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Family Love

With a little help from the bank and a lot of help from a nice prize in a lottery I became the proud owner of a nice house out in the suburbs. I liked the neighbourhood and the neighbours and it was a handy commute to my place of employment.

My first year in my new house was spent in slowly getting my yard the way I wanted it. It took some effort but everything was now the way just right.

Then one of my immediate neighbours moved out and a young couple moved in. I’d guess that they were both in their early twenties. He was currently gainfully employed and she was currently looking to be the same. However, seeing she was still looking for work she would get out and work on their garden, which I’ll admit that old Mike had let get into a state of disrepair.

I had no objection to that sweet young lass (let’s call her Suzy) doing her gardening. What I did object to was her throwing bits and pieces over the fence instead of carting them over to her rubbish bins. It was totally inconsiderate behaviour and I let her know it in no uncertain fashion when I finally managed to catch her in the act.

She apologised most winsomely and I have to admit that she did cut down on her easy waste disposal. She didn’t exactly stop it, but she did cut down on it. I let it go at that, although it was a source of some annoyance.

A Friday rolled around when I chanced to come home at lunch time, the office closing early due to an unfortunate accident. Some clown smoking in a non-smoking area tossed his lit cigarette into a waste bin. The bin caught fire and the sprinklers went off and we shut-up shop while the clean-up took place.

It was a nice day so as soon as I got home I grabbed a deckchair, a book, and a beer, and went outside to enjoy the sunshine while I read for a while. Um, maybe I had a complete six-pack where the beer was concerned but who was counting?

So there was I, comfortably relaxed, when a rock the size of a half-brick came sailing over the fence and bounced off my skull. I gave a yell and slapped a hand over the injured spot and could feel a lump the size of an egg already there. No blood, but a hell of a lump. I also hear a startled gasp from next door and the pitter-patter of feet making a getaway.

I bounced out of my chair and onto the fence, looking over it and yelling all in the same moment.

“Hold it right there, Suzy, blast you. I want a word with you.”

She came to a halt while I vaulted over the fence and land in her yard. (Quite an achievement as I don’t think I could do that quite so easily in the normal run of things. Pain and temper give you a nice edge.)

I stalked over to her while she waited in fear and trembling. I wish. She just stood there glaring at me defiantly, though she did blush a little when I was close enough for her to see the lump on my head.

“I’m sorry,” she said, sounding as though she begrudged every word. “It wasn’t deliberate.”

“You threw Samsun Escort a brick over the fence by accident?”

“It wasn’t a brick. Just a small stone. I meant I wasn’t trying to hit you.”

“Oh, you just got lucky, I guess. I can assure you that it felt like a brick. I thought we discussed your throwing things over the fence?”

“Oh, for Pete’s sake. It was just one small stone.”

“Plus sundry other items every so often,” I pointed out. “You don’t seem to learn. Maybe if I explain it a different way.”

“OK, I’ve learnt,” she said quickly, but I shook my head.

“No, I don’t think you have. Not really, but don’t let that worry you. I know just how to drive the lesson home.”

She gave me a very suspicious look and I smirked.

“Don’t worry. All I’m going to do is put you over my knee and spank you. Then every time you’re tempted to toss something the memory of that spanking will tell you it’s not a good idea as another spanking might be on its way.”

“You wouldn’t dare,” she said, barely breathing out the words. “I’d scream.”

“First, I doubt that there’s anyone around to hear you. Even if there is they’ll probably ignore it. If someone does come to see what’s going on do you really want them to catch you bent over my knee having your bottom smacked? You’d be the subject of conversation for weeks.”

“But, but, you can’t. I can’t stand pain. I have a very low threshold to it.”

“I have a very low threshold to bricks bouncing off my skull,” I said, pointing to the lump. “Every time it happens I break out in these big lumps. You can understand me taking precautions to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

“Yes, but there must be some other way of reminding me. I’ve already learnt, I promise.”

“Some other way? Like send you to your room? Ground you for a week? Deprive you of your phone for a week?”

“Not my phone,” she said quickly. “I can’t get by without my phone.”

She bit her lip and seemed to be considering, then shook her head.

“Grounding me wouldn’t really work either. It’ll have to be something else.”

I just stared at her. She’d actually considered those inane suggestions? Though the way she’d reacted to losing her phone that would probably have worked.

“How about you fuck me, instead? We can consider it both an apology and a warning at the same time.”

I blinked at that one. Was she serious? From the look on her face I’d say she was.

“And just what do you think your husband would say to that?”

Now she was looking at me as though I was insane.

“Well, it’s not as though I’m going to tell him, now is it? Really, men are so dense at times.”

I think she was genuinely serious. I looked her over. She was very nicely put together with curves in all the right places. Nice sized curves, too. Not an over-abundance that some people seem to think necessary, but certainly sufficient to entertain Samsun Escort Bayan a man. She was also dressed for working in the garden, wearing a smock and tights.

