Incessant Pt. 10

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Thank you for continuing to read along! This is the penultimate part of this story and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this part as well as what you’d like to see in the finale. I am very grateful to have had fantastic feedback from readers. A lot of it has informed this part and I think you will enjoy it!

All sexual activity is between characters that are 18 or older. Resemblance to real persons or events is purely coincidental. Stay safe and responsible. 🙂

— — — — —

Chapter Thirty

We took the scenic route, snaking through coastal roads as we made our way home.

The last week had been a bit of a reset. Riley wanted to help ‘manage’ things in our household and calls with her had given me new perspective. She gave me important advice: spend more time with the girls, individually. The little road trip was a good way of doing that. Even though we were all together, I took my time talking to each of my partners.

Forcing Terry to spectate as I had sex with Mom seemed to put both twins on a high. I imagined it was something that would happen again, especially if my sisters had their way. Both had a wicked streak and a bit of a grudge, accompanied by primal attraction. If Freud is to be believed, that would explain many things…

Our mother seemed to enjoy finally having power over her sister. Meanwhile, Terry melted into a more submissive role. Everything was ‘please’ and ‘thank you’; said with a smile and a wink. Still, her place in our lives wasn’t going to be permanent. I resolved that was a conversation I’d have with my mother, eventually. That wouldn’t stop me from inviting Terry to live with us. Like I said, it wouldn’t be forever, but a few months wouldn’t kill anyone. In fact, it was necessary to ensure that Mom made up her mind. She would never leave us — not after everything that happened — but she might want to fulfil an old desire. At the end of the day, if she couldn’t make up her mind, I felt I knew enough to make it up for her.

As far as my sisters were concerned, Blake was happy to be getting home. She works hard during the weeks while usually confined to a hotel room by her solitary self. Of course, being a judge was her dream job, but I got the sense that things were changing. As we drove, she talked a lot about running for the state house. It would still be a demanding job, but she’d have a more flexible schedule. Her resume was strong, but the scrutiny from a campaign might leave us very vulnerable… So, she was considering a second option: going into business as we sought to transform our little town.

Finally, there was Emily. She insisted on the front passenger seat, claiming the privileges of a little sister and new ‘wife’. The main topic of conversation with her was the planning of a little honeymoon. It was something we spoke about when our sibcest started but that we never followed through on. I liked the idea — the three siblings and Riley. Even though our sibling-marriages were purely symbolic, we took it quite seriously. As for Mom, she wasn’t keen to get hitched a second time, but she’d be our unofficial mom-wife.

Fair enough.

After three hours on the road, we arrived home. Everyone rushed into the house for wine and whatever while Blake and I unpacked the car. “Lazy bitches,” she grumbled.

“I’m sure they’ll find a way to make it up to us.”

“Mmm… Now that you mention it…” Blake’s thoughts ran away with her as she imagined some unspoken fantasy. Her horniness never seemed to stop, which was great news for me.

While still hovering around the car, I decided to call my new girlfriend, Riley. It was a little indulgence and puppy-love at its finest.

“Gosh!” the blonde answered with a hint of a tease. “I get a call from you before I get one from Em. We’ll end up making her jealous.”

“Jealous of you or me?” I replied.

“Good question… All I know is that us lesbos are super jealous of you and all your beautiful women.”

“Well, you would know, being one of those lesbos,” I winked as if she could see me.

“Would I now? I don’t know anymore,” she mused. “You see, there’s this guy I met — his name is Josh — and I think he might be my very first boy-crush.”

I blushed on the other end of the line; feeling warm and cuddly inside as fresh love filled my world. At this stage, Blake was rushing me out of the garage. As we approached the house, the sound of giggling grew louder. Yet, instead of the expected three voices, I heard four with one coming from two places at once. Next thing we knew, we were in the clutches of a beautiful blonde; wrapping us sweet hugs.

“Wow! This is a surprise,” I cheered.

Riley smiled from ear-to-ear as she saw the joy on my face. “I thought I’d surprise you by coming a little earlier.”

“Well, you’ve made my day!”

The blonde’s cheeks warmed, and she skipped over to the kitchen, where Em was pouring drinks. In love as ever, the two of them worked in perfect harmony. Blake joined them and I watched as she also seamlessly connected with them. We were all illegal bahis home, safe, and exactly where we wanted to be.

