In Control

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I had it made – or so I thought. I’d met this lady in a chat room when I was bored and exploring what the internet had to offer one evening. We hit it off and after a few months agreed to meet. The fact that we lived on different sides of the continent and that I was married didn’t stop us and I was very pleased to find an attractive and extremely sexually active woman at the other end of my computer. One thing led to another and what with business trips and sick relatives, over the following three years I was able to meet with Marsha two or three times a year. Marsha is one hot babe who absolutely loves sex. We’d fuck and suck for hours and hours wherever we were. She blew me in a crowded movie theater, on a gondola going up a mountain, in a hot tub full of complete strangers, and in the men’s room of a five star hotel.

Yes – everything was going great – I had a couple of weeks of incredible sex every year with a sexy woman who had quickly fallen deeply in love with me and would meet me wherever I was, whenever I wanted. I was firmly in control and having the time of my life.

Then came the holidays. I was enjoying some time off work with the family when I finally got a few minutes to myself and I decided that I’d give Marsha a call and see how she was doing – who knows, maybe a little phone sex might be good. She was HOT on the phone and could describe in intimate detail what she wanted to do to my cock and my balls and my toes and… – you get the picture. I’d stroke my cock and listen to the swish swish sound of the vibrator sliding in and out of her sweet pussy as she moaned and groaned about how much she wished it was my cock pounding her sweet love hole.

When a guy answered the phone, the first thing I thought to myself was that I had dialed the wrong number.

“Is Marsha there?” I asked, expecting to be told that there was nobody there by that name.

“She’s in the shower” came the unexpected reply.

My heart raced and my mind started moving at 100 miles an hour. “The fucking bitch is cheating on me,” I thought to myself as I hung up the phone, shaking my head in disbelief. I guess I didn’t have her put away in my back pocket quite as snugly as I had thought. She had managed to squirm lose and now she was using that fantastic mouth of hers to suck on some other guy’s cock. Man did she love to suck cock. She could suck my cock for over two hours and show no signs of tiring. Her skills were unmatched by anyone I have ever been with before. She has a way of bring you right to the edge, then easing off and driving you absolutely insane with lust and when you finally do blow your load into that soft, warm, wet mouth, you fully expect to see the back of her head blown right off.

My Çankaya Escort first thought was, “Screw the two-timing slut”. But then again, my hands weren’t exactly clean and then there was that mouth. Shit! I knew I couldn’t let her go that easily but I decided that I was going to make her pay for her recent digression. When I called her later on and confronted her with what I knew she tried to deny it at first but eventually came clean and begged my forgiveness – promising that she was just lonely and it would never happen again. The problem with hot women who absolutely love sex is that if you’re not around to give it to them, they don’t have to look very far before they can find it themselves, and I realized that this was the case with my sweet Marsha. Damn.

Anyway, I laid down a bunch of strict, autocratic, power hungry rules and told her she either followed them or I was history. I half expected her to tell me to take a flying leap but she just cried and agreed to do whatever I wanted. Things were looking up…

We had already arranged a week-end getaway in Sin City so while our plans for a week-end of fun went along according to schedule, my plans to teach her not to fuck around on me again went ahead at the same time. My flight was scheduled to arrive one hour before hers and I had instructed her to wear the short short leather skirt that I had bought for her awhile back and that panties were not an option. I’d also told her that ½ hour before the plane landed she was to go into the washroom and use her vibrator on herself but she couldn’t come – just get herself ready for me. I wasn’t sure if she’d be able to get the vibrator on the plane in her luggage, but evidently she managed.

While I waited for her to arrive, I had a couple of Bud and played some slots and there she was. I could tell right away that she had done as instructed. Her face was flushed and she had that look in her wild green eyes that said, “Fuck me long and hard and fuck me all night”. We embraced and I could immediately smell her juices which must have been all over her skirt and fingers too I suspect. As we waited in the crowd for her luggage to arrive, she rubbed my cock through my pants making it swell to it’s full erectness and I moved behind her and reached down and slid a hand under her skirt. I slowly inserted a finger into her vagina which was absolutely soaking with her juices and then removed it and ran it under my nose, deeply inhaling the fragrance that I’ve grown to love. As I glanced to my right a short balding man looked me straight in the eye and gave me a gave me a slight nod and a smirk as he moved away and headed towards the exit.

