In May Came Summer Ch. 02

Alpha Cock

They made love once more before deciding to take a break. They went into the bathroom together, which was how it was going to be for them from that moment on, and took turns sponging each other’s body with soap. For Marie it was like reliving her fantasy all over: rubbing soap suds all over his body, their lips merged in a kiss. His hands slapped her tits playfully while water fell down on both of them. Her hand washed his cock, but finding it unsatisfactory, came down to her knees and took his shaft into her mouth. She was becoming brazen in so short a period. She wasn’t the former woman she once was anymore.

Curtis turned off the shower and picked her up and carried her back into his room. He dumped her on the bed, turned her around to be on her arms and knees and slapped her ass cheeks.

“Shake your ass for me,” he demanded. “Bounce it up and down.”

Marie didn’t get what he meant at first but then he slapped her ass, harder this time. It made her howl and his voice became harsh with her.

“COME ON!” he snapped. “I said bounce those ass cheeks for me! Come on, do it!”

Marie was a little scared. She started wiggling her ass side to side for him, but another smack told her it wasn’t so. He coached her in what he meant and minutes later she got the idea and began bouncing her ass for him, working hard to make her ass cheeks slap and clap. Curtis wasn’t angry with her anymore.

“Yeah … that’s how I want you to bounce that ass. You’re still a little weak on it, but in time, as long as you keep practicing, you’ll become a pro. You do want to become a pro, don’t you?”

“For you, I would,” she said.

She was still wiggling her ass as he brought his face between her ass lobes, sticking his tongue down her crack to her anal orifice. Marie half-shut her eyes and sighed.

“You’d better not stop wiggling your ass, Marie,” Curtis ordered her. “You’ll get me upset if you do.”

“No darling, I won’t.”

He didn’t reply her. He was busy slipping his tongue up and down her ass crack. He rolled his tongue down her asshole and slid downward to her hungry pussy. Marie kept on bouncing her ass even though she wanted to stop. Her moans were growing higher and her breathing heavier. She rested her head on the bed, still keeping up with her ass shaking. Curtis told her not to move and then stepped out of the room. Marie remained as she was, wondering whatever he was going to get.

Curtis returned to the bedroom a minute later with a glass jar in his hand. It was strawberry jam which he’d gotten from the kitchen. He dipped his fingers inside and rubbed it on her ass and down her ass crack. Marie gasped from the cold wetness of it. He returned to licking her ass, rolling his tongue over the jam-lathered area. This brought an exciting sensation over Marie’s lower body. Never had she thought foreplay could be as interesting as this. Curtis held her ass cheeks as wide apart as he could and buried his face down her valley, consuming every drop and splatter of strawberry jam that was there. Like that he slid down to her pussy and ate her up. Marie shook and convulsed all over as if she’d been doused with a bucket of cold water.

“Ohhh … shit!” she cried out. “Ohhh God! You’re killing me, babe!”

Curtis got up, his lower lips wet with her cum juice and bits of strawberry jam, and gave her ass one more slap before getting up on the bed, hunched over her. She cried as the head of his cock found her pussy entrance and dove right into it. Her pussy drew a farting-like sound as he pulled out and then drove it back into her. He slapped her ass repeatedly, pounding her harder with lengthy thrusts. Marie grabbed the bed sheets once again moaning like crazy. Each thrust of his cock was like being jammed with a lead pipe. Her late husband was never this big or thick as Curtis was. Made her wonder just how much fun she’d been missing all this while.


Neither of them ventured outside the house that day. They were like children discovering new type of play, not wishing for the world to know about what they were up to. Marie felt rejuvenated, revitalized unlike before. She was a reptile that had shed its old skin and replaced it with a new one. The world looked completely different for her now. Months after she’d laid Edward in the ground she had felt lost and alone. Now the last thing she felt was loneliness. She had a lover now, and he was unlike any person she’d ever thought she would meet.

After Curtis had fucked her and shot his cum down her ass they’d rested for a while and later, feeling famished, they’d trooped downstairs and she’d made them both sandwiches. Curtis had wolfed his down and still felt unsatisfied. They placed an order to the nearby Pizza Hut and played with each other in the living room until the young lad arrived with their meal.

