Inmate Activity

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I see him walking in my direction across the exercise yard, his hands down his jogging bottoms trying to keep them warm as the wind and rain is cutting into him via his unprotected clothing. Despite the weather and his vulnerable attire he doesn’t seem perturbed. I watch his muscles move beneath his clothes and even notice that his nipples are erect. Embarrassed that I may get caught looking I avert my eyes and begin talking to the officer next to me.

I’ve only been in the job 4 weeks and it wouldn’t do my career any good to get involved with anyone. I try to concentrate on the matter in hand, listen to my colleague and pay attention to all of those around me. After all it was my role to make sure no-one escapes or is behaving badly. Yet it is me who was thinking immoral thoughts.

He comes and stands close by me lighting a hand rolled cigarette, which surprises me, he appears too fit to smoke? Bending over he pretends to retie his trainers laces, glancing backwards to look at me. He knows I’m watching his taught buttocks and thighs. He looks so powerful. Behave yourself I chide myself. I can imagine my hands on his arse, running underneath to cup his balls and boy I bet they are loaded and in need of release and a woman’s touch. I wonder what his sack is like, small and taught or large or hairy or hairless. Why does this man fascinate me? What makes me want to suck his cock until he comes? Is it that he’s out of bounds I wonder? My colleague asks me a question for a second time and I realise that I had not been listening.

A voice comes Büyükçekmece escort bayan over my radio instructing us that time is up and all prisoners must return to their original locations. Professionally I stand back and observe the mass exodus. Normally I don’t speak to the inmates but as he approaches me I know that he is going to pass the time of day. “Morning miss” he says “rotten weather, I bet you’d rather be someplace warmer?” I laugh nervously hoping that none of my colleagues will notice. Instead of making conversation I just ask him to make his way back to the wing.

I don’t watch him as he strolls past me, I don’t have to, as I know exactly what he looks like. He is tallish about 5’11”, with a waist of about 32″, dark hair and beautiful blue eyes. His mouth is full and his jaw square, a tattoo on his arm, not your tacky sort but an elaborate pattern. I daren’t look up his name or the crime he’s committed as I really don’t want to know. This is a criminal and I am a professional law abiding employee.

As the procession back to the cells ceases and all are accounted for I’m ordered to return back to my office and resume normal duties. As I shed my outer waterproof clothes and hang them up to dry I watch the droplets of rain run down my coat just as the juices between my lips dribble into my panties. What was it about him that makes me so wet with desire?

Sitting back down at my desk I drift off into a fantasy world where I am the hostage and he my capture. I imagine him me calling me to Escort Çatalca his cell, him with his back towards me luring me inside with a request of help, me knowing that this is a dangerous situation for me to enter alone. He then walks behind me to close the door, as it slams shut I turn to see him standing with an enormous erection. He pulls down his joggers and boxers allowing his cock to spring free, his dark curly pubes encase his protrusion which reaches his belly button.

His cock is perfectly formed and the skin is pulled back over his pinkish, blood engorged helmet, the eye is exposed and I just want to run my tongue along it and taste the precum which is seeping out before my eyes. I’ve no idea how long it’s been since he’s been alone with a woman?

He isn’t shy about his manhood and nor should he be, it looks about 8″ long and thick in diameter. He strokes his cock before me masturbating. I open my mouth to shout for help but do I really want to be rescued? He steps forward to kiss my open lips and slips his tongue into my mouth. I know I should resist but instead I’m responding sucking his tongue and reaching for his cock, he gasps and I feel the veins on his shaft throbbing against my fingers and thumb and I tighten my grip and begin to wank him.

He leans back against the closed door and I sink to my knees, licking and pulling his sack as I stroke his cock up and down. He remains quiet and I lick the space between his sack and dark hole. I wonder if he’s done this before as he’s very, very quiet. Before Esenler escort I have another moment to question him he pulls back my head with my hair and rams his cock into my mouth, I almost gag as he fills my throat with his shaft, fucking my face harder and harder. I open my mouth wider to avoid him scraping his skin against my teeth but compensate by tightening my hold with my lips. I feel his skin sliding back and forth in my mouth his head is sliding over my wet tongue, as I’m drooling and salivating.

Never for a moment does the idea of being discovered enter my mind. We could only have been in the cell for 3 minutes or more, but I’m sucking furiously and he’s extremely hard and excited. I know he won’t last long. It’s then that I panic when I realise he’s about to cum, should I spit or swallow?

As I’m day dreaming my hand slips down beneath the desk, along my thigh and between my legs to the heart of my desire. I’m warm and sensitive almost damp and I can’t help but touch myself through my uniformed trousers. The feel of my hand, his hand as I imagining it to be is exquisite; my clit is standing proud underneath my/his experienced fingers. I rub myself in a rhythmic way, working fast then slow, hard and soft. Jeez it feels so good! My hips are rocking in my chair as I’m sliding lower and lower in my seat to meet my hand. My juices are bubbling inside and my hips ache with the overwhelming desire to orgasm.

Suddenly the telephone rings and I’m jolted back into reality. I answer in a breathless voice and the caller asks me if I’m okay. I compose myself and continue the conversation, my concentration is broken and I notice I’ve left my office door open; I quickly scan the foyer to see if anyone is watching? I’m lucky that I’m undiscovered and my masturbation and fantasy will have to wait until the next time I see prisoner NM4499 in the yard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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