It was going to be a good day and I couldn’t wait to jump into the festivities. First, I had to go take care of myself for a while As everyone got a glass in their hands, I made my excuses. “After a week in a hotel, I need my own bath or shower.”

“Why not both?” Riley asked. “You can do one and then the other; double dip.”

Mom snickered, “Yes, Darling, you do love double-dipping… Sometimes triple, or quadruple.”

I sighed at the absolute horniness that dominated our house. Of course, it was fucking fantastic. “Well, let me go single dip or double dip. Then, I’ll come down, and I’ll dip some more.”

The girls giggled, and I was off to the main bathroom.

I’d promised the other blonde in our lives, Penny from the hotel, a showing of the apartment we’d been working on. As I walked through the house, I fantasised about the improvements we could make if we sold that thing. With Riley joining the family, it would be nice to break through the one wall and expand the bedroom. We could also reconfigure the bathroom so that it was a bit more spacious. Hell, I wanted one of these over-sized jacuzzi baths but both my sisters agreed that it was gaudy.

It was with those thoughts in my mind that I called the village hotelier. The phone rang once or twice — not more than a few seconds — before a cheerful teen greeted. “Joshie!… Eh… Wow, that sounded a bit too keen…”

I smiled, “Not at all.”

“Okay… Cool. I guess you’re back in town, which means we can finally have our date.”

“Sure,” I replied. “We can make the appointment for later today.”

“Appointment? So formal.”

“What can I say, except that I’m a master businessman.”

“Yeah?” I heard the teen’s voice turn a touch toward confidence. “Well, then I’ll have to wear a suit and be ready to negotiate.”

The call ended with us booking a viewing of the apartment for later in the day. With that settled, I finally got into the shower.

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

I met Penny at the hotel, and we made our way to the apartment. As promised, she went full-on with her outfit: pencil skirt, white blouse, and black heels. The look added stature to her petite frame and set a business-like tone. Meanwhile, I rocked up in shorts and a t-shirt.

The platinum-blonde was being flirty and affectionate. She’d picked up on the atmosphere in our family — the true nature of things — and she wanted in. To most men, her charms would probably be irresistible. Her nubile body was beauty queen-esque; her personality was quirky and fun. Yet, I’m not most men… The teen was looking for thrills, not for love. If we were going to entertain that, as a family, it would be on our terms.

Trusting in my own abilities, I had a plan for dear Penny, but that was something for another day. In the meantime, I focused on trying to sell her the apartment that I’d painstakingly renovated. Luckily, she seemed to fall in love with the place. “Gosh, you did all this by yourself?”

“Most of it.”

Penny was opening all the cupboard and checking the finishings. It was a small place, but a perfect investment for someone like her. She was cashed up from her inheritance and believed that her little town would rise to great heights. I shared that belief, and we shared a sense of enthusiasm and optimism as we went through the four rooms. The sale was a done deal, but the blonde wanted to linger and tease.

“You know, a girl could bring all her lovers here,” Penny purred; more like a sex-kitten than a lioness.

I decided to play along, “A girl like you?”

“Nope. That’s your world, not mine. I’m innocent and sheltered.”

I smirked; wise enough to see the game she was trying to play. “Do you think convincing me of that will make me want you?”

“Aww, shucks, you got me!” Penny pouted and bounced on her toes. “I awfully like the idea of being corrupted by you and all your ladies…”

Is that what she thought of us: that we were ‘corrupt’? “Penny, I… We’re not like that. We’re a loving family like any other, and if we can offer you anything, it would be, well… Never mind. Just don’t cheapen yourself because your true worth is your weight in gold.”

My words felt dad-like as I spoke them. I could see I’d somewhat burst the blonde’s bubble, and maybe I took what she said too seriously. Still, something about my parental tone gave her a little thrill. Kind of like my younger sister, it seemed that Penny liked being told off. She took my remarks on the chin, delving into her handbag for a pen and piece of paper. Then, she scribbled a note and passed it to me.

I chuckled under my breath, “One dollar?”

“My opening offer, but I’m willing to negotiate.”

“Well, then I guess we need to go talk about it over a drink.”

We decided to head back to the hotel, where Penny remained flirtatious. As we sat together, her body was leaning forward — invading my space — while her hands illegal bahis siteleri were firm and flat on the table. It was as if she was about to pounce but still had the capacity to hold herself back. “I know very little about you,” I said, trying to cool her down.

Chewing on her lip, Penny took her time thinking up a reply. “Not much to know. My parents died, I moved in with my granny and grandpa, taking over the day-to-day of our business.”

“That must’ve been hard?”

Penny shrugged, “I guess.”

“You’ve never thought about leaving town?”

Again, Penny lifted her shoulders. “Once upon a time. Now, it seems like there may be more excitement here than there is out there.”

The last words were said with a wink as Penny put her hand on mine. I pulled away, disappointing her, yet her persistence was still evident in the way she looked at me. “I worry that we’ll end up breaking your heart. It would be sex and nothing more. We’d be using you.”

The blonde’s eyes were sincere, offset by a predatory, playful, grin. “I might like that, even if it’s only for one night or one day. I mean, I’ve hardly ever been with a man, and I’ve never been with a woman. Maybe I imagine your beautiful women throwing me between themselves before delivering me—”

“Hold up, Tiger,” I interrupted with a chuckle. “You’re getting ahead of yourself. I daresay that you aren’t thinking clearly at all. Listen to me: we’d be using you. I guess, in a way, you’d be using us too.”

I looked around the room. There was one older couple sitting in a faraway corner and the gentleman smiled at me as I caught his eyes. They were regulars — acquaintances — and the kind of people who might eavesdrop. So, I lowered my voice to a hush, “I’m not saying we don’t all want the same thing. It’s just that I have a lot going on at the moment.”

“Your aunt?” Penny asked.

“Among other things, yes. With Riley now a part of our relationship… Let’s say it opens up possibilities that I want to explore, before we do your thing.”

The teen accepted my terms as I left open the possibility of ‘doing her thing’ in the future. With that, we could get back to business. Blake and I ran the family’s finances, and we wanted to swap the apartment for a stake in Penny’s hotel. I thought she might find the proposal offensive; thinking we undervalued the business. That wasn’t the case and the idea seemed to go down well.

At first blush, the petite teen didn’t look like much of a shark. Yet, she started wheeling and dealing as soon as we got into the money talk. Her conditions were simple: the apartment in exchange for her grandparents’ equity. There was one other condition: one night or one day. She wanted an ‘experience that money can’t buy’.

The deal was settled. We shook on it and downed our drinks.

Chapter Thirty-One

The girls had decided to host their own little pool party while I was away on my Money-Penny mission. Loud music, booze, and the smell of weed filled the air as I walked through the door. Skimpy bikinis were the uniform of the day, except for Terry. She opted for a crop-top and denim shorts. Maybe that was modesty, but I rather assumed that Blake had issued some kind of instruction. Of course, that was her right and her habit, considering that our aunt was still making up for past mistakes.

My eyes got hooked on a vision of Riley in her black and white outfit. The thong rode high, and the top hardly covered her natural breasts. It was a new outfit that reflected increased confidence plus a sexual awakening. She was lounging with her feet in the pool; Emily sitting beside her as they kissed luxuriously. Meanwhile, Mom and her eldest daughter were entangled in a drunken slow dance. Catching sight of me, Blake beckoned me closer, and I hooked my arms around her and our mother. Then, I shared a delicious lip-lock with each.

The sun was warm, but I could sense a change in the weather wasn’t far off. I don’t know what I liked most: the idea of pool-time, or the prospect of cuddles as it rained outside.

I travelled to the two younger girls and gave each a hand as I pulled them to their feet. They were a little unsteady — a little drunk — and I kissed them in a way that was beautifully chaotic. Riley covered my neck in loving pecks as I sucked on my little sister’s tongue. The blonde whispered, “We’ve never even done anything proper.”

“In front of my aunt?” I challenged.

Riley smirked in the way she sometimes did: when she had her bursts of boundless confidence. She began travelling to her knees, running her hands along my torso as she did. Her dexterous fingers unclasped my belt, and she shimmied my pants down. Then, confronted with my cock, she froze. She didn’t know what to do next but soon her long-time — long-legged — girlfriend was right beside her. She would have Emily as a mentor, and watched as my sister kissed the precum from my cock. She continued, running her tongue along the length of my penis before making space for Riley.

I looked into the beautiful grey eyes knelt canlı bahis siteleri beside me and watched as she took a deep breath. Her eyes closed; lashes making a sensuous curtain that hid her thoughts. The solicitous surfer-girl matched what she had seen with exact precision. Her tongue was careful and inquisitive as she ran it along my skin. I felt greater sensitivity than was usual — a product of the warm sun on my skin and the warmth of the love between us.

“Now, now,” I heard my mother say from behind us. “This is something that needs and experienced touch. Right, Sis?”

The two older women approached and knelt on either side of the two girls. I heard Blake command with a tipsy tongue, “Terry can talk, but she can’t touch.”

The other women had sly looks plastered across their faces as they enjoyed the power-play. My aunt nodded as her skin turned a shade redder. She shifted her body a little out of the way. Still, she was eager to help teach, and her trademark boldness reared its head, “Okay. I don’t really know you, Riley, but here’s what you can do…”

My novice lover complied as the other women guided her. First, she wrapped her lips around the tip of my penis. I felt a touch of suction — half a love-bite or less — then she started advancing. Taking another inch, then another half, I felt warmth envelop my penis until she pulled back. With a popping sound, I was out of Riley’s mouth as she caught her breath. “Sorry, it’s a new feeling,” she explained.

“Take your time,” Mom reassured.

Terry added, “Why don’t you stroke it first? Get a feel of the size and how it feels in your hand… Close your eyes and take it all in.”

Riley’s hand made a fist around my cock and began stroking. She did as suggested and closed her eyes as she measured me and my reactions. With her eyes opening up, she looked up to find me in heaven as I responded to her gentle but certain touch. She grew more confident, and soon her soft lips were around me again while her tongue braced my shaft. Every movement saw her determination increase. I began to feel the tightness of her throat — her mouth smaller than most — enhancing the friction. She didn’t know when to stop and soon found her gag reflex. With a bit of a fright, she retreated, but Emily and Mom were there to rub her back and make her feel safe. It only took her a second to recover before her lush lips were gripping my cock again.

Emily was loving it all and encouraging Riley at every step along the way. “You’re already a pro my love. Such a good girl.”

Riley smiled as much she could with my cock in her mouth. She’d descended into a flow state with her lips now sliding at ease. It was a marvellous feeling: a combination of her hands and mouth working to get me closer and closer. I never wanted this to end…

Mom and Em had begun to tussle for their own positions, one massaging my balls as the other tried to get her own angle. Seeing that there wasn’t enough room for them all, my mother began a sultry expedition around my body.

Riley kept my penis in her mouth for a while, letting an unfamiliar feeling of contact settle in her body. A content sigh from her rumbled through me as she released me and beamed a smile in my direction. Sitting back on her knees, she gently wiped her face as a grin replaced her prior innocence. “Sorry, Ma’am, I think I want to do that…”

With a kiss, Emily sent our girlfriend off as she brushed past our mother and took a new position. Mom rejoined Emily and the two began a double blowjob as Riley’s hands gripped me. A warm feeling followed as a familiar tongue snuggled into an unfamiliar place. It worked with love and gentleness yet, every movement still oozed erotic seduction. Its wet and elegant tip did a daring dance; dipping in and out, twirling and testing. Riley’s nose tickled my back; her tongue flexed then relaxed, and the flat middle smothered me.

The warmth and wetness of long luxurious licking was complemented by a tipsy blowjob. Mother and daughter worked together in a way only they could as their mouths ran along the sides of my shaft. They met for a kiss with my cock between them — a slow and sloppy make-out session that made me croon. Then, Mom made room for my sister to work her magic as Em’s hand and mouth worked together to bring me closer to climax.

Terry was moaning at the sight, having crawled back a little like she was trying to tame herself.

Soon, Blake had padded her way toward us and had an arm wrapped around my neck. She tugged on Mom’s shoulder and her meaning was immediately understood. Side-to-side my sister-wife and I were being treated to an oral feast by our family members. Mom, was tonguing her daughter’s clit as Emily sucked my cock and Riley worker her magic from behind. You couldn’t blame Blake then, for feeling she needed the same level of attention… “Better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission,” she whispered into my ear but mostly to herself.

One look at my aunt was all it took for her to start a reluctant journey toward us. Mom watched out of the corner of her eye, as her complicated twin crawled her way to Blake. I saw the hint of a smile — an expression of approval. It could be that we were caught up in the moment and that this all was insane. Soon, Terry was behind her niece.

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