The following day Marie called her office and told her she wouldn’t be coming to work—she had the flu. Curtis sucked on her tits and fingered her pussy while she made the phone call, dragging her voice as if she were really ill. Dropping Betturkey the phone, they’d screwed each other in the living room. Curtis never fucked her gentlemanly and she too was getting used to his roughness with her. He had her leaning over the couch looking out the driveway of her home and mounted her from behind. He grabbed a handful of her auburn hair and pulled it back while he went on fucking her hard. The sound of her cries rebounded around the room. Everywhere smelled of cum, pussy juice and his semen each time I splashed it over her face or on her butt.

By the second day he’d instigated Marie to swallow his cum. She was at first unwilling to try, but after a couple of butt smacks she opened her mouth and allowed him to empty his load inside her. Before the even came she was looking forward to whenever he was about to cum, then she would indicate that he shoot it inside her mouth and she would make everything disappear.

Hard to believe that within forty-eight hours Marie was fast becoming a slut. She was quite familiar with the word, but never would she ever had thought the word would apply to her. To her understanding, the word felt more at home with prostitutes. Curtis became unconditionally her bread and butter, her sunlight during the day and moon during the night.

The following night when she lay beside him, cuddling. He had his arm around her and she couldn’t stop rubbing it. She loved the manly smell about him; she felt safe in his presence.

“Are you worried?” he asked her.

“No. I don’t think so.”

“Come on, tell the truth. You’re a little worried.”

She thought about it for a minute, then: “Yes, I am. I’m afraid.”

“You’re afraid of me.”

There. He had hit the hammer on the nail’s head. “Yes, I am. I don’t know what to make about you. I’m afraid I’ll wake up tomorrow and you won’t be here anymore.”

“I’m your tenant and you’re my landlady. Whatever makes you think I won’t be here tomorrow?”

“You know what I mean. I hardly know you.”

“You can know me anytime you want. Ask me anything and I’ll never turn down your question.”

“What’s your last name?”

“Pryor,” he said.

“Pryor. Curtis Pryor, you are. You wouldn’t be related to Richard Pryor would you?”

He smiled. “I get that a lot. Though I wish, or else I’d be tickling your funny bone right about now.”

That got Marie laughing. “If ever you decide to go into showbiz, take me along. I’d be your manager.”

“Oh really? You think you and I could make an excellent team?”

“I hope so.” She rubbed her fingers against the growth of beard under his chin. “There’s so much about you I’d very much love to know. I just hope I’m not rushing things. It’s been a long time since I felt this way about anyone, ever since my husband… ” she wanted to say more but at the last minute bit down on her words. It wouldn’t look good taking the load of her past and putting it on someone she barely knew.

Curtis turned her face towards his. “You were going to say something about your late husband?”

“I was, and I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have brought it up.”

He rubbed the back of his palm against her cheek. The warm look in his eyes burned into hers with love and desire, the kind she never thought she’d ever find in a stranger.

“You needn’t be afraid of me,” he said to her. “He was a good man, your husband was, wasn’t he?”

She nodded. “Yes. Really he was. Kind and funny, he made me laugh almost all the time. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss him.”

“Such is the way of the world, Marie. The good almost always die early while the bad keep on living.”

“Sometimes I hate the world for being that way. My Edward never did anybody wrong. Why did God have to take him away from me?”

“Won’t do you any good blaming God, Marie. Some things happen so other things could happen. It’s just the way the world is.”

“I know. Sometimes it just gets me angry. I know if he’d still being alive, you wouldn’t be here with me. Never would we have met. Doesn’t that sound strange?”

“Irony is a cruel joke,” he surmised. “But that’s the way it is.”

“So many times I’ve thought about it, but just don’t know what to think anymore.”

“Stop letting it get you down, is what I’d advise. Would it bother you if I ask you to tell me some more about him?” he said to her.

She looked at him, surprised by his words. “Would you like me to?”

“If it will do you any good, I’d really like you to.”

A smile lit Marie’s face, though in her heart the smile was even bigger than the one she brought to her face. She sat up on the bed and talked for more than an hour non-stop about her late husband. Curtis ran his fingers over her skin but never once did it look like he was losing interest in what she was saying. The more she talked about Edward, the more a dark curtained cloud that had earlier hidden her heart from view seemed to lift off into the sky, replaced by the burning ubiquitous sensation of sunlight.


