Incest with My 55 Year Old Mother Ch. 04

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Part 4 The trip back home

Again, I made some changes.


Finally the day came when it was time to take my mom home. For the past two days my sister and I fucked each other every chance we got. It seemed like my sister just couldn’t get enough of me.

I think her husband is in for a surprise when he fucks her again. My sister told me before we left that she knew her pussy is a lot bigger. She laughed, we fuck so many times and so hard, I know my husband is going to wonder why my cunt is so loose. God Billy, He’ll rattle around in there, with his little dick, I don’t even think he’ll touch the walls of my cunt.

Sis and I were standing by my car. We were waiting for Mom to come out.

“If you don’t come back soon, I’ll have to come to you. You, brother aren’t done fucking me yet. Remember what I told you about Mom. If she is that hard to wake up, then you get to fuck her again. This is the good part. If she pretends she is asleep, she wants you to fuck her again. You can’t lose. Watch closed this time. If she is pretending she’ll want to watch you as much as you can. Even if you know for sure she is faking sleep, don’t let her know you know. She’d probably stop you…. or start fucking you back. But I don’t think you should take that chance.”

Mom came out of the house and started walking toward us. My sister gave me a sisterly hug. While her head was closed to my ear I heard her whisper ,”I’m going to miss you. Don’t wait too long to fuck me. I love you.”

She let go of me and hugged our mother. She whispered something in mom’s ear, but I couldn’t hear what she said. After hugging mom, my sister handed something in a small bag to her. Mom looked at it, then put it in her purse it must have been good, judging from mom’s face. I got in the car and turned on the engine. Mom got in, looked at me and said,” I’m ready for you now.” I turned and looked at her face. She was looking straight ahead waiting for me to back out of the driveway. I though to myself,” Did she mean she was ready for the drive? If so that was a strange way of saying it.”

Mom was wearing a skirt this time. It came down to about six inches above her knees. I even noticed she had hose on. They made her legs really look good. It was a very loose fitting skirt, so I knew she was comfortable. We talked. It wasn’t anything important. Just mother and son talk.

After about four hours we were all talked out. I looked over at mom and could tell she was fighting sleep. In no she was asleep. Nothing else happened for the next two hours .I been staring down the road and didn’t pay any attention to mom. I looked over at her and she was still asleep. She had been moving around some and her moving around had raised her skirt higher. I looked down at her hose covered thigh. Her skirt had ridden up enough that I could see the top of her hose. It was darker. She wasn’t wearing panties hose, she was wearing hose with a garter belt. I didn’t think much about that. Because of her age she’s probably been wearing hose like this all of her life. I looked over at her skirt again. I imagined what I thought she looked like with nothing on but the hose with the garter belt. The thought make my dick start to get hard. Mom had laid the back of her seat all the way back. She was almost laying down. Her legs were just a little apart. She moved again. It caused her skirt to raised even further. I now could see the top of both of her hose. I could see the front straps of her garter belt holding her hose up. Her skirt had risen high enough I could see bare skin on each thigh. The front of her skirt was a good two inches above the top of her hose. I looked between her legs to see if I could see her panties. I almost could. Her skirt wouldn’t have to ride up on her legs much more. It was still making me horny looking at my mother with her skirt up like it was. Even for an fifty fivet year old woman, this was a very sexy look. It’s amazing I didn’t drive off the road, because I was staring at mom’s legs so much. It was hard to take my eyes off her. I always like fucking women while they were wearing garter belts. I heard mom move. I looked over at her as she stretched out. When she raised her arms above her head, it caused her skirt to ride up higher. I looked down. While stretching I could see her white panties she had on under her garter belt. It was making my dick very hard. When she lowered her hands to her side, her skirt came down a little but I could still see just of hint of her white panties.

