Incessant Pt. 06

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Hey there! I’m glad to see you join me for another part of the family’s salacious story. As always, your feedback is incredibly valued.

All sex is between characters eighteen or older. Any resemblance to real persons or events is purely coincidental.

Stay safe and enjoy!

— — — — —

Chapter Fourteen

I was lucky to learn about my aunt’s arrival before she could ambush Emily’s birthday. As soon as possible, mighty early in the morning, I rushed to her hotel for a confrontation.

The last time we saw Terry, she tried to blackmail us with a video of our incest. This was after she pushed my sisters to arrange sex between her and our mother — her twin. It was the kind of betrayal that couldn’t be easily forgiven, if it could be forgiven at all. When I met her that morning, she began telling me a story. It’s a story that different people would keep telling for the rest of my life. It all began with twin sisters a few decades ago; my mother and her sister, age nineteen.

Aunt Terry met a man in a college class and fell hopelessly in love with him. No one involved in the story has ever said his name out loud, so I’ll call him John. Terry and John had chemistry, some have even said that they were destined for each other. There was one small hiccup though… Terry was engaged to her high school sweetheart and was in no mood to leave behind that stability.

In a move that makes very little sense, my aunt decided to push for a relationship between John and her twin. By matchmaking the man with my mother, she hoped she could keep him close. It was a cruel plan that was bound to fail and both Mom and John resisted at first. Yet, after much poking and prodding, it actually happened. In their own way, they fell in love, and got together.

Of course, the relationship was on shaky ground from the start. Terry’s engagement crashed in flames, and she was soon knocking on John’s door. She set out to viciously split up the relationship she’d created between her sister and this man. Part of that meant whispering lies into his ear until she’d convinced him that Mom was cheating.

“She’s a whore, John, always has been and always will be,” said my mother’s beloved twin.

Feeling that her sister wouldn’t lie about such things, John began despising my mother. He never confronted her or tried to get her side of the story. No, he bottled everything up while paranoia consumed him. Then, some small argument triggered a massive falling out and John hit the road. At the time, my mother didn’t believe him when he told her about the things Terry had said. Yet, as time passed and Mom realised that her sister had behavioural problems, she reached out to John.

There was peace for a while. John and my mother enjoyed a few more months together before Terry got back to her old tricks. This time, she threw herself at the poor guy while keeping up a constant slew of lies.

Now, you might say that John should’ve known better. My dad explained, “Poor John, he was too decent to confront it head on and the twins denied him any closure.”

What my father meant was that John had long given up. No one wanted to talk to him about the things Terry said or the way the sisters felt. They deflected, denied, distorted… When she found out, Blake summed it up in stark terms, “It was textbook abuse, Josh.”

Of course, there was another falling out. John got in his car — ‘crying like a baby’ — and was in a deadly crash only minutes later.

“I think we killed him,” my mother once said. “Maybe it was an accident, sure. That’s what people said, but everyone blamed us. Hell, the only person who didn’t think we had any responsibility was Terry.”

Mom did her best to make amends. She visited his grave, spoke to his family, honoured his memory at every chance she got… The same wasn’t true for her sister. John faded from Terry’s memory while her behaviour became more anti-social by the day. Yet, twins cannot stay mad at each other for too long. They buried this part of their lives, until I found Terry in the hotel that morning. She told me the story. Her version.

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

“You’re a sociopath, but why tell me this?” I asked.

Terry looked at me with swollen eyes, dressed in a loose shirt with raggedy sweatpants. We were in the hotel restaurant at 3 AM with no other soul in sight. Her hair was back to its natural brown, messy and long. Like my mother, the woman looked ‘rich’ like a New York socialite with a strong jaw and soft cheeks. Yet, they weren’t carbon copies of each other.

My mother had a sincerity that her twin lacked. Whether it was because of what she did or who she was; she seemed so cold to me.

My aunt cleared her throat, “I’m telling you the story because it explains why I made the mistakes I did. Something in my brain broke after all those things happened.”

“Let me guess, you’re working on it?” I spat out.

“Yes,” Terry’s eyes plead, “and I really want to see my sister again.”

I shook my head, “Never. No, not after what you tried şişli escort to do to us.”

“There will come a time that you won’t be able to stop me.”

“Try me.”