That Betturkey Giriş night she did something she never thought she would do, at least not then. Was she really thinking about it when she did it, when she made the decision… or was it rather the decision made itself for her… or that the decision had already been made in her heart, and she was now an actor on a stage, following the lines and cues her character was destined to play in order for the world to move harmoniously along.

That night, she took her newfound lover’s hand and led him to her bedroom.

Outside there was a heavy rainstorm; it seemed rather appropriate that neither of them be alone that night. Marie had made dinner for both of them and afterwards they’d watched a late movie then retired to their separate rooms. Marie had gone into the bathroom and taken a shower, dried herself, then put on her night dress before leaving her room and going across to Curtis’s room and knocking on his door. His voice from within her told her to come in. He was typing something into his laptop when she approached where his sat. Curtis remained where he sat, looking at her as she came over and closed the lid of his laptop then reached for his hand and pulled him up to his feet. Neither of them said anything as she led him out his room and towards hers. Curtis closed the door behind him as he entered; Marie wouldn’t have cared if he didn’t.

She turned around to face him. There was a longing in her eyes; her heart skipped beats inside her chest. Curtis could see the way her chest rose and fell as if she were practicing the latest breathing method. Outside the windows, sporadic lighting criss-crossed the grey sky. Blustery breeze blew into the room, fluttering the curtains.

“I don’t want to hide from you anymore,” she said to him.

His hand went around her waistline and pulled her to meet him. His breath clashed with hers as their faces stood inches from each other.

“I don’t want you to,” he said to her before closing her lips with a kiss.

She released herself from him a minute later and fell back on the bed, bringing her legs on his chest, laughing while she did. The hem of her night dress rode down her thigh, giving him more than an eye’s view of her pink, naked snatch. She massaged the soles of her feet on her torso, pinching his nipples with her toe nails. His hands held her leg there, caressing the under of her thigh. The bedroom light played against the contrast of their skin. To Marie, it was the most beautiful set of colors she had ever imagined.

“I’ve always wondered if God had made me a man,” she pondered, “would I have had a body like yours?”

“Would you be happy being black?” he asked her.

“I would have loved it,” she answered immediately. “Being dark-skinned like you. Having the same abs and muscles you have… I’d have driven the girls in college crazy.”

“And you’d have played enough college football,” he sniggered. “You think you could handle the pressure of hanging with the gangs?”

“If you could, then I guess I can too.”

She took back her feet and spread them apart. Her pussy walls parted to reveal the lush, wet pinkness their hide. She rubbed her fingers over her clit, moaning while she did. Her pussy seemed to sense Curtis standing there a foot away by the bed and it beckoned onto him like a roaming radar homing in on a radio wave. The bulge in the crotch of Curtis’s jeans too was pushing against the interior, begging to be let free. Curtis’s eyes remained on what Marie was doing to herself. He stood there waiting for her. He was under her spell. He was her prisoner, waiting for her command to be let loose.

“Do you want this pussy, darling?” she moaned while still massaging her clit and labia. Her eyes came half open and closed with look of ecstasy in them. “My pussy’s calling out to you, my dark prince. Tell me you want it.”

“I want it,” answered Curtis, still enraptured by her beauty, by what she was displaying before him. “I want it very much.”

“Uhhh … tell me, darling. What do you want to do to me right now? Please, tell me.”

Curtis shook his head. “I don’t have to tell. I’d rather show.”

Curtis came to his knees before her, and like a missile bearing on a trajectory towards its target, so too did his lips found her pussy with pristine accuracy. Marie held her legs high above her head and gasped in muted surprise as his tongue slipped and licked between the walls of her pussy before diving further inside. She held her breath in her chest and released it in a sharp cry. Her back arched upwards and within minutes her legs and thighs were shaking from an orgasmic perpetration unlike any she’d experienced before.

“OHHH! OOHHH! OOHHHH!” she cried as wave after waved of delight shot into her chest like a doctor’s precise injection. Her lower body moved and arched in rhythm to what her lover was doing to her. Curtis pressed the under of her thighs against her, letting her ass rise up from the bed and towards his awaiting lips. Betturkey Güncel Giriş Marie’s head bounced left and right on the pillow as she cried relentlessly.

