Ice Breaker

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Wednesday morning in the desert Southwest, late Springtime and a beautiful day. I am in the car, headed to an appointment on the other side of town. Casually I turn on my cellphone, pulling it from the leather carrying case and as I flick it on, the indicator chimes to let me know I have messages. I carefully navigate a lane change entering the expressway and lift the phone to my ear to hear the messages.

A deep sexy male voice comes on and I am at once mesmerized by his sound and timbre. For several days I have had a secret email companion and although we have not spoken, we have exchanged what could only be called the most intimate of information and desires…and now here he is, purring that sugar in my ear, my hand grips the steering wheel as the car accelerates to 65 mph and I move into the left lane.

He tells me I am heading in his direction, that after my appointment he would love an impromptu drive-by meeting so we might enjoy a glimpse of one another before the larger adventures we are planning…I feel the tingle begin to build in my nipples and clit while imagining more than a drive-by. But I quickly stifle the thought, there is a red light ahead and I slow down and save his message in the cellphone. I get to my appointment on time and an hour later I’m back in the car, heading south and in his general direction.

I flip open the phone and call him and leave a message, disappointed to get a machine and not the man…figuring it’s not meant to be, I continue on, headed to my second errand of the day. There are many cars out today and a lot of construction traffic in this neighborhood, I pay rapt attention to my driving.

Suddenly the cellphone rings loudly and I struggle to pull off onto a side street, turn off Barbra Streisand and answer. I once again hear that deep sweet voice and now we are chatting, he’s urging me to turn that car around, to head back in his direction, to have that drive-by ‘ice breaker’, as he calls it. So even though I’m not dressed for the occasion and wasn’t really prepared for this so soon, I succumb to temptation and turn the Tekirdağ Escort car around.

Stoplight! Good, time for a mirror check. Hair, ok. Makeup, perfect. Outfit, good, could’ve worn higher shoes than these flat sandals, but at least my pedicure is lovely. The long black skirt and sheer camisole look great with the big black linen open shirt. My nipples are visible through the sheer black camisole and I didn’t wear panties today. And several pieces of my large turquoise jewelry collection are adorning my hot body. “It could be worse”, I think to myself as I continue towards his place. At least he knows we were not planning this, he is getting the real girl in impromptu condition…

Two more streets and I’m there. I pull up into the driveway and he is walking out of the open garage towards me, smiling broadly and his eyes are twinkling with delight. I stop the car, fling open the door, get out and am immediately in his arms. He smells of sweat from his morning run, paint thinner, sunshine, and man. I am captivated with his size, he is tall and sinewy, lovely and tan and we kiss, our lips meeting for the first time. His hot and eager tongue invades my mouth and all shyness we felt is gone…I am all woman and he is all man and this is what we both want and need, and we know it…

The hot incredible emails we’ve exchanged have fueled the fire of our lust and as he reaches down my back towards my ass, I entwine my arms about his neck and back and press my groin up full against his cock. I feel my pussy getting wet and hot, throbbing with excitement. But we need to slow down, his elderly Mother is staying with him now and she is not feeling well and could walk out at any moment. I don’t want to make a poor first impression, so we struggle with ourselves to break the embrace and to cool down some.

We separate briefly and move towards the interior of the house. The inside is a shambles, kitchen is all torn apart, lots of clutter everywhere and I know he’s a junk collector like me! Several cabinet doors are in the garage area, stripped of paint and ready Tekirdağ Escort Bayan for varnish. He proudly shows me the work he’s done so far and describes the plans he has to overhaul the entire house, where he’s been now for 24 years. “He has his work cut out for him”, I think to myself…realizing that my own home of 8 years is ready for an overhaul as well! My heart is still beating wildly in my chest and I am having trouble breathing…his nearness is overwhelming to me and all I want is to turn and to bury my face in his chest, to inhale him again, to pull up my camisole and to rub my hardened nipples and ripe breasts against the naked flesh of his strong torso hiding underneath that blue t-shirt.

The largest dog I’ve ever seen emerges from the back of the house and pads slowly towards me. He lets me pet him and lies down lazily at my feet. Big, mellow friendly soul…a perfect partner to this man of the desert. Intuitively I know this man is good, his dog is well-loved and content. And this relaxes me a little…

We walk back out into the open garage area and by now the lust is raging, we have both been fighting it back and can’t keep it in check. We laugh and chat and flirt shamelessly and both of us know what we want and need. If Mom comes out here now, she’s going to get a shock but we are not going to stop this time. His hands reach to find my tender breasts and he pulls them up and out of the sheer camisole and alternately sucks each hard nipple into that hot erotic mouth. I swoon with desire and as he kisses me repeatedly and deeply, he reaches between my legs, still only through my skirt and begins to stroke my pussy, clit and cuntlips.

I am getting hotter and wetter and really need him now, I need to cum and want to feel his fingers inside me, and when his hand reaches for the hem of my long skirt I don’t protest but allow him to pull it up around my waist in front and to find my wet charms with his delicate touch. It’s electrifying, feeling his warm hand on my most private places and I arch towards him as his fingers find my Escort Tekirdağ clit, stimulating me with deft talent until I can no longer keep from cumming. I climax over his fingers and leaning hard into his body, I reach out and hang onto him for support. His hot talented hand is in me more deeply now, he’s talking to me, telling me how hot I am and wet and how much he wants me to cum for him, to let him have me, and as he continues to stimulate me faster now and then deeper, I cum and feel like I am dripping over his fingers and wrist.

Meanwhile I am aware that the neighbors next door with their moving van have seen this entire display and I have been further aroused by the thought that we were being watched. His cock is still hidden in the confines of his jeans and although I long for a taste, I am aware that Mom could appear at any moment, so as I struggle to regain some composure I reach out to rub him through the denim and he takes my hand and pushes it down inside past the waistband and I feel the hot erotic throbbing of his male member, thick and alive and warm in my hand as I grip him softly and push against him in desire. We continue our crazed kissing but only momentarily, I tell him, “If you take that cock out, I’ll be on my knees right here on this concrete floor to suck you off”…and he realizes it’s not the time and not the place so we stop for the moment, with considerable difficulty.

As we stand in the sunlight we gaze at one another with a mixture of delight, shyness, tenderness, greediness and lust. We both are grinning and our hearts are still beating wildly, our breathing is shallow and rapid and we are both still mesmerized with the newness of it all. I turn my back to him and press my clothed asscheeks up against his groin as he reaches around me to fondle my tits. I tell him this is my favorite position, from behind, and that I always cum this way and together we have the same mental image and we swoon as I rub against him. When we break the embrace, I turn and lift up his t-shirt and bury my face in his beautiful chest, inhaling the awesome maleness and savoring the moment…I am weak in the knees with my desire.

We kiss again and knowing that this is only our ‘ice breaker’, nothing more, I get into the car and drive away…he waves at me as I turn and we are both still grinning with delightful anticipation of the days to come…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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