I passed a single sheet of paper to the tired woman. My older sister had influence, connections, sources… The page was a list of facts about our aunt; a gentle threat that showed we knew everything about her. It was our ‘in case of emergency’.

Terry recoiled as she read all her personal information listed in neat bullet points. Then she steeled herself, “This is not enough to stop me.”

If it was going to be a game of chicken, I was convinced that I would win. I fixed Terry in my gaze, and we stared angrily into each other’s eyes. When she saw I wouldn’t yield she dropped her shoulders and a sadness overcame her body. For a moment, I saw so much of my mother in her, and almost felt sorry for her.

“Fuck,” Terry exhaled. “You’d kill me, wouldn’t you? I mean you no harm. I… I miss you and your sisters too.”

For the first time, I saw my aunt show her truly vulnerable self. Anger, aggression, didn’t come naturally to me. But how could I trust her; how could I let her near the people I loved? Even if she had ‘gotten better’, I could never be certain that things would stay that way. The story she told me was horrific in that she was so honest about her motives. This woman would do anything to get her way — she’d even betray her own sister, like she’d done many times before.

“You’re going to pack your bags and head back to whichever hole you crawled out of,” I declared.

I felt like there was nothing else to said, got up, and left. As far as I was concerned, my point had been made, and she would buzz off. My family was safe because I drew a line in the sand, and I knew my aunt was too self-interested to risk crossing it.

Yet, before I reached the door, I heard Terry yell out with a crackle in her voice, “I’m going to keep trying!”

I am going to keep trying.

Chapter Fifteen

Some days, the night seems so close to the morning. The distinction between darkness and light almost immaterial. As I snuck back into our home, I realised that it was one of those days, and that gave me comfort.

Despite Terry’s attempted ambush, the world seemed safe and restful. For now, I’d keep it all to myself, confident that I’d fended off a severe threat. Her final words clung to me, and I couldn’t help but wonder about the man she’d been so cruel to, all those years ago. I also couldn’t help but think that my own mother was complicit, even if only in some small way…

My family are sound sleepers, so I was confident that a cautious entry wouldn’t stir attention. Yet, as I walked through the door and turned to the stairs, I heard a noise from the kitchen. Foolishly, I took a few steps back and tried to scan if someone was in there.

I caught a glimpse of Riley, naked in nothing but a pair of furry boots that she wore as slippers. Clearly, she and my sister had some fun of their own while Blake and I were upstairs on our own. Her long hair was messy, but her body didn’t seem tired as she picked up different objects to examine them.

The blonde smiled at the one family photo we displayed, holding it with both hands. I made a mental note that we should take another picture with the whole family. This time, Riley should be included, and we’ll display it with pride.

The only light in the kitchen came from the bulb in the open fridge. It cast a luminescent shadow over our guest’s body that her skin shine and clung to her shape. Having not noticed me, she moved with ease — relaxed believing that she was alone. I didn’t want to spy, but I couldn’t help staring at the enthralling vision. I waited a couple of minutes before clearing my throat to announce my presence.

Riley was startled but relaxed when she saw me; making a half-hearted effort to cover-up. “Goodness, you gave me a fright!”

“Sorry,” I stepped closer. “I caught a glimpse of you and thought it was best to come clean.”

The blonde smirked, “Perving on me?”

“No, no! I promise it’s not like that—”

“Don’t worry about it,” the girl giggled. “You were bound to see me naked sometime. It’s a Platonic thing, right? Like brother and sister, kind of?”

The blue light in the room highlighted the microscopic bumps on Riley’s skin and hugged her sides. Her hands barely covered her ample breasts; a hard nipple visible between her fingers. The shadow fell in such a way that only half her face was visible. So, I saw half a smile; half a beautiful expression.

“I’m not the right guy to talk to about what brothers and sisters do.”

Riley rubbed her chin as she considered me. “Have you ever considered that it might be other people who are doing it wrong? I mean, you guys seem happier than any other siblings I know.”

I shrugged in acceptance. Then, I thought back to that day I saw the girls have sex by the pool, “I guess I’ve technically seen you naked before.”

“Oh yeah,” Riley remembered, “Emily convinced me to beşiktaş escort help her put on a show. My top wasn’t supposed to come off though.”

“A show, hey?” I grinned and the blonde rolled her eyes. “It’s very sweet of you to do something like that. Perverted, but sweet nonetheless.”

