Inside Her Head

Big Tits

— Author’s note: Yay for first submissions! This all started out once Sir asked me to write out my fantasies for him. He enjoyed them quite a bit, and suggested that I start sharing them with others, so now here we are! I would greatly appreciate any comments or feedback you have for me. Hope you guys enjoy!

Also also, a huge thanks to Ohnonaughty for giving me the once over 😉 —


I sleepily blink open my eyes to find it’s still dark and quiet inside the room. I glance over at the digital clock to see it’s just after 5am, the light of the cold morning just on the break of peaking through the dark clouds. I’m not sure what has awoken me, but I realize I’m unable to quickly fall back to sleep. Instead, I raise my arms above my head and arch my back, stretching out the slight aches and sleep creaks from my naked body. I run my hands down over myself, over my large breasts, over the soft skin of my stomach, over the curve of my hips and eventually down between my legs. I spread them slightly, running my hand over my smooth mound to dip between my hidden lips, feeling that already I’m slightly slick with moisture. I realize I must have been having rather dirty dreams to leave me in such a state, and I bite my full bottom lip, feeling that small flame of desire light itself within me. I close my legs and turn over onto my side, blinking a few times, clearing the sleep away from my eyes and adjusting to the darkness. I open them wide and look over with quite the devilish intent. I see you, my Master, my Sir, my Dom, and I smile to myself.

You’re laying next to me, your tall and lean body half covered by the white down comforter. Your one leg is bent at the knee, peaking out from underneath the blanket. One arm is stretched above and behind your head while the other rests just across your stomach. I see that you’re sound asleep, your lips slightly parted, your breath coming out in slow, deep intervals. I fight back the urge to lean over and sit on top of you, dipping my tongue into your mouth, sucking your bottom lip into my own and lightly dragging it through my teeth. I softly giggle to myself at the idea, blushing at the thought of you waking up to find me on top of you, grinding my already dripping pussy into you while I greedily take in the taste of you. I shake my head, knowing full well the punishment I would receive for such a brazen act, yet, even still, I’m completely obsessed with idea. So obsessed that I can’t seem to stop myself from wanting to take advantage of this situation and play out some of the filthy thoughts inside my head.

I lick my lips and prop my head up on my hand, getting the height over you and looking you up and down. My heartbeat slightly increasing, I bite down on my lip and squeeze my legs together, feeling the slight ache in my cunt grow as I instinctively reach out to run my fingertips over the skin on your chest. I hover over you, making sure you won’t awaken, before I place my hand in the spattering of hair across your muscles. I let out of a soft sigh, loving the contrast of the soft hair to your hard body. As I run my fingernails in light circles across the ridges from your ribs, over your nipples, following down the lines of your stomach, my mind begins to wander.

I imagine you crushing yourself against me, feeling your broad chest pushing hard against my tits. My legs spread open wide, my thighs and ankles possibly tied together while you keep my hands held tight above my head. My large breasts red and hot from a possible spanking, or maybe my nipples pinched tightly with chained clamps. Either way, you’re fucking me, hard and fast like you know I want it. You know how much I love the soreness you leave me with, the constant reminder of who owns me and who my body actually belongs to.

‘God, I want him so fucking bad right now.’ I think to myself as I snap out of my small fantasy. I whimper, the ache in my cunt stronger and more pronounced, the heat and moisture dripping from my tender hole onto my inner thighs. I squeeze my legs together again, on the verge of reaching up and shaking you awake, of begging you to take me and fuck me until I can’t stand it anymore. I glance up at you, your head now turned to the side, but still breathing deeply, assuring me you’re still fast asleep. I’m just about to call out your name when I stop myself. I freeze completely, the wanton thoughts invading my head, causing me to bite hard on my lip and grin while my eyes move down to where the comforter lays just beneath your stomach. I notice the slight bump under the covers and let out a small moan, the enticing idea sending shocks directly to my throbbing clit. ‘I don’t really need to wake him up yet, do I..’