It seemed to me that there was only one way to ascertain if she was really going to go through with it. I lifted the hem of her smock, caught hold of the waistband of the tights, and started drawing them down. I didn’t just yank them down but moved slowly and easily, giving her a chance to protest if she wanted to. She just stood there, letting them go. I wondered if she knew that her panties had gone down as well.

I lifted her ankles one at a time, sliding tights and panties right off. I saw her eyes track them as I tossed them to one side, widening as she caught sight of the green of her panties against the black of the tights. I’d guess the answer to my question was no, she hadn’t realised. Well, she knew now.

That was as far as I was going where stripping her was concerned. If she was serious about this it was time for her to show it.

“Your smock,” I said, nodding towards it.

I’ll give her credit. She only hesitated for a moment and then she was lifting it up and off, dropping it on top of her tights. I didn’t even have to mention her bra. She reached behind herself, unhooking it and drawing it off, blushing and watching me the whole time.

Naked, she was delicious. I reached out and ran my hands lightly over her, starting at her breasts and finishing with my hands between her legs, pressing against her mons. Reluctantly I released her, needing my hands free to undo my own trousers. They dropped and her eyes swivelled down and then hurriedly looked elsewhere.

I put my hands on her shoulders and pressed lightly downwards. She hesitated for a moment and then sank down onto her knees. Once there she showed that she knew precisely what was expected of her. She caught hold of my erection and her mouth closed over me, her breath hot against me.

Her head bobbed up and down and she lightly sucked, her teeth and tongue doing their part. It seemed to me that my erection was growing larger by the second. It also seemed to me that she was taking care not to go too far, too soon.

I stood it for a few minutes but that was about all I could take right then. I grabbed her arm, pulling on it, and she rose to her feet, grinning like a cat who’d found the cream. My arms went around her, pulling her flush up against me, my erection pressing against her. Hands on her bottom I lifted her.

She gave a slight cry when she found her feet coming off the ground. Her arms went around my neck and she lifted her legs to wrap them around my waist. I lifted her even higher, dragging her against my cock until she was high enough for my cock to slip between her legs. I held her like that for a moment and then started lowering her.

Suzy wriggled slightly as my cock started pressing against her. Not to get away but to ensure Escort Samsun that it was nicely placed. As soon as it was starting to enter her I relaxed, not lowering her but neither was I holding her up off my cock. She was looking at me, breathing hard, and slowly letting herself settle down, sinking onto my cock, a lascivious look in her eyes.

Once she was fully impaled I got to work. I sank down onto my knees and then leaned forward, laying Suzy on her back. That done I really went to work. From her reactions to this point I was assuming she wouldn’t want gentle and loving and so I didn’t give it to her.

I pulled back and drove in hard with Suzy giving a little shriek as she pushed up against me with just as much fervour as I was showing. As far as I was concerned I was going to keep this up in the same manner until either I climaxed or died, whichever came first.

I bounced on top of her for all I was worth, while she clung to me, urging me on, meeting my every thrust with eagerness. I have to admit that the thought did cross my mind that if this was supposed to be a punishment then it was failing miserably.

The fact that I was at least ten years older and more experienced gave me a modicum of control over what we were doing. Punishment or not I’d feel I wasn’t doing the right thing if I didn’t bring her to a proper climax. I just held off, rather desperately towards the end, waiting for her to reach the right point. It had been an error, I suppose, to have her sucking on me to start with.

I finally had to go for broke but I wasn’t too worried. By my guesstimate she was ready to go as well. I turned up the pressure just that little bit more and thoroughly sprayed her, relieved to find her climaxing along with me.

I rose to my feet, pulling my trousers up.

“I guess that will do in place of a spanking,” I said while she lay there smirking up at me. “Just remember what might happen next time you’re tempted to toss something into my yard.”

Before I could say anything more everything went black and I woke up being loaded into the back of an ambulance.

I was all, “Ah, what? What?”

The Ambo explained.

“You seem to have concussion, caused by a blow to the head. What was the last thing you remember?”

“Um, ah, I was in the back yard reading and having a drink. What happened?”

“This young lady found you unconscious. She called us. We’ll need to take you in and keep you overnight.”

Glancing over I saw Suzy from next door. She was looking at me with a most enigmatic expression.

“You appear to have tripped and hit your head,” she told me. “You can’t remember anything?”

I started to shake my head and then winced from the pain. The Ambo answered for me.

“It’s quite common, miss. A blow to the head like this often results in a complete memory loss surrounding the incident. He’ll probably never know what caused it.”

Suzy was still giving me that enigmatic expression as the ambulance drove away. I’d totally forgotten what happened and would probably never remember. Unless, of course, Suzy threw something else over the fence and then I suspect she’ll be shocked how fast my memory returns and the penalty she had invoked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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