Icky Vicky (F/F)

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Author’s Note:

This is the first story I have ever written, and I originally submitted it on another site. I wrote it when I was supposed to be studying for my exams. So.. yeah, I was half crazy on 5 cups of coffee when I wrote it. Anyways, let me know what you think about it.


Tap… Tap… Tap… The droplets materialize out of the faucet splatting against the stainless steel of the kitchen sink. A sound that would usually annoy me now lulls me into a deep reverie back in time.

None of this would have happened if my gym teacher hadn’t so graciously picked me to help her get the tennis equipment back into storage. The bell had already rung a few minutes ago, making me late for the third time in a row for my Calculus class. Sighing to myself about the inevitable detention I would get, I finally made it to the locker room. It was eerily quiet, except for the sound of a single shower being used. Everyone had already showered and left for their next class, including my best friend Cassie.

Sighing again at my ill luck, I wondered who was in the shower, while my gaze gravitated towards a pair of white ankle socks with a pink polka dot pattern. They were draped over a pair of black boots, situated right below the bench that had a pile of clothes on top.

By this point in my life I knew I had a foot fetish, and it only grew stronger every weekend. Ever since last summer, I’ve been using my best friend Cassie as an outlet to my perverted fetish. Every weekend I get awoken like clockwork in the dead of night and find myself creeping down our shared blanket till my nose rests on the crevice between her big toe and her second toe. Though her feet rarely ever have a smell, my nose fits so snugly in that crevice, that it feels as if it was created to be there. My lips soon start kissing right beneath her toes, all the while my nose is snuggled up next to her toes. I can’t help myself as my hand creeps down my pajamas, and I start whispering to her feet all the sweet nothings of a lifetime. Soon the kissing turns sloppy like two teenagers making out with no care about anyone else in the room. It only goes downhill from there as I sink deeper in my ecstasy and my tongue darts out frantically up and down her soles, wanting to show her feet my devotion. I always left her toes till after I came off my orgasm, because I hated myself after. Once I got down from my high and realized what I’d just done, it calmed me to suck on her toes as if the fact that I was still willing to love her feet even after I wasn’t horny anymore proved something. I just sat there on the floor at the edge of the bed while my lips suckled on her toes like that of a newborn who needs it to survive. kemalpaşa escort Of course she had no inkling of what I did when she fell asleep.

My mind was screaming at me that this was a bad idea. My feet started moving of their own accord and I could feel myself starting to sweat and shiver as adrenaline pumped through me. Kneeling by the pair of boots I hesitantly reached out and picked up one of the socks. It felt soft to the touch, though the bottoms were slightly yellow with dirt and it looked like it had been worn quite a few times. Bringing it closer to my nose, I hesitated before taking a deep breath. I was sorely disappointed as all that it smelt of was lavender. Whoever these sock’s belonged probably used lavender lotion to moisturize their feet on a regular basis.

Disappointed, I was about to go into the shower myself to get cleaned up when I got a whiff of a cheesy aroma. I froze as my heart started beating wildly and I inhaled slowly. The scent was emanating from the boots that the socks were placed upon. Leaning forward, I moved my nose to the entrance of the boots and sniffed. A shiver went through me and butterflies started dancing in my stomach. Cassie’s feet never stank this much since she took a shower every day. I was in my own world sniffing away like an addict, trying to inhale it all. So focused I was that it never hit me until it was too late. The sound of water running had stopped, whoever was showering had finished. I felt a tingling in the back of my neck as if someone was watching me. Gingerly I turned around and there stood Vicky.

*Creak* *Thud*

The sound of a door opening jarred me back to reality. Several footsteps could be heard from where I was hiding in the washroom stall, awaiting Vicky for my punishment. I prayed to whatever deity existed to please not let that be Vicky. This was my punishment for making her life hell in middle school and giving her the nickname Icky Vicky. I was just a stupid kid, and thought it was a funny nickname since she often smelt as if she hadn’t taken a shower all week.

So here I was in a customized gimp suit that Vicky had gotten from her parent’s sex shop. The one piece gimp suit was a shiny jet black color that had a zipper running from the small of my waist to my bellybutton. To complete the getup, I was made to wear knee high boots and a head mask that completely covered my head, leaving two small slits to breathe from and eye holes.

The sound of shoes stopped shortly as several pairs of them appeared in front of my stall door now. My heart pounded as if it would burst, and I stared at the shoes from underneath the space of the stall i was konak escort holed up in. I knew that this was part of Vicky’s punishment.

“Get out here SLUT!” Vicky said in a demanding tone. Yup, this was definitely part of her payback.