I sit up, letting the blanket fall off of me as my skin is suddenly flushed and very warm. I make small movements, making sure not to disturb the bed and ruin my wicked plan. I look back at you every couple of minutes, assuring your eyes are still closed as I reach over to the blanket covering your Betturkey most intimate parts. I grasp the edge and slowly slide it off of you, revealing your already semi-hard erection. My mouth waters at the sight of it laying heavily against your thigh, and I crawl over you. Settling myself between your legs, I bend over, my round ass in the air as I lightly wrap my fingers around your cock. I squeeze it, glancing at you every now and again as I run my hand up your shaft, squeezing out a pearly drop of pre-cum from your swelling head. I let it trickle out, dripping down across my fingers. I slide up your shaft again, urging more out, collecting it on my hand before I let go and bring my fingers to my mouth, greedily sucking and licking every drop of it off. Once I’m finished, I turn my attention back to your now almost fully erect cock. I wrap my fingers around it again, twisting my hand up and down, feeling the velvety steel beneath my touch. As I admire the dark swollen head and your pulsing veins, I pull it forward and press my tongue against the underside of your shaft. I close my eyes, taking in the taste of you. I slide my tongue higher, my tongue ring rolling against your skin until I come to the tip of your head. I swirl my tongue around the small opening, licking up the drops of pre-cum oozing out for me. I hold your cock tight while I wrap my lips around you, my other hand reaching underneath to caress and rub your balls. I lose myself in you, slowly working my mouth up and down your cock, pushing you far against the back of my throat. ‘How fun it would be to make Master cum whilst not even being awake,’ I think to myself, moaning around the fullness of you stuffing my lips. I feel myself becoming more and more insatiable, starving for you, lusting for the feel of you shooting spurt after spurt of white hot spunk down my throat and into my stomach. I make it a game for myself, pushing you further back into my throat, swallowing around your head while I jerk the bass of your shaft.

I’m so entranced by taking you without asking and the thrill of making you cum that I never notice you turn and look at me, putting both of your hands behind your head as you quietly watch the show I’m putting on for you. You smile down at me, muffling the small groans escaping from your mouth. You’re sure not to disrupt my small moment of pleasure before you put me in my place for being such a naughty little cock addict. As my pace quickens, my hand pumping faster and my mouth sucking harder, the pressure building in your balls that my nimble fingers still caress and massage, you decide that it’s time.

“So what do we have here,” you say in a serious yet mocking tone. The sound of you startles me so that I yelp and gag around your cock, sliding you partially from my lips, yet keeping them wrapped around your swollen, glistening head before I look up at you with big doe eyes. Once we lock our sights on each other, I pop your head from my mouth, strings of my spit still connecting us together. I shyly wipe my mouth with the back of my hand and sit up on my knees, placing my palms flat on my thighs with my head down. “You should very well look ashamed, pet. Since when did you think you were allowed to play with things that don’t belong to you? Especially without asking first.”

I glance to the side, keeping my head down, trying to hide the small smile that I can’t quite stop from forming on my lips. “I’m sorry Sir. I couldn’t help it. I was so hungry for you.” I risk rising my head a bit, looking up into your eyes through my lashes. “I didn’t want to disturb you as you were so peacefully at rest. I can always ask you now, though,” I peep out in the sweetest voice I can muster, with a slight smirk on my lips.

You put on a serious face, yet I can see the glisten of amusement in your eyes. You quite enjoy when I break away from my obedient nature and let the cheeky side of me come out. “First you break the rules, and now you’re being a brat. My my, what a naughty little fuck toy I have on my hands.”

“I think I would be much better suited on your cock, Sir.” I say with a pout, knowing full well where my act of spontaneity is going to get me.

“What was that?” You sit up quickly and before I can react, you grab my throat with one hand, pulling back hard on my hair with the other. My lips part, my breath coming out in short puffs as my pulse once again quickens. Knowing I may have gone too far with my quips, I look directly into your eyes and blurt out “I’m so sorry, Sir. I thought you wouldn’t mind me playing. I just want you very bad right now, I was desperate. I’m very sorry.”

I feel your fingertips run down my neck while you look over my face. Your hand still grasping hard on my long dark-blonde hair, you begin to play with the gold chained choker that sits against the base of my throat. My collar. My proof of your ownership. You slide your fingers underneath it, and begin to twist it tightly. You yank hard on it and I fall forward, Betturkey Giriş my hands flailing before locking on to your arms for balance. I whimper as you bring your lips close to my ear, teasing me by biting hard on my lobe. “Not as sorry as you’re going to be, my depraved little skank. When I let you go, I want you on your back with your knees together against your chest. Your arms will be at either side, your cock hungry ass will be on display for me. Does the whore understand?”