Mom hadn’t looked down yet. She saw I was looking down. She lowered her head.”Oh my,” she said. “I guess I been giving my son a little show,” She looked up at me and smiled. What struck me as odd, was, when she seen her skirt up so high I could see even her panties, she hasn’t rushed pulling it back down. She then spread her legs wide enough on the floor of the car to raised her hips up. You know, the way women do when fucking. Not until then did she get a hold of her skirt and adjusted it. When she sat bitlis escort back town, her skirt was still higher than it was when we first started the drive. It was still high enough I could just make out the darker top part of her hose. I wondered if she realizes she left her skirt up that high. ” Are we stopping at a hotel soon?” she asked me. “I am getting very tired. Once I get in the bed, I’ll sleep like the dead. Do you think you will be able to sleep? You need something to relax you.? “I looked at mom and she was looking at me, smiling. ” As far as I am concerned you’re not stopping soon enough” Mom now was looking out of the windshield.

I thought to myself. “Is mom giving me little hints she knows I fucked her. If she is, by saying I needed something to relax me, I think she just gave me permission to fuck her.

Or am I just reading into everything because seeing her raised skirt and thinking about trying to fuck her again., has made me horny as hell “I started looking for a hotel.

It didn’t take long to find one. I told the clerk I wanted one room with one bed.

I pulled the car over by the room. I ran around and opened mom’s door for her. When she stepped one leg out, her skirt was still so high I saw her pantie covered pussy. When she stood up that was the first time in a long time her skirt came down to her knees.

She followed me to our room. I unlocked the door and walked it. Mom followed. She put down her bag then looked at the one bed. “I like this room'” was all she said. This got me thinking again. She wasn’t surprised there was again only one bed. She didn’t even ask me if they had a room with two beds. She just looked at the bed and said. “Nice room.” It seemed to me she expected one bed. I think the only way she could expect one bed was knowing I fucked her on the way down, and I was going to try and fuck her on our trip back. But, again I could be reading into this because am I am soon going to try to fuck my mother again

Mom walked over to the window curtain and started closing it. I noticed she left the curtain about sex inches apart. There was an outside light right outside our window. I figured when I turn the off lights off, the room would have a nice soft glow to it, plus it would be light enough to see everything. Did she want light coming in the room? This puzzled me also. I need to stop thinking so hard. All of this could mean nothing.

As mom sat down on the edge of the bed. She crossed her legs causing her skirt to ride up. It was half way up on her thighs. Again I could just see a hint of the top of her hose. “I bet you’re really tired after today’s long drive. I know I am. I will probably go into such a deep sleep tonight, that nothing short of an explosion would wake me up.”

There it is again I thought to myself. For all I know she don’t know I already fucked her and she flirting with me because she has decided she wants me to fuck her. I just don’t know.

“Plus, Billy it would have to be a really big explosion to wake me up tonight. If I am still sleeping and you are awake before me in the morning, you will probably have to get rough with me a lot to get me to wake up. So don’t be afraid to get rough with me at all.”

Ok, I’m not imagining things. My mother just indirectly told me she wants it rough tonight when I fuck her. What else could that mean?

“I probably shouldn’t be telling you this,” she giggled ‘Your father more than once would have sex with me while I was asleep. He’d tell me in the morning. He also said no matter what he did to me, I never woke up. And believe me Billy; he did everything to me that he could think of. Does that shock you?”

“Yea I was wondering what made you bring that up?

“Oh, I don’t know, since we started this trip, I really feel very close to you .Its like something has happening to draw us closer together. Do you feel this way too?”

Yea mom, I do.

“I just hope we stay this close together.”

“We will mom, you can be sure of that.”

“I think it’s time one of us gets a shower. Do you want to go first?

“No, you go, I’ll watch some TV.”

I watched mother get off the bed and walk over to her overnight bag. I notice she took that little bag my sister gave her this morning right before we left. I turned the TV on.

Mom came back out of the bathroom. Her shirt was pulled out of her skirt and the whole front was unbuttoning. I couldn’t see much, her shirt was only open about two or three inches. I could tell she had on a white bra. I acted like I didn’t notice her shirt open.

She had to know it was. Interesting.

She stood in front of me and told me the bath room fan won’t work, so she’ll have to leave the bathroom door half open. With that said she turned around and headed back to the bathroom.

I looked up in the mirror at the foot of the bed and noticed I had a clear view of the bathroom I could see part of the shower and the entire sink. I didn’t think anything bolu escort about it until I saw mom walk over and stand in front of the sink. She still had all of her clothes on. I watched her as she took off her jewelry. She then got a hold of her shirt and took it off. I could very clearly see my mom in her skirt and bra. I couldn’t turn my eyes away.