“Ohh my darling! Uhhhh God! Ohhh my babe!” her hands caressed and squeezed his arms, shoulders and head while her feet beat taps on the bed. Her body wasn’t hers anymore. It had a life of its own as it raised itself on her hips to meet more of his tongue. The words floated unconsciously from her lips like steam off a kettle’s spout. “Babe! Gimme those thick lips of yours! Ohh God… I want your fucking lips all on my pussy!”

Curtis’s lower face disappeared down her vulva region. He hummed to himself while his lips and tongue burrowed in and out of her wet pussy, slurping over her cum juice like it was syrup. He paused to nibble on her clitoris while he invaded two of his fingers into her cunt, fucking her hard with them. Marie squirmed all over. Her body shook and responded in tandem with her cries until another searing orgasm came upon her.

It was then her lover stood up from where he crouched at the edge of the bed; his licked cum juice off his lips. His hands undid his belt buckle followed by the buttons of his jeans and he pushed it down to reveal what she wanted the most. He came to the side of the bed where she was still moaning, recovering from the orgasm she’d just had. He came up on the bed, the head of his cock dangling a few inches from her face. He held her head up and she inched forward to lick her tongue on the leathery skin that was his prick. She gave the head a smooching kiss. It responded with a nod; her mouth came open and took him in.

Curtis groaned though he kept on holding her head and even shoving it towards him, wanting her to take more of him with each withdrawal she made with her lips. Marie moaned in her throat while her lips slid to and fro of his cock, leaving a wet trail each time she withdrew. She inhaled the aroma of his balls as she dipped her head to play with them in her mouth before returning to his prick-shaft. Her hand went back to rubbing her pussy. Curtis leaned over her and replaced her hand with his. Her hips bucked up and down as two of his fingers slipped into her pubescence. The sound of her moaning voice squealed when he inserted a third finger into her anal hole while still keeping the other two in her snatch. Curtis came over her face, shoving his cock down her mouth while he went on eating her pussy, wrapping his hands underneath her ass cheeks.

He pulled himself off from her a minute later. Marie thought he was going to come on top of her, but Curtis had other plans. He pushed her to lie face down on the bed, her legs spread apart, and came between them. The tip of his cock found the entrance to her pussy like a searchlight and he muttered a grunt as he thrust it into her. Marie pressed her face down on the pillow, squeezed her eyes shut and gritted her teeth as she felt his shaft fill her up like before.

Curtis leaned over her back and kissed her ear. “I’m going to go hard with you this time,” he muttered.

Marie was about asking what he meant but the thought of that vanished from her mind seconds later when he began his onslaught. His hands grabbed hold of her waistline and pulled her up to her arms and knees, and began hammering her hard. Marie’s cries rose higher and her hands dragged the bed sheets with her. Every part of her body quivered from the pounding she was getting.

“Oh God! Ohh fuck!” she panted. “Fuck me! Fuck me, babe!”

Her cries went into overdrive as he grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her face backwards while not losing momentum. His hips slapped against her ass cheeks faster than she could count. His breath sounded like a lecherous bull doing work. He sat on his lower legs pulling her against him. His arms wrapped around her tits, he turned her face towards his and gripped her lips in a frenzied kiss as she in return ground her ass down on his cock. A moment later he slowed down his tempo, still holding her body against his. Both of them panting and gasping almost simultaneously. Her pussy still housed his cock and it felt like a hot lead pipe inside her. Finally he released her and she sighed when his cock slipped out of her as she fell on the bed, still breathing heavily.

He brought her legs over his shoulders and this time he took her hand to where his prick lay. It was hot and wet in her hand as she stroked it.

“Where do you want it to go?” he demanded.

“I want it inside me,” she answered.

He shook his head at her. “That’s not the right answer. I ask again, where do you want it to go?”

“In my… in my pussy,” she said with determination.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m very sure!” her voice and her eyes yearned with unbridled passion.

“Why don’t you be a good woman and take it there.”

She brought the head of his cock to the wet doorway of her pussy and like that guided it inside. Curtis gave it good thrust and Marie gulped in air as once again he filled her womb to the brim. Curtis grabbed one of her legs with both arms and shoved his cock all the way to the hilt inside her. His tempo quickened and seconds later she was back to crying out loud from the rapid thrusts he was giving her. His muscles stood out on his arms and sweat dripped down his face all the way down his torso.