” Sherry said. “It is so suggestive and subtle.” “And sexy,” I added. “But these days,” I continued, “they would be not only necking and…naked…and…also finger fucking!” Sherry smiled at my words, nodded and drank some more wine, all of us quiet, watching as the two women in the film got close and kissed and caressed…fully clothed.

I imagined they were naked, fingering each others’ cunts, even imagining a dog in the room. What naughty, taboo thoughts! I was getting aroused by the women even with escort gaziantep minyon bayan their clothes on…my imagination was churning. I patted Toby on the head and he stood and licked at my knee. I looked at Sherry and she was watching. “Sometimes he’s a bad boy,” I remarked, “really bad.” Sherry smiled and watched the licking, his red dick easily seen, protruding a little more. I noticed Sherry’s breathing had changed and her breasts were moving irregularly…watching the women in the film but now just watching me and Toby and that long tongue, the red dick throbbing. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Sherry was staring…not at the movie.

Sherry asked: “What do you mean ‘bad’?” All I could do was smile, [seductively?] and then she insisted “How ‘bad’ is ‘bad’?” I was blushing and Toby was actively licking at both my knees, his cock half out…my legs together fending him off. I was afraid of how my mouth might answer her question, giving her a clue or spilling the beans with my tone. I pushed Toby away. I didn’t answer, just beautiful Sherry’s questions [and Toby] were getting me hot.

I stood and went to the bathroom to cool down, giving Vanessa the eye, letting her deal with her friend’s questions, as I passed between her and Sherry. Vanessa looked up and smiled…my eyes were questioning: ‘Would we admit Sherry into our private Le Club Taboo? Would Sherry instead be shocked and leave?’ So many answers to her questions, just in my look and silence. Vanessa smiled…and also blushed.

While in the restroom I heard them talking but couldn’t hear the words. Mind you, I had no idea of what would happen among the three of us but was titillated by what might happen? Sherry was really sexy and pretty and Toby’s tongue would set her on fire if she would only let it happen. What with the wine, the sexy movie, and Toby licking my knees, his dick out in plain view, Sherry fixated on it asking questions and I wondered whether the scene had been set.

In a way I wished Sherry wasn’t there as Vanessa and I would surely have a hot time in Le Club Taboo…my body was ready and my mind was whirring. I cooled down, a little. In another way I hoped Sherry would join in our forbidden pleasures. Excited with the possibilities, my mind inflamed, I returned to the living room. My cunt was wet, my body was ready but my behavior was discrete because of Sherry…maybe she’d be disgusted. As I looked in the room there they were and what a scene it was…my naughty thighs were massaging my cunt as I walked to the couch.

The scene: Three beautiful women and one sexually active dog in a quiet room.

That naughty, Toby was now being totally ‘friendly’ with Vanessa…Sherry in full stare. Sherry’s breasts were moving in and out with labored breathing, her dress above her knees which were parted slightly…was she getting hot, too?. I wondered what her pretty body was feeling…like mine? Was it the movie or Toby or…?

I went to the kitchen and opened that extra bottle of wine for us. We were all warm, the movie was developing and returning to the couch I looked at Toby and Sherry, her dress above her open knees. She had removed her shoes and I could see her legs were bare, wondering what else was bare and what more excitement there might be. I took a deep breath and poured out the wine. My cunt was tingling in anticipation but I sat down with my knees clamped tight…shivers! Trying to behave myself…my body raging…my brain telling my body: “Be cool, damn you!”

As I sat down, Sherry looked over at me, saying: “It’s a good movie Phyllis. I first saw it with my boyfriend at a drive-in movie…it got very hot…I got very hot and…” “And what?” I said. “You know…” she said and was blushing. I could care less about the movie just then and didn’t respond. Toby was working on Vanessa’s knees. She looked at me and smiled. Sherry continued: “What an escort bayan nizip active tongue…I’ve heard about dogs.” The ice was broken and I said: “Naughty dogs?” “It’s what you said, Phyllis…about Toby being naughty. It‘s not only his tongue, it‘s his…cock…pulsing with each lick! I‘ve never seen a dog‘s thing before.” So innocent calling it a ‘thing!’ I was losing control and got bold.

“It’s just between the three of us,” I said, giving her permission. Sherry looked at Vanessa and all the licking. I said to Vanessa: “You can always tell him to stop at any time and I’ll pull him away.” That moment had come and I didn’t know what would happen but took a chance. Toby was excitedly working on Vanessa’s knees and I said: “Toby!” patting Sherry’s bare knees. Sherry flexed at my touch. Toby looked up and came over to her. It was the moment. Would Vanessa and I initiate a new member into Le Club Taboo or would Sherry get scared and leave?

She was startled by my patting her knee and looked deep into my eyes. “Really?” she mumbled. “It’s just us three,” I said, reassuringly and Toby responded and licked at her, hitting her calf. I petted his ears. He knew it was okay, that it was the three of us; he licked Sherry’s calf again. “It feels strange…funny…tickles…nice…ooo…his nose is cold…and nice.” She could leave now but didn’t. It was the moment when doubt, body, mind collided…but the licking was good, is good and she was ready.

I watched her as Toby went to work and then it was too late for her. The fears, the taboo, the forbidden were dashed. Sherry relaxed, surrendering to her body, the feelings of lust. “I don’t know. I…” she mumbled and laid her head against the couch closing her eyes. Toby kept licking, now on her knees and above. Le Seduction Finis! I moved her dress to her waist. She looked at me and smiled.

