Icecream Afternoon

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She was sitting down having her coffee. It was warm and she felt relaxed, breathing in the first air of spring. She could see him a few tables further. He wasn’t particularly handsome but he seemed quite tall and he had a certain playfulness in his smile. She smiled back and went back in her thoughts. He dropped his newspaper. As he bend down to pick it up, she saw him peek under the table…Was he trying to look up her skirt? The nerve! She felt watched, violated but at the same time flattered. She knew her new aqua colored underwear must have been visible from a mile away. She smirked and tested him… A slight change of angle and a shift in her pose, followed by her leg slightly moving away from the other one. She took out her phone and sunglasses. That should hide her eyes enough. All she had to do was pretend to play her Angry Birds and keep her eyes on this pervert.

It took a few minutes, but then he noticed the opportunity. He tilted his head and noticed he could clearly see her panties. Awesome! She was too busy to even notice. He bulged up and moved slightly down to get a better view. he saw pubes through her lace. Slightly puffy lips. His mouth was watering thinking of having that in his mouth.

Meanwhile she watched his every move, sometimes blocking the view, sometimes spreading her legs indecently far apart. She saw the bulge in his pants and it made her feel tingly… She was contemplating her next move, but decided to ask for the check and leave. But not before a stop to the ladies room. She found a stall and sat down. Her panties were soaked! This was more exciting than she realized at first. As she peed she could feel the tingle of the warm stream along her lips which gave her more than enough information about her excitement. Her panties were around her knees and she looked at them, realizing she could not wear them again. She took them off and smiled. an evil idea popped in her head. She took a piece of paper from her purse and wrote “I need something cold… Guess where I will be…”. She blushed with the thought he might actually follow her, but that on the other hand moistened her as well.

He didn’t see her leave and the fact she was suddenly gone made him realize he might have been caught peeking. Damn, he couldn’t stand up with this massive hard on that emerged in his pants either. So good and so bad, the joy of being a man… Then she appeared from the cafe. Making her way between the tables he could not determine where she was going. Then it was clear: she headed his way with fast paces. Shit, this was trouble! She stopped right in front of him, grabbed his bag, pushed something in and left. He was frozen…

She had a grin on her face as she paced towards the ice cream shop. Somewhere she hoped he would not follow her but on the other hand this game was as much as a turn on as having sex in the roller coaster in Adventure Land. as she found a table in the back, her mind was working overtime to figure out WHAT she would do IF he’d show up. The fact she had taken off her underwear made her feel liberated and naughty. She blushed as she ordered ice cream with cherries. At least she could enjoy that until her plan either failed or unfolded.

He had been looking down in his bag, both curious and nervous about what she could have put in there. His curiosity got the best of him and he jumped on the bag like a pussycat would jump on a mouse. “Oh my God!” he mumbled as her Escort bayan found her panties in his hand. He was stunned. The wetness tantalized his palm and his pants re-bulged instantly. A note…? A note! With nervous fingers he unfolded it and read her message. Confusing… He wasn’t really familiar with the area and this message was puzzling indeed. How annoying as this was clearly an exciting invitation to something.

Her mind was browsing through a history of sexual fantasies. Curious on how he would react to the note and what this could lead to, she felt herself getting more excited. She glimpsed down and noticed a wet patch on the chair. If he wouldn’t show she’d need to hide somewhere and get this lust out of her. But please, let him show up to accelerate this even more. Her cheeks were glowing and her body was in a maximum state of arousal.

He was going around in circles trying to solve this riddle. How stupid! She could be sitting somewhere watching him walking around like a headless chook as payback for his act of voyeurism. Anyway, the prize for solving this riddle was worth the quest and painstaking walking-in-circles. As he sat down to make sense of it all it appeared to him as a vision: Giorgio’s Gelato… Of course: something cool! He made his way towards the shop. His pulse was going faster and he was almost salivating. He walked in a took a look into the seating area. With hawk eye precision he spotted her, eating her icecream. He sat down at a good position and order a milkshake. She hadn’t noticed him yet, but he was sure it was the girl with the aqua underwear.

The sweetness of the hard cherries were intoxicating her. Her mind was all between thoughts of bondage, slow oral sex, mutual masturbation and screaming orgasms. She almost melted away in her act of seduction. Regaining her senses scared the crap out of her. It was him! He was here! This was more than a fantasy. Potentially dangerous, potentially lucky. Goodness, the next move. What did she plan as next move. She was so bold in her first action and now so clumsy in the completion of it. She pretended he wasn’t there… Calm down, she was still in control. Time to tease him some more.

He watched her wiggle and finish her icecream. She was pretty hot. He tried to imagine what she would look like naked. The image build in his head and he grinned. He was staring like a child that sees this lollipop in a shop window, wanting it so badly that the rest of the world stopped. “Dude!” a voice hammered in his ear. “Your shake, if you’re not too busy…”. What a dick. He should know better as a guy. Sometimes your thoughts just focus on one thing when you’re all horned up.

She chuckled as she saw him take the milkshake from the waiter. He sucked on the straw and all she could think about were his lips on her clit. She was so wet, so ready and all she wanted was to cum: right here right now. But she wanted it from him, not from herself. How would she get him to? He was staring again… This was it! Her hand slid under her dress and stroke between her lips, leaving a wet trail on her finger. She moved the finger to her mouth and licked it slowly as she looked straight into his eyes.

