Idle Hands Ch. 02


Bending my elbows back and forth, hands still cuffed to the collar, I try to get some blood pumping back into my hands after being suspended in the doorway.

You walk round me slowly, eyes wandering over me from neck to toes. Smirking at the redness of my tits and arse. Eyes sparkling at the wetness coating my thighs and pussy.

You stand behind me, one hand grips the back of my neck, the other takes a finger tip trail from my hip, over my stomach to trace lightly at the bottom of my left tit, so softly. The gentleness distracts me so there is a sharper gasp when your thumb and forefinger catch my nipple, squeezing hard and pulling upwards.

The hand at the back of my neck tightens and you lower your mouth to my ear.

“You know this was just the warm up. I’m going to teach you to stop being a messy little slut if it takes all day.” Gently biting my neck, you crush my nipple between your fingers again but the teeth on my neck, the heat of you behind me makes me moan more than cry.

You drop my nipple and both hands go to my neck. You unclip the cuffs from my collar and push my shoulders from behind, pushing me into the bedroom. I drop my bound hands in front of me and wince at the ache in my arms and the blood rushing back down to my hands.


I drop to my knees, facing the side of the bed, eyes to the floor. I hope this means I get to lick, suck, stroke your cock, feel your hands in my hair, your cock twitch in my mouth but I don’t know what you have planned.

You walk round me, making me wait, eyes sweeping over me as I sit. You like to give me time to wonder what you have planned.

You strip off your t-shirt, dropping your jeans and boxers and kicking them off. When you stand in front of me I start to look up. I don’t get very far, my attention caught by you fisting your cock in front of me. I want to touch you, want to wrap my lips around your cock but I know better than to try without permission.

Your hand drops to the base of your cock, angling it towards me.

“Ah my little slut, is this what you want?” You tease me, slapping your hard cock gently against my cheek. otele gelen escort Even though I don’t look up I know you’ll be smiling with an evil look on your face.

I nod my head, not noticing that I’ve started to rock my hips, subconsciously riding your cock and my thighs are getting slicker ever moment.

“Then come on! If you do a good enough job, I might be nice enough to fuck your arse.”

I let out a low moan and lick my lips as I lean towards your cock. My tongue lightly rolls over the tip and I hear you suck in a breath as I drop my mouth over the head of your cock, wet, warm, tongue dancing round and I gently suck as I work my mouth down your cock slowly.

My hands come up to grip your shaft and slightly squeeze and roll your balls. Your hands move into my hair. I feel you wrapping my hair round both hands so you can control depth, angle and speed. Or just hold my head still and fuck my face, whatever you prefer.

My head bobs up and down on your cock, making sure your cock is wet and my tongue runs over the sensitive underside before I drop back down to engulf more of you. I take you as far back as I can, gagging on your cock. I suck, lick and gag myself on your cock each time.

You start to pull my head closer, trying to force your cock down my throat, gagging me harder and for longer, tears start to run down my cheeks, drool starts to run down my chin.

I love it when you use me, I moan, deep and low and you can feel the vibrations run through you. You hold my head still and start to fuck my face. Cock not pushing as deep but your hips moving faster and faster and I keep sucking and lashing my tongue against you as I feel you get that bit harder and start to twitch. My hands go to your thighs to steady myself, stop me moving back as your hips slam forward.

The rhythm changes and I moan low again, my hips rocking, grinding my reddened ass down on my heels, trying to get some stimulation, trying to find a way to drop over the edge. I know you are close and I’m so fucking horny. I want to feel you cum, I want to cum, our hips both moving mecidiyeköy escort faster, you’re nearly there and I’m just grinding against nothing.

Your hands get tighter on my head and your hips become a blur. Your cock pushes deep and you hold it there, cumming in my mouth, down my throat. I fight the urge to push you away so I can breathe and concentrate on trying to swallow your cum. You move back slightly, cock still hard in my mouth. I can breathe again and after a few gulps of air, I gently suck and lick. Cleaning your cock before it starts to soften.

Your fingers loosen in my hair and you stroke my head, your breath calming as I bathe your cock with my tongue.

You pull your cock from my lips, run your hand down the side of my face and walk around me to open the wardrobe. I hear you opening the door, rummaging in the ‘toy box’ and I know my torment is far from over.

You move quietly and before I know it you are in front of me again. You sink to your knees and stare into my eyes as your hand lifts my left breast and attaches the nipple clamp. You keep watching my eyes as I hiss at the tightness. You repeat it with my right breast then pull the chain between the clamps. Your eyes dart over my face, checking, ensuring I can cope with what you have planned.

I have a safe word, you insisted on it. I’ve never used it. You seem to know my limits better than I do. Even when I think I’m at the limit, I trust that you will not take me further than I can handle. Often those last few strokes, that extra notch of pain are the most exquisite and knowing how much it turns you on to watch makes it all the better.

“Get onto the bed, ass in the air? I get to my feet and climb onto the bed, feet at the edge, ass high. I lower my face to the bed, hands together. My nipples touch the covers, I feel the clips biting and a shock runs through me.

You are behind me so I have no idea what you have planned. Your hand starts to rub over my buttocks, pinching me, landing little slaps where my thighs meet my ass. Your hand runs down my thigh. I can feel you trace the slickness from my pussy down then türkmen escort your fingers travel back up. Running your fingers over my lips, gently towards my clit, never enough pressure to do anything other than tease.

“Get your knees further part and tilt your hips. I want to see that needy little cunt.”

I move, hoping to feel your fingers or your tongue on me but your hand is back to just rubbing over my ass.

“Who is a messy slut?”

“I am sir.”

“Tell me how?”

I try to think if you just mean how wet I am or something else.

“My cunt is all wet, so wet it is coating my thighs? My clothes are in a mess in the hallway?”

“And what else?”

I try to think, I’ve been doing housework today so I can’t think of anything I’ve left in a mess. “Nothing else?”

“Are you sure?”

“Uh-huh, yes, yes I’m sure”

Your hand moves off my ass and I hear you pick something up. I’m not expecting the sting of the ruler as it hits my pussy lips. The sting makes me suck in a breath, the tingle as you pull the ruler back makes me moan.

You seem to line it up so it strikes over my lips with the power concentrated just over my unexposed clit. As you slap it against me the pain and the jolt of pleasure mix and as I’m so wet, it makes it sound even more obscene.

After 5 more strikes you ask “And what else makes you a messy little slut?”

All I can think about is cumming, the pleasure with the pain, I’m so close. Even if I knew what you meant, I’m not sure I’d tell you, I don’t want you to stop, I need to cum.

You slap the ruler down over my cunt again, after another couple of strikes I’m so close. I grab the chain between the nipple clamps and tug as you slam the ruler down over my lips, my clit explodes into orgasm and I cum, sinking my ass down as you land one last blow on my lips. That one makes me howl with pain but it fades almost immediately in the afterglow.

“Did I say you could cum?” You sound annoyed.

“No sir, I’m sorry. I couldn’t stop it. I’m so sorry.” I push my hips back up.

“Oh pet, you will be. Messy slut, can’t even tell me why, forgetting to call me sir, cumming without permission. I almost think you do this on purpose so I have to punish you.”

You might have a point but I really don’t know how I’ve been messy. I’m sure you’re going to tell me eventually and I’m sure it will have been totally worth it for the punishment.