Next she reached behind her back and undid her skirt. It fell to the floor. She stepped out of it and kicked it behind her.

Oh God, my mother was in full view wearing only her bra, underwear and garter. She still has her hose on. She hadn’t even removed her shoes yet. The were black with about two inch heels. She stood in front of the sink. I watched her raise both arms up and undo her hair. Her hair fell to just below her shoulders. She was taking her time at the sink. She then reached behind her and unhooked her bra. She let it fall to the floor. I could clearly see her tits. I was surprised. They didn’t sag. They stood up like some twenty year old.

She then bent over and started undoing her garter belts. They were four of them. She rolled her hose off her legs very slowly. She then turned the garter around to the front of her and undid it. It fell to the floor. Mom was wearing the same kind of while little panties that she was the first time I fucked her. Finally I watched her take her panties off. She was now completely naked. I looked at her naked thinking,” soon, very soon, I am going to fuck her.” She disappeared into the shower. I turned around and walk over to the window. Maybe the curtains wouldn’t go completely shut, that’s why she left them open. I shut the curtains all the way. That wasn’t why she left them open. I opened them back up again leaving the gap so the light could get in.

Mom’s shower didn’t last long. By the time she walked over to the sink, she already had her nightgown on. It was the same nightgown.

I was a little disappointed she didn’t walk in front of the sink naked. I thought to myself,” Don’t worry I will see her naked tonight.”

By the time mom walked out of the bathroom it was dark outside. “Your turn,” she said as she sat on the bed exactly the same place I was sitting when I could see her in the mirror. I got my stuff and started walking toward the bathroom.

“Don’t forget to leave the door half open. You don’t want your mirror all steamed up.”

I opened the bath room door half way. Mom was still sitting on the bed where she could see me clearly. She has to know she can see me?

I walked over to the mirror. I still had me clothes on. I took off my shirt first, than I took off my pants. I had already removed my shoes and socks, /so I was just standing there with my underwear on. Time for the show. I took off my underwear. If mom was looking she could see me totally naked. My dick had a half hard on. It wasn’t standing straight up, but it wasn’t hanging down either.

I stayed in front of the mirror shaving and bushing my teeth. I know now if she was looking she got a good look at my dick. I walked over and took my shower.

After I was done, I put on my underwear and walked back into the room.

Mom had already turned the lights off. She was laying in the bed with just the sheet on her. Her eyes were closed. It looked like she was asleep. Maybe I’ve been imagining all of this. Maybe it’s just me and mom really was asleep when I fucked her. I thought to myself. “I’m not going to take any chances of waking her up. Maybe she really doesn’t know I fucked her. After all I cleaned up all of the evidence from the first time. I looked at mom. It looked like she was in a deep sleep. I crawled in bed next to her.

I didn’t want to waste any time. I took the sheet off of her. I turned on my side and started unbuttoning her gown. As soon as I got it unbuttoned I open up both sides. There are those wonderful tits again. I think they just looked so good to me, because they were my mom’s tits. Mom was fully exposed to me now. I slowly turned my head and started looking down to see mom’s panties. Her legs were part about six inches. When I looked at the front of her panties I noticed these were smaller that her other ones.

Tha’st when I got my surprise. I kept looking at her panties. Has mom put on these panties for a reason or are they just pants she liked to wear.

It was going to be very easy taking mom’s panties off. Her panties had little strings on each side holding them together. The strings were tied in little bows. I carefully pulled on one of the strings. It came undone easily. I reached only and untied the other bow. Now all I had to do was open the front of it. I folded the front of her panties down. There it was, mom’s bald pussy. I put my face right in front of her pussy. It smelled sweet. I ran my tongue from the middle of her pussy lips to where she shaves. Even with my tongue I couldn’t feel any stubble. I looked up at mom’s face. She looked sound asleep. I reached in on each side of her thighs burdur escort and started spreading them wide. It shocked me how far my mom can spread her legs out. I placed my hands under the back of her knees and raised them up. I watch her knees slowly move downward toward the mattress. Her knees touched the mattress. That’s how flexible she is. I got up on my knees and looked at mom. What a site. Mom naked in front of me and she doesn’t even know it. I went down on her and started sucking on her pussy. It was already wet. I could easily slide three fingers in her. I buried them all the way in her. I kept moving them in and out of her. She really seemed wet. My head was near one of her tits so I lowered my head then started sucking her tit. This time I sucked on it as hard as I could it seemed like her whole tit filled my mouth. I looked up at her and noticed her head was turned to the side. It rested right at the edge of the mattress. This gave me an idea.