She had skimpy little panties; I massaged her legs as Toby had gotten her scent, licking at her thigh…She turned her face to me, her eyes full of questions and excitement. I smoothed Sherry’s legs, opening them, giving Toby permission for his treat and he didn’t disappoint, licking her thighs, one side and then the other. “His nose is so cold,” she said, closing her eyes. I took her hand and Vanessa took the other. “This is naughty,” she whispered, “really… I shouldn’t be doing this… UNH! He feels so good. He‘s right there! OH GOD!”

Her legs were apart now and she scooted down. I pulled her tiny panties to one side. Sherry exclaimed: “OH! God! That nose…OH!” I watched Toby’s tongue as he licked her, nudging his nose on her clit and slurping that long urgent tongue into her cunt, slurping with more licks and Sherry lifted up for more. “This is wrong,” she said and lifted again, opening more. I petted her cheek. She was hot with tears and flexed more. I released her hand which went to Toby’s head and ears, rubbing them, chuckling at his mouth and tongue, urging him into her…legs splayed. “OH! OH!” she exclaimed, playing with Toby’s mouth, caressing it. It was such a scene and the movie droned on.

I glanced at the screen…the women were kissing…I leaned in and kissed Sherry. Her tongue was thick in her mouth. She mumbled: “I’m close…UNH…Oh God it’s good! He’s good. He’s so naughty and hot and his…tongue…licking…my…[gasp]…cunt!….…OH! OH!” I smoothed her cheek and whispered in her ear: “He’s fucking you with his tongue.“ Sherry smiled. “It’s so strange and good,“ then with inaudible grunts, she stiffened and held and convulsed and came, grabbing both our hands, flexed and came again, holding herself, then releasing with more grunts, her body twisted on the tongue and more ‘oh’s’ and it made me so hot I wanted some, too.

Now Toby was finished, a few final licks…Sherry, too, and then we three gradually calmed down. We were all hot and wanted more but not this night. No dog fucking the first time…that escort bayan nurdağı would come later. Sherry had been initiated into Le Club Taboo. The coronation would be another time.

Finally Sherry whispered: “Just between the three of us? Promise? What a movie,” she said changing the subject. We both nodded. Then later back to the topic on all our minds: “A one time thing?” Sherry asked. “Whatever you say.” we said in unison. Sherry’s breath returned and she straightened her dress….Toby was at his water bowl. “I’m not so sure about one time,” she said, “it was really good, better than good.” I winked at Vanessa. She smiled.

We both knew. Another weekend and visit and who knew what more surprises. But even then with pretty Sherry I knew more would come later…it was too good not to want to do it again and I thought of my zoo initiation, in private, a total surprise, how it was too good not to want it again and more.

Private Reflections of Phyllis on the evening with Vanessa and Sherry:

Later that night I laid back on my couch having watched the unimaginable with Toby and Vanessa’s friend, the delicious Sherry…I had never imagined such things happening. Remembering how Toby and I were an accident as one day, when I was relaxing in my quiet room, and he came to explore…one thing led to another from licking and tickling my toes, to my ankles, to my knees and thighs and…in the privacy of my apartment, all alone, who would know, and that probing nose and licking tongue had aroused me…aroused my cunt. Then Toby licking me wet as I lay there throbbing and enjoyed it all…the taboo joy…without any inhibition. Naughty dog Toby had initiated me. Who would know? And Toby wouldn’t tell would he? It had seemed so natural, and was…just my dog and me and the shaking orgasm that took me to new heights…impossible and yet…it was not a man or all the emotional overlays and hesitancies of a normal relationship…it was just two animals: animal female me and animal male dog and enjoying and cuming…flexing and ‘yessing’ and ‘ohs and ahs’ and releasing to nature‘s instincts…so private.

After that first time I lay on my couch in my living room thinking about it all, feeling dirty and excited and more…something I knew was forbidden, taboo but so much pleasure. I couldn’t let such a thing happen to me…a good girl…but it was so good and the next day I wanted more than licking…I wanted penetration…serious fucking. I had to teach Toby to mount and used my hand to lead his cock into me. That first time was so hit and miss…mostly miss!…but when he finally entered my wet cunt nature took over…animal nature…as he became frantic and fucked deep and hard…and I lifted in response and we were animals and cuming hard as his paws gripped my waist, held and fucked me hard…I came again and again until I was exhausted and filled. Finally, Toby lifted off, panting…me, too, dizzy!

I just rested my head on a cushion feeling the wet run down my legs, cooling. Finally getting back my breath, wiping the tears on my cheeks. Toby at his bowl and resting, licking his throbbing cock. I was in some other place that first time.

Then my fears of discovery when visitors came and Toby had to be locked in my bedroom. He would whine a little and then sleep. Later Vanessa came into my life. She was so hot to look at and then things happened…as I hoped they would and we had many good times. Was it Sherry’s turn to join the two of us or was it “her one time thing?” The feeling a woman has when she enjoys a spontaneous, unexpected, full and complete rocking orgasm? “Wow” is the only word for it…and having one so intense…a full body orgasm…who among us would not want more?

What an evening it had been with Vanessa and Sherry. I had my hopes but remembered my own experience that first time, how I was both embarrassed and excited and the many other times that followed. Sherry was a gorgeous sexy woman…she had shaken and pulsed, cum hard and enjoyed this naughty thing…I could hardly wait for the next time which would surely come…cum?

Vanessa called the next day and said: “Next Friday?” I replied: “Will Sherry be there, too?” All Vanessa could say, between giggles, was: “Guess!” I could hardly wait. Le Club Taboo had a new member.

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