Indian Cousins’ Second Encounter

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That first seductive, steamy time changed Santosh and Radha’s relationship forever.

Radha, in her mid-20s, had initially planned on moving in with her cousin Santosh, 27, until she found an apartment to rent in Mumbai. But their uncontrollable sexual attraction for each other and amazing chemistry meant that the two gave in to their urges only two weeks into living with each other.

They had the most glorious time discovering each other’s bodies. But their sexy time since that first encounter just over a week ago was limited to passionately kissing each other and masturbating each other for mutual pleasure. Radha was so thrilled by the pleasure of her cousin brother’s touch that she decided against moving out or looking for an apartment of her own. And Santosh was only too excited to have his sexy sister stay with him.

Away from the prying eyes of their respective families, the cousins had a free reign and used any chance they could get to make out together. Still, they were both aware of how badly they craved the other and consciously decided to take things slow to prolong the pleasure.

A couple of weeks or so after their first encounter, Santosh let himself into the apartment with his key one Friday evening. The house seemed quiet. ‘Radha must be out,’ he thought to himself.

He took off his shoes and tie and walked to his bedroom. He was craving a nice, warm shower after a long, hard day at work. He undressed quickly, pulled out a fresh towel from his cupboard and was making his way to the bathroom when he heard the faint sound of running water. He turned the knob of the bathroom door and found it locked.

The shower stopped running. Radha’s husky voice rang out. ‘Hold on, I am just finishing my shower.’ Santosh got goosebumps and felt his penis grow stiff as he imagined a curvaceous Radha naked under the shower on the other side of that door.

‘May I join you? Only if it’s alright with you.’ he quietly asked her.

There was a pause for a good few seconds as Radha considered this. Finally, he heard the shower ofise gelen gaziantep escort start again and the door unlock from the inside before she said ‘Yes come in’.

Heart pounding with excitement, Santosh slowly opened the door and went in.

Radha was still inside the shower cubicle. The bathroom smelled divine. ‘Must be that amazing mandarin and rosemary shower gel she uses,’ he thought to himself. The glass was steamed up due to the hot water so Santosh could only make out the outline of her body. His penis was now erect as a rod pointing straight in front of him to the shower cubicle. He hung his towel on a wall hook, gently opened the door of the cubicle and stepped in.

Radha, wet and gorgeous, instinctively covered her breasts with both her arms. She was a little conscious of being fully naked in front of her brother for the first time. Santosh leaned in under the hot water and held both her wrists and moved her arms away from her chest so he had a full view of her luscious breasts. Radha was so turned on as she caught Santosh hungrily locking his gaze on her breasts that she opened her arms wider, which appeared to thrust her pillowy, paneer-like breasts even closer towards Santosh.

As if on cue, Santosh leaned in low and began to softly kiss and suck the water off her breasts. Radha crooned in pleasure as his tongue started to move over her left breast and on to her nipple. He flicked the tip of his tongue in quick motion over her perky nipple, making it harder. With his left hand, he cupped her right breast and gently pinched and pulled the nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Radha let out a long moan as this lavishing of attention on her breasts sent ripples of pleasure in her body.

As Santosh continued licking her nipple, she slowly moved her left leg in towards him such that her thigh started grazing his rock-hard dick. Now it was Santosh’s turn to moan. In response, Radha wrapped her arms around his shoulders and pulled him close as gaziantep ofise gelen bayan escort she kissed him deep on his lips, their tongues playing with each other for a long time. She gently nibbled and sucked his lower lip, which drew Santosh wild.

He kneeled on the floor and leaned in to part her vaginal lips and kiss her on her beautiful chocolate button-like clit. Her vulva was hairy and smelled musk like, just the way he liked it. He moved the hair aside with his fingers and started licking her clit and sucking the shower water that gushed around it.

‘Mmmm dada, that feels soo good! Could you go harder?’

Santosh quickened his pace and started lapping up her clit with even more urgency. Just as Radha would sense herself getting close to climax, she’d push away his lips from her clit, pause for a few seconds and then have him start licking her again.

Finally, she couldn’t bear to wait much longer but she knew she didn’t want to climax before he had entered her.

‘Dada, I want to feel you inside me first. Thrust your rod in me and take me now. I can’t wait anymore!’ Radha said.

‘Are you sure? Isn’t this your first time?’ Santosh asked.

‘Yes it is but I am ready,’ she said.

‘Okay but let’s go real slow and tell me if you want me to stop’ Santosh said.

He stood up, turned off the shower and reached out for the towel. He first gently dabbed her wet hair with it until it was damp. He then lifted her in his arms, carried her out of the bathroom and gently plopped her on his bed.

He hovered over her and planted a few kisses on her navel and waist before moving up to kiss and suck her neck. Radha then slid down under him until she was face to face with his hard dick. She took him in his mouth and started sucking his shaft in long hard strokes. She could feel him get harder in her mouth and thrust his rod deep in her throat as he moaned in pleasure.

Radha loved the salty taste of his pre cum juices and sucked him gaziantep ofise gelen escort like an icecream bar for quite some time. Feeling his hard dick was so good, she could feel herself get wet with excitement.

Santosh was nice and hard enough to take her now.

‘I want to make sure I don’t hurt you and you enjoy taking me in’, he said.

He gently moved aside and reached out for the side table next to his bed. He got out a lubricant and started rolling it on and inside her vaginal opening. When she was wet enough, he gently thrust in the tip of his penis into her vagina.

To their surprise, it slid easily thanks to the lubrication. Radha felt her vagina go a little tight at first but felt good as she relaxed and her dada’s penis went all the way in.

“Ooohh dada, you feel so good inside me.’

Santosh started thrusting in slow gentle strokes at first. He held her close and suckled at her breasts as he thrust himself inside her. ‘Gosh, Radha felt so warm, wet and wonderful’, he thought.

Just as they settled into a nice rhythm of thrusting, Santosh would up the tempo of his thrusts to take things up a level. Radha was enjoying herself too and kept asking her darling brother to thrust deep. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his back as she felt him deep within her.

She loved how he had one hand over her clit, rubbing it to get her even more excited. She looked into his eyes and could tell he was as close to hitting his climax as she was.

‘Oh I can’t take it anymore, I want you to cum inside me now, shoot your load into me, dada,” she screamed.

Santosh steadied his gaze into her eyes as he held his sister in a close, crushing embrace that squished her breasts on his chest and kept thrusting long and deep. He rubbed his fingers on her clit until he could feel her clit and entire body starting to throb and shiver as she started to climax. Feeling her final pleasure sent him right over the edge to his as he shot loads of hot cum deep inside her.

He continued rubbing her and thrusting in her until her clit stopped throbbing and until his dick was spent and soft from all that thrusting. He left his dick inside her long after he had cum to feel her warm softness around him.

‘Mmmm that was a fantastic first time, dada, thank you for being so attentive.’ Radha said.

‘I loved doing that with you so much,’ said Santosh. He pulled her close in his arms and suckled on her breast before they drifted off to sleep.

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