My houseguest had been half-hidden behind a counter, but now she approached me. Her head was tilted to one side, and she took two big steps in my direction — little leaps, actually. Before I knew what hit me, her arms wrapped around my back, and we were in a nude-naked embrace. I kept my hands to the side while she hugged me harder and harder; her signal that she wanted a hug back. So, I embraced her and felt the goosebumps on her bare back.

“Where have you been?” Riley whispered into my ear while her grip remained solid.

“I… Uhm…”

It looked like I was cornered. The blonde took a step back, “Having an affair? Or anxious about the day to come?”

I had to think fast! “You got me. I guess I’m not sure if I know what my little sister expects from today… I took a little drive to clear my head.”

The lie seemed to hold, despite my guilty expression. Riley rolled her eyes in a wicked way that felt thoroughly patronising. But her voice was playful, kinda like a sister who could perfectly mix love and condescension. Of course, with her being all naked, I kept my attention on her grey eyes. That’s how I noticed the boundless love in her heart as she looked at me.

My friend tried to comfort me with facts, “Your dad sent some things and your mom also has a few gifts. I’m giving her a couple of little presents. I know she’s getting a ring from you and Blake, which has me a bit jealous.”

“Jealous?” I asked.

There was a loud silence before Riley responded. “Not for the reason you think. But aside from all the gifts, I know you also promised her a sinful day when it comes to other things…”

Riley saying she’s jealous of the ring was the worst-case scenario in my mind. Yet, she also said ‘not for the reason you think’, and that puzzled me. The meaning seemed plain, but I couldn’t wrap my head around it at 4 AM on a Sunday.

I couldn’t forget that I’d told my submissive little sister she’d have a day to switch things up. She wanted to prove a point: that she could one-up the other girls whenever she wanted. The thought excited me. It would be fun watching the youngest among us turn the tables on her naughty older sister and our very own mother. Of course, I would help her do it — be her wingman, so to speak.

“How do you feel about the ‘things’ that might happen today?” I asked. While orgies were all well and good, I wanted Riley to be okay with whatever she’d see or do over the next 24 hours.

“I feel… Weird, but like… I wasn’t super popular growing up, which is why I do the whole nine-to-five workout thing. I’m a shy person, Josh, but—”

“This week you’ve felt different?”

Riley nodded, “Look, I know we’ve been getting close and all, but I still can’t make you any promises.”

“You’re gay-gay. I remember that, and I’d never want to push past—”

“No,” Riley interjected and took my hands. “I’ve really enjoyed our little cuddles in the morning and I think I want a tiny bit more. Just uhm… For now… Eh…”

“Keep my dick out of the equation?” We burst into nervous laughter and our efforts to keep the noise level low failed.

We hugged each other tight — our bellies twisting — as we tried to contain ourselves. It didn’t help that the blonde was stabbing at my sides with her fingers; tickling me mercilessly. Luckily, after a few minutes we calmed down and looked each other in the eye. Our breathing was jittery, our chests were heaving and our bodies sighing.

Tired as all hell, I waved my guest goodbye and started heading to the bedroom.

Slowly prying open the door, I saw Blake sleeping soundly on our oversized bed. She was still wearing the schoolgirl skirt from our role-play the night before. The rest of her body was naked, and she snored in rhythm with the splashing of nearby waves. As I took off my shoes and slipped out of my pants, I got a fright when I felt a presence behind me.

My friend from downstairs had followed me into our bedroom. Without saying a word, she got on the bed and laid next to my sister. Then she patted the space beside her to beckon me closer.

I guess we’d be sharing a bed for the rest of our lives.

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

I only got a couple more hours of sleep before my alarm went off. We had to be up early to prepare our little sister’s birthday breakfast. Plus, I wanted to steal a few minutes for a nice long shower.

Any sort of bathing was usually a communal thing in our house, but sometimes you want to be alone. I got up carefully, trying not to stir the bodies in the bed as I approached the bathroom. Blake and Riley were snuggled together as they ignored the alarm and stayed in Dreamland. I wondered what Blake might do when she realised she’d been in bed taksim escort with Riley all this time; both of them pretty naked. It was definitely something I wanted to see.

Minute after minute slipped by as I enjoyed cool water pouring over me. Despite the morning’s events, I actually managed to drift into easy mindfulness. Deep down, thoughts of Terry’s story and the way she dared to come to town haunted me. In the back of my head, I tried to figure out whether I should feel sorry for her.