“Yes Sir, I underst-” Before I can finish my reply, your hand leaves my collar to come up and smack my face hard. I let out a small cry as you grab my chin and turn my face to look at you. My eyes are wide as you stare down at me with a very stern demeanor. “Disobedient little cum sluts don’t get the luxury of being an ‘I’. You are nothing but an object. A fucking slave that will do as I say and take the punishment that’s coming to her.. Now I’ll ask again. Does the whore understand?”

I let out a shaky breath, my body trembling with desire at the sound of your voice, the things you’re saying to me, what you’re calling me. I make sure to look in your eyes as I answer you, giving in to you, letting you know not only that I’m okay with what’s happening, but also that I want it. I want it something terrible. “Yes Sir. This whore understands.”

“That’s more like it. Now go and do as I said.” I catch you reach down and rub your rock hard cock as I get into position, watching me until my body is molded completely how you said. “That’s a good little slut,” you say before you walk away to the other side of the room. You turn on the light and disappear out of my line of sight, and as I wait for you to return, I can feel my the cool air against the heat emanating from my swollen, wet cunt lips. I’m mad with lust, my clit and aching hole throbbing from the idea of you degrading me so, of treating me like a piece of meat, a place for you to empty your cum and leave thrown to the side. I let out a small moan, working myself up into a frenzy waiting for you to come back to me. When you finally do, I notice you’re carrying a few different things in your hands. You place them on the floor and move over to the side of the bed. You grab the large comforter and toss it off and away. You then grab my ankles and spin me, pulling me hard over to you at the edge of the bed. You run your eyes over me, stopping once you see my glistening folds in the yellow light.

“Look at you. Look at how wet that nasty little cum dump of yours is right now. You love this, don’t you, you greedy little skank.” You wrap your hand around my ankles and push my knees farther back, taking the first 2 fingers of your other hand and running them up and down my slit. You spit on me, letting the fat drop of saliva drip down over my cunt and asshole. You then thrust your fingers inside me and finger fuck me hard and fast. I let out a long, drawn out groan, squeezing the inside of my cunt around your fingers, loving the way you’re roughly stuffing them inside me. “Does the whore like when her filthy fuckhole is toyed with?”

“Yes Sir. Yes, she fucking loves it. She wants more,” I moan out through gasps. My hands grip the sheets, my head turning to the side as I close my eyes tight and fall into the pleasure you’re giving me.

“Oh she does, huh? Does she think she deserves something that feels so good after being such a wanton, unruly bitch this morning?”

“Please Sir. This whore deserves whatever you’re willing to give her.”

“Mm. I quite like that idea, slut. I like the idea of you begging to get this defiant little body of yours punished. Would the whore like that as well?” You slide your fingers out of me and smack me hard across my cunt and thighs. “Beg me, bitch.”

My pussy juice splattering between us, you smack me again and I cry out. “Please Sir, Please do it. Please punish this filthy little fucking tramp!” I’m breathing hard and heavy, squirming underneath you as your hand rubs up and down my sopping wet cunt, spreading my slut juice all over my thighs and ass cheeks. You run your fingers down around my asshole while you reach down and grab something with your other hand. You lean back over me and spit on me again, circling around my puckered opening, getting it wet and ready. You slide your finger inside me, followed by another, and already I feel the tight sensation of the stretch. You look down at me, and smile a big devilish grin as you bring into my sight the buttplug you have in your hand. Larger than anything we’ve ever used before, it’s a white silver color, topped with a pretty blue jewel on the end. Without saying a word, you rub the warm from your hand object through my pussy lips, getting it wet and slick with my juices. You remove your two fingers from my asshole and press the tip against it. You push, and I squeeze my eyes shut, feeling the tight burning of being stretched too far. Once it’s all the way in, I let out a groan, feeling stuffed completely Betturkey Güncel Giriş full and loving how it borders just on the edge of pleasure and intense pain.

