In The Mood For

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It wasn’t a scene form a Wong Kar Wai movie, but there were a number of elements which would have fit very well – the classic elegance of the lobby lounge where we were meeting, the conservative yet sexy line of her suit with the straight short skirt and tailored jacket showing her figure so marvellously. However the vibrantly coloured silk blouse underneath matched her mood, which is in such stark contrast to the characters in his films.

The excitement of our meeting has me in a similar mood, making for a very enjoyable time over a drink in the chic lounge. Her flirtatious gestures open and provocative, the smile on her face leaving no doubt that my intentions are not out of step with hers.

As we make our motions to leave and head up to my room she places her hand over mine, leans in close and whispers to me, “I’m afraid I’m far too excited to control myself – I’ll have to leave that up to you.”

“I think that sounds terribly fun,” I answer, her smile assuring me that I understood her meaning.

It isn’t however until we reach the room that I dare follow her wishes. The moment the door closes behind us I wrap my arms tightly around her. Then, stepping back, I admire her outfit – sexy high heels, sheer hose, the elegant cut of her skirt and jacket, and of course my eyes linger at the hint of cleavage showing under her brightly coloured blouse. I’m not nearly as fashionable in my conservative suit but glad to have dressed my part for the occasion.

I pull her back into my arms, leaning against the wall and kissing her passionately as our embrace begins to release the desire which has been building. I start to admire her with my hands – the curve of her behind, her hips, the feel of the lace bra through her blouse.

Pressing my hips against hers, I pay closer attention to the curve of her behind. As my hands wander in search of the Escort bayan outline of her panties she raises her eyebrows and smiles. A small extra rush of excitement runs through me, making me that much harder as I press my lust against her. Reaching down and lifting the back of her skirt I run my hands over her stockings, squeezing her behind as I pull her hips against mine.

Taking a firm hold of her around the waist, I lift and carry her over to the bed, eliciting a startled exclamation as I toss her up to land on the soft mattress. She makes motions to reach down to take off her shoes but I quickly brush her hands aside, “Your shoes are far too sexy to take off in bed.”

I quickly slip off my jacket and tie before joining her on the bed, jumping myself to land on my side beside her, smiling lasciviously as I look into her eyes. Tracing my fingers from her cheek down her neck, then lower between her breasts I fumble just a little as I unbutton her blouse with one hand. I slowly tease it open, my fingers lingering over the delicate lace of her bra.

Lying beside her, I slowly tease her nipple through the lace. Then, pulling down just enough to allow her nipple to peek out, I lean forward to touch it with the tip of my tongue. Her bra is conveniently clasped at the front – I unfasten it and open my mouth wide to take more of her breast into my mouth. As she starts to squirm I roll my leg on top of her and push her arms up over her head. I hold her tightly as I tease, lick and suck her nipple, grinding my hard cock against her thigh. Her legs kick harder as I lick faster, her whole body finally shuddering in my arms as she comes.

While she lies still a moment I slide down the bed a little, kneeling beside her. I pull her knees up and spread her legs, pushing her skirt up high on her hips. I smile when I see that she is naked under Bayan Escort her panty hose as her smile had earlier hinted. She looks up at me, uncertain of what might come next.

I act on my lustful impulses, reaching down between her legs, taking delicate hold of her hose to pull it away from her before quickly ripping open the crotch. She first lets out a surprised gasp, then laughs out loud. But her laugh quickly turns into quiet moans as I slide my arms under her hips and lift just enough to reach her wet lips with my tongue. She squeezes me tightly between her legs as I tease with my tongue, running small circles around her clit, drinking the pleasure between her lips.

When my own excitement overtakes me I quickly throw off my clothes, then climb on top, straddling just over her hips. I slip my hard cock between her breasts, slowly press them together, squeezing my desire between them. Then I lean forward, rising up on my knees and reach down to hold her arms with my hands. I lean forward, pressing my cock to her lips, teasing a little as I slowly move my hips, wearing down her hesitation. She first slips her tongue out to touch the tip of my cock, flicking it quickly and lightly before putting it back and smiling at me. After I rub myself across her lips again she opens her mouth wider, licking around the head before opening wider still, inviting me further.

I push deep into her mouth, her lips and tongue feeling divine as I slowly grind my hips over her face. Then pulling back slowly her tongue dances around and over me inside her mouth until it teases just the tip again, her neck craning forward for one more lick as I keep pulling back. Leaning back, I slip my wet cock back between her breasts. Squeezing gently but this time rocking my hips I start fucking her breasts, smiling at the intensity of the feeling, teasing her Escort nipples with my thumbs as I slide slowly back and forth.

Before my excitement becomes too much for me I jump up from her, hopping off the bed. I grab hold of her ankles and pull her to the side of the bed, turning her over in the process. The sheets do a wonderful job of pulling her skirt even higher in the process, allowing me to fondle her legs right up to her behind after I lower her feet down to the floor. The heels bring her to just the right height as I bend her over against the bed and rub my cock between her thighs. Spreading her legs just a bit further I find the wetness between her thighs and slip inside. I hear her crying out with pleasure as I thrust hard and deep inside, my hands fondling her ass through the hose. As her excitement begins to peak I reach around and take hold of her breast, squeezing her nipple between my fingers, thrusting harder and faster until she screams out, pounding the bed with her fists, squeezing me tighter with every wave washing over her.

Her knees wobbling, I push her up onto the bed and flip her over, my lust still inside. I lift her legs up over my shoulders and grab hold of her hips. She raises her hands up over her head, running her fingers through her hair, pulling it wildly in every direction as I push deeper inside again. Her breasts look astoundingly beautiful with her arms up, bouncing with each thrust of my hips. They invite my hands, cupping them as I tease her nipples, still allowing them to move with her body. Moving one foot down, she pokes at me with her sharp heel, teasing my nipple as I lose myself in pleasure. She watches my face more closely as I pick up the pace of my hips, squeezes me tighter as she too feels a rush of pleasure. When she hears me scream out and squeeze her breasts tighter she cries out herself, grinding her hips into mine before I collapse on top of her.

After I catch my breath I climb up onto the bed beside her, pulling her into my arms. Brushing hair away from her face I whisper, “How would you like to change into something a little more comfortable?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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