He gasped with an insane heart rate pumping his blood around. His pants almost ripped open with the force of his manhood pushing against it. This was hotter than he’d ever could imagine. He wanted her…bad! She swayed on her chair, Bayan Escort clearly to stimulate herself. He wanted to help her, please her, fondle her, feel her. What if she was just a tease? Did he read this right? He spotted a booth in the back. A little darker than the rest of the place, a little bit hidden away, a cosy corner. Bravely he stood up, walked towards the booth, taking the long route by passing her table. His bulge didn’t matter now. He even made sure she could see his excitement.

She had spotted the booth as well, not realizing until now what a grea opportunity it presented. He sat down and looked in her direction with one hand under the table. An invite…a well planned move to tell her he was game. All she had to do is set the rules. This better be planned well. She wanted her orgasm without waiting too long. No complications of introductions, courtship, dating, icebreaking or any other formal matter. One finger tip would suffice for probably less than a minute. She took a deep breath, stood up and walked towards the booth.

He smiled as she walked towards him and sat down across the table. His hand had been pushing on his sensitive tip and he could feel drops of precum in his shorts. She blushed slightly when she sat down but then looked straight into his eyes to make him aware that this was her game. He was merely an instrument. All he was waiting for was her to lead the way. He would willingly follow no matter what. His hand moved back on the table. She shook her head…

With a knod she indicated his hand had to go back. She wanted to see that lust in his eyes as he was fondling himself. Her hand went under the table to. Another wet finger… With her other hand she took his hand that was on the table. The wet fingers submerged from below and rubbed on his fingers. He HAD to know how wet she was. Boldly, he licked his fingers to taste her juices. She could almost feel herself flowing like a river…

She tasted sweet and there was plenty to taste. This girl was so ready. His mouth prepared the let’s-get-out-of-here proposal but she hushed him at the first letter that left his lips. She shook her head again. No go, she had this planned and prepared. This was not an invite. This was a mission to cum. Perhaps a punishment, maybe a reward. He had to play this her way and her way only… His cock was hard and pounding. If he would rub it much longer it would leave a big dollop of his cream in his pants. Fuck it, it was worth it…

She took her wet finger, moved them to her mouth. She made the V sign and licked between it. She taunted him. Let’s see how much guts this peeping Tom has! He got the hint. He looked around to assess the crowd and the chance of being spotted. Then she saw him slide himself of the couch, under the table and onto the floor. “Do it!” she whispered and lifted up her dress to give him access to her wet place of pleasure. She opened her legs as she felt his hair brush on the insides. He was getting closer.

Almost there as he stuck out his tongue. He couldn’t see much but enough to spot her pink lips and her little bush surrounding it. She leaned back to let him come closer. His lips made contact and tried to find her clit. In no time, his lips were around it sucking it. He could feel her body shiver. Long licks all through her slit. Up and down teasingly slow. He tasted her sweetness and grabbed her legs to get better control. He was close Escort enough to slide his tongue in…

As his tongue slid in, she had to push herself not to moan. She wanted this and could already feel her orgasm come closer. She wasn’t sure to let him go and make him finish it and hope for a second attempt or drag this out. But her tongue was like an eel inside here. It was hitting the right spot. His nose touch her clit just enough to electrify it. This could not be stopped. She grabbed his head, bit her tongue and let her body tremble as she came. Hard, intense and so much anticipated and craved for.

He felt her trembles fade and felt good of himself. This was good. His face was wet from her juices and the bench she was sitting on showed a little puddle as evidence of her lust and his achievement. She held on to his head, pushing him back in. This wasn’t over yet: he was heading for round two. His cock was now on the verge of hulking through his pants. He had to get his hand on there. He felt her foot close to it. He pushed himself onto her foot as he started to lick her lips again.

She felt his hardness on the top of her foot. He deserved something back… She popped off her shoe and with precision she started wiggling her toes on the top of the bulge. She felt a shiver going through his body. The rhythm of her foot matched the rhythm of his tongue as he started to circle her clit. She knew it wouldn’t take much to make her cum again, but if she could make him cum at the same time it would be the summit of her lustful afternoon. She could feel everything intensify as her kept licking. Every time he pushed the tempo, she went faster too. She could feel him pushing as he was fucking her toes. His moves intensified as she knew she was close to her second orgasm. Just before she had to bite her lip again he shook and let a short moan escape. Just the wrong moment to break contact with her pussy and she grabbed his head push him back and finish the job.

He could barely breathe. The intensity of his orgasm left him gasping for air and she did not let him get away from his oral endeavor. He licked, quick, intense, hard. Please cum…I need to breathe! She shivered and nearly pulled his hair out. The wetness dripped off his face as he gasped for air like a swimmer just being under water for too long. She dealt with her aftershocks and let him move back. He felt the wetness in his pants. Shit, this might leak through. Realizing this might end embarrassing, he pulled a Houdini out of his pants, out of the undies, back in to his pants and back on to the seat. She looked flustered, satisfied. She didn’t make any eye contact as she fixed up her dress and hair. She stood up and looked at him. Then she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks Tom, I needed that!” she said and walked off. He was left in the chair, flabbergasted with the abrupt end to this intense adventure. She walked down the street to her train station with a big blush and smirk. Did she really just do that? Was it all real? It was good…God it was good! Never ever had she had such intensity. She sat down as the train took off. She looked in her mirror and saw the blush on her face. “You’re cheeky…” she whispered to herself. She reached for her lipstick, but came up empty. Where did she leave it this time? Dammit… Finally finding the perfect ruby red and losing it? She opened her bag looking in the creases. She noticed a foreign object and grabbed it. She opened up a pair of Bjørn Borg boxer shorts with a big wet creamy patch in them. She smiled and folded them. She was about to chuck them out of the window as she noticed something written on the back, in ruby red numbers…

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