“Mm, watching your slutty little hole devour that plug has got my dick throbbing. Spread your arms out sideways, like you’re on the cross.” I do so, and watch as you reach down and grab a rough looking hemp rope and a wide leather belt from your pile of torments for me. You walk around to the other side of the bed, grab one of my wrists and tie it to a post at the end.. You do the same to the other with one from the headboard. You keep the rope taught, my arms completely unable to move, the rough material scratching against my wrists. You kneel on the bed, coming over me from behind, your big hard cock bobbing teasingly in front of my face. You reach down, rubbing the sides of my face while I look up at you with big wide eyes. You run your thumbs over and pull my bottom lip from my teeth, sliding two of your fingers into my mouth while your other hand reaches below to once again toy with my collar. You move your fingers in and out while I instinctively begin to suck on them, waiting for what I think may be coming next.

“You wanted my cock so bad, you’re going to get it, my vile little slut. You’re going to pleasure me while I beat and redden that tight little cunt and ass of yours. I want to hear you thank me, over and over while your throat is tight around my dick. Does the whore understand?” You slide your fingers underneath my collar and twist, choking me hard for about a minute or so until you let go and I take in a deep breath and cough out my answer. “Yes Sir. This whore knows what she has to do.”

Once those words escape from my lips, you keep one hand on my collar, occasionally twisting your fingers around it while your right hand reaches towards and breast and squeezes it hard. You pinch my nipple, pulling it away from my body as you begin to slide your thick cock in and out of my mouth. I sheath my teeth and stick my tongue out, letting the bar of my ring slide along the front side of your shaft. You push further, stopping only for a moment to reach over and grab the thick black belt and wrap it partially around your right hand. You continue the abuse on my throat, with your balls brushing against my nose, and begin face fucking me. I moan around you, loving the feeling of your big swollen head pounding against the back of my mouth, cutting off my air every time you thrust into me. You push fully against me, pushing past my gag reflex, forcing me to swallow. You grab my ankles and pull my knees all the way back, lifting my ass up higher. You pull out of my throat just as you lay down the first whip of the belt. It cracks hard against my fair skin, leaving a bright red welt where it hit. I cry out, the sting and heat shooting through me. I can feel the rawness in the back of my throat as I whimper, the thick strings of drool still clinging to you from my mouth. You let me take one deep breath before you once again push past my lips, forcing your dick back far into my mouth. “What do you say, tramp?”

Tears begin to drop from my eyes as I try my best to croak out the words you want to hear. “Thank you Sir,” I mumble around your thick tool. You don’t wait, as soon as the last syllable leaves my lips, you crack the belt down on my ass again. And again. And again. Three times in a fast, hard succession, each hitting against the too big plug stuffed inside my ass. I scream out around your cock, my arms pulling hard against the restraints. The tears are now streaming heavily from my eyes. You pull out long enough for me to catch my breath, and immediately force yourself back inside. “Thank you Sir!” I scream around you, the drool dripping down my neck and down my cheeks, making me look like a filthy debauched mess of a slut. I picture myself, spread apart like this with you drilling into my throat, and my cunt gushes, the juice dripping out of my wanton hole and down the crack of my ass. You notice this, and while you pump your cock in and out of my mouth, you bring the belt down again. Over and over in varying degrees of strength, over my ass, over my cunt, over the underside of my upper thighs. You’re relentless on me. I can hear your breathing get more shallow and the loud groans escaping you. You pull your cock back out and jerk it hard in front of my face, giving me a moment to catch my breath.

“You fucking love this don’t you, you sick little tramp. You love being used and abused like the cheap whore you are, only made to beat until that ass is black and blue and to empty my cum into your stomach. Tell me right now, Pet. Tell me what a stupid defiled bitch this fuck toy of mine is.”

I cry out to you in a raspy voice, my throat sore from the constant debasement of your cock. “Your whore is a fucking painslut, Sir. She’s a vile, depraved little cum pig. All she can think about is being filled by you, used and abused by you. She craves it, she’s fucking starving for it. She wants you to watch as you make her nasty little fuck slot cum while you belt it over and over again, while you pump your hot seed all over her. She wants to be made a mess of like the cheap used up skank she is. She wants it now, Sir. Please, please give it to her now.”