After shutting the taps, I wrapped a towel around my waist and stepped back into the room. The girls were still fast asleep and could afford to be for at least another half-hour. So, I had some time to kill.

With all the turmoil in my mind, I was feeling a little angsty. My man-brain concluded that the ideal way to destress was in the room next door. I slipped out, down the hall, and through the first door on my left. Mom was half-awake, hands folded on her stomach as she adjusted to the morning light.

“Hey, Mom,” I greeted.

My mother smiled at me; checking out my half-naked body before stretching her hand out for me to take it. “It’s your sister’s big day,” she said listlessly.

We were all feeling a little confused by the thought of Emily getting all grown-up. Our unique relationship meant we’d invested so much in each other. We craved perfect stability because we felt that we’d made a little heaven for ourselves. Of course, there was nothing to say that things might change.

Maybe what we were feeling wasn’t concern, but pride. I, for one, was proud of the woman my younger sister had become. The way my mother kissed my hand, a delicate touch of the lips, told me she was feeling something similar. That morning, I was a little selfish — a little bit of a prick. A meeting with her twin, and the fact that I hadn’t seen her in ages, meant I only had one thing in mind when I entered Mom’s room. I dropped my towel, dick in hand, and walked all the way to the head of my mother’s bed.

With a playful scowl, Mom pursed her lips. “Ugh, boys will be boys.”

Quite naturally, my mother put a finger under my hardening erection and lifted the shaft. Tilting her head, she seemed to be formulating a plan of attack; licking her lips. Her fingers soon wrapped around my length but didn’t move beyond that. The feeling of her warm hand holding me caused a little agony as I craved friction. I could only shift a little, moving my hips in a way that encouraged stroking. But even that little movement was glorious — feeling my skin slide against my mother’s hand.

“To think, my own son’s penis has fascinated me so much the last few years,” Mom remarked. “I know it’s a little weird, but I think it’s so beautiful; it’s like I dreamed it into existence.”

My mother paused to look into my eyes with a puppy-dog affection that made me reach out and touch her. I ran my fingers along her soft cheek and made her smile… And made her start stroking her son’s cock with loving dedication.

“Is it weird, Josh?” my mother asked. “Weird that this feels like it’s meant to be.”

I shook my head, “You know we’re made for each other. You, me, Blake, Emily…”

“Riley?” Mom asked, pausing her handjob and cocking an eyebrow.

Words escaped me, but I had an answer. I nodded affirmatively and my mother seemed to agree as she resumed jerking me off. My hand rested on hers; guiding her motions and egging her on.

“What if I get too old for you, Baby? Do you still like Mommy’s body?”

“Every last inch,” I declared. Old? No fucking way, my mom was more beautiful than any woman half her age.

My mother smiled, her eyes twinkled and her hand went from giving a handjob to massaging my shaft. It was like she could ease all my tension with her fingers on my cock. She applied perfect pressure and gazed at me with sweet brown eyes. The feeling of her warm fingers enveloping my hardness made me melt a little. It had been too long.

“God, I’ve missed you,” I said.

Again, Mom beamed, “For all the wrong reasons.”

I groaned as my parent’s hand tightened and her eyes moved like butterfly wings, “I just want to hold you all the time, Mom. Feel you—”

My mother interrupted me with a faster pace as she enjoyed my words. She began shifting herself; moving closer to the edge of the bed, and preparing to part her lips for me. I had to close my eyes as involuntary thoughts of her twin invaded my ideas. Suddenly, I was thinking about the story Terry told. Mom was as much a pawn in her sister’s game as she was a participant in a plot that left a poor guy heartbroken and deceased.

I pushed forward, making my Mom’s arm bend until she had to let go of me. The tip of my cock touched her lips, and they immediately opened — welcoming me. I felt a fat tongue, then the gentle touch of teeth, before finding the soft sides of an eager mouth. Pressure built as I moved, and soon I caused a gorgeous gagging sound from my mother’s throat.

I pulled back with sloppy spit having coated my cock and making a line of dribble between Mom’s mouth and my penis. She licked her lips happily; her mouth practically foaming for her precious boy’s dick. “In a bit of a mood this morning?” she teased. “I guess Mommy is just going to have to take care of that for you, Baby.”

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