Taking a deep breath and steeling my nerves I unlocked the stall door and let it open of its own accord as I came crawling out on my knee’s like Vicky taught me.

My heart skipped a beat and I felt a chill go through me to the point where even my bones felt frozen. Standing in front of me was none other than Cassie, along with a couple other girls from my gym class. Heat slowly started coursing through me and I was sure my entire body was blushing from head to toe.

Laughter soon ensued my appearance. “Omg! What is she wearing?!” “Who is she??” “I’m soo tweeting this!”

Vicky looked at me with a twisted grin “She’s wearing a suit to protect her identity. This is the bitch who’s been stealing our socks and panties from the locker after gym class. I caught her sniffing my sock’s, while she had my panties in her mouth!! She’s a total pervert and it’s time we make her understand the consequences of being a thief.”

That lying dirt bag. She made me steal the panties and socks. The part about her catching me with panties in my mouth never happened. I’m not a lesbian. I just like feet. I wanted to scream and claw her face off, but I knew I couldn’t risk Cassie finding out that her best friend was a pervert. Why did she have to bring my only friend here to humiliate me even more than I already was?

“Look at this girl’s” Vicky looked at me “Bitch. Start.”

I knew what she wanted me to do, after all I’ve been doing it since the day she caught me. Placing a kiss on her black boot’s I proceeded to remove it. Her shoes came off with a plop, revealing her alabaster white feet. Vicky had stopped wearing sock’s soon after she figured out about my fetish. Her feet had no blemishes, her nails were painted black to contrast against her milky white skin. Taking her feet into my hand, I started kissing it while breathing in as much as I could at the same time. The pungent aroma of cheesy popcorn was evident as the other girl’s had their hands covering their noses. I soon started lapping at her soles like a dog, enjoying the salty taste despite my anger. Though the gunk between her toes made me gag.

“My turn now!”

Shocked, I looked up and to my horror it was Cassie who had spoken out.

“What’s the matter bitch, hurry up and take my shoes off” I had never seen this side of her, she was always so quiet and nice to everyone.

I quickly did as told while tears formed in my eye’s. kuşadası escort Upon taking her sneakers off, my eyes were greeted by the sight of her socked feet. Covering them were her favorite ankle length pink sock’s that she often wore at my house during sleepovers.

“Take them off with your teeth” Cassie looked down at me with a twisted grin on her face.

Soon enough she had my nose between her toes. I was familiar with her scent, since her feet always smelt this way after gym class. Though I was never lucky enough to have gotten more than a few sniffs before she went off to take a shower. It was slightly vinegary unlike Vicky whose feet smelt more cheesy.

“How do you like the stink straight from the source slut!?!?”

Teary eyed, I felt humiliated at the way my friend was talking down to me. But at the same time I was more turned on than I’d ever been in my life.

I couldn’t use my voice or she’d recognize me, so I kissed her feet and started sucking on the big toe as an answer to her question.

“Omg, she actually likes it! We should use her after gym class every day”

*BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRING* the school bell rang, letting us know that recess was over

“Aww, I was just starting to have fun. Here put my dirty socks inside you to remember me by”

Confused I looked at Cassie to see what she meant?

At the same time that I realized what she meant, Cassie bent down and opened the zipper that ran from my bellybutton to the small of my back.

“EWWW! You’re dipping all over the floor, you’re turned on by this, FREAK!!”

Giggling Cassie started to push her favorite ankle length sock inside my shaved pussy. It took her a few tries to shove it inside me as nothing but my finger had even been inside me before. Before I knew it, my pussy seemed to just accept the intrusion as it went in and she zipped it back.

Cassie had a huge smile on her face as she said “Bye slut, next time I’ll bring my friend Jessie, she has some really stinky feet!!”

The rest of the girls were soon following her lead by making Vicky promise to let them punish me later.

Soon she had her back turned to me as she and the rest of the girls walked off to their next class giggling. I finally lost it and started sobbing.

Vicky looked at me with a bright smile “Stop crying. You know you like it. Your pussy was dripping wet. Hurry up and take the suit off, my parents don’t know I borrowed it. Oh, and don’t you dare take that sock out!!”

Soon enough I was walking to my class as well. As I entered our art class, I could see Cassie smiling brightly at me. “Omg, where were you!!?? and Why are you walking funny?”

She rushed on “Never mind that, you won’t believe what happened today. There was this girl in the washroom, and … “

I listened to her brag about her exploits with a fake smile on my face as I sat down. Soon my fingers inched towards and pushed the sock back in through my jeans, as it started to slowly inch its way out.

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