The Keçiören Escort ride to the hotel in the shuttle bus involved more sticky finger and Marsha managed to get my pants unbuttoned and she stroked my cock back and forth as the lights of Sin City sped past. We finally stopped at the hotel and quickly checked in and burst into the hotel room and fell onto the bed in each others arms madly grabbing at each other’s clothing and tearing it off as quickly as possible.

Our tongues intertwined as our hands roamed over our bodies re-exploring what we had not felt for months. She gently ran the back of her soft delicate hand across the length of my penis making me groan into her mouth as my finger found her clit and began to gently massage it. The smell of sex quickly filled the room as we rotated around into a 69 position with myself on top and she quickly fed my rock hard 6 inches into her mouth and down her throat and began moving her head up and down and groaning all around my cock. I quickly got into the spirit and began running my tongue up and down the length of her pussy lips slurping away and trying to concentrate on something that would allow me to hold my load back so I could continue to feel the soft friction of her warm wet soft throat muscles massaging my cock forever.

I moved my tongue up to her clit and ran my tongue around and around it, teasing her until I knew that she couldn’t stand it anymore, then I quickly ran my tongue over it which caused her to groan even louder and tense up which really made my cock feel great. I started to run my tongue back and forth over her clit while I slid two fingers into her soaking wet pussy and moved them around inside then began sliding them in and out, taking care to ensure that they made regular contact with her G-spot. Things definitely began to heat up when I sucked her clit into my mouth and ran my tongue all over it while it was inside my mouth. She began to buck her hips off the bed and scream out in ecstacy as my cock plopped out of her mouth. Marsha is good – but even she has a hard time concentrating on her cocksucking skills when she’s in the throes of an orgasm.

After her orgasm had subsided, I took the opportunity to move between her thighs and as I positioned my cock against her pouting pussy lips she grabbed me by the shoulders and staring me straight in the eyes she panted, “Fuck me baby, Fuck me!”

Like you have to ask me twice I quickly started pounding away into one of the tightest pussies that I have had the pleasure to know. “Well,” I thought to myself, “at least whoever was fucking her hasn’t stretched her out”. Yup, she was still grade A beef – no doubt Etimesgut Escort about it!

When I felt my balls start to tingle I pulled out of her and got her up on her knees and slid myself back in from behind. “Now’s my chance,” I chuckled to myself as I reached down into my pants on the floor and pulled a tube of KY Jelly from the pocket. I rubbed some onto my index finger then squirted some more directly on her asshole. “What’s that?” she asked – like she didn’t know. I had tried to fuck her ass a few times in the past but it had never really worked. She had the absolute tightest sphincter muscle that God has ever made. I swear, it’s a major battle to get my lubricated pinkie finger into that hole and she bucks like a bronco when I do and my cock is virtually an impossible fit. There was one time about a year before when I was loaded up on Bud and fucking her doggie style when I’d slipped out and when I rammed it back home I’d missed her pussy (honest) and had actually got the head of my cock inside her asshole but that was as far as I’d managed so far. But all that was going to change tonight.

I gently pushed my pinkie finger into her butt and it slid in easier than I had remembered. I soon had it out and my index finger in, but when I started to work a second one in she said, “Stop, it hurts”.

“You just lay there and deal with it” I replied sternly as I jammed my second finger inside, soon to be followed by a third. As I worked those fingers in and out I began to lube up my cock up getting it ready for the task at hand. I positioned it above her brown little butthole and began to push it in. My fingers must have eased the passage because I was surprised when my head pooped in and she let out a loud ARRRRRRHHHHHH. I didn’t say anything as I started to stroke my cock in and out of the tightest passage imaginable. The pleasure was unbelievable. Meanwhile, Marsha seemed to be handling it ok – with her head buried into the pillow and the bedsheets gripped tightly in both clenched fists as she grunted out sounds that I had never heard before.

“Take this you two-timing whore” I kept saying to myself as I pulled my cock most of the way out of her ass and then unmercifully slammed it all the way back in. I quickly got lost in the reaming and before I knew it I was saying it out loud, “Take this you two-timing whore. Here’s what you get when you fuck around on me. I’m going to ride the Hershey Highway all week-end long you bitch and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep this up for long and I quickly passed the point of no return. I rammed my cock as far into her bowels as I could as I grunted and groaned my way to a toe clenching ball bursting orgasm up her ass. As I slid out of her, she was whimpering into the pillow and I exclaimed out “Holy shit Marsha – that was incredible!”

Marsha raised her head from the tear soaked pillow and told me how sorry she was and that my ass was hers whenever I wanted it. All right – I was back in control again. Or was I? Stay tuned for the rest of the week-end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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