I got off of the bed and walked around to wear mom’s face was. I remember what I read on the net about sleeping women giving guys a blow job and never knowing it. As long as you didn’t try to bury your dick in her mouth. I stool in front of mom’s face. The bed sit up high enough so mom’s face was even with my dick. I sure hoped net was right.

I took a hold of my dick and put the head on mom’s lips. I stood there. Nothing happened. I applied a little pressure while siding my dick back and forth over her lips.

It worked I felt mom open her mouth. I slid my dick in. It was only in about two inches. I didn’t move. Just looking down and seeing my dick in mom’s mouth was amazing to look at. Nothing was happening. Maybe the net was wrong. All of a sudden I felt mom close her lips around my dick. I was starting to feel her sucking it, just a little. I waited. The sucking started getting stronger I looked down. Mom was still asleep. The sucking increased. Mom was sucking so hard that it drew more of my dick in her.. I couldn’t help myself I started moving my dick in and out of her mouth just a little. I am mouth fucking my mother. I couldn’t believe. I wished she was awake. But then again if she woke up now she would freak out. I had to fight the erge to grip her head and push her deeper on my dick. After about five more minutes I pulled out of her mouth. Her lips made a snacking down.

I crawled back on the bed and looked at mom. I again place my hands on both sides of her. I used my ass to guide my dick into her. As I slowly started sinking in her It felt as incredible as the first time. I looked down and saw my entire dick in her. I stopped to enjoy the feeling. I had plenty of room between her legs. It still amazed me how far apart she could get her legs. Even with her knees pushed up, they still almost laid flat on the mattress. I started moving in and out of her, slowly at first but I still kept burying my dick all the way in her every time I lunged in her.

While fucking her I had a thought. I pulled out of her and got off the bed. I walked over and took my camera out of my bag. I knew the camera video could record up to one hour. I put the camera on the TV. The TV was at the foot of the bed, but still over to the side. At this angle I could see mom at an angle. I hit the video button.

I crawled back on the bed and wasted no time putting my dick back in her. Since her face was turned toward the camera, anyone I show this to with know for sure I fucked my mom. I smiled at the camera. I started pumping in and out of her. I kept building up my speed. I was fucking her as hard as I could. At the same time on the downward stoke I drove my dick as deep as possible in her. I was fucking her so fast and deep, there was no way I could go faster or fuck her deeper. She was right when she told me nothing could wake her up. It didn’t take long to blow my load in her. I pumped buckets of cum in her. It was the tensest orgasm I have ever had. I had been fucking mom so hard, that she had moved up on the bed a good six inches. I stayed in her until I started going soft.

I walked over to the camera, took it off the TV and carried it over to mom. I placed the camera between her legs and recorded my cum leaking out of her. Then I backed up and recorded her laying there all spread out.

I knew how to get rid of the evidence. I again suck the cum out of her then licked her clean. I looked around and finally found those little panties. I was able to roll mom just a little on her side to get the back of them on her ass. It was real hard using my fingers to tie the little bows again. She was still laying on her gown, so it was no problem getting it back on her and buttoned up. This time I made sure the buttons were in the right place. I stood back and took a good look. I smiled. She’ll never know she was fucked.

I laid down and tried to get some sleep. I still had a long drive torrow. I fell asleep.

I dreamed mom was sucking on my dick. She wasn’t asleep this time. She was on her knees on the bed. She had pulled my pants down and was busy giving me a blow job.

I opened my eyes and realized it wasn’t a dream. Mom was sucking me off. She wasn’t asleep. She had my dick in one hand and was burying move than half of in her mouth. This is the first time